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Mothers Ring 5 Stones White Gold

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Personalized Mothers Day Rings

Affinity 14K Gold 5-Stone Diamond Ring, 1.00cttw on QVC

Mothers Day rings demand a high level of personalization. In addition to birthstones, we frequently engrave the inside of rings with childrens names or a personal message. Also, the addition of fingerprints adds a unique effectapplied onto the inner or outer surface of the band. The example below shows two childrens fingerprints added to the inside of a half-set diamond eternity ring.

Stackable Rings For Mothers

Typically, rings are worn alone unless they form part of a stacking set of rings. Stacking rings can be purchased alone or as part of a set. Worn together, the rings form a singular design, usually across two, three or more bands.

The Clover stacking ring set can be customised with any choice of gemstones, shown here together and apart.

A Guide To Buying Rings

There are many occasions for buying rings, whether you are buying for yourself or for a loved one. Whether it be for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or something as significant as a wedding ring, Michael Hills extensive range of precious rings are all crafted to be treasured.

What ring metal is the most durable?

At Michael Hill, our Gold Standard means that our jewellery is crafted with quality, precious metals including sterling silver and gold. Our gold jewellery is always 10ct gold or higher. Gold rings are durable and the most popular choice for jewellery meant to last a lifetime, such as engagement rings and wedding rings. White gold rings are often plated with rhodium – a naturally shiny, silver-white and corrosion-resistant metal – to enhance their white colour, and over the years re-plating may be required to keep your ring shining as beautifully as the day you bought it. For men, we also offer tungsten and titanium rings, both of which are extremely hard and durable metals, and perfect for everyday wear if you work with your hands. We recommend you bring your precious jewellery to Michael Hill for regular complimentary cleaning, to keep it shining.

Can you mix and match ring metals?

How do you stack rings?

How do you find out your ring size?

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Mothers Ring White Gold

Choosing The Perfect Birthstone Jewellery

Heart Diamond Mothers 5 Stone Ring In 14K White Gold

Birthstone jewellery makes a beautiful and meaningful gift, allowing you to show your loved one how well you know them while offering them a stunning piece of jewellery. With each birthstone carrying its own symbolism and properties, birthstone jewellery is a perfect gift for any occasion.

What are birthstones?

Birthstones are precious gemstones that represent the month of someones birth, with each month of the year having its own stone.

The idea of each calendar month having its own birthstone is centuries old, however it is only relatively recently that it has become common to wear the stone of your own birth month year-round. Popular birthstone jewellery includes birthstone earrings, birthstone bracelets and birthstone pendant necklaces.

Whats the meaning of birthstones?

Gemstones are often ascribed different meanings and properties, and as there are different birthstones for each month, there are many different birthstone meanings.

Diamonds are famously known to represent purity, strength and love, while rubies are synonymous with vitality and passion. Sapphire is associated with wisdom, serenity and focus, while garnet is believed to promote good health. For more on the meaning of your birthstone, consult our handy birthstone guide.

What kind of birthstone jewellery is available at Michael Hill?

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What Is A Mothers Ring

Mothers rings celebrate the bond between a mother and her childrenrepresented in birthstone gems set within a ring.

Typically, a Mothers ring holds a set of birthstones relating to each child. However, variations exist, related to any family member, living or deceased. In the latter instance, we also use the term Memorial Rings.

How Does It Work

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A Gemstone For Each Child Born

When you choose your ring design, consider how many children you have. Next, work out the birthstone for each child. Every month, we focus on a new birthstone for the month. Choose between US and UK conventions. Also, traditional or contemporary choices.

Use the following list and chart to work out which gemstones apply in your own situation.

Tanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise or Blue Topaz

Testimonials From Our Customers

Fire Light Lab Grown Diamond 14K Gold 5-Stone Ring, 1.00cttw on QVC

I purchased the Christopher Michael Designed Mothers Ring with 5×3 mm four oval birthstones and fine diamonds. Being concerned with making a purchase online without seeing the ring beforehand, I was hesitant to place an order. I looked at this and other websites for probably one year and always came back to MothersFamilyRings because of the design of this particular ring. I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase it. I am very, very pleased with the quality and brilliance of the ring!! I definitely recommend MothersFamilyRings!

– Sharon Geels

An amazing mother’s ring that showcases both of my boys and their unique birth stones. I feel that this company puts time and effort into making sure that a timeless piece such as a mother’s ring is created with love and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

– Samantha Cooper

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Origins And When To Buy

Rumour has it that the first example of this ring type dates back to the mid-20th Century. Made by a jeweller for his wife, the ring featured two wedding bands, set with the childrens birthstones.

He presented the ring on Mothers Day at the start of May. Please remember that in the US, people celebrate Mothers Day in May. In contrast, Mothers Day is at the end of March in the UK and is connected to a church tradition. For this reason, we celebrate it each year on the fourth Sunday during Lent.

Custom Designed From Scratch In The Usa

Our family has been in the jewelry business for over 40 years. Each mother’s ring and pendant is designed from scratch just for you. From the casting, to the handpicking of the gemstones, to the setting, to the polishing. All done in house by our family for your family.

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Mothers Ring 5 Stone White Gold

Do I Need To Buy An Item Every Month

Heart Diamond Mothers 5 Stone Ring In 14K White Gold

Not in the mood to shop every month? We totally get it! You can skip any month, any time, and as many times as you want. You’ll enjoy your perks once you’re ready to shop with us again.

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Unique Mothers Rings Colourful Gemstone Variations

The very first example was a bespoke creation. In fact, we create most of our own examples through our bespoke jewellery design service. Furthermore, we source most varieties of gemstone depending on the type, shape and size required. We rarely stock rings of this type due to the individual nature of each design. For example, some clients favour Platinum for the ring. Others, opt for Gold. We work with 9-Carat Gold, 18 -Carat Gold in white, yellow and rose colours.

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