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Is Gold’s Gym Expensive

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Is Gold’s Gym Worth It

Gold’s Gym Guest Pass, Membership Fees, and Exclusive Deals / Discounts

Gold’s Gymworthgymworth

. Likewise, people ask, is Gold’s Gym a good brand?

Gold’s gym is the brand of elliptical machine that I own. Good brand and I like it very much and would recommend it to my friends and family members. It is a comfortable way for me to do my workout. I get a very good workout on my elliptical machine.

Furthermore, why is Golds Gym so expensive? Golds gym is expensive because its a high end gym chain, it provides superior quality of machines, ambiance and services for their customers. Not only this it is an international brand and also has a name therefore they even charge a premium due to that ! Its just like comparing any premium brand with a regular brand.

Keeping this in consideration, how much is Gold’s Gym per month?

Although there is no monthly commitment rate, the two plans Gold’s Gym offers can be a little pricey for anyone less than a gym rat Option 1 has an initial cost of $149.99 with an additional $29.99 a month, for a total of $509.87 a year, while Option 2 has a down payment of $49.99, but is $39.99 a month, coming in at

What do you get with a Gold’s Gym membership?

Gold’s Gym Express Membership CostsExclusive cardio cinema, a full locker room, cardio, circuit training area, FREE group fitness, unlimited guest privileges, a Travel Pass to Express Gyms, 50% off cooler drinks daily, and unlimited tanning.

What Equipment Does Gold’s Gym Have

4.4/5Geargymsin-depth answer

SCHILLER PARK, Ill., June 3, 2009 Life Fitness has been named the preferred equipment provider for all Gold’s Gym concept clubs, the company announced today.

Similarly, is Gold’s Gym going out of business? Louis, Alabama, the Carolinas, Colorado Springs and Venice, California effective March 16, 2020 at 8 p.m. local time through March 31, 2020, to do its part in slowing the spread of the coronavirus . This is not a business decision but a humanity decision, said Gold’s Gym President and CEO Adam Zeitsiff.

Also asked, which Gold’s Gym did Arnold workout at?

Did you ever wonder where Arnold Schwarzenegger and other hard-core body builders train? Then come to the original Gold’s Gym in Venice, “The Mecca of Bodybuilding.” Gold’s Gym is the most famous gym in “Muscle Beach” , the prime spot to pump some serious iron.

Does Gold’s Gym have StairMaster?

The name known for some of the most demanding workouts in the gym now has a new workout your members will love to hate. Tested to withstand 1400 lbs of force, the StairMaster® HIIT Bikeoffers a robust design and features dual action wind resistance that provides a total body cardio workout.

Is 40 Too Old For Crossfit

Some of the fittest guys and girls in gyms Ive trained in around the world are in their 40s, 50s, and above. Studies have shown that high-intensity workouts can be more beneficial for older athletes. If you want to get in shape at 45 or 50 and really enjoy your workout routine, its the perfect sport to get into.

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Cheap Gym Memberships To Help You Stay In Shape

Having a gym membership is not necessarily something that you need, and some view it as an expensive luxury. But going to a gym can be really helpful for people who want to stay in shape, have somewhere where they can exercise in peace, or to have access to workout equipment.

Having a gym membership is mistakenly thought of as something that only the wealthy can afford. But that is actually a myth. There are several places that offer gym memberships for a very reasonable and affordable price.

Despite a modest membership fee, these gyms still offer the very best in terms of equipment and services. For those that want to keep up with their exercise or training, here are a few inexpensive choices for affordable gym memberships.

Is There A Dress Code

Golds Gym Arlington Location

The dress code at Golds Gym varies by location. I asked the staff at the Totowa, NJ location, and they told me that shirts, shorts or pants, and shoes must be worn at all times.

So, if youre a female who likes to work out in just a sports bra and shorts or leggings, Golds Gym may not be the gym for you. There were a few women wearing crop tops while I was there, though.

If youre a powerlifter who likes to squat or deadlift barefoot, you may want to look elsewhere. The Golds Gym near me wouldnt let me deadlift in just socks, and I suspect that they may even have an issue with deadlift slippers.

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What Is The Ymca

The Y is a heck of a lot more than just a gym, though most Y locations do have one.

The YMCA is a nonprofit organization thats been doing awesome community work for over 150 years.

In person, theyre really more like community or rec centers than anything else.

They usually have some combination of workout equipment, pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, and lots of programs to help local elderly folk or people with special needs.

For our purposes, though, the Y is still a great all-purpose, family-friendly gym to consider.

Why Is Golds Gym So Famous

Perhaps Golds Gyms most famous original member was Arnold Schwarzenegger. He and his group led the bodybuilding movement into the 70s with Golds Gym at the forefront. Soon, the now iconic yellow Golds Gym T-shirts were everywhere, signifying those who wore it were part of something bigger.

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What Affects The Cost Of A Personal Trainer

To calculate your total personal training sessions cost, consider the following factors and tips:

  • Location of Session Whether you train in a gym, at home, or if they run with you on a route around your neighborhood costs will be different. If you already have a gym membership and pay monthly dues, your training rates will likely be cheaper.
  • Length of Session Trainers commonly offer 30, 60 or 90-minute sessions that recur daily, several times a week, or once weekly. You may get more benefit from frequent training in shorter sessions. Others need longer sessions with more time in between them for recovery, and only you can work out what’s best for you with your trainer.
  • Number of Sessions Discounts are available up to 30% when purchasing training sessions in packages of 5, 10, or 20 or scheduling recurring weekly or bi-weekly training.
  • Group Fitness vs. Personal Training A one-on-one personal training session costs more than small group classes or sessions with a couple of friends.
  • Trainer Expertise Expert trainers can customize exercise plans for you that’s safe as well as effective. Their knowledge of recovering from specific injuries or surgeries will help prevent any injuries.
  • Trainer Certifications The two main certifications are the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. NSCA-CSCS and the NSCA-CPT . It’s highly recommended to pay the extra cost for a certified trainer.

Are Golds Gym Memberships Transferrable

Egypt gold’s gym is so expensive (workout at Gold’s Egypt)

Each location has its own rules about transferring memberships to another person, but some do allow it. You may have to pay a transfer fee that can cost up to $200 depending on the location.

If youre moving and want to make a different Golds Gym your primary location, you can talk to one of the staff members.

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Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer Cost

At Anytime Fitness, you pay a monthly membership fee to join the gym that costs between $25 to $40 depending on the location. On the East Coast, their trainers could start at $35 per hour. On the West Coast, however, it can cost $35 for a 30-minute session. Many of their gyms won’t give you a fee schedule for their personal trainers until you come in for a fitness assessment and discuss your goals first.

Gold’s Gym 400r Recumbent Bike Review

The Gold’s Gym 400R is a bike made for home use, this being one of the reasons its frame is not extremely heavy. It weighs approx. 80 lbs , though, which is more than twice the weight of the average road bike. Due to this weight, the unit provides excellent stability. Plus, its rear base bar features adjustable stabilizers.

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Ymca Personal Trainer Cost

Generally, private sessions with a personal trainer at an average YMCA tend to cost about $50 for non-members and around $30 for members. You receive more discounts when you book packages of 10 or 20 sessions at a time. They do offer special rates for training with up to three of your friends too.

At some facilities like the YMCA in San Diego, you could pay as little as $23 per session when you book 20 sessions of one hour each to train in a group of three to six of your friends. Most YMCA trainers must have background education in CPR, first-aid and extra core credentials that not all other gyms require.

What Does The Average Gym Membership Cost Per Month In 2021

Golds Gym Middletown

After analyzing the prices of 16 popular U.S. gym chains, we found that the average monthly cost of a gym membership to enjoy the benefits of working out in 2021 is $37.71. Prices vary as well based on the membership ranging from $31.00 with lower-tier memberships to $44.42 on higher-tier memberships.

The monthly rate of higher tier memberships cost an average of 43.29% more than low tier membership.

This $13 price difference between the average lower and higher tier memberships comes with it’s perks. Many upper-level memberships include unlimited access to pools, basketball courts, saunas, hot tubs, premium machines, personal trainers, meal plans, daycare, multiple gyms across the state or country, guest privledges, weight machines, cardio machines, fresh towels, locker rooms, and showers.

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How Long Is Golds Gym Free Trial

Golds Gym Different Guest Pass

If you want to try Golds Gym for free, you can try Golds Gym VIP Free Guest Pass this pass allows you to try 7 days free equipment, classes, and personal trainer to help you decide Which membership would be better for you and you can determine the services of the gym.

Does A Golds Gym Membership Work Anywhere

Although the Golds Gym membership plans say they include access to over 700 clubs worldwide, that doesnt always appear to be the case. Ive seen some complaints of members in NJ being able to go to other Golds Gym locations within the state but not being allowed at facilities in other states.

To be safe, if youre traveling out of state or internationally, you can ask your home gym for a travel pass that you can show at the front desk of another Golds Gym. The travel passes last for 14 days. Id also recommend calling the gym youre traveling to and making sure they accept them, as some locations dont.

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Is Golds Gym Open 24 Hours A Day

Golds Gym is not open 24 hours a day. The schedule for the location I went to is:

  • Monday through Thursday: 4:30 am 11:00 pm
  • Friday: 4:30 am 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: 7:00 am 3:00 pm

Each gyms hours vary by location but based on some research Ive done on other locations, their hours are fairly similar.

Who Is Planet Fitness Good For

Golds Gym resistance bands best exercises

If going to a gym intimidates you, then Planet Fitness will be a good fit for you. PF emphasizes inclusive gyms meant for anyone who wants to work out. If youre joining a gym for the first time and you want a place where you can be yourself and avoid the pressure of looking good, PF is the right choice.

However, if you want amenities like free classes, this gyms bare-bones amenities arent a good fit for you.

This gym is a great fit if youre on a budget, too. Its $10 contract memberships and $15 month-to-month contracts are great deals, especially if you can sign up during a promotion where they waive your sign-up fee.

  • Sign-up fee: $1 to $20 depending on location and time of year
  • Annual fee: $49.99

Like Planet Fitness, your sign-up fee may be as low as $0 depending on what promotion your local club is running at the time you sign up.

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Tips For Managing Your Budget

  • Your gym subscription should hold a place in your budget plan, just like any other cost. If youre looking to optimize your budget and build a long-term financial plan, consider working with a local financial advisor. Finding a financial advisor doesnt have to be hard. SmartAssets free tool can match you with local advisors in just five minutes. Get started now.
  • Having a stout budget in place is integral to maintaining the health of your financial life. As you write up your budget, be sure to account for all of your costs, including bills, groceries, gas, gym subscriptions and more. To get started building your budget, stop by SmartAssets budget calculator.
  • Once you choose your next gym, look into which option is most convenient for you to get to regularly. You should also keep an eye out for any promotional deals that a gym might be running.

Freeze Your Membership When You’re Away

You wouldn’t just throw away money, so why keep spending it on something you’re not using? If you’re taking a trip or don’t see yourself going to the gym for a long period, many gyms will let you take a hiatus. “Following the challenges of 2020, we wanted to make the road to fitness was simple and frictionless,” says Magazine. “With this in mind, we recently launched Worry-Free Benefits, a program allowing members the ease of requesting to freeze, unfreeze, or cancel their membership online or in-gym.”

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Take Gym Reviews In Context

Reading through customer reviews of gyms will most likely discourage you from joining. All gyms on HighYa and other review sites have below average or bad reviews.

Youll want to read over these reviews not so much for every detail, but for the general theme of the reviews.

Furthermore, theres a difference between reading reviews of an entire gym chain and reviews of the gym in your area. When you read reviews of the entire brand, take note of what customers say about billing and cancellations.

When you read reviews about a particular gym in your area, focus on what they say about the staff, the condition of the equipment and cleanliness. These factors will be most important for your day-to-day experience.

Is Golds Gym Personal Training Worth It

Pin on Health Page

If youre interested in working with a personal trainer, you can sign up for sessions with a Golds Gym trainer.

If youre new to working out or youve never worked out in a commercial gym before, working with a personal trainer can help you become familiar with the various machines and different styles of exercising.

A personal trainer can also help you with your weight loss goals, get through a plateau, or teach you new training methods if youve gotten bored with your current routine.

All personal trainers at Golds Gym need to have certifications from an organization thats accredited through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies . These include the National Academy of Sports Medicine , International Sports Sciences Association , and American Council on Exercise .

Of course, just because someone has a personal training certification doesnt mean that theyre a good personal trainer. But from what Ive seen, the Golds Gym personal trainers have a good reputation.

With that said, Id only recommend signing up for personal training with Golds Gym if youre a complete beginner, you need guidance for a specific training goal, or you need to work out under the supervision of a qualified professional.

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How Much Per Month Is Gold’s Gym


. Also know, how much is a Gold’s Gym membership?

An annual membership to Gold’s Gym costs $198, or only $16.50 a month. You’ll still have to pay the $25 initiation fee. Those costs are for basic membership, which gets you access to your local Gold’s Gym.

Secondly, is Gold Gym worth the money? If you feel that gyms provide equipement and an environment that facilitates your personal goals in fitness and there are no better alternatives, then the answer is yes, a gym membership is worth the cost.

how much is a Gold’s Gym day pass?

There are two types of passes you can use to explore a Gold’s location. You can get access to all the amenities of a specific club by obtaining a 1-Day pass. You simply visit a specific club and pay the fee .

Why is Gold’s Gym so expensive?

Golds gym is expensive because its a high end gym chain, it provides superior quality of machines, ambiance and services for their customers. Not only this it is an international brand and also has a name therefore they even charge a premium due to that ! Its just like comparing any premium brand with a regular brand.

Specific Information For Women

Unfortunately, women are often subjected to inappropriate behavior and unsolicited advice from others at the gym. For this reason, having a separate workout area is a reprieve for women who just want to focus on their workout without having to thwart unwanted attention.

The Golds Gym I visited has a separate womens-only area that features preloaded barbells, preloaded EZ curl bars, dumbbells, resistance machines, and some cardio equipment. Not all commercial gyms have this, so its nice to have the option to work out in an area where the creeps arent allowed.

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