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14kt Gold Charms For Bracelets

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14KT Gold Jewelry Gift Guide

Mix and match 14K gold charm pendants with all your favorite bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and more to create new and fresh looks. Show off your zodiac sign with birthstone pendant charms. Get your bling fix with a diamond initial coin charm. Or customize a charm with a personalized engraving for you or a loved one.

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Plus, Baby Gold knows the only thing jewelry lovers love more than jewelry is sustainability. Thats why we craft our charms with 100% recycled 14K solid gold so you get all the quality without all the carbon footprint. No to mention, if you invest in a charm with diamonds, those are all ethically-sourced, too. Choose from custom charms, petite charms, initials, and engravable diamond charms for a piece that will last you a lifetime

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