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Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Popular

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Are Golden Goose Worth It


I know I dont have to preface this but it will be relative. Epidurals arent worth it to some women and to some they are the only way theyd give birth. If you usually budget around $100-$120 on a pair of stylish sneakers, and you wear sneakers at least 3 to 4 times a week, they are worth it in my opinion. Okay, big price jump, Katey. Hear me out. Its your cost per wear combined with longevity. If you are a work-from-home gal or a mom at home and you find yourself only slipping on sneakers and the occasional flat for being out and about, these will last you such a long time. Ive bought $120 sneakers here or there since then, but I find myself repeatedly slipping on my Golden Goose. I probably wear my GG 300 days a year, so instead of buying random $70 flats repeatedly, I wear these. In the past 3 years Ive bought less shoes total, than I normally would. So for me, a mama that lives in sneakers, these are completely worth it. Id rather wear a pricier sneaker 300 days a year, than a $60 flat that I wear 5 times a year. Plus, you can grab them on sale.

Golden Goose Sneakers Review

About a year ago, I put a pair of golden goose sneakers on my wishlist, but felt like I could never justify a pair of sneakers that cost anywhere between $400 and $500 But, I loved how they looked and how they could go with so many different outfits. So, after crushing hard on them for almost a year, I decided to pull the trigger. I ordered my pair online and decided if I didnt absolutely LOVE them then I would return. Clearly, I fell in love! So today I want share my honest golden goose sneaker review with yall today why I love them and think theyre worth the money, sizing, and more!

First, Ill tell yall why golden goose sneakers have been worth the money . I love that these are shoes you can wear year round, no matter how hot or cold it is, and no matter where you live. I have worn these shoes in both summer and winter now and love them for BOTH. If youre going to spend $500 on a pair of sneakers, you better be able to wear them year round and you definitely can with golden goose!

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What To Consider Before Buying

Golden Goose sneakers tend to be wider than most sneakers and have a tall leather insole that provides cushion and support. All styles have a hidden wedge in the sole that adds a little extra height. They come in full sizes only, and reviewers recommend sizing down if youre a half size.

The shoes typically start at $445 and can cost upwards of $600 for exclusive styles. Of course, this price is bolstered by the fact that the shoes are a status symbolshoppers want others to know they spent a pretty penny.

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Why Golden Goose Is So Expensive

So why are Golden Goose Sneakers so Expensive? In short, it comes down to these simple factors: Each pair is made by hand in Italy, where factory workers make a fair, livable wage. The hand-distressed aspect actually makes them more costly to produce than they would otherwise be if they looked new.

The Verdict: Are They Really Worth The Money

Golden Goose

I really did not think I would like Golden Goose sneakers. As I mentioned above, I fully expected to tell you to save your money and buy a different pair instead.

To my surprise, they are wonderful and incredibly comfortable! These sneakers are no doubt a splurge, but they are so worth it.

I can wear them with just about anything in my closet. I wear them with dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, and loungewear and they add a cool element to every look. Their versatility allows me to wear them all of the time, which decreases their cost per wear something that I often consider when splurging on higher-priced items.

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Why Golden Goose Sneakers Are Worth The Money

Youve probably already pulled the trigger and bought a pair, or theyve been sitting in your shopping cart for months because you cant bring yourself to spend $500 on sneakers.

And if you have no clue what sneakers I am talking about, then you most likely just stopped in your tracks and screamed, $500?! FOR SNEAKERS?!

Yep, $500..for sneakers. But let me justify.

I get on here a lot to discuss the why when it comes to investment pieces. Ive justified handbags, black boots, and most recently, a Veronica Beard blazer . Im not the kindof gal to randomly drop a chunk of change on just anything. I grew up counting my pennies and take every dollar thats in my bank account seriously. And the older I have gotten, I have discovered that I would rather own QUALITY, INVESTMENT pieces than a bunch of shitty, fast fashion. Whos with me on that?!

But even after I tried them on, I still didnt make the financial plunge. I knew I liked the appearance, I knew I loved the fit, and I knew what size I wore .so now all I had to do was wait for a style I liked to go on sale! Fast forward about 60 days, and I got an email from The Outnet saying that they would be launching Golden Goose sneakers sale the following I got on their site bright early that morning and finally snagged a white pair with gold & silver glitter accents for around $200!

Are There Any Good Golden Goose Dupes

As with most luxury products, there arent any dupes out there that are going to deliver the whole GGDB package for less. P448 is a similar brand that also emphasizes a lived-in look, but theyre still pricey. As far as white sneakers go, I recommend Sam Edelman, Frye, Veja , and Common Projects.

I hope this Golden Goose review inched you a little closer to making a confident decision about these investment shoes! if you have a specific question, please dont hesitate to leave a comment or send me a DM on .

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So Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive

In short, it comes down to these simple factors:

  • Each pair is made by hand in Italy, where factory workers make a fair, livable wage.
  • The hand-distressed aspect actually makes them more costly to produce than they would otherwise be if they looked new.
  • Most Golden Goose designs use multiple pieces of leather and patternsnot a single material for the entire shoewhich adds complexity to production processes and materials sourcing.

Luckily, we always have a large selection of Golden Goose sneakers for women, men, and kids, and constantly have the best pricing offer in the market.

Golden Goose Sneakers: Are They Worth The Hype

Golden Goose Superstar Review & On Foot

As soon as I purchased my Golden Goose sneakers I got so many messages asking if they are really worth the price tag. Which is totally a legit question because they are a splurge purchase and definitely the most I have ever spent on a sneaker. These Italian made sneakers quickly became an it shoe and the trend is not going anywhere any time soon!

If you are someone that wears sneakers on the regular, I dont think you will regret it! The question, are they worth it? is subjective but in my opinion I think they are definitely worth the hype!

Below are some of the things I love about these popular sneakers and why!

1- They Are Unique Whenever each sneaker is uniquely designed, only a certain amount of them are made so I feel like that makes the sneaker you buy sort of one of a kind and I love that!

2- Comfort Level The comfort level of the superstar low star sneaker is a 10 out of 10! I wear them all of the time with my casual looks but I really put them to the test when traveling. I wear them so much whenever we travel and I cannot complain one bit about the comfort level. Before I purchased them I read a few reviews where people were saying that they felt they had to break theirs in first but honestly mine were comfortable right off the bat.

Shop Golden Goose and other styles:

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How Do You Style Them

Aside from the comfort and elongate leg situation, my favorite thing about Golden Goose is that they can dress up or down easily. I dont find that to always be the case with each style of sneaker, and I think it has to do with the toe not being too chunky, and the details. I wear them with anything from workout clothes to dresses. Here are a few outfits from over the years to give you ideas.

Whats The Hype About Golden Goose

What is it about Golden Goose, exactly, that makes everyone go gaga over them? Is it the shoes unexpected designer origins? Or the absurdity of paying such high prices for such vintage distressed-looking footwear?

Golden Goose is a footwear brand known for being outrageously chic. The company was started in 2000 and has a collection of over 40 different mens and womens styles. Their recent introduction to Canada has resulted in a lot of hype around their wide range of styles, as well as their sky-high prices.

Theyre noted for having the highest price tag per pair on any designer shoe, and some pairs can go as high as $600 . Similar to brands like Chanel and Prada, the company has taken an upper-end approach that may be appealing to those with a similar lifestyle and who want to make a bold statement.

The hype is real with Golden Goose sneakers. Inspired by the creative minds of European fashion designers, their shoes are both luxurious and functional. Their craftsmanship is evident in every detail, including unique designs, premium materials, and distinctive silver-tone hardware. With shoes for men, women, and kids, they offer high-fashion styles that will be coveted for years to come.

With stores in more than 45 countries and territories and a cult-like following of celebrities and trendsetters, Golden Goose has become one of the most sought-after footwear brands of the 21st century.

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What Is The Golden Goose Brand Known For

Golden Goose is an Italian luxury fashion brand that has become famous for its high-end sneakers, which are handmade in Italy with attention to detail. The clothing and shoes of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand are the types of designs that make fashionistas everywhere drool people cant help but express their love for its Italian-but-cool vibe and edgy-but-chic style.

Proper fit and construction, carefully considered designs and clean cuts. These are the hallmarks of Golden Goose sneakers, offering men and women classic designs that transcend time, audience and trend. Qualities that made them instant favorites with celebrities.

The history of Golden Goose can be traced back to 2000, when Janine and Francesca, the founders of the brand, created a line of high-value vintage-inspired leather sneakers. Over the next decade, Golden Goose expanded its cult following to include a versatile range of clothing and accessories for men and women.

Throughout the years, Golden Goose has gained popularity for its signature sneaker with a vintage-inspired look. Its also known for attention to detail, with many products hand-assembled in Italy with high-quality materials that are destined to last.

The brand is beloved by celebrities and fashionistas all over the world, including Jourdan Dunn, Bella Hadid, Justin Bieber, Janelle Monae, Kim Kardashian West, Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Hailey Baldwin, Miley Cyrus, and many more.

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth The Money

Golden Goose

I was told that Golden Goose sneakers are hard to break in and not very comfortable, so I never tried them. Theyre also $500+ sneakers and I felt like I couldnt justify spending that much money on a pair of sneakers. However, Golden Goose sneakers have become SO popular that I decided I needed to try them and review them so I could share my findings with you. Keep scrolling to see my verdict.

If you want to see more designer fashion finds, and dupes for less, be sure to watch this video.

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Golden Goose Dupes & Lookalikes

Quick noteI have not tried any of these dupes besides the Steve Madden sneakers so I cannot promise they are as comfortable as the Golden Goose or Steve Maddens but I wanted to show you the options!

What do YOU think?? Do you have a pair and love them and think they are worth the money?? Or do you think its still WAY too much to spend on sneakers? Please share in the comments below. To get my blog posts delivered directly to your inbox, along with some awesome freebies, be sure to sign up for my newsletter here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Why Would Anyone Want To Spend That Kind Of Money On Shoes That Are Already Dirty

  • Trust me, this was my biggest question. If I was going to spend a fortune on a pair of shoes, I wanted them to be crisp, clean and basically dipped in gold.haha! Joking but not The fact of the matter is that this is whats trending in fashion at the moment and to be honest, I actually love having the sneakers a little distressed. If you do scuff them up, no one can tell the difference. Ive had Eloise step on my GG sneakers multiple times, Ive spilled wine, beer and food on them and you cant tell the difference.

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My Honest Review Of The Golden Goose Purestar Sneakers

Never thought I would see the day where sneakers were all I preferred to wear, but here we are! I’ve become more obsessed with sneakers in the last few years, but especially now with comfort being key. One of my favorite things to do on here is share reviews with you guys, and I have another one for today: my honest review of Golden Gooses PURESTAR sneakers. I get questions all the time like which Golden Goose sneakers to buy, are Golden Goose sneakers worth it, and do Golden Goose ever go on sale?! Now, with the PURESTARS, Im sure you guys will be wondering about Golden Goose PURESTAR vs. Superstar, and I plan to answer all this and more!

Its not news that I love Golden Goose sneakers and find them to be totally worth their price. GGs latest sneaker, the PURESTAR, is their most comfortable yet! The fit is flexible and extra cushioned, and thats just the start of why I love them. Keep scrolling to read my full review and see my full Golden Goose PURESTAR outfit of the day!

Coatigan | Sweater | Jeans | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Chanel Backpack | Earrings

Is Golden Goose A Luxury Brand


Of course, Golden Goose is a luxury brand. Its one of the leading designer brands in fashion today. The Golden Goose products are trendy, sophisticated, casual chic, and edgy elements of style that are immediately recognizable.

Golden Goose superstar sneakers are made with luxury in mind. The Italian brand was founded in 2000 by Francesca Rinaldo, who still serves as CEO. Golden Goose is both a brand and a lifestyle, which means the labels shoes are worn by celebrities and style-makers of all sorts.

The stars you see sporting these glamorous high tops include Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Elsa Hosk, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Ashley Benson, Joan Smalls, Bella Throne, Vanessa Veracruz, Lili Reinhart, Alessandra Ambrosio, Catherine McNeil, and so on, and so on.

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Cons To Golden Goose Sneakers

  • Sizing can be tricky when you have to order online. I wear a 7 shoe and wear a 37 in Golden Goose with the exception of my first pair of high tops, I bought a 38. Even though all of mine are super comfortable and they do all fit slightly different from each other. This goes back to being handmade and hand distressed. Make sure you order from a reputable site that excepts returns in case you need to switch out sizes .
  • Price. Even though I truly believe in cost per wear, its still not easy to hit the PAY button on such expensive sneakers. I get it, these are not for everyone and I certainly dont think they are a necessary purchase! If you love them and want a pair, go for it! You will love them! As with any item, dont feel the pressure to conform to fashion trends and spend money on things you dont REALLY REALLY love!

What To Wear Them With

The Golden Goose Superstars are some of the most versatile sneakers in my wardrobe. The worn-in look makes them super easy to style. I typically wear mine with denim, faux leather leggings, or workout sets. However, Ive also paired them with casual knit dresses and found that to be a chic combination. While I love wearing them when Im traveling or running errands, they also look great for casual outings when you want to be comfortable but look stylish.

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How To Find Discounted Golden Goose Sneakers

I know these shoes are VERY expensive so I wanted to share ways that you can pick up a pair for less.

These sneakers rarely go on sale but one place that has flash sales every once in a while is SSENSE. You can also check RueLala,Vestiare Collective, and Gilt for flash sales. Find bigger selections at Farfecth,Net-A-Porter, and SSENSE. Or shop places like Nordstrom,Shopbop, and Revolve.

If you still dont want to spend the money, theres a Steve Madden dupe Ive tried that looks VERY similar and is also very comfortable! Find more dupes below

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