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Best Gold Chain For Men

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Choosing The Best Size & Length Of Chains

5 Chain Wearing Rules ALL Men Must Know

For most mens chains, 50 cm is the average length. This falls at the collar bone between the top two buttons on a shirt and looks good inside or outside the shirt. If youre wearing a pendant necklace, opt for 55-63 cm so the pendant finishes in the middle of your chest.

  • 35-45 cm Quite form-fitting and will be visible above your shirt.
  • 50-55 cm Falls at the collarbone and is the most common size for mens necklaces. Can be worn inside or outside the shirt.
  • 55-61 cm Falls in the middle of the chest and looks great with a medallion, pendant, or dog tags. Can be worn inside or outside the shirt.
  • 61-76 cm Designed to be worn on the outside of your shirt. Looks best with a larger pendant or a thicker chain. Total attention-grabber.

If youre only wearing a chain , a width of 2-6 mm is a good start. When adding a pendant, make sure it fits the chain and isnt overpowered by its thickness. If youre looking for a chunky gold chain necklace that falls in the bling category, shop for 12 mm or wider. Chain width and length go hand and hand, so make sure theyre proportional to each other in other words, no 35 cm chains with 12 mm width.

What Are Necklace Chains Made Of

Necklace chains can be made of a wide spectrum of materials. A smart buyer considers this factor because the material used to produce the chain can have a significant effect on the item’s overall durability, flexibility, look, and feel.

A lot of neck chains are made of sterling silver with a bit of copper in the mix. Although the combination shouts durability, silver necklace chains get easily tarnished.

A much more expensive alternative is gold. But pure gold is not a good option in making jewelry since such material has high malleability. How pure a jewelry item is made of gold is referred to karat.

A 24K gold chain is 100% pure gold whereas am 18K item is composed of 75% pure gold.

Basically, gold is mixed with other metals which directly affects its strength and color. The combination of gold and non-gold metals produce what is referred to as an alloy. These non-gold metals include silver, copper, nickel, zinc, and palladium.

White gold is a product of combining gold with metals like palladium, nickel, and silver. On the other hand, rose gold is a gold alloy with high copper content.

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Here comes platinum, the rarest of them all. And since it’s hardest to find, platinum is considered as the most expensive as well as the heaviest. On the brighter side, platinum is super durable and is resistant to scratch.

Miansai 2mm Cuban Chain Necklace In 14k Gold

If youre looking for a mens gold necklace you can wear with anything, this sleek piece from Miansai is sure to be your go-to accessory. The necklace features a delicate Cuban chain handcrafted from high-quality 14K yellow gold with a polished finish.

With a width of 2mm and a length of 24 inches, this piece can be worn on its own or layered with others for an extra cool vibe.


  • High-quality 14K yellow gold craftsmanship
  • Cuban chain necklace design
  • 2mm necklace width makes this piece highly versatile


  • Chain links are too small to allow customization with pendants.

No chain is perfect, but this one is close.

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Mens Chains At Michael Hill

At Michael Hill we offer a wide range of mens jewellery, from classic styles that transition effortlessly from work to weekend, to statement pieces designed to showcase your individual style.

Our collection of mens chains are made to last and include curb chain and figaro styles. The curb chain is made up of identical interlocking links. The curb design can be made up of large links for an eye-catching chain, or tight knit intricate links for an understated effect.

The Figaro chain is an Italian inspired design that consists of two or three identical small links, interspersed with one larger link to create a distinct pattern.

A timeless gold chain for men or silver chain for men is also the perfect gift idea. A fine quality piece of jewellery makes a lasting gesture for significant birthdays and milestone celebrations such as engagements and anniversaries, with the additional bonus that a chain will allow him to always wear your gift close to his heart.

How do I style a mens chain?

A quality chain from Michael Hill is a staple piece for every mans wardrobe. Made with precious metals, our chains will add sophisticated lustre to your look, whether worn under corporate attire or over a t-shirt.

Select your chain based on the colour of jewellery that you generally prefer to wear. If you are understated with your accessories, match your chain to your wedding band or highlight the metal colour in your watch.

What is the best chain length for men?

Miansai Dove Necklace With Antique Pendant In 14k Yellow Gold

14k Yellow Gold 1.8mm

A decided upgrade from our top pick, this necklace offers a delicate 3mm chain with a stylish Cuban design that is highly versatile. The piece features two special antique reproduction pendants showcasing a beautiful dove design hanging on the 14K yellow gold chain.

A pleasant surprise is that you can customize the necklace with a monogram, which makes this chain an ideal gift for the special man in your life.



  • Not the most affordable piece of jewelry.

To sum it up, this chain is a bit pricey but is overall an excellent choice.

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What Should You Look For In The Best Mens Gold Necklaces

Lets get one thing clear: theres no such thing as the best mens gold necklace.

Some are naturally better than others thanks to the better gold quality and craftsmanship, so they provide a lot more value compared to inferior quality ones.

As far as the craftsmanship is concerned, try to choose necklaces made from 14K or 18K gold as they offer an excellent combination of quality and value.

While it might be tempting to choose the highest gold quality available , its important to remember that the more pure gold is used, the more susceptible it is to scratching and damage.

However, gold that is also alloyed with other metals is more durable and resistant to wear and tear, which is why choosing either 14K or 18K gold will give you better value for your money.

If you dont have the budget for a solid gold necklace, then a gold-plated design will provide decent quality at a much lower price. Choosing a necklace with a 14K or 18K gold plating as its more long-lasting and wear-resistant compared to 24K gold plating.

Mens Necklaces Your Ultimate Guide

Whether youre after a simple chain or enough bling to be seen from space, take a look at everything you need to get started. Learn how to choose the right chain length and how to wear dog tags without getting arrested.

From eagle talons of the Neanderthals to Jay Zs $200,000 Cuban link chain, mens necklaces are here to stay. Whatever necklace youre after, choose something that tells your story. An accessory does more than just look good it symbolizes your journey, an adventure, a special moment in life or even reminds you of a time and place. What story will yours tell?

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Cleaning And Caring For Your Gold Chain

As mens gold chains are a type of jewelry thats meant to last a lifetime, proper care and maintenance are of the utmost importance. Frequent cleaning and damage inspections are needed, as well as professional repairs when necessary.

When it comes to cleaning, there are multiple safety steps that youll need to take first:

How To Wear It

Men’s Jewelry: All About Rings, Chains, & More Accessories

Long pendant-style necklaces work well over either a loose crew neck or a V-neck T-shirt so the pendant follows the line of the V, says Sarah Gilfillan, founder of personal styling consultancy Sartoria Lab. When putting together your outfit and necklace, Gilfillan also suggests matching metals for a more considered and put together look. For example, if youre stepping out with a silver watch on your wrist and a silver buckle around your belt, go for that metal in your necklace choice too.

When it comes to the rest of your clothing choices, the offbeat addition of a necklace suits a casual look such as a white T-shirt and leather jacket according to Gilfillan. If you do want to wear it with tailoring, Id go for an open neck shirt with a simple chain showing at the neck of the shirt. If you want to make more of a statement and go for full-on 1980s look, then wear your shirt done up to the top with no tie but with a chain or pendant that is worn over the top of the shirt. Also, ensure your shirt collar is fairly small and neat, and avoid button downs so your necklace can be the point of focus.

The Kooples

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Can I Swim With A Stainless Steel Necklace

Its not a good idea to wear your stainless steel necklace or jewelry while swimming in the ocean. Not only could you lose your favorite necklace and have it eaten by tuna and then end up on your plate of sashimi one day, but the saltwater may also cause your jewelry to tarnish. While most tarnish caused by saltwater is easily removed, the concern is with the joints, locking mechanism and other small areas of your necklace.

The same is true for swimming in the pool we suggest removing your necklace before diving in. A quick dip is one thing doing laps as you train for the Olympics is another. Chlorine can be damaging to stainless steel over time.

It is generally OK to shower with your stainless steel necklace. However, avoid wearing your jewelry for a long soak in the tub.

The 5 Best Gold Necklaces For Men

Published on April 17, 2020by TMM Staff · Accessories

Looking for the best gold necklaces for men? Want to freshen up your look with a stylish piece of jewelry you can wear every day?

Great Ive got you covered.

In this article, I cover everything you need to know about mens necklaces, including:

  • What actually is a gold necklace made for a guy?
  • The different types of gold necklaces and chains you should consider
  • The general price of a high quality gold necklace
  • What you should look for when buying a gold necklace?
  • My 4 step guide to cleaning gold necklaces
  • And my 5 picks for the best mens gold necklaces

Whether youre looking to buy one for yourself or gift one to the man in your life, this article is your one-stop source to learn about the top gold necklaces for men.

Lets get started!

Read on for more info and the complete list

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K Yellow Gold 6mm Rope Chain Diamond Cut Necklace


This is a genuine 10 karat yellow 6mm gold rope chain in Diamond Cut. This evergreen great gold rope chain is accessible in various lengths. The chain has a protected lobster clasp, simple to put on and take off. The chain is available in different lengths like 20, 22, 24 26 and 28 inches and the total estimated gold weight is 11.20 grams …

Miansai 3mm Cuban Chain Necklace In Sterling Silver And 14k Gold

Solid 14K Yellow Gold 2mm Franco Chain Necklace 22 24 26 28 HEAVY ...

The last option on our list is this 3mm Cuban chain necklace, which boasts a two-tone metal design ideal for street style looks.

The Cuban chain is handcrafted from matte oxidized sterling silver and polished 14K yellow gold, offering a great combination of quality and value at an equally great price.

Wear it on its own or layer it with other styles for an elevated yet modest accent to any look.


  • Two-tone design made from oxidized sterling silver and 14K solid gold
  • Can be layered with other pieces.


This chain is an overall solid choice if you dont mind the price.

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Gold Chain Necklaces For Any Style

Dress up your unique style and choose from various gold chain styles to complete your ensemble. Frost NYC carries everything from box chain necklaces,rope chain necklaces, Figaro chain necklaces or even paper clip, rolo chain, cable chain, herringbone chain and curb chain necklaces.

Our high-quality selection of mens gold chains will, for sure, help hook up your hip-hop jewelry collection. Youll find everything from a rose gold and yellow gold chaintwo-tone vibe to 10K white gold and diamond-cut14K gold chainnecklaces for your everyday look to iced-out pieces that are guaranteed to catch everyones attention. Each of our chains is crafted with a top-notch finish that will always maintain its luster. For a baller like you who wants to make a lasting impression, Frost NYCs chain necklaces are a great way to show off that swagger.

Customizable in length and width, elevate your wardrobe wishlist and create the gold chain necklace, bar necklace, gold bracelet or choker you desire. Add an extender and choose a classy or slick gold pendant that defines you as a man and showcases your taste in style.

Explore Frost NYCs best sellers and new arrivals to keep up with the most in-vogue look so you step out in style.

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How Thick Should A Man’s Gold Chain Be

A thick gold chain for men should have a width of more than 12mm are often supposed to be eye-catching and impress, whilst chains with a width of 1-6mm are more personal and are sometimes meant to be hidden. Depending on its design, the intermediate range of 6-10mm can be utilized for either function.

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Shop Gold Chain Necklaces For Men

Enhance your look with a lustrous gold chain necklace that makes a stunning statement. Sleek, sophisticated and durable, our necklaces come in diverse styles, including white and classic yellow gold. Tailor your fashion with bold or understated designs that offer dynamic styling as unique as you. From 10k to 14k, Helzberg has the remarkable gold jewelry piece that fits your budget.

Add an edge to your sharpest look with a beautiful rope chain necklace. Interwoven with strands of lustrous gold, these powerful pieces bring a boldness to your presence. Stand out with a mens gold rope chain that sets your style apart.

Shop for yourself or find the perfect jewelry gift for him. From uncomplicated chains and cross necklaces to luxe diamond and gold designs, Helzberg offers men’s necklaces in an array of designs. Whether you’re shopping for an important occasion or daily wear, we have that just-right piece.

Our Top Pick: Miansai 2mm Cuban Chain Necklace In 14k Gold

Exotic Gold Chains Buying Guide & Any Gold Chain You Need!

Our top pick for the best mens gold necklaces is this stunner from Miansai, which merges style with quality in a highly versatile design ideal for any outfit.

The 14K yellow gold craftsmanship is both beautiful and long-lasting, making this piece perfect for every occasion.

While you cant add pendants due to the small link size, you can still layer this gold necklace with others to add serious bling to your look.

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Whats A Gold Necklace Made For A Guy

The main difference between gold necklaces made for a guy versus any other type of gold necklace is that mens necklaces have a more masculine look with thicker chain links or longer styles .

Generally speaking, these necklaces are available in different gold colors and qualities, such as 10K, 14K and 18K yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. They can come in simple, chain-only designs or chain and pendant styles that bring that oh-so-important personality to any look.

Just like other types of mens jewelry, mens golden necklaces make the perfect gift to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or other special occasions. Theyre also excellent as keepsakes to be cherished forever.

K Yellow Gold 3mm Rope Wrist Bracelet 7 To 8 Inches


While it is flawless as a thick rope bracelet with a sparkly complete, it can be additionally worn as an anklet on warm summer days. Because of its thick outline, this gold rope wrist jewelry is lightweight, exquisite and upscale, yet strong and high quality. The genuine 10k yellow gold used to make this piece is hypoallergenic and adds a deligh…

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Best Gold Chains For Men

Does it seem like theres some kind of cultural barrier when it comes to men wearing jewelryespecially necklaces? If you think about some of the manliest men, from the guy next door to the most popular movie actors, theyre often sporting necklaces that range from hippie boy leather cords and beads, to something thats more of a statement piece.

Culturally, men have been wearing jewelry since ancient Egyptian times, when, by the way, they were also proud to sport makeup along with their jewels. So forward-thinking. In Americas recent history, Native American men often proudly wear many necklaces at once, along with earrings.

For the purposes of this article, were going to stick strictly to real gold chains 14k gold only which is the most popular gold chain design that you will see. Check the best of the best in gold chains below.

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