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How Much Does Dallas Gold And Silver Pay

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Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Contact Details

Coins vs Bars – Expert Tips on Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

If youd like to get in touch with Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, you can do so through one of the following avenues:

  • Address: 13022 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75240 1201 W. Airport Fwy., Ste. 190, Euless, TX 76040 2620 W I-20, #103, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 200 N Kimball Ave, #205, Southlake, TX 76092
  • Phone: 484-3662, 283-4460, 505-1005, 722-0075
  • Email: [email protected]

Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange Review

Are you looking for a reliable precious metals dealer to provide you with gold and silver?

Well, then chances are you came across this company during your research. This Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange Review will give you a better idea of who you’re dealing with…

Are they legit or a scam? Well, you are about to find out… So let’s get started.

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Review

Investors have several options available when it comes to investing in gold, from buying the physical metal to purchasing shares to trading futures in the commodities market. Whether you hope to diversify your portfolio or ensure an extra layer of protection for your assets, it can prove challenging to decide which precious metals dealer is right for you.

Learn About Golds blog provides all the information you need to understand your options as an investor. We break down top-ranked companies and pull back the curtain on investing, better preparing you for the future of your investments.

This article will review Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange and help you determine whether this precious metals dealer is worth the investment.

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Comparing Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange With Competitors

No matter where you choose to invest, youll find benefits and drawbacks with every company. Its essential to review your options carefully. When it comes to Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange, the pros and cons are relatively simple.

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange provides high-quality products, possesses many years of industry experience, and has earned the title of a BBB-accredited company. However, the downsides include a lack of direct IRA services, an inability for investors to order online, and the fact that the company has few ratings and reviews compared to its competitors.

Its easy to settle for the first reputable company you find online. Still, as an investor, its critical that you thoroughly examine your options to protect your assets and financial future. Gold dealers usually offer similar bullion prices, but shipping policies and storage prices differ widely, especially depending on the IRA custodians affiliated with each company.

The IRA custodian you choose to store your IRA-eligible gold will determine the annual storage and administration fees you have to pay. This arrangement necessitates that you carefully compare custodians and choose a gold IRA company that charges a yearly flat-rate fee and can cooperate with your selected custodian.

Where Can You Sell Gold In Dallas

Dallas Gold &  Silver Exchange in Euless, TX

You can sell to gold buyers in Dallas: Gold buyers buy nearly everything made of gold, silver, platinum or palladium. They buy, jewelry, scrap gold, dental gold, bullion, coins, ingots, silverware, rings, bracelets, pure gold and gold made of any alloys like 10K gold as well as 14K, 18K or 24K gold. You can visit buyers like: Valley Goldmine Dallas, located at 100 Highland Park Village or DFW Gold Buyers, located 12900 Preston Road or even Arcadia Precious Metals Gold Buyers, located at 2441 Arbuckle Court or maybe Dr. GOLD Jewelry & Diamonds, located at 4151 Belt Line Road or also CASH MAX GOLD BUYERS, located at 18918 Midway Road. Such gold buyers in Dallas can tell you within minutes what you own and how much its worth if they are willing.

You can sell your gold with a pawn shop in Dallas: Pawn shops dont only pawn guns, cars, electronics or jewelry. They also buy assets like your gold or your jewelry. Ask them for a quote. Maybe they beat your local gold buyers. Try your best asking Uncle Dans Pawn Shop East Dallas, located at 5404 East Grand Avenue or Top Dollar Pawn MLK, located at 1411 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard or also EZPawn, located at 4727 South 2nd Avenue or also Maple Avenue Pawn Shop, located at 4700 Maple Avenue or even First Cash Pawn, located at 118 East Jefferson Boulevard.

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Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Job Openings And Hourly Range

Hourly pay ranges for the same job title may differ based on the location and the responsibilities, skills, experience, and other requirements for a specific job. To search for jobs in other locations, fill in the title and locations to begin your search.

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Profile And History

Envela and its subsidiaries engage in diverse business activities within the recommerce sector. These include recommercializing luxury hard assets, consumer electronics and IT equipment and end-of-life recycling solutions. Envela assesses its inventory of recommerce purchases for their potential to be refurbished and resold as whole goods, or to be recycled for component parts or precious-metal v alue. Envela also offers comprehensive recycling solutions for a variety of other companies seeking responsibly to dispose of end-of-life products. Envela operates primarily via two recommerce business segments. Through DGSE, LLC the Company recommercializes luxury hard assets via Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange, Charleston Gold & Diamond Exchange, and Bullion Express brands . Through ECHG, LLC, the Company operates Echo Environmental Holdings, ITAD USA Holdings, and Teladvance , which recommercialize primarily consumer electronics and IT equipment, and provide end-of-life recycling services for various companies across many industries. Envela conducts its recommerce operations at retail and wholesale levels, through distributors, resellers, dedicated stores and online. The Company also owns and operates other businesses and brands engaged in a variety of activities, as identified herein. Envela is a Nevada corporation, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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Review The Top Gold Ira Companies Before You Buy

With so many precious metals dealers and IRA custodians to choose from, it can be easy to settle for the first reputable company you find. The problem is, while most gold dealers offer similar bullion prices , they differ the most in their shipping policies and storage prices, which are typically influenced by the IRA custodians they deal with.

The IRA custodian in charge of storing your IRA-eligible gold in an approved depository will usually be the company that determines the annual storage and admin fees you’ll have to pay. Thus, it is imperative to compare custodians and/or find a gold IRA company that charges a flat-rate low annual fee and can cooperate with multiple custodians.

Mustang Gold & Silver Exchange

Selling my Coins, Gold, and Silver to this shop! Lots of Money!

Mustang Gold And Silver Exchange is a Jewelry Buyer in Dallas, TXMustang Gold And Silver Exchange is a professional and honest jewelry buyer in Dallas, TX. As experts in this industry, our professionals will guide you to the best ways to sell gold and silver, scrap gold, jewelry, and get the best cash for diamonds rates possible. We also sell custom made jewelry in our jewelry store. With unique styles and affordable prices, you sure to find pieces that you wear for years to come!

At Mustang Gold And Silver Exchange, we have all the tools, resources, and expertise to handle all of your jewelry needs in one convenient place for one affordable price. It is our mission to give our customers the honest truth and the highest worth for all of their valued items. We promise to share our product knowledge with our customers to ensure they get a fair price whether buying or selling from us.

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Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange

With 9 locations throughout the greater Dallas area, this is one of the regions largest precious metal dealers. Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange buys all forms of gold, silver, and platinum. They also deal in rare coins and paper currency. Their inventory includes more than 250 bullion products such as the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, Credit Suisse gold bars, kilo silver bars, and more. The stock of rare and collectible coins at Dallas Gold & Silver exchange includes PCGS and NGC certified coins, raw coins, proof and mint sets, and silver dollars. Many of their rarest coins can be viewed and purchased through their website.

484-3662Dallas, TX 75240

Gold Silver Coins & Stamps

This family owned and operated shop was started by a family of entrepreneurs who began as lumber dealers all the way back in 1948. As the years progressed, they managed their lumber yard while also establishing a store for collectibles on the site. In 1993, they decided to close their lumber yard and start focusing on dealing in precious metals. They meet by appointment only, where they will make trades at the Pavillion Bank locate in Richardson.

908 Audelia Road #200-330 972-644-4880

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Richardson Gold And Silver Exchange

Richardson Gold and Silver Exchange is an establishment that has had accreditation from the BBB since the year 2003. Unlike other dealers in precious metals that are listed here, Richardson Exchange will buy silver and gold from you. However, it does not sell any precious metal products.

100 South Central Express WaySuite 50 972-783-4653

Is Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange A Scam

Shop Dallas Prince Gold over Silver Multi

Let’s conclude this Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange Review by answering this question.

Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange is not a scam, but they appear to be out of business.

Even if it was not out of business, what makes it not hold a candle to the industry’s leading companies today is that it lacked quite a few ratings and reviews. Moreover, the top companies offer more services.

If you wish to know the best precious metals firm, check it out here.

Thank you so much for reading my Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange Review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Check out my other reviews here!

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What Is Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange

Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange is a wholesaler and retailer of precious metals, as well as fine jewelry that is based in Dallas, Texas.

It is specialized in selling and buying gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars. Moreover, it offers diamonds, watches, and wedding jewelry.

Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange was founded in 1965 and has been BBB accredited since 1990.

The BBB listed Jim Vierling as its principal contact and CEO. However, based on of the company’s press releases, James âDustyâ Clem became the company’s CEO in April, 2004, after Vierling’s resignation.

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Locations And Average Hourly Wages

The average hourly pay rate of Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is $71 in the United States. Based on the company location, we can see that the HQ office of Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is in DALLAS, TX. Depending on the location and local economic conditions, Average hourly pay rates may differ considerably.

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Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange Ratings And Reviews

At the time of writing this Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange Review update , I found the following online ratings and reviews of the company.

  • BBB – 5/5 rating, A+ rating based on 1 review 4 reviews
  • Yelp – 3/5 rating based on 15 reviews

It appears that Yelp is reported that Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange has CLOSED! If you want to check out a great alternative to them that has excellent reviews, .

Maintain A Low Profile Dont Call A Price And Compare The Gold Buyers In Dallas

Why I’m Only Buying Silver and NOT BUYING GOLD

Never call a price: Would you expect getting asked how much you want to get paid for your gold or jewelry at almost all gold buyer stores in Dallas? No? Well, its a fact that dealers try to figure out more about your knowledge. Never ever call a price and never ever talk about your items. Our appraiser Alan remembers a client asking how much is my gold coin worth, telling us to own 2 gold coins and a silver coin. Guess what happened? It turned out that he doesnt own a silver coin, worth maybe 30 bucks. He owned a coin made of platinum worth $1,500. And now think about what can happen if you give such a wrong information to an unreliable gold buyer. Do you think he says, hey customer its not worth $30. You get paid $1,500. Do you really think so? You could lose over $1,000 just by telling wrong information about the items you like to sell. Stand your ground, even when the gold buyer asks you again and again. Its really better for you. Only speak about facts if you know them for sure. Maybe read from a certification.

Never accept to get pushed: It can happen that gold buyers in Dallas try to push you. Sometimes they offer you a onetime bonus if you sell right now. Maybe they offered you $800 or $1,000 only when you sell your gold right now. Watch out! Thats an alarming sign. A gold buyer who offers a high price cant afford buying a bonus. A gold buyer can only afford paying a bonus if he calculated the bonus in a deduction before.

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Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange

Just five miles away from Richardson you will find Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange, sometimes known simply as DGSE, where it is open six days per week. Their location on Preston Road is just one of the 9 DGSE locations all across Texas. This shop sells silver, gold, as well as platinum bullion. They will also pay you cash for your precious metal products, such as bullion, flatware, fine jewelry, sports memorabilia, and much more.

13534 Preston Rd. 972-481-3850

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Company Jobs And Hourly Pay

The average salary of Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange jobs will vary according to location, department, and job description. The table shows below the name of the job title below you may be interested in including salary range and total compensation. The salary paid can be different for the same position in Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange based on experience, skills, and education.

Loading results…

Job Title

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Buying Gold And Silver In Dallas Texas

Being one of the largest cities in the United States, Dallas has much to offer to both coin collectors and precious metal investors alike. The Lone Star State offers dozens of the nations oldest and best-regarded coin shops. Many of these shops are located in the city of Dallas. On this page we will go over different sales tax rates that may apply when buying gold and silver locally in Dallas, TX as well as some of the most popular coin shops in the area.

Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange Products

Silver 4Runner: Dallas Gold And Silver Hours

Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange offers a wide variety of precious metals and jewelry. Moreover, it also has IRA-eligible bullion in its inventory.

The company also provides currency and rare coins in different grades such as, Mint state, Proof, Very good, Very fine, Uncirculated and Almost uncirculated.

As far as IRAs are concerned, there are no mentions that the company directly offers IRA storage services. However, its website does have a webpage that is about helping clients set up their IRA accounts.

This can imply that Dallas Gold And Silver Exchange works with various IRA custodians.

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Selling Gold And Silver

Selling gold and silver is simple. As North Texas largest and most trusted buyer of bullion, coins, and precious metals, we offer more than top dollar. We provide peace of mind that youre selling gold and silver to a reputable, publicly-traded wholesaler. Most pieces can be priced in as little as 10 minutes with immediate cash payments. Stop by any of our four DFW locations for the highest-payouts on gold and silver in the metroplex.

The allure of gold is as old as civilization itself. Many forms of currency have been used over the years as a store of wealth and means of exchange, including livestock, tobacco, various precious metals, and paper currencies backed by the governments that issued them. But across the span of history, nothing has been as enduring and universally accepted as gold.

Gold is widely recognized as an excellent investment, a safe-haven against inflation, a weakening U.S. Dollar and geopolitical uncertainty.

American Buffalo

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Comments And Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange. Company reviews can provide helpful insights into the company culture, working conditions, benefits, compensation, and training opportunities in Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange. They may also reveal information or provide tips on interviewing skill requirements, and other factors that could help when applying for a position at that company. Reviews may also highlight any negative aspects of a company that will help in evaluating it as a prospective employer.

When I worked here, the company was coming out of being slapped by the SEC for a few things. Shortly after this issue the debt they had with another company was used in exchange for stock. The company that possessed majority of the stock did not understand the difference between accounting for Public and private sectors. It was a horrible place to work then. I have not been back inside their store in over three years and have yet to return when visiting friends and family.

My experience when working at DGSE. inc was great. Fun atmosphere, amazing employees and customers. Sadly the main problem was growth, many lost their jobs when the company downsized and restructured their business plan.

I left a great job that I could have had for the rest of my life based on their promises and guarantees, The joke was on me. I would never recommend this place to someone looking to further themselves in their jewelry career.

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