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Where To Pawn Gold Teeth

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Pawn Broker explains gold teeth

Sell Gold and Diamonds in Chicago, IL

At Royal Pawn Chicago, we will buy or give a loan on any item of value. We pay the best prices for gold and diamonds in Chicago.

For example, a $100 loan taken out for 90 days would require a repayment of $160.

Royal Pawn Chicago

FREE PARKING in our lot – look for the big yellow sign!

Hours: Mon – Sat 10am to 6pm

Royal Pawn Chicago is the best place in Chicago to sell gold and diamonds. We are the Chicago gold buyer who pays the most for gold. We buy gold, diamonds, platinum, silver, scrap gold, broken gold, gold coins, gold bars, unmatched gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold rings, class rings, military rings, silver coins, silver bars, antiques, fine jewelry, luxury watches, flat screen TVs, laptop computers, digital cameras, MP3 players or any items of value. You can sell your items or get a loan. Royal is Chicago’s biggest and oldest pawn shop. Our family has been in the pawn brokerage business for over 100 years! We always PAY CASH FOR GOLD and valuables! Click here for your nearest pawn shop location.

*Actors may be used to portray real transactions. Cash offers are based on the current value, weight, quality, and/or resale value of your merchandise.

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How Does Dental Gold Work

by GNJ Pawn Big | Feb 20, 2015 | Gems & Jewelry

Having gold teeth is a trend that continues to pop up among celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Madonna, and other wealthy people. In terms of functionality, its actually a great metal for filling cavities and for prosthetic teeth because it resists corrosion. But celebrities likely arent thinking about thatits more of a fashion statement.

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Places That Buy Grillz

If you are looking for places that buy grillz, Luxe Grillz is hands down the location for you. Not only is Luxe Grillz the most reliable online diamond and gold grillz manufacturer, we also pay you the most money for your gold teeth when you are looking for a grillz buyer.

While your typical pawn shop or gold buyer will likely offer you 60% of the market value for your gold grillz, we are capable of offering you around 80%! In order to learn more about why Luxe Grillz is the gold teeth buyer, please call 592-9903 and speak to one of our experienced gold buyers about our easy gold buying process.

What Is The Difference Between Dental Gold And Regular Gold

Do Pawn Shops Take Gold Teeth

Pure gold is not exactly the same as dental gold. Pure gold is to soft to be used in dental work, the movement of your mouth would deform the gold. The dental gold thats used is a metal alloy of gold, its tougher but able to keep the properties of pure gold, the durability and anti corrosion properties.

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The Best Place To Sell Dental Gold

The precious metals value in dental scrap fluctuates according to commodity markets, but the value remains consistently high. So, whats the best place to sell dental gold? Selling scrap to a reputable precious metals refinery will ensure you get the maximum payouts.

Many of the alloys used to make dental fabrications contain gold or other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium. Precious metals refineries help dentists, dental assistants, DSOs, and dental laboratories sell their scrap for extra revenue. Unlike cash buyers, who typically weigh and pay, a reputable refinery will assay and evaluate the composition of your dental gold to ensure youre getting the value from all the precious metals in your shipment.

Selling PFMs and gold and palladium crowns and bridges can earn dental practices a good amount of extra income.

What Can You Expect To Receive For Your Gold Crown Or Bridge

  • Due to the broad variation in the market price for gold, different metal alloys used, and the actual weight of crowns, the value per crown may vary from value if they have no gold content, to as much as $200, with most in the range of $40 to $90 each.
  • Bridges are usually heavier and therefore usually have higher values than single gold crowns.

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How Much Can A Gold Dental Crown Be Worth

The sample calculations on this page are for a crown similar to this one.

  • If the crowns alloy is 10 karat , its value might be as much as $40.
  • If the crowns gold alloy is 22 karat , its value could be as much as $92.

Keep in mind, youre selling scrap metal.

Of course, any dental restorations you have to sell are scrap. The metal they contain is not in a pure or usable state. It will have to be refined.

That means the company to whom you sell your dental work will have to adjust the price they pay you

  • so to cover their refining costs
  • plus the amount of profit they need to cover their overhead so theyre able to stay in business.

This adjusted price is often referred to as the payout rate.

How much is the average payout for a crown?

As an example of what you might expect, we found one company specializing in buying dental gold that stated on their website that they generally pay 85% of golds current spot price .

  • That means if the spot price is $1000/ounce , and your 1/10th-ounce crown was made using 22 karat gold alloy, you would be paid 85% of the number we calculated above, which is $78.20.

    $78.20 = $1000 X .1 X .85 X .92

  • Since most gold crowns are more along the line of 16 karats , an average one could be expected to bring around $56.95.

    $56.95 = $1000 X .1 X .85 X .67

Each company will have its own payout rates.

To get a more complete idea of whats offered, we did a quick scan of several gold buyers websites and heres what we found.

How Much Is A Gold Crown Worth

Vegas Pawn (pitch)

Repairing your teeth with metal crowns is one of the most common dental procedures in use today. Unbeknown to some is that dental crowns often contain precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Are these crowns actually valuable?

They might be.

Though it may seem like an odd request to some, dentists are obligated to return your crowns should they ever be extracted. These seemingly worthless items can often contain great value.

How much gold is in a dental crown?

Many of the alloys used to create dental crowns contain some amount of precious metals, such as gold or silver. However, it is nearly impossible to value a metal alloy without the assistance of a professional.

There is a wide range of different metal compositions depending on what crown you have in your mouth.

However, dentists often dont know the precious metal content of the crowns they extract. The only way to know is through a metallurgical assay, which is a process precious metal refiners use to determine the value of an alloy.

Are gold crowns worth anything?

Its hard to determine the actual value of gold crowns because they vary so much in composition.

For example, a typical PFM may include a combination of gold and palladium, a highly valuable precious metal, and may have a silver tint. Some crowns have much more palladium and gold than others and some crowns and dont contain any gold or precious metals.

The gold price has trended around $1,800 per troy ounce since August 2021 .

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Get Cash For Your Gold Grillz

We have partnered with one of the worlds largest and most reliable gold and silver refinery plants, who is conveniently located within walking distance from our Downtown Los Angeles location. What does this mean for you? Instant appraisals and Instant Cash for your gold grillz!

If you are interested in selling grillz for cash, or would like to upgrade them to a new, better-fitting set, pay us a visit and we will provide you the unbeatable customer service you deserve. Luxe Grillz will go above and beyond whenever you are looking to sell teeth jewelry, whether you are located in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world.

Is Dental Gold Worth Anything

Sometimes, people bring in dental gold to sell or pawn and ask, how much is dental gold worth?. While usually not marked, dental gold ranges from 10k up to 17k or 18k. Depending on age of the dental gold, the alloy may contain gold mixed with tin, silver, copper, platinum and/or palladium.

Removing dental gold from false teeth. It is actually very common for customers to sell us unwanted, broken or scrap dental gold.

How many karats is dental gold?

Dental gold is usually 17k or 18k, but ranges from 10k and up. We can test your dental gold and tell you the karat.

If you want to sell your dental gold, Royal Pawn Chicago will pay you cash! Royal is the best place to sell dental gold in Chicago!

Royal Pawn buys dental gold!

If you have dental gold, bring it in to Royal Pawn Chicago. Youll be surprised how much money was in your mouth!

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Teeth That Will Always Be Worth Something

In these modern times, you can just dazzled almost anything now. When it comes to jewelry, you can also put it wherever you want. When you are someone who is fond of jewelry, then the most noticeable place where you put it is inside your mouth. The most amazing fact about it is that you can pawn it. Its because you can choose the ones that have a karat that ranges from 10 up to 24 karat which is pure gold. Sounds interesting? Now, here are the places where you can buy those golden grills jewelry. /

Bad Condition Its Okay

Trying to break a gold tooth at Atown Pawn

It doesnt even matter if your dental gold is broken or damaged! Youll get the exact same price for your dental gold at GNJ Pawn Big if its in great or defective condition. Thats why you can really trust the prices we offer at GNJ Pawn Bigtheyre not offered based on whims or feelings, but on objective value. Guaranteed!

So if you have some gold teeth or another high-end gold appliance just sitting around your home, what are you waiting for? Turn it into glorious, cold, hard cash at GNJ Pawn Big today!

Were conveniently located at 557 East Palmdale Blvd.Palmdale, CA 93550, and our hours are Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-5PM. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our awesome staff by calling 224-1999 or emailing .

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Determine The Kind Of Gold

Before you pawn your gold, it is a must that you know first the type of gold that you have and would like to exchange for some cash. Would you like to pawn the gold jewelry or teeth that you have? Although you can really pawn your gold teeth without any hesitations, but the gold jewelry is an entirely different case. Even if it can get tempting to have your gold jewelry pawned when you see the prices, making you realize that immediate cash is really possible, you must also be aware that once you pawn your gold, you can no longer have it back.

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We Put Cash Directly In Your Hand

When a cash offer is accepted, we will need a few signatures to confirm the sale. After that, we will be counting out the cash and handing it to you. Yes, it is that simple. From the time you enter our store to the time you have the cash in your hand can take as little as 5 minutes.

Phoenix Pawn & Gold wants to be your one-stop shop for all your financial needs. Whether it is to cash in on dental gold or buy some gold or silver rounds to invest in your future.

Does Dental Gold Tarnish

Hardcore Pawn – Toothless Instigator

If the dental fixture consists of a high noble alloy with at least 50 to 75 percent of it containing gold, it will usually have a high resistance to tarnishing. The metals in the alloy can also affect a crowns resistance to tarnish, as alloys with silver, tin, copper, or nickel are often more susceptible to discoloration than precious metals. Even with a non-noble alloy, though, you can remove tarnish on your old crown with a polishing cloth if youre planning to sell it along with other jewelry and valuables.

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Does Luxe Grillz Buy Jewelry Other Than Gold Grillz

Yes, Luxe Grillz would love to buy any gold jewelry, other than gold grillz, and provide you with the same highest-possible purchase price for your gold. We buy gold necklaces, gold chains, gold pendants, gold bracelets, gold earrings, gold bars, and anything else you can think of.

We offer the same service if you are interested in selling gold jewelry pieces, as opposed to gold teeth sets, where you can take advantage of store credit to have a set of gold grillz made or you can decide to have us write you a check for your gold.

B Online Buyers / Precious

Theres no shortage of online companies that will buy your dental gold.

Online gold buyers?

Weve used the term online here but all that refers to is that you learn details and make initial arrangements for your transaction through the companys website. You could get this same information over the phone, or from a shipment form if you had one.

a) Youre more likely to cut out the middleman.

When you do business with an online company thats also an actual precious-metals refiner, you are in effect cutting out the middleman.

Most local gold buyers just turn around and sell the dental work theyve bought to refining companies. So why not just send it to them on your own and get the better payout rate for yourself?

b) Youre more likely to get actual testing or an assay.

Another advantage of using an online refiner, as opposed to a local buyer, is that for companies for whom this is their primary business theyre more likely to offer more sophisticated testing and evaluation of your scrap.

That means youll get paid more fairly. And not just for the gold content your dental work contains but also possibly for the white precious metals that are usually found in dental alloys that local buyers typically ignore.

Ways precious scrap metals are tested.

Services offered by online refiners.

Here are details about what to look for when comparing online gold buyers.

a) Free shipping.
b) No minimum quantity.

Payout rates may be lower.

Consider sending in old jewelry too.

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Jason Balley Opened Hearth In 2001 After Cutting His Teeth In The Real Estate World For Eight Years At A Larger Firm

We Pay More!

Money To Go Pawn is a company that strives for satisfaction from our customers, in addition to our superior customer service we hold an extremely high standard for our Gold Buyer pawnbrokers. We want you to feel confident in the choices you make whether your selling your valuables, needing a loan or buying any of our unique pieces. We always pay the most cash for Gold!

Top Dollar!

Money To Go Pawn shops are high paying Gold Buyers here in Tennessee. We price your gold and other fine jewelry at the highest possible daily price, so that you will get the most for your valuables. If you are looking to buy, sell or need a loan on gold then you definitely want to come see us. Our pawn shops are equipped with well trained, accurate professionals whom consistently pay more than other pawn shops, jewelers and gold by mail companies. We can back this statement and love to prove it every chance we get. Come see us Today!


At Money To Go we depend on accuracy to determine the true value of any piece. Determining an accurate value is crucial and will ensure you the most for your valuables. Many gold and jewelry buyers are not trained professionals and do not use accurate testing methods during evaluation, they generally concentrate solely on the melt value which usually leads to an inaccurate evaluation.

Rest assured you will always get an accurate evaluation and top dollar when you visit our centers.

Why we Stand out!

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