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Where To Buy Real Gold Chains

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Different Styles Of Mens Gold Chains

Buy Real Gold Wearable Jewelry At The Cheapest Price No Plated

Choosing the right style involves picturing what will go with your wardrobe. You may want a bold, chunky chain, like Kanye West and David Bekham wear. Or perhaps youre leaning towards more subtle expensive gold chains, as seen on Timothée Chalamet. You can add diversity to your look by layering several chains, like Kevin Durant when hes off the court. Here are some of the different styles. You can always make a sleek style more flashy by choosing a thicker chain, or making a classic chain subtle by choosing a thinner size. You can browse our mens chain necklaces by width, and we also offer customizable chain lengths.

K Yellow Gold 3mm Rope Wrist Bracelet 7 To 8 Inches


While it is flawless as a thick rope bracelet with a sparkly complete, it can be additionally worn as an anklet on warm summer days. Because of its thick outline, this gold rope wrist jewelry is lightweight, exquisite and upscale, yet strong and high quality. The genuine 10k yellow gold used to make this piece is hypoallergenic and adds a deligh…

Choosing Karat For Your Gold Chain

When deciding what karat your gold chain should be, keep in mind that the purer the gold, the softer and less durable it will be.

So, if you are going to wear your chain every day, you might want to skip the 20Kt and 22Kt pieces, which will scratch more easily compared with 10Kt or 14Kt chains, which are harder since they contain a higher percentage of non-gold alloys.

Although low-karat gold is more durable, it is not recommended if you are allergic to nickel many gold alloys contain this metal, and the lower the gold purity, the more nickel the piece may contain.

If you are concerned about having an allergic reaction, do not buy 10Kt gold . Stick with 14Kt or 18Kt gold instead.

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Whats The Best Gold Chain To Buy

If youre starting to create your collection of gold chain necklaces, and wondering whats the best gold chain to buy, we can recommend styles and designs that your wardrobe needs, that will compliment any outfit. GLDs real solid gold chains are the best place to start if youre looking to invest in signature solid gold chains. These chains are delicate and simple, and their high quality design speaks for themselves. These chains can be layered, by wearing multiple at a time, or can shine as stand alone pieces.

Nothing exemplifies street style and gold jewelry like a Cuban Link Chain. The best gold chain to have in your jewelry rotation is a signature Cuban Chain design. GLD offers classic Miami Cuban Link Chains in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold materials. Different sizes and weights range from 5mm to 19mm, offering a variety of well crafted necklaces. If you really want to stand out, their collection of cubans also come flooded with diamonds, with delicately hand set stones. If you want something simple and classic, the standard cuban chains are expertly polished for an immaculate gold finish. For more information about GLDs collection of Cuban Link Chains, makes sure to browse the category on the website.

Avoid Buying From Big Jewelry Stores

2021 Hip Hop 18K Gold Plated Chain With 18K Stamp 4 10MM ...

The big jewelry stores are not good places to shop. These stores are mostly in the business of selling diamond rings. They don’t specialize in gold chains and so their inventory is limited.

These stores cater to the ignorant buyer. Essentially the less you know, the better it is for them. They don’t want you to know the spot price of gold or how much their chains weigh. The same chain they are selling for $3,000 could be bought for 1/2 or 1/3 of the price online or somewhere else. The big stores have high monthly costs so they need to make big profit margins on their items.

There are plenty of small jewelers who can rip you off too. But if you’re an educated buyer then you won’t get ripped off.

One of the only benefits of buying from a jewelry store is that you get a warranty. So if a link on your chain breaks, then you can bring it in to have it fixed for free.

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What To Look For In A Brick

The best jewelry stores will have employees who are knowledgeable about their jewelry and put in the effort to meet your desired budget, style preferences, and other criteria for choosing a gold chain, and they will know to direct you towards those products.

The best gold chain stores will also have a website to help you search their inventory on your mobile device while youre in the store, or they can look it up for you.

Here are some tips for deciding on what store to buy gold chains:

  • Be wary of store workers who push certain jewelry pieces regardless of your preferences and budget.
  • Be wary of stores that lower gold chain prices right when youre considering making a purchase.
  • Dont always trust jewelry appraisals that come from inside the storethey might over-appraise their jewelry to make you think youre getting a good deal on their jewelry.
  • Its a good idea to do your research on any jewelry store before buying a real gold chain there, even if youre in a rush and want to buy something right away.

    In case youre wondering, what is the best place to buy gold necklaces in NYC? Definitely, ItsHot, since were located right in Manhattans Diamond District and have incredible selections of affordable gold chains made in the USA. Luckily, even if you dont live in New York City, you can still access our huge inventory of authentic gold chains for sale online!

    How Can You Tell A Fake Gold Chain From A Real One

    The FTC made a rule saying all gold jewelry that is at least 10K should be inscribed somewhere in the metal with it’s number karat followed by K or KT. This lets you know the whole piece is made of real gold. If it’s not stamped, it’s most likely fake gold.

    You’ll most often find the karat stamp on the clasp usually, or a small charm near the clasp. If your gold chain came with a pendant, you’ll probably find it on the pendant itself. If you don’t have crisp eyesight, you might need a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe.

    It’s possible to see other markings than the KT. If curb link chain is 14KGP , the piece is gold plated. Jewelers apply a very thin layer of real 14K gold overtop a different base metal, usually stainless steel or sterling silver.

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    Where To Buy A Gold Chain In Nyc

  • Regular Price:$884.00

    Special Price$509.00

  • If youre wondering where is the best place to buy gold chains in New York City, youre already on the right page. ItsHot is not only the best website to buy quality real gold and silver chain necklaces, but our ItsHot store in NYC is famous for a reasonquality gold chains for low prices.

    ItsHot is one of New York Citys choice jewelry stores for many celebrities and trend-setters, and we pride ourselves in our customer servicewe have a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on our gold chains and other jewelry. Our gold chains come with certificates of authenticity to verify the metal type and diamond grade .

    You can trust our inventory to be regularly up-to-date with the latest gold necklace styles and the best prices for mens gold chains. We keep in touch with the market values of gold and gemstones, so you dont have to overpay. Even our cheapest gold chains are real and made by experts with years of experience in fine gold jewelry making.

    If youre thinking of stopping in to buy real gold chains in New York City, check out our About IsHot to find out more about our diamond jewelry store in Manhattan.

    Our website is reputable, 100% authentic, guaranteed. Its also easy to browse since you can filter all of our necklaces and chains by width, karat, gender, price, and more. You can customize all of our necklaces to your desired length.

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    Beautiful Real Gold Chains With Pendants On Amazon

    Buying a gold chain

    Real Gold chains have been in existence since time immemorial.

    They are essential for anybody who is trying to go for a luxurious look with a touch of elegance.

    Along with that, there a several styles of real gold chains that ranges from simple and minimalistic to glamor and glitz!

    Whichever you choose to settle for, we fully understand that investing in real gold chains is a full time commitment.

    For this reason, we have come up with this comprehensive overview of 13 of the most beautiful real gold chains with pendants that you can find on Amazon.

    13 Beautiful Real Gold Chains with Pendants on Amazon

    Get ready to shine with these beautiful real gold chains with pendants:

    1.14K Yellow Gold Classic Pendant Figaro Necklace

    If you are looking for a piece of religious cross pendant necklaces that is elegant and polished, and one that is perfect for an everyday accessory to showcase your faith and personal beliefs.

    You can never go wrong with this beautifully designed 14k yellow gold classic pendant necklace.

    Aside from being elegant and hypoallergenic, it makes a meaningful and thoughtful piece for anyone who is into dainty religious pieces.

    Over the years, rosary chains have become a fashion statement and a way to showcase personal beliefs.

    This unique and intimate 14K yellow gold beaded rosary chain pendant necklace is the perfect hybrid of religious homage and an outright symbol of personal selfhood.

    3.Dazzlingrock Collection 14K Teardrop Pendant Necklace

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    K Yellow Gold 6mm Rope Chain Diamond Cut Necklace


    This is a genuine 10 karat yellow 6mm gold rope chain in Diamond Cut. This evergreen great gold rope chain is accessible in various lengths. The chain has a protected lobster clasp, simple to put on and take off. The chain is available in different lengths like 20, 22, 24 26 and 28 inches and the total estimated gold weight is 11.20 grams …

    How Do I Care For A Gold Chain

    To keep your gold chain shining, remove it before showering, swimming and sleeping and store it safely in its box or a jewellery box.

    Polish your gold chain regularly with a soft jewellery cleaning cloth to remove dust and oils. You can also clean your gold necklace in a solution of mild detergent and warm water, soaking it in the solution before removing it and drying it gently with a cloth. Caring for your gold necklace will ensure it gives you years of lustre.

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    How To Choose A Gold Type

    Generally, warmer gold tones tend to match skin tones that are olive or darker. The higher the karats of yellow gold, such as in 14K solid gold franco chains, the more warm the color. Mixing yellow and white gold layered chains is another stylish way to accentuate gold. If you have a pale complexion, white gold may work better with your skin tone, though 10K mens gold chains in other colors may also work. If youve got the right button-down shirt and attitude, dont be afraid to channel your inner Scarface or Tony Sporano with a yellow gold curb-link chain.

    What Type Of Gold Chain Do You Want : Buy Mens Solid Gold GF Flat Cuban Link ...

    You have the option of choosing real gold or gold-plated. We recommend buying a real gold chain.

    Gold-plated jewelry is much less expensive, and it can be a decent option in some cases. However gold-plated jewelry is not considered to be real gold. It might look nice at first, but it’s susceptible to wear, tarnish, and rust. Overtime you will need to pay to have your gold chain re-plated.

    Real gold is much more durable, and it’s a better choice for everyday wear. In addition, gold-plated chains don’t have much of a resale value. With real gold you can always sell it for at least its scrap value. This makes it both a stylish piece of jewelry, and an investment that can go up in value.

    In addition there are solid and hollow chains. Hollow chains are lighter and cheaper, but they are less durable and more likely to get dented. If you end up breaking the chain then it can be tough to repair it. Therefore in most cases it’s best to go with sold chains.

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    Cons Of Buying From A Jewelry Wholesaler Or Manufactuerer

  • Regular Price:$632.00

    Special Price$361.00

  • Now that youre aware of the pros of buying gold chains online from manufactuers, lets get into some of the cons of buying gold chains from these types of jewelry businesses.

    • Some wholesalers require bulk orders: While at ItsHot, we offer gold chains for sale without a minimum quantity requirement, some jewelry wholesale websites require a minimum order for buying their discounted jewelry. Not everyone wants to buy 15 real gold chains at once, and if youre just starting up a new small business that sells gold chains, you might not know how long it will take to sell your inventory.
    • Some online manufactuers require membership: Some online jewelry manufacturer stores require customers to pay a membership fee . If you dont buy fine jewelry often enough to warrant a membership, or if your small business doesnt go through its inventory quickly enough to make regular jewelry orders, you may wish to avoid stores that require you to pay for a membership. Instead, opt for free jewelry wholesale memberships or buy from a manufacturer that doesnt require membership.
    • Bulk orders require storage space: If you own a jewelry business and want to purchase bulk gold chains at a discount, youll need enough convenient space to store your bulk jewelry once you get it. If you have a small store or a kiosk, it can be hard to find where to store your gold chain orders.

    Pros Of Buying From A Jewelry Wholesaler Or Manufacturer

    Now that you know you can buy gold chains online from the manufacturer even if youre not a retailer, lets get into the pros and cons of buying gold chains online from a wholesaler/manufacturer.

    • It costs less: Because manufacturers sell jewelry to both retailers and customers, they are able to go through their inventory quickly. This means they can offer large discounts on gold chains and frequently offer clearance sales on gold chainssometimes up to 80% off.
    • Save on shipping: You can often buy gold chains with free shipping from a manufacturer, if you meet their minimum payment. Finding free shipping on jewelry is especially useful for those who want to purchase gold chains in bulk or other wholesale jewelry. In middle-man online retail jewelry websites, the shipping costs can add up significantly.
    • Profitable for your business: Because manufacturer-produced jewelry is so much cheaper, you can resell gold chains at their retail cost in your online store or small business store.
    • More eco-friendly: Because you can buy wholesale jewelry in bulk, it reduces packaging materials, creating less waste.
    • Affiliate programs available: If youre looking for where to buy gold chains online for business purposes, some wholesale jewelry sellers have affiliate programs for e-commerce stores. Signing your business up for one of these programs helps convert more traffic to your jewelry website and drives higher revenue on your products.

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    Can Men Layer Necklaces And Chains

    Layering is a big trend in jewellery, and one that you can adopt for your mens chains and necklaces. If you are new to layering necklaces, its best to start with just two at once, as this look will still be subtle and will allow you to experiment and work out the style that works best for you.

    There are some simple guidelines to follow for a foolproof guide to layering your chains and necklaces. Start by matching your metals, for a cohesive look for instance, two yellow gold pieces. If youd like to pair gold with silver, or different colours of gold, ensure your pieces have the same finish for example, matte or polished. Wear two pieces that are different lengths so that both can be seen clearly. You can also experiment with pairing chains in two different weights, or add a pendant necklace into the mix.

    Can I Mix A Gold Chain With Other Metals


    You can express your personality by mixing and matching your jewellery to reflect your own style, and this includes mixing different metals.

    A yellow gold pendant can look stunning layered with a rose gold chain, and rose gold and sterling silver necklaces complement each other beautifully. Feel free to extend this to the rest of your jewellery, mixing your choice of gold and silver rings, bracelets or earrings. Any combination that makes you feel confident will guarantee you shine.

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    Check If The Chain Is Smooth

    An often overlooked characteristic of gold chains is their surface: Make sure it is smooth.

    You might think this is not a big deal, but if the chain is rough and you wear it for several hours, it will irritate your skin. Run your fingers over the chain to make sure there are no jagged pieces that could rub your skin or catch on your clothes.

    Cons Of Buying From Middle

    Here are some of the reasons why you may want to avoid middle-man retail store websites when deciding where to buy gold chains online.

    • More expensive than buying from the manufacturer
    • Reduced profit margin if youre re-selling jewelry in your store
    • More packaging materials on large orders
    • Buying larger quantities adds up
    • Limited access to exclusive designs
    • Cheap options may be low-quality and still overpriced
    • No affiliate profits for businesses

    Although you can still find gold chains on sale for good deals online from middle-man retailers, the quality can vary greatly, and you could still likely get a better deal from a manufacturers website.

    If you run your own small business, you make less profit when you resell jewelry purchased from standard online retail stores. You have to charge on top of the price of the retailer.

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