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Is Piercing Pagoda Real Gold

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Why Is Piercing Jewelry So Expensive

Real Gold? | Piercing Pagoda Review

The prices are what they are.

Piercing shops charge what they do because doing something right isnt cheap. All of these things cost money. They are not trying to rip you off. Sometimes, people assume that piercing shops are overcharging, so they head to places with lower prices.

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Is Gold Filled Better Than Gold Plated

As said before in the first section, goldfilled pieces are generally more durable than goldplated due to the thicker layer of gold alloy. As long as the piece is well cared for, goldfilled jewelry can last a lifetime. Gold plated jewelry is not very durable and cant stand up to much heat, water, or wear.

Does Claires Do Nose Piercings

For nose piercings we use only a Medisept Nose Piercing System, which too uses a single use cartridge meaning the instrument does not come into contact with your skin at any point. Should I avoid anything after my piercing? Always try to keep your new ear piercing free from soap, perfume and hair products.

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Is It Bad To Sleep With Earrings On

Wearing detailed or heavy earrings doesnt only make sleeping uncomfortable, it can also pull and snag your piercing, causing your earlobe to sag prematurely. And of course, use big and heavy earringsminimally and always take them off before going to bed. Big earrings can snag on your hair, or the pillow or blanket.

Similarly One May Ask How Much Are Piercing Earrings At Pagoda

Solid Gold, Real Silver, Why Settle?

Just choose your favorite set of earrings from our selection of over 100 piercing earrings and after purchase, we will pierce your ears at no additional cost! Piercing earrings range between $20 $125 and come in a variety of metals and stones, are sanitized and prepackaged, and ear piercing is always free.

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What Is The Best Metal For Everyday Wear

Gold, Platinum and Silver can all be worn on a daily basis. Silver is softer than gold and if worn with stones in it, should be worn with some precaution.

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  • Gold has the longest and most storied history of all precious metals.
  • As jewelry, it was golds softness and natural beauty that made it appealing, in addition to the fact that it does not corrode or tarnish.
  • The quantity of gold in a given alloy is expressed in karats .

Is Claires Good For Ear Piercing

Our piercings are safe, simple and gentle. Claires ear piercing system requires no needles and are held to the highest hygiene standards. Our equipment is sanitized before and after every use and the instrument itself does not come into contact with the ear at any time.

Does Pagoda sell real jewelry?

Recently rebranding itself as Banter by Piercing Pagoda, the company still sells fine jewelry made with real 10-14k gold or sterling silver. Signet Jewellers headquarters are located in Bermuda. For those who are curious, Piercing Pagoda has been spearheaded by CEO Virginia C. Drosos since 2017.

Does Piercing Pagoda use a needle or a gun?

They are great for precision piercing and use on the delicate cartilage tissue of the upper and inner ear. Each piercing is performed with a sterilized, single-use hollow needle.

Does Zales own Piercing Pagoda?

Piercing Pagoda is owned by Signet Jewelers Ltd., which is based in Fairlawn, Ohio, a suburb of Akron. Signet also owns the Jared, Zales and Kay Jewelers brands.

Will 10K gold turn green?

Gold, especially 10k and 14k gold, usually contains enough non-gold metal that it can cause discoloration. And when these skin secretions dissolve with the ring chemicals, the gold ring turns finger green. With each chemical used in the ring, you will experience different colors.

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Comparison: Piercing Pagoda Vs Claires

Claires sells fashion jewelry, hair accessories, and beauty products. The chain has locations in several countries around the world, but theyre especially popular in the United States and Canada. If you go into a Claires retail store, professional ear piercing is available for a fee .

The most significant difference between Piercing Pagoda and Claires is that the latter caters primarily to young girls. They sell items such as Shopkins Real Littles Handbags and fun accessories that are very inexpensive. Piercing Pagoda is mostly known for its fine jewelry and higher price points depending on the materials and stones.

What Is Piercing Pagodas Return Policy

Solid Gold, Real Silver, Why Settle? | Shop Banter by Piercing Pagoda®

This Piercing Pagoda review has some good news: US customers can return jewelry items at a retail location within 30 days of receipt. The packing slip or order confirmation letter must be shown for a full refund or exchange.

You can also return online orders by mail after contacting Piercing Pagodas customer service team. They will send you a prepaid shipping label via email, but be prepared for extra shipping or handling charges.

Any Piercing Pagoda jewelry that has been personalized or engraved is ineligible for returns or exchanges. The window for exchanges is 90 days from the date of purchase. Online refunds are usually processed between 714 business days.

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Gauge Hollow Valentino Chain Necklace

Banter by Piercing Pagoda

This gauge hollow chain features looser 1.7mm wide links, which makes it great for layering multiple chains or necklaces. The simple design goes with everything from casual going-out outfits to evening wear. The hollow Valentino chain necklace is set in 10K gold, and measures 18 inches in length, securing with a spring-ring clasp.

Has Anyone Bought A 10k Or 14k Gold Chain From Piercing Pa And Found Out That It Is Not Gold

I’ve only drilled a hole so far. It was the worst job of my life, so I resigned.

I received this complaint from many users. Just because your gold consumers think it’s pure gold. You read the label or ask an agent to confirm it. I always try to remind clients and tell them that there is a gold rush after that we always have a million things at once Between client and client, sometimes I forget. However, you can’t blame the store or the partners unless they say the right words, which, yes, is gold. If you just suspect it’s gold, it’s not really our responsibility. I know it’s a sex and I hate to meet the farmer, but things like that happen all the time.

Like I said, some people are only golden because of their gold color or real gold among other things. If you still have the tag, please return it and refund me if they say it’s genuine. Because if they openly lie to you, that’s a different story.

Does Pagoda Sell Real Gold

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Piercing Pagoda 3mm Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Stud Piercing Earrings Review

Piercing Pagoda 3mm Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Stud Piercing Earrings

The 3mm Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Stud Piercing Earrings have been deemed as one of the best options to grab after your first Piercing Pagoda ear piercing. These studs feature a dainty 3mm princess cut white cubic zirconia set to give just the right amount of glimmer and sparkle.

These square stones are set in 14k gold with posts that are extra long and secured with special friction backs. Its super easy to clean around them, as they are made practically to stay put and feel good on anyones earlobes.

Intrigued by the 3mm Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Studs? These Piercing Pagoda starter earrings are currently $65.

Similarly Are Piercing Pagoda Chains Real Gold

Is Piercing Pagoda Gold Real

Piercing Pagoda calls it gold bonded for some reason.) Finally, you can coat a cheaper metal in gold, which is called gold-plated. But Piercing Pagoda sells a lot of cheap gold jewelry that isnt bonded or plated. Most jewelry at Piercing Pagoda is a thin layer of gold surrounding nothing but air.

Piercing PagodareviewsPiercing Pagoda

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What Is The Correct Side To Pierce Your Nose

Cultural Significance of Nose Piercings Nose piercings have a long history in cultural significance. They have a long history in Middle Eastern and Hindu cultures, and even make an appearance in the bible. In Hindu tradition, women usually pierce the left side of the nose. This has ties to Ayurveda.

How To Contact Piercing Pagoda

If you have any questions after reading our Piercing Pagoda review, get in touch with the brands customer support in three ways:

  • Phone:1-800-866-9700
  • Live chat on the website
  • Online video chat with one of their jewelry experts

Need more jewelry in your arsenal? Here are a few other brands you can rely on when building your everyday or special occasion jewelry ensemble:

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Banter By Piercing Pagoda

Since day one, Banter by Piercing Pagoda at Capital City Mall has been all about experimenting with quality fine jewelry and piercings options to express and celebrate yourself, whoever you are. We are fearless, bold, authentic and inclusive. We believe in making people, whoever they are, feel like they can be whoever they want to be. We believe that everyone is invited to the brand and conversation. So lets Banter!

Our affordable, fine jewelry is made with 10-14k gold and sterling silver. That means you can wear em to the gym, in the shower, wherever.

From tailored check-ins and personal shopping to free styling, we’re here for you. We also offer a variety of financing options so you can pay as you go for the pieces you love.

When youre wearing Banter, youre wearing responsibly-made jewelry. All of our materials are ethically sourced, mined, and compliant with the SRSP Audit Guidance.

  • Store Hours:

Are Huggie Earrings In Style


Cute, stylish and versatile, huggie earrings are one of the hottest trends of the year. If last year was all about big hoops, this year we get more subtle but equally chic with huggies. Want to know more about huggie earrings and how to wear them? Then keep on reading because we have selected our favorite five designs.

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Piercing Pagoda 1/6 Ct Tw Diamond Vintage

Piercing Pagoda 1/6 CT. T.W. Diamond Vintage-Style Heart Promise Ring

Do you want to show your sweetheart that youre in it for the long haul? If so, check out the brands CT. T.W. Diamond Vintage-Style Heart Promise Ring. Whether its for an anniversary, birthday, or a just because present, were sure it will surprise her in the best way possible.

This white sterling silver ring features CT. T.W. of beautiful sparkling round diamonds set in a show-stopping retro style heart. Plus, tiny stones encircle the heart and along the band to add that extra sense of glamor.

Like a few of the Piercing Pagoda promise rings, this $85 bling only comes in size 7. So keep that in mind when youre shopping for your special lady.

Who Owns Piercing Pagoda

Our products are 10K, 14K and sterling silver, and are ethically sourced and mined. You can look good, feel good, and do good! Shop us often as our inventory changes with the seasons, constantly updated to provide you with the largest on-trend selection of real jewelry available in the mall and online.

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Piercing Pagoda 019 Gauge Cartilage Hoop Review

Piercing Pagoda 019 Gauge Cartilage Hoop

On the hunt for something super attractive to adorn your cartilage? Check out the 019 Gauge Hoop! Available in both white and yellow 14k gold, it can add the perfect amount of flash to your upper earlobe.

The measurement for this Piercing Pagoda cartilage hoop comes in at 5/16 of an inch, so its dainty and sweet, but still makes a statement. You can pick it up for $50 at checkout.

Can You Shower In 10k Gold

Piercing Pagoda

As you already know, gold does not rust in the shower. 10k gold consists of 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metals, usually silver or copper, or zinc. If you shower with your 10k gold pieces on, theres a high chance that the metals mixed in will rust. If this happens, 10k gold jewelry can end up getting damaged.

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Be More You With Piercing Pagoda

A lot has changed since we opened our very first piercing kiosk in 1969, but something that will always remain the same is the value we place on expressing ourselves. Self-expression empowers you to not only showcase to the world who you are, but it can reflect AND affect how you feel on the inside. Expressing yourself through piercings and jewelry is one of the most important ways you can find yourself, your tribe, and together, thrive.

With stores in almost every state in the U.S., you are just a few minutes away from enhancing your style with Pagoda jewelry and piercing expertise. Our buyers keep an eye on trends and stock us with only the most sought-after jewelry styles. Our products are 10K, 14K and sterling silver, and are ethically sourced and mined. You can look good, feel good, and do good! Shop us often as our inventory changes with the seasons, constantly updated to provide you with the largest on-trend selection of real jewelry available in the mall and online. We literally have something for everyone!

Who Is Piercing Pagoda For

The company appeals to those who appreciate fine jewelry but may be looking for pieces that fit into a more modest budget. There are items that cater to younger customers, such as the Piercing Pagoda belly rings, as well as everyday accessories and starter earrings for all ages.

You can also find unique Piercing Pagoda engagement rings and bridal jewelry, with some pieces hiking up the price scale depending on the metal and stones. All in all, the brand has a vast collection suitable for all genders and most style preferences.

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Does Piercing Pagoda Take Returns

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of the ship date for the purchase price, excluding shipping, handling, or other additional charges.

Can I get my cartilage pierced at Piercing Pagoda?

At select stores, you can get your ear cartilage pierced and many body piercing services completed. As always, you must be 18 or over to get a piercing or have the permission of a parent or guardian.

How much are piercing earrings at Pagoda?

Ear Piercing & Earring Selection

Piercing earrings range between $20 $125 and come in a variety of metals and stones, are sanitized and prepackaged, and ear piercing is always free.

Why is Piercing Pagoda called banter?

The Signet Jewelers-owned chain of kiosk stores will now be called Banter by Piercing Pagoda. The new name is a nod to the personal relationships between the retailers employees and its new and long-standing customers, said Signet.

What Are Pagoda Earrings Made Of

A Huge Pagoda Covered in REAL GOLD! | Myanmar


Our affordable, fine jewelry is made with 10-14k gold and sterling silver.

Is Piercing Pagoda safe?

Is piercing pagoda safe? Its perfectly safeto buy jewelry from. Piercing Pagoda uses a gun to pierce and they are not trained to pierce. They are given instruction on how to wipe down the gun between piercings and how to shoot the gun.

Is 10k gold real?

10k gold is the lowest solid gold alloy used for jewelry. Its composed of 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy. Appearance: 10k gold is pale yellow in color. Common uses: 10k gold is commonly used for affordable jewelry of all types, but specifically earrings.

Is Claires or Piercing Pagoda better?

Claires employees go through a longer training program and have more restrictions than at Piercing Pagoda. Jewelry is made more from precious metals whereas Claires mostly sells inexpensive jewelry made from various metal blends.

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Also Know How Much Do Piercing Earrings Cost At Pagoda

Just choose your favorite set of earrings from our selection of over 100 piercing earrings and after purchase, we will pierce your ears at no additional cost! Piercing earrings range between $20 $125 and come in a variety of metals and stones, are sanitized and prepackaged, and ear piercing is always free.


You may assume that pure gold jewelry is a safe bet for piercings, but thats not always the case. For example, 24-karat gold has a very soft texture, making germ-trapping nicks more likely. But according to Faris, solid 14K and 18K gold jewelry works well for first-time piercings.

Is Piercing Pagoda Worth It

Piercing Pagodas collection suits a wide range of preferences. They carry earrings, necklaces, and rings, as well as more fun, niche items such as body jewelry. If youre searching for trendy new pieces to add to your daily ensemble, then this could very well be the place for you.

This Piercing Pagoda review strongly encourages shoppers to check out their retail stores before filling up a cart online. Not only will you have the chance to walk out with a fresh piercing, but youll also avoid potential shipping delays and processing times. Either way, the brand offers their customers enticing sales on most of the productswhich well cover in the next section.

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Also To Know Is Is Jaxxon Real Gold

At JAXXON, our Gold-Bonded chains are pure 925 Sterling Silver coated 3x in the same real 14k gold as our solid 14k gold jewelry which gives our Gold-Bonded pieces their long lasting shine, and durability. The thickness of our gold is second to none and 3-5x the normal amount of gold found in plating.

What Is Piercing Pagodas Shipping Policy

Piercing Pagoda 1/10 10K Tri Color Gold 925 Sterling ...

Currently, Piercing Pagoda only ships within the United States. Weve compiled the delivery options, rates, and ETAs for our readers below:

  • Standard: $7, between 37 business days
  • Expedited: $9, within 2 business days
  • Next-day: $13, 1 business day

Depending on the individual item and destination, extra shipping and handling charges may occur. Orders need to be placed by 11 am or they will be processed during the following business day, so Piercing Pagodas packages usually leave the warehouse within 12 days.

There may be some items that take longer to ship out. Next-day delivery is only available for Piercing Pagoda jewelry that is in stock. Once the order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking information.

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