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Is Yellow Gold Real Gold

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Is 9k Gold Real

White GOLD vs Yellow Gold | What is White Gold

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As you know the value and purity of gold are normally determined by the karats. That means the amount of real gold used in making it. The karats can vary with 24k being the purest form of gold, meaning there are no added alloys.

Low-karat golds have less real gold than the other metal alloys. 9k gold is a good example of this.

In such a case, you cant help but wonder if 9k gold is real given the small percentage of real gold it has.

In this post, we will discuss what 9k gold is, how its made if its real, and its pros and cons.

Isnt All Gold Jewelry Made Using Pure Gold

Contrary to popular belief, when you purchase a gold engagement ring or other type of jewelry, the metal used for the jewelry probably isnt 100% gold.

Pure gold, or 24K gold, is gold that hasnt been mixed with any other metals. 24K gold isnt used for jewelry for several reasons:

  • First, its extremelysoft. Because pure gold is so soft, it bends and warps easily, making it a poor metal for jewelry that needs to retain its shape. Pure gold also scratches easily, meaning it doesnt take long for pure gold jewelry to become scuffed and unattractive.
  • Second, itsvery bright. The color of pure gold is much brighter and more orange than what most people associate with the gold used in jewelry. Because of this, it generally isnt an attractive metal for rings, watches and other gold jewelry.
  • Third, its extremely expensive. Pure gold contains almost twice as much gold as 14K gold , meaning it costs much more to produce jewelry using this metal. On the other hand, its the best type for selling your gold for cash in the future.

Because of these factors, its very uncommon for 24K gold to be used in engagement rings and other types of wearable jewelry in the United States and other Western countries.

Instead, 24K gold tends to be more popular in China and other Eastern markets, where its used in traditional Chinese wedding jewelry such as bangles, in gold bars and as a material for other collectible items.

Yellow Gold Vs White Gold

One difference between white gold and yellow gold is simply the way it looks.

Some people simply prefer the look of yellow gold because it has a unique, warm glow.

Others feel that yellow gold suits their skin tone better. Yellow gold is often considered more traditional than white gold. Unlike white gold and platinum, which appear the same, the look of yellow gold is hard to imitate.

Diamonds set in yellow gold tend to stand out more than diamonds set in white gold, because of the colour contrast. Yellow gold is also very easy for jewellers to work with. For example, if you knock and damage your ring, a repair seam, in most cases, is very easy to disguise.

White gold is preferred by many people because of its silverywhite colour. Its less expensive than platinum, yet provides a far more valuable alternative to silver.

There is no price value difference between the actual gold in white and yellow gold jewellery, as long as it is hallmarked at the same carat weight. So for example, 18K white gold and 18K yellow gold will contain the same percentage of gold. However, white gold jewellery can be slightly more expensive than yellow gold jewellery, because of the manufacturing process it undergoes while being mixed and coated.

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Be Your Own Archimedes

If you have a piece of jewelry that you suspect is solid gold and it does not have any jewels, diamonds, or other embellishments that you know are not gold, you can use a simple experiment of water displacement to determine the gold content of your piece. Science!

This method might take a little more prep work, but it is a cool experiment. Since gold has a known density of 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter, you can easily determine if your jewelry is gold plated or solid gold by weighing it and then dropping it in some water. Youll need a scale that measures in grams, some water, and a graduated cylinder.

First, weigh your jewelry in grams and record the weight. Drop your jewelry into a graduated cylinder with enough water to cover the jewelry , which shows the water volume in millimeters. Then record the difference between the volume of water from before you dropped the jewelry into the volume of water with the jewelry in the cylinder.

Now, divide the mass of the jewelry in grams by the volume in cubic centimeters, and voila! The closer the number is to 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter, the greater content of gold is in your jewelry.

What Is The Difference Between Yellow Gold White Gold And Rose Gold

Real 22k Yellow Gold Nugget Cufflinks 15.2 grams 5/8"  Long

Learn the difference between White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. Why 18 karat gold is more expensive than 9 karat gold. What is gold plating and gold filling? All your questions answered….


Did you Know… by law, gold must have a karat stamp, a hallmark, on it somewhere indicating its karat rating. Anything below 10K gold can not be sold as gold in the United States, though 9K and 8K old is sometimes sold as gold in other countries?


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What Is The Difference Between 10 14 18 & 24 Carat Gold

Gold is a precious commodity that is used to manufacture coins, artifacts and jewelry. It also has health uses, such as in dental implants and crowns. The value of gold is measured by purity, which is determined by the number of other metals the gold contains. Gold dealers use several methods to evaluate the purity of gold, including the use of nitric acid. Typically, gold is offered in 10, 14, 18 and 24-carat choices, each representing a different level of purity.

Carat Definition

A carat is a unit of measurement used to describe the purity of an element based on 24 whole parts. Jewelry that is entirely composed of a single element is considered 100 percent pure and is described as being 24-carat. However, gold that is 100 percent pure is typically too soft to be made into jewelry and is often mixed with another metal to ensure a durable structure.


Though 24-carat gold is the softest of all gold carats, it is still the most expensive gold available for purchase. 24-carat gold is defined as 100 percent pure. 18-carat gold is considered 75 percent pure because only 18 of its 24 parts are gold. Fourteen-carat gold is 58.3 percent pure, as 14 out of its 24 parts are made of gold, and 10-carat gold is 41.6 percent pure, with only 10 of its 24 parts consisting of gold.

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Why Is Gold Different In Colors

The two main reasons you will notice differences in gold colors are either because of the content of pure gold or the composition of metals in that gold alloy. Higher karat gold has more intense colors compared to low karat golds, because of higher pure gold content. In terms of metal composition, the types of metals weve already established will affect the overall color. Copper for example will give gold a red hue, while white metals will give gold a paler color. The table below demonstrates the different compositions of gold that lead to the different common colors by comparing 9k and 18k gold:

Gold Color


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How To Identify Raw Gold

Fool’s gold can be mistaken for placer gold gold found as rounded or flat nuggets in dry and wet stream beds, and rivers or creeks because they both look golden. But real gold stays bright even when out of direct sunlight, and though soft, does not fall apart when you touch it like fool’s gold can. Raw gold in rocks appears as threads of a yellow-gold color winding its way through quartz.

Pros And Cons Of 10k Yellow Gold

Is this really, REAL GOLD!?

The first striking thing about 10K gold is it contains more alloy than gold. It has 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy. 10K is considered cheaper than 14K gold, and its actually dubbed as discount gold! In fact, top online diamond ring vendors like James Allen dont even offer 10K gold.

If you notice, most major premium-quality vendors will only sell the following ring metals:

10K looks slightly paler than 14K, but you won’t be able to see the difference with your bare eyes. It will also tarnish more quickly than 14K or 18K, but with regular care, this shouldnt be an issue.

Does that mean you shouldnt buy a 10K gold? Of course not! 10K undoubtedly offers excellent value for money. Although the difference in durability is not as big as 18K vs. 14K, 10k is noticeably cheaper and more durable than 14K. All in all, 10K gold is a good choice for people looking for the best price!

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Which Type Of Gold Is Best For You

Theres no best type of gold for everyone. When youre choosing the gold for an engagement ring or other jewelry, its important to keep factors such as you or your partners skin sensitivity, career, activity level and aesthetic taste in mind.

Its also important to shop with your budget in mind. While an 18K ring might look fantastic, its almost always going to cost significantly more than a similar option in 14K or 10K gold.

Most of the time, 14 karat gold provides the best combination of a rich color, good durability and reasonable affordability. This type of gold is by far the most popular option for engagement rings and other fine jewelry, making up about 90% of gold jewelry sales in the United States.

If you prefer something more luxurious and dont mind trading some durability for a richer gold color, 18 karat gold can be a good choice. Just be aware that this type of gold is quite soft and could scratch easily while you or your partner work or exercise.

Most of the time, 10 karat gold isnt used for engagement rings. Because the difference in price between 14K and 10K gold is so negligible, the vast majority of reputable jewelers will offer 14K as their most affordable option for engagement rings.

If you see a 10 karat gold engagement ring, its often a good indicator that the diamond or another gemstone probably isnt up to the standards youd want.

K Vs 14k And 14k Vs 18k

The most noticeable difference between each karat option is the gold color. Because pure gold is naturally yellow in color, the higher the karat, the more yellow the metal will appear.

For yellow gold, this means 18k will have the richest yellow color, while 10k and 14k yellow gold will look slightly lighter or whiter in color.

For white gold, there actually isnt a color difference upon first glance. This is because our white gold is rhodium plated, per the industry standard, in order to achieve a brilliant white color. Many customers enjoy how white gold wears into its natural, slightly yellow color over time. Others will decide to re-plate their rings every few years .

Finally, with rose gold, youll notice 10k is the most pink, while 18k has a slightly warmer, more subtle pink gold hue. To learn more about the different metals we offer , check out our blog post on the best metal for your wedding band.

While all gold rings will scratch and scuff over time due to the soft nature of precious metals, youll find that the gold content in 10k and 14k is slightly harder than in 18k however, 18k is a denser, and therefore, heavier metal and will feel a bit more substantial on your finger. If you plan to remove your wedding ring before any manual labor or exercise , youll be just fine with any of our three options.

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Is Yellow Gold Better

Although white gold is not perfect, yellow gold has its own problems. Gold is a soft metal and the higher the karat of your gold jewelry is, the more easily it will get scratched.

You can always have yellow gold polished, but polishing removes a layer of the metal along with the scratches.

In contrast, when white gold gets too many scratches, you can always polish them out and have the piece replated with rhodium, restoring the jewelrys surface layer.

Lower karat yellow gold is more durable, but if you are allergic to the nickel in gold alloys, a 10K or even a 14K piece may not work for you.

White Gold Vs Yellow Gold: Key Differences

GOLD bar Vintage Fake yellow gold ingot bullion Gold brick

Weve compared gold vs silver and rose gold vs yellow gold, but the most inconspicuous metals may be white gold and yellow gold. What sets these golds apart? Knowing the answer to this question is essential when shopping for gold engagement rings and wedding bands. Each metal appears differently on your skin, pairs better with different colored stones, and varies in durability and cost.

Here we will discuss the pros and cons of white gold and yellow gold and the key differences between the two, so you will understand everything you need to know about the golds before purchasing an engagement ring or any piece of fine jewelry.

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Where To Buy Gold Wedding Rings Or Diamond Rings

With no prior knowledge of gold or diamonds, one would initially opt for a jeweler with the most experience as its seemingly the safest. Timeless ancient stones blend just right with brick and mortar stores. Because lets face it, traditional jewelry shops classic approach suggests the impression that theyre the true keepers of the most valuable gems in the world.

This is why most people find it hard to believe that you can buy precious stones and metals from the internet! But believe it or not, this is what the future of shopping is all about.

You can buy gold wedding rings or diamond rings in both physical and digital shops. However, what sets online shopping to a whole new level is youll have a wider selection at a cheaper cost as online stores dont have to pay for inventory and fancy showrooms.

The best place to buy gold wedding rings and diamond rings is James Allen. They offer nearly 500 different ring settings in 14K yellow gold, 18K yellow gold, 14K white gold, 18K white gold, platinum, and rose gold. You can conveniently see each ring from every angle!

As far as diamonds for engagement rings are concerned, James Allen is the only place that will let you view all their diamonds in high definition 360° videos at up to 40x magnification! This feature is particularly useful for inspecting inclusions in diamonds and thus, can save you a lot of money if you are buying SI1 or SI2 clarity diamonds. Go and check out James Allen for yourself!

Difference Between 9k And 18k White Gold

Both 9k and 18k white gold are made by mixing yellow gold with white metals. The major difference is the amount of gold content in each gold alloy.

While 9k has 9 parts gold, 18k has double which is 18 parts real gold.

That means that 18k white gold has a higher purity and value compared to 9k white gold.

Other major differences between the 9k and 18k white gold are as follows:

1.Color difference.

Although the color in 9k and 18k white gold is not completely white, the 9k white gold is a creamy white and paler compared to the 18k. Usually the higher the gold karat, the more lustrous the alloy is. Also, the color tends to be more intense for higher karat gold.

2.Price difference

18k white gold costs more than 9k white gold because it holds more value. 18k generally has more gold content than the metal alloys mixed with it. It also has more gold content than 9k gold. For that reason, 18k white gold is considered purer hence has more value.


Pure gold is soft and malleable and can be easily scratched, which is why its mixed with harder metals to make it harder. The more the number of metal alloys added the harder the gold becomes. 9k white gold is, therefore, harder and more durable compared to 18k white gold. It will take longer to wear out because it has more metal alloy and less gold.

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Shop Gold: Our Top Picks

Have we inspired you to go shopping? Great! Here are some awesome gold jewelry finds that we are absolutely loving right now. Happy shopping!

Rest assured, the jewelry here is definitely real gold, not fake. However, now that you know the differences between solid gold, gold-filled, and gold plated, be sure to pay attention so that you can make the right decision based on what you are looking for!

Are you unsure of how to decide? Ask yourself this set of questions to make the right decision:

What is your budget?

If you have a very limited budget and want jewelry that you can wear once or twice, go with gold plated. If you want something that is durable, but that wont break the bank, go with gold filled. Looking for a true investment piece? Go for solid gold.

Do you have sensitive skin?

If the answer is yes, gold plated jewelry should pretty much be out right away unless you know you will only wear the jewelry for one occasion.

Are you okay with maintenance?

If you know you dont typically clean your jewelry, we recommend investing in either solid gold or gold filled jewelry that has 14k gold or higher.

The lower karat you go, the higher the likelihood you will have to clean your gold as it may tarnish. If you are fine with always replacing your jewelry instead of maintaining it, you could go with gold plated.

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