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How To Make Gold Lost Ark

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Improve Your Trade Skills

How I Made 140,000 Gold in Lost Ark F2P

Theres no shortage of things to do in Lost Ark, and chances are, youve not even touched the Trade Skill mechanic of the game.

Trade Skill materials always go for a lot of gold at the Auction House. Furthermore, you can also use those materials to level up your Stronghold. If you get your Stronghold to a certain level, you will unlock craftable Archeological Site Maps, which reward Gear Honing materials that sell for gold.

What Is Your Way Of Making Gold

I think alot about how to make Gold, bc in my opinion its hard to figure out a efficient way to make a good amount of Gold in the long run.

So i wanted to ask everybody: What is your way in making Gold? And would you like to share it with us?

Selling mats from alts, oreha hard abyssals on alts, secret dungeons and have hope for any BIS accesories 30k per week is normal amount of gold for anyone to obtain. My personal best is 91k in 1 week, but God of RNG was holding my hand.

Funny enough, removing bots hurt few of the ways to generate Gold for f2p, like oreha crafting factory + dropping GHL prices

Main 1450 alts 5x 1370

Not only tbh I was ok with those rmters, who were buying almost every accesory overpriced It was very easy to earn gold, now will be harder

Yeah it is better to get rid of the bots but you cant say that you are making more money now

Still is something around 30k yesterday I dropped relic stone grudge adrenaline for example, few weeks ago I dropped mayhem 5 grudge 3 60 quality with crit from Valtan. Its extra money.

wow rng is really on your side i guesswhat did you sacrafice for your rng? xD

1415+ una task = 4k minimum/ weekArgos+ Valtan 2700 + cant remember valtanAdventure island 600 gold.

so at 1415+ you get minimum 10k gold / week which is more than enough to hone the materials you get in 1 week from the game activities and still be left with gold.

Discalimer: didnt include alts oreha hard mode and argos runs. all the above is for 1 character only.

Increasing Rapport With Npcs

Building Rapport in Lost Ark with over 60 NPCs can turn out profitable for you as you can get Gold rewards from some of these. Also, the higher your Rapport with a particular NPCs, the more missions, assignments, and rewards you can expect from them. Here are some of the NPCs that will reward you for being nice to them and having increased Rapport as well.

Avele: This NPC will reward you with 1400 Gold after having reached a decent level of Rapport, and she can be located in Vern Castle in Lost Ark.

Ealyn: Similar to Avele, Ealyn will give you 1000 Gold, and she too is located in Vern Castle.

Mercenary Zeria: While this NPC does not give you a huge amount of Gold, you should take the 200 Gold that she offers after reaching the max Rapport level. She can be found in Sterns Origin.

Neria: You can potentially get 600 Gold from Neria after having built a good Rapport level with the NPC in Lost Ark. To find her, you will need to go to the Wave Beach Harbor of the East Luterra

Sasha: NPCs like Sasha can make you rich as she rewards you with 3500 Gold once you have built enough Rapport with her. Similar to Mercenary Zeria, Sash is also located in Sterns Origin.

Thirain, the King of Luterra: For a king, Thirain surely is not the generous NPC here as he rewards you with only 500 Gold after increasing a decent level of rapport. You will need to go to Luterra Castle to find this NPC in Lost Ark. On the subject of level, why not go through our Lost Ark Leveling Guide.

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Selling Unnecessary Items At Auction House For Gold

First thing is first if you have reached mid or end game, then you will have plenty of unnecessary items in your inventory that you can sell for Gold. You can sell these unwanted items at the Auction house in Lost Ark, which unlocks when you reach level 30 in the game.

If you go to the Auction House for the sake of selling items and obtaining gold out of it for the first time, you will be surprised to see the number of unnecessary items you have in inventory.

You can sell raw materials, trading cards, underpowered gear, trading cards, skins, and engraving books. You might find our Lost Ark Best Trading Skills guide an interesting read.

If you have run out of items to sell further at the auction house and keep farming free gold in Lost Ark, then you can always get more items and re-visit the Auction House in Lost Ark. Also, consider reading our Lost Ark Engravings andbest hunting spots guide.

Playing Adventure Island Activities For Gold


If you have been playing Lost Ark a lot, then you will have an idea about Adventure Island. This mode occurs once every weekday, and you can play it each day of the weekend.

Completing the Adventure Island activity can reward you with up to 800 Gold, and you can visit one of the three Adventure Islands.

The best part of farming the gold in Lost Ark via playing Adventure Island is that you can pretty much switch all of your characters and complete this mod every weekday. Do this, and you will generate an excellent source of Gold income in Lost Ark without putting in tons of hours.

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Grind On Chaos Dungeons

  • Chaos Dungeons are the best way to find and collect most of the valuable loot.
  • As you defeat the main boss in Chaos dungeons, it will open a portal with great loot.
  • You need to collect the loot before the timer runs out and takes you to the next stage.
  • The sooner you defeat the boss, the sooner you will be able to loot.
  • You can collect several rare items and artifacts as the portal opens up.
  • Then, exchange these looted rare materials to trade them off to earn gold.
  • Sometimes the portal unlocked between these stages is gold rather than blue for players to acquire greater loot.

Thats all on how to get gold in Lost Ark. If this guide helped you make sure to check out our fishing guide, mounts guide, and how to dismantle items in Lost Ark right here on Gamer Tweak.

/8 Increase Your Rapport With Npcs

It is about time you cozied up to some Rapport NPCs. By now, you might already know that you can increase your Rapport with certain NPCs by committing daily actions for them, such as performing Emotes, Sheet Music, or completing Rapport quests.

Ranking up your Rapport with NPCs will eventually reap rewards, and certain NPCs even reward gold. Thirain, Neria, Ealyn, Avele, and Sasha all have gold Rapport rewards that can be redeemed. We hope you’ve been saving onto those Fancier Bouquets.

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Collecting All 38 Masterpieces For Gold

Obtaining Masterpieces for gold is another best strategy to farm Gold in Lost Ark. However, this is not easy to execute as acquiring all 38 masterpieces is a very long process.

However, if you have been playing the game for tons of hours, then you should get the complete collection. If not, then you are potentially missing out on 29000 worth of Gold that you can otherwise get as a reward from getting all 38 masterpieces in Lost Ark.

You get 3000 Gold just by selling 20 Masterpieces and if you bump up the resources, say sell 30 Masterpieces, then you will get a total of 5000 Gold. This does not stop here if you sell 34 Masterpieces, you will get 8000 Gold, and selling all 38 Masterpieces will reward you with 13000 Gold in Lost Ark.

Best Ways To Get Gold In Lost Ark One

EASY Ways to Farm GOLD in Lost Ark

Some of the games one-time activities can get you a massive amount of Gold at once, but itll take more time:

  • Quests. Some quests award Gold, some do not. Check the Journal to see the rewards.
  • Building Rapport. Lots of Rapport NPCs offer Gold rewards for reaching new friendship levels. To see which NPCs are worthy of your dance performances and gifts, click on their profiles in the Rapport menu.
  • The further you progress through the game, the more Gold offered by new Rapport NPCs. The ones in Punika offer thousands of Gold, while the ones in Rethramis and Luterra are negligible.
  • One of the best Rapport NPCs is Mia in Punika: she gives you 14,000 Gold upon reaching the amicable friendship level.
  • Collecting 38 Masterpieces. Get this collectible by completing your Adventurers Tome, Sea Bounties, Island Token collections, etc. True, its going to take effort, but the full collection is good for 29,000 Gold. Heres how many Masterpieces you need for the rewards:
  • 20 Masterpieces: 3,000 Gold.
  • 38 Masterpieces: 13,000 Gold
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    Trading Unas Tokens At Gold Shops

    Now that we are done with the fastest ways to get gold in Lost Ark, it is time we discuss the best but the longest method of getting gold in the game. The method here is to play Unas daily and weekly tasks, get Unas tokens and points, and then come to the Gold shop to trade Unas Tokens for various types of Gold in the Lost Ark.

    Usually, you will get three weekly and three daily tasks to complete. While you get the daily tasks rewards instantly after completing them, the weekly takes time and resets after seven days as well. So, completing each of the daily tasks will reward you with two points however, finishing the weekly assignment will give you a total of 12 points.

    After acquiring all the points from Unas Tasks per week, you can trade them to obtain Unas Tokens. Once you have enough tokens, visit the nearby Gold Shop and trade Unas Tokens for various types of Gold offerings.

    For starters, you can trade Unas Tokens for Hefty Gold Sack, Small Safe, and Large Gold Chest. Of course, the larger the trade-off of Unas Tokens, the more gold you get from the transaction at Gold Shop in Lost Ark.

    Usually, the Heft Gold Sack will cost 80 Unas Tokens, a Small Safe will need 200 Unas Tokens, and the Large Gold Chest will require you to trade 500 Unas Tokens to obtain tons of gold bars in the game.

    Ways To Make Gold As A New Player Lost Ark

    When you hit 50 and you have your first 302 G5 Gear Set, youll want to start saving some gold for later use:

    Filling up your character roster with random characters and not selecting an advanced class until you decide what you want to play next will allow them to begin accumulating rest bonuses. For example, you could create a martial artist, a warrior, a mage, an assassin, and a gunner and leave them after you enter the game this way, youll have the maximum rest bonus by the time you choose the next class to play and the option of any advanced class for each class you can always delete them and replace them with four of the same class later if you really wanted to.

    Most of the honing materials will likely be spent on getting yourself ready in the beginning.

    Heres a list on making easy Gold:

    • Welcome Challenge
    • The Masterpiece Gold Chests
    • Random Content Auctions Not much, because the drops arent usually bid on, but its worth noting because theres always the chance of a pricey legendary book drop at higher tiers.)
    • Auction for the Chaos Gates Map
    • The Chaos Gates maps
    • Chaos Dungeons and Infinite Chaos Dungeons
    • Abyssal Dungeons and Abyssal Raids
    • Sea Pirate Coins
    • Sylmael Bloodstones
    • Item Rotation/Flipping

    Dont be one of those players that hit a 1325 on their first character without ever realizing any of these tips. Have fun making your coffers full!

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    Lost Ark How To Make Gold And Silver

    Find out about Lost Arks Silver and Gold, as well as how to earn them!

    Just like in any MMO, knowing how to make gold and silver in Lost Ark is crucial. The game has multiple currencies and a fairly in-depth system. However today, weâll first cover the two base currencies: silver and gold.

    As you might expect, these currencies are very important in Lost Ark. Both have different uses, but are two of the most important currencies. Letâs take a look at how they work and how to earn in-game money in Lost Ark.

    Improve Relation And Spend Time With Npc Rapport

    Indiana Jones Golden Fertility Idol 1:1 Gold

    There are lots of NPCs in this game with whom you can interact as Rapport. Among these NPCs, you can spend time with over 75 different NPCs and make them your friends. When your relationship reaches a certain level, they will give you many generous things.

    Among the things, gold is also one of them. The things can be in the form of gifts or side quest rewards. At the start of the game, the gold that NPCs give will be more than enough but not till endgame.

    There are many ways to improve your relationship with NPCs and you can view this from your Affinity Level i.e., Neutral, Amicable, Friendly, Trusted, and Best Friends.

    You can play songs for them, complete tasks for them, show them you emote, or give them gifts. But not all gifts increase your status with all the NPCs. All NPCs have different preferences.

    You may think this will be time-consuming to go to every NPC. Dont worry we have compiled a list of NPCs you need to hang out with at the start of the game to get your desired gift i.e., Gold. These are the NPCs:

    These are some of the NPCs you need to befriend and get gold rewards. You will earn plenty of gold in this way.

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    Ways To Make Gold In Lost Ark

    One of the most annoying things about Lost Ark is that players are likely swimming in silver by the time theyve reached tier one of the endgame content but dont have much gold.

    While some MMORPGs approach currencies differently and award players currencies in a sensible progression, Lost Ask doesnt treat players this way.

    The silver in the game can only be used to buy items like healing potions. The only way to get your hands on things like high-tier gear honing and the Knowledge Transfer mechanic is by spending the required gold.

    Whats worse, players cannot trade silver for gold. While the currency does get sparser as you progress through the game, here are eight ways to make gold in Lost Ark .

    Selling Ability Stones And Gems

    In addition to Accessories, you should sell Ability Stones and Gems in the Auction House. Since the Glaivier is about to be released, you can expect that Tier 2 items will skyrocket in value in order to optimize this new Class and rush to Tier 3 as soon as possible. Just like in Accessories, remember to look for Ability Stones with desirable Combat Engravings. For Gems, youll want to search for those that enhance the damage for meta Skills such as Punishing Strike, Moonlight Sonic, and Maelstrom. You can refer to our Build Guides for more information on popular skills.

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    Lost Ark How To Make Gold

    Like silver, there are also multiple ways to earn gold. However, the currency is rarer, so a lot of these are timed events, or dungeons and raids that you can only do a certain amount of times a week. Hereâs a list of things you can do to earn gold in Lost Ark:

    • Daily Chaos Dungeon
    • Converting Royal Crystals into Gold
    • Buying MTX Items and Selling on the AH

    There may seem like a ton of ways to earn gold, however, a lot of these are time-locked. For example, you can only do Chaos Dungeons twice a day with a chance for a gold portal. Additionally, the raid limit is once a each week. The same goes for daily and weekly quests, as well as Island Events .

    Personally I, Mala Zedik, have found that selling Honing Materials to be the most profitable gold making. Additionally, this method of gold making will only last a short time as new players are reaching Tier 3 content the longer the game is out.

    At the end of the day, you should attempt to do as many of these as possible, whenever they are available to do. Gold is a crucial currency and youâll want to do all you can to earn as much as possible! Having alts will come in handy as gold is account bound, and having alts means you can do multiple dungeons, raids, and quests a week after completing them on another character.

    Dont Waste Much Gold On Gear & Accessories:

    How To Farm 5000+ GOLD F2P DAILY! Step By Step Routes! | Lost Ark

    As Lost Ark global comes in EU and NA with the Punika Region that has the T3 content available at launch. We dont recommend wasting much gold on gear and accessories and just focus on getting Tier 3 .

    As we mentioned before in our articles, Lost Ark dose has a stupid gear progression system that gets wasted in no time. Plus, it wipes out your progression including class builds such as engravings.

    To be clear, the game gives new players low/free enhancing costs that can bypass the painful old process. This includes events and updates that cost new people a few days to get a high item level in Lost Ark MMORPG.

    See the following articles for more information:

    On the other hand, if you upgrade your gear level in the normal without events or in the old days, the upgrade will cost hundreds of thousands of gold or real money per month and sometimes weekly if you have many Alts.

    Every Tiar, players are forced to start from scratch multiple times .

    Well, thats not the hardest part yet, because the accessories are the most expensive things in the Lost Ark game. Because of every Tiar, quality, game patch, the players are forced to throw away old accessories set that cost over 100k.

    So if you are a normal player, then dont waste much gold on accessories and gear and costly class builds. Therefore, focus on having fun and saving gold to buy the most valuable thing in the Lost Ark game, which is the legendary skins for your lovely classes.

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