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Black And Gold Kitchen Ideas

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Finish With Brass Fixtures And Fittings

ROSE GOLD & BLACK KITCHEN MAKEOVER 2020 – Renter Friendly Backsplash | MOOREGIRL

Burnished brass and gold kitchen fixtures are becoming increasingly popular, most likely thanks to the surge in dark colours being used to paint cabinets. Chrome in this instance just wouldn’t add the same level of warmth to shades of black or indeed other popular choices of navy and forest green.

The warming qualities of these gilded metallics are perfect to add a sophisticated finish for door furniture, taps and even lighting. Keeping a running metallic finish throughout helps to keep the look matching.

Colorful Black Glossy Kitchen

This black cooking space by Parker Bathroom and Kitchens proves that the dark shade works with every color of the rainbow. Against the glossy back wall is a colorful set of cabinets in navy, orange, lime, red, and magenta. The base cabinets are a matte, steely gray. The countertops are glossy black quartz.

  • This moody kitchen spotted on BTL Property London has a back wall stocked with six-foot tall cabinets. The slick, black countertop is quartz. The gray kitchen island brings contrast. The brass globe pendant lights illuminate the work area.

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  • 20 of 23 The Vawdrey House

    The couple who owns this historic home in Kent, England hired the design team at The Vawdrey House to bring their antique kitchen into the 21st century. The result is a thoroughly modern, black paneled cooking space. The white kitchen island is topped off with Carrera marble. To save a little money, the client went with a butcher block countertop against the back wall.

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  • 21 of 23 Kandrac Kole

    There is no doubt that retro kitchens have an enduring style. But the trick is to create a space that does not look stuck in time. Here, interior design team Kandrac Kole installed timeless, black shaker cabinets. The red oven is a new, vintage-inspired appliance by Big Chill. The crisp, white subway tile backsplash provides the perfect backdrop.

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  • Bring Pattern Into The Mix

    Black is an elegant choice for a kitchen in a period property, with glossy black-painted cabinets and luxe white marble worktops creating classic style with a timeless appeal.

    However, using black on its own can look a little one-dimensional, so adding different patterns, textures and finishes is key to its success. Make tiling a focal point feature with a combination of different patterns, from a classic herringbone-format splash back, down to decorative Victoriana-style floor tiles that grab the attention when you walk in.

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    Frame Black Cabinets With Marble For A Monochrome Finish

    Encase black kitchen units within a marble surround to create an effortlessly chic monochrome finish.

    ‘Thanks to the classic and timeless nature of the monochrome colour palette, there has been a rise in popularity of black kitchens over the past few years,’ explains Optiplan Kitchens Andy Briggs.

    ‘Whilst an all-black kitchen brings with it a distinct elegance and sophistication, it needs to be carefully handled to ensure the kitchen space remains welcoming and bright. After all, kitchens have taken on a much more practical role over the last 12 months.’

    Float An Island Of Block Colour

    Black, White and Gold Transitional Kitchen with European White Oak ...

    Inject a splash of the on-trend shade with the help of a kitchen island. The use of the darker colour on the central island helps to make it stand out in a white or cream kitchen idea , making it feel more purposeful within the space.

    This idea is for those wanting the black kitchen look without committing to it in its entirety. This black kitchen island idea in the centre of the room complements the surrounding neutral kitchen very successfully.

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    Make A Luxurious Statement With Black Marble

    Carrara-style white and grey marble has been making its presence felt all over white kitchen ideas in recent years, but dont neglect its darker counterpart. Black marble can make a striking impact in a kitchen, whether its through the white-flecked patterns of marquina, the gold lightning bolts of Noir Saint Laurent, or the luxurious crackle or Nero Portoro. In this example by Eggersmann Design , the stunning marble island acts as a dramatic centerpiece to an otherwise simple modern kitchen.

    White Countertops And Gold Accents

    There are a couple of reasons why you might want to consider white countertops when the cabinets in your kitchen are black. For one thing, creating an entirely black kitchen could make for a very dark space that feels enclosed, especially if you dont find ways to visually break it up. This might work if you have a cavernous kitchen and you want it to feel cozier, but generally speaking, monochromatic design can be a bit dull.

    Adding contrast with white countertops can help to break up the space and create intense visual interest, making your rooms a lot more attractive. Consider thistraditional kitchen that features black cabinets paired with bold, golden-yellow appliances. The color combo could be jarring, if not for the lighter touches throughout, including countertops in Calacatta Gold marble, a white subway tile backsplash, and light, weathered wood flooring.

    If you love the look of marble, but youre interested in something that rates higher on the MOHs scale, you can achieve the same basic appearance with quartz, as you can see in thistrendy, transitional kitchen, where Carrara-like quartz is used for perimeter countertops and the waterfall island, beautifully connecting the black cabinets and appliances with pale, natural wood-toned LVT flooring and a white backsplash.

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    Black & Gold Kitchen: Farmhouse Style

    Bring together the black cabinets, gold details, and other elements for a cozy, inviting, and functional space. Accompany them with rustic units to warm up the environment and consider vintage pieces to add character. It is noteworthy that the particular combination of black and gold is the one that will keep it modern and make your kitchen embrace tradition.

    Pair Black With A Barely

    Kitchen Tour: Modern Black and White Kitchen Renovation

    Helen Parker, creative director, deVOL went with a really classic color combination for the cabinetry in this black and pale pink kitchen. Using a mix of their Inky Blue Black and Natural colored furniture, she was able to create a light and bright alternative to what we’d usually think of a black kitchen.

    Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball was the paint shade of choice and we can totally see why. It is the most perfect neutral with the teeniest hint of pink which gives such a lovely softness to the room.

    The floor by sister company, Floors of Stone , creates the perfect contrast and is very classic and hard-wearing. Aesthetically, we think it gives this space a rustic and humble quality.

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    Black White And Gold Kitchen Online Shopping List

    high-end kitchen design online shopping list

    Life is simpler when working on interior design projects, such as this dramatic high-end kitchen revamp, with Decorilla. All clients get a detailed online shopping list, complete with exclusive trade discounts. In addition, a complimentary shopping concierge handles all the details of ordering, tracking, and delivery. Sourcing the necessary furniture and décor for a new space have never been easier!

    Blur Interior Trends With A Scandi Boho Scheme

    Whether it’s through fashion or interior trends, we love layering different key trends, taking a little something from one, and another iconic design element from another. And because of the lack of color, black kitchens are the perfect foundation to work on.

    Combining Scandinavian influence and Bohemian kitchen ideas makes this kitchen look so sophisticated but at the same time, relaxed and unsnooty. Light cream and grey walls contrast against black cabinetry, while a tactile rattan pendant light and soft grey faux throw function to add texture and soften any harshness in this space.

    As well as the statement kitchen island lighting in the center, supplementary ceiling and wall lighting provide the owners of this space ample visibility to get on with tasks and activities.

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    Sleek + Stainless Space

    Sleek, black cabinets reach the ceiling, giving the kitchen the illusion of skyscraping heights. High-tech devices are camouflaged within the wall of cabinets while additional storage can be found in the contrasting, white island. Stainless steel finishes create an ultra-modern kitchen.

    Tile A Whole Wall Black

    Black and gold kitchen

    If you’re working with a slighting smaller kitchen and looking to add some dramatic feels, tiling a whole wall with black gloss tiles will create such an impact.

    The glossy kitchen wall decor will reflect light around the space plus they bring in loads of interest and texture without actually taking up any space. Pair with a white grout to really create a focal point in the room and add touches of gold for a really luxury look.

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    Black Kitchen Design Ideas Fashionable Sophisticated And Modern Interiors

    Black kitchen design ideas often provoke different reactions. There are many people who think that black is an overwhelming color which creates a negative feeling and would never dare to use it in their homes. It is true that if you want to have a black kitchen, you need to give a serious thought on the matter. Black color is very special as it can be refined, elegant, respectable, proud and self-sufficient. If you have any doubts check the ideas below, think of the design of your home and then make a decision whether you want to have a black kitchen.

    Black kitchen cabinets will fit perfectly in rooms with a lot of natural light. When the windows are too small and the light is not enough, you can combine black with white surfaces, like countertops, tables, chairs, flooring or other contrasting colors. After all black and white combination is a timeless classic so you can never go wrong with that.

    Black kitchen cabinets and wood surfaces is also a winning combination. If the black cabinets have a gloss finish the appearance is ultra-modern and eye catching. Natural materials look very well with black stone, wood, metal add character and texture to the furniture. You can add such accents with a backsplash, countertops, glass or wood fronts of the cabinets and stainless steel appliances add to the modern appearance with their sleek shine.

    Choose Black For A Light

    Many contemporary kitchen extension ideas will incorporate glass lantern roofs, skylights or folding doors framed with stylish black metal framing.

    Take inspiration from this popular look to go bold with your kitchen cabinets. This otherwise white kitchen is filled with light, making it the perfect space in which black furniture and fittings will really shine.

    ‘Charcoal is one of our most popular kitchen paint colours. Its a shade that suits contemporary spaces as much as classic ones, big kitchens and little ones, and both bold and pared-back interiors,’ says Nerine Vacher, Kitchen Designer at Neptune Fulham.

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    Mixed Colors + Textures

    To create a texture-rich space with a simple feel, designers set out to achieve that look by using cabinets that were a mix of wood and black painted glass. Black granite was added to the countertops, backsplash and range hood creating a sleek, streamlined design for the heart of this sophisticated home.

    Retro Style Black And White Kitchen Design

    Black Beauty – striking black and gold kitchen – Mastercraft Kitchens

    A retro kitchen is a great option if you want something different from a regular, modern kitchen. The black and white kitchencombination will further elevate the retro vibe. In this kitchen, the tapered legged furniture adds an old-world charm. The red cushion is a great contrast.

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    Fashionable Black Kitchen Design Ideas 50 Amazing Kitchen Designs

    A black kitchen will be incredibly attractive and appealing to bold and extravagant people. Without any doubt, one like this leaves a lasting impression and if designed properly, it can be very modern and elegant. We will show you 50 black kitchen design ideas with modern design which would be a wonderful choice for those who want to make a statement and are not afraid to be unusual!

    Black Kitchen Design Luxury And Extravagance In The Interior Design

    A black kitchen is a bold and extravagant choice, a really special idea that will make any home really exclusive. Black color can be mysterious, enigmatic, graceful, elegant, formal and it is no surprise that it is always fashionable like the timeless little black dress. Black kitchen design ideas look very stunningly well in high-tech, minimalist, art deco or avant-garde interiors, especially when they are designed with clear, straight lines and chrome, glass or steel accents. Black, although a modern and timeless color, can be difficult to work with. There are some rules which will help you to avoid certain mistakes and create a depressing interior.

    Black and white combination is classic and with a great visual effect. Many people will avoid black kitchen cabinets, especially in a small spaces, but if combined with white there is no problem.

    Black goes spectacularly well with red. Softer red shades create a cozy atmosphere while bold red transforms a black kitchen beyond recognition. You can add red color to a black cabinets with an accent wall, a countertop or curtains, some modern accessories, etc.

    A combination of black and gold gives a touch of grandeur and luxury. Accents in shining gold will enhance the black color and add a stylish touch to a monotonous kitchen design.

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    Keep The Look Light And Open

    Too much black can be overpowering, especially in a small space or narrow galley kitchen idea . Instead of having cabinets floor-to-ceiling, consider getting rid of wall units and leaving walls open to give more of an airy, uncluttered look.

    A long run of base units and a freestanding island will provide plenty of storage for kitchenware and crockery and with walls free of cabinets, a small kitchen will feel much lighter and brighter. If additional storage space is essential, adding a run of shelving will give display space while still keeping the open vibe.

    Black And White Kitchen

    Black and Gold kitchen in 2020

    Is a classy elegance something you want in your home? No problem! Just match black and white colors to achieve a really posh interior. There are a lot of possibilities in this matter.

    Black kitchen cabinets combined with white countertopsis one of the more interesting ideas. Its also a very popular solution one can see in black kitchens. If you are concerned about stains, choose matte fronts. They will make the interior look even better.

    Apart from white countertops, you can pick other elements in a bright color for your black kitchen. White wall as a background for black kitchen cabinets looks very beautiful.

    Are you afraid that a wall like that will look boring? Not necessarily! Instead of paint, use tiles that look like bricks. The whole design will look really impressive.

    Additionally, you can brighten the interior with other accessories. To do this, choose:

    • lamps with bright shades,
    • white sugar, coffee and tea containers,
    • a knife holder,

    Sometimes a small element like this can make a huge difference. So if you want a unique accent – pick one of the listed suggestions.

    Golden lamps are another popular solution in this case. They are available in different variants. Thanks to this, you will be able to match them with your interior and your own preferences.

    A black kitchen will also look great with golden fittings. There is plenty of such elements on the market, so finding a good tap will not be a problem.

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    A Black And Wood Kitchen

    The combination of black color and wood in the kitchen is one of the most popular solutions that is going to rule in 2021. Black color might seem cold, but wood subtly warms up the interior and gives it a unique atmosphere.

    There is no single good solution in this case. A combination of black and wood looks different every time. It all depends on the shade of the natural elements you choose. Black color works perfectly both with light and dark wood – provided that the kitchen unit elements are well matched.

    A combination of bright colors with black looks definitely much more elegant and lies closer to Scandinavian and industrial styles. On the other hand, if you combine black kitchen cabinets with dark wooden elements, you will get a much cozier result. A design like that is closer to rustic, English or even glamour styles. Accessories are the decisive elements in this case.

    In fact, black kitchens of various designs look good in any type of interior. But they look particularly good in houses and apartments with a lot of space to use. In such a case, your possibilities are practically endless.

    Industrialize The Space With Copper Lighting

    If an Art-Deco inspired black and gold scheme is a little too polished, or if you find yourself wearing more rose gold jewellery incorporate copper touches into your kitchen lighting.

    Black kitchens with industrial decor can often look a bit harsh, but with the pink undertones in this trio of pendant lights by Pooky , you can create a feminine but slightly urban scheme that’s perfect for a city home.

    Style this space with other homewares of a similar shade. We like the look of the metallic vase with floral arrangement on the worktop here.

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