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How To Prevent Cancer In Golden Retrievers

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Cancer Treatment Is Expensive So Golden Retrievers Are Dying

Preventing Cancer in Golden Retrievers

The treatment of Golden Retrievers cancer is expensive. Furthermore, there are higher chances of relapse of the disease even after the treatment. Besides this, the lifespan of the Retriever is less.

Thus, the owners think that their pets are sure to die sooner or later. Hence, they do not want to waste their money on surgeries, immune-suppressing medications, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and herbal supplements. So, Golden Retrievers are dying from cancer.

Most Common Types Of Cancer In Dogs

The top five most common cancers in dogs are:

  • Hemangiosarcoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Mast cell tumors
  • Tie between osteosarcoma and mammary cancer
  • Hemangiosarcoma is a cancer of blood vessels. The spleen and the heart are common sites for this cancer to grow. This type of cancer grows quietly inside with few symptoms until it ruptures, so your dog may not actually show any signs ahead of his condition becoming an emergency. You may be able to pick up on a small splenic rupture, as the symptoms include pale gums and lethargy on your dogs part, but often the rupture of either a mass on the spleen or on the heart simply causes your dog to significantly bleed internally, which can quickly lead to death, so its very important to mention any signs of change in your dogs health, demeanor, or behavior to your vet. Thankfully, it does not seem to be a painful cancer.

    Lymphoma is sometimes detected by pet owners who feel enlarged lymph nodes on their dogunder the chin, behind the stifle on the rear legs, or in front of the shoulders. Lymphoma is one of the cancers that can truly be considered curable with early and aggressive treatment.

    Melanomas are almost always cancers noted for their black pigment. They tend to grow inside the mouth or on black toes. Sometimes, these will be without pigment, but the black color is characteristic.

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    Golden Retrievers Dying Of Cancer Due To Lack Of Health Facilities

    The health facilities and treatment of Golden Retrievers cancer need advanced technology. So, every veterinary does not have the essential equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

    Furthermore, it is tedious and impossible to travel with a pet suffering from cancer. Hence, many Golden Retrievers are dying from cancer because of the lack of required health facilities.

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    What Are The Treatments For The Golden Retriever With Cancer

    The above ways can help to prevent cancer in your Golden Retriever. But do you know what you should if your pet is suffering from cancer?

    Firstly, you must visit the professional because earlier treatment is proportional to successful treatment. And the Vet may diagnose the disease through various techniques of heath testing. After this, he will analyze the following things:

    • Stage of the cancer
    • Health condition of the Golden Retriever
    • Age of the pet

    The Vet thoroughly will examine the stage, type of tumor, age, and health condition of your pet. Finally, he will prescribe appropriate treatment for your Golden Retriever. And the treatments may be either one or more of the following:

    • Surgery
    • Herbal medicines
    • Radiotherapy

    Although these treatments do not ensure the complete cure of cancer in your Golden Retriever, they are helpful to increase the lifespan of your pet.

    Since a Golden Retriever is naturally susceptible to health issues, you cannot control it. However, you can provide the pet with adequate care and attention to ensure a healthier life.

    Which of the above cause do you think leads to more cancer cases?

    Do you think all the preventive measures were effective?

    Do you have any suggestions about this article?

    Please share them in the comment box.

    Reduce The Use Of Tick And Flea Products

    How to Prevent Cancer in Golden Retrievers  Golden ...

    Almost all dog owners buy these products to destroy and keep away fleas and ticks. These products do help but it is important to reduce their usage to the absolute minimum needed for your dogs weight. According to the latest research, many of these products contain fipronil, an ingredient that increases the risk of thyroid cancer and results in altered thyroid hormones. The company creates the impression that fipronil does not migrate to the body which is untrue.

    Additionally, many flea and tick products contain either Permethrin or Pyriproxyfen. Permethrin has been tested and found to be a carcinogenic insecticide that causes lung cancer and liver tumors in animals. According to the research done by Centre for Public Integrity, Pyrethroids caused double fatalities in 2002-2007 compared to non-pyrethroid compounds. Look, instead, for natural flea and tick remedies.

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    Nutrition Tips To Help Prevent Cancer

    On a day-to-day level, the most important thing you can do to help keep your dog fit, healthy, and cancer-free for as long as possible is to manage their weight.

    Theres some potential correlation between being overweight and certain types of cancers in dogs, board-certified veterinary nutritionist Lisa Weeth says. Some benign types of tumors that dogs get, like lipomas, can occur more frequently in dogs that are overweight.

    Earlier research, she adds, suggested that overweight dogs, especially female dogs, may be at an increased risk for developing mammary tumors. Additionally, obesity can increase the risk of joint disease and complicate things like diabetes and heart disease.

    Dr. Weeth points out that, as in humans, cancer is more common in older dogs than younger ones. For older dogs, certain dietary tweaks may improve their chances of remaining cancer-free. Antioxidants, like EPA and DHA , and medium-chain triglycerides, have been found to improve cognitive function by helping to prevent damage to brain cells. They might also help prevent damage to other cells in the body. Since cancer is caused by damaged cells replicating unchecked, supplementing with these items may help protect against the development of some of the DNA damage that can lead to cancer. Dr. Weeth stresses that, as yet, this remains a theoretical benefit. But, she argues, if its not harmful and may be helpful, what do we have to lose?

    Broccoli & Other Cruciferous Veggies

    These tiny green trees top nearly every list of canine cancer-fighting foods. They are chock full of antioxidants, which are the main players in cancer butt-kicking.

    Think of antioxidants as little crimefighters that circulate through a beings system eradicating infant cancer cells before they become fully grown and spread their killer seed.

    In addition to antioxidants, broccoli has loads of vitamins and minerals that are anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial. Talk about an immunity booster!

    The greens on top can be irritating to your pups system so its best to stick to the stems. Dogs find them tasty and fun to eat, too!

    Other crucifers that are safe and well suited to cancer prevention include cabbage, bok choy, turnips, rutabagas, and Brussels sprouts. Try them lightly steamed for easier digestion.

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    Choose A Good Breeder

    The selection of a reliable breeder is vital to eliminate the chances of cancer in your pet. A good breeder analyses the characters and health of the dogs before breeding. As a result, the produced offspring is healthier and lives longer due to fewer health issues.

    Apart from this, good breeders also understand the problems of mixed breeding. Thus, they always opt for pure-bred. So, the chances of health hazards like cancer decline in the puppies.

    Why Do So Many Golden Retrievers Get Cancer Massive Study Hopes To Find Out

    Cancer and Golden Retriever Dogs

    SPRINGFIELD, Va. — The sweet and playful golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in America, with a special talent for getting even so-called grown-ups to join in the fun. But, as Kris Campesi has learned through painful experience, they also rate high on another scale.

    “Goldens have a high probability for cancer,” she explained.

    That rate is about 60 percent, one of the highest in the dog world. Campesi recently lost one golden to cancer and now 7-year-old Malachi has a brain tumor.

    “They’re such a part of your life, and when it’s time for them to go it’s hard,” Campesi said.

    Looking for answers, she entered 3-year-old Nicodemus, who’s perfectly healthy, into a national study of nearly 3,000 golden retrievers. The goal is to understand why the cancer rate is so high.

    “I have to keep track of everything they eat, the water they drink, the chemicals I use around the house,” Campesi said.

    Nicodemus even has something called a “whistle” that stays with him all the time so it can record his activity and sleep.

    Veterinarian Laney Rhymes takes samples of his hair and nails during frequent medical exams.

    “They’re looking for environmental stuff that the dogs might be exposed to that would concentrate in the nails,” Rhymes said.

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    Lumps In Golden Retrievers

    Lumps in Golden Retrievers can mean anything from skin cancer to a harmless fat tumor. Hence, youre advised to check with your veterinarian as soon as possible. The lump could indicate acne, cysts, papillomas, or lipomas, which are fatty tumors. These arent often life-threatening, but if they grow big enough, they can hinder the movement of your dog.

    Other things that these lumps in Golden Retrievers could be are melanoma skin cancers, squamous cell carcinomas, and mastocytoma. However, the high occurrence of cancer among Golden Retrievers is why lumps should be checked out as soon as possible.

    The Best Cure For Canine Cancer Is Prevention

    Cancer begins when carcinogens damage DNA, then wait for just the right opportunity to create cancerous cells.

    The good news is your dogs body has a built-in mechanism to kill cancer cells a gene called p53. However, exposure to toxins and viruses can damage that gene and limit its ability to protect the body from the spread of cancerous cells.

    We all know that treatment options for cancer arent all that effective. And that they can weaken your dogs immune system and do other types of damage to the body.

    The best cure for cancer is to just not get it in the first place. Happily, there are easy, actionable steps you can take to prevent cancer in your furry family members. Here is a list that every pet owner should be aware of.

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    Reduce The Use Of Flea And Tick P Roducts

    Dr. Dobozy of the Environmental Protection Agencys pesticide division states that one of the laboratory effects of fipronil in the popular flea and tick product Frontline, is thyroid cancer and altered thyroid hormones.

    The company creates the impression that their product doesnt migrate into the body but radiolabeled fibronil was found in several organs and in the fat of tested dogs. It was also excreted in their urine and feces.

    But it isnt just Frontline thats a problem.

    Bio Spot Flea and Tick Control, Defend Exspot Treatment and Zodiac FleaTrol Spot On all contain one or both of the active ingredients Permethrin and/or Pyriproxyfen. Permethrin has been implicated as a carcinogenic insecticide causing lung cancer and liver tumors in laboratory animals. Exposure to a carcinogen typically occurs many years before the cancer appears. Often times it never escalates into a cancerous growth. Imagine how potent the carcinogens are that create cancer within several months in a laboratory setting.

    Dont think that the numerous products not mentioned here are safe. According to the Center for Public Integrity, who collected information through the Freedom of Information Act, the natural pyrethrins and pyrethroids caused double the fatalities from 2002 to 2007 than the non-pyrethroid compounds.

    There Is No Difference Between English And American Goldens

    Using Diet To Help Beat and Prevent Cancer

    This is the biggest myth and lie Ive seen spread around by many American golden retriever breeders. Ive even seen one American breeder go to say that English standard goldens that are in America are Europes rejects. That is by far from the truth and in fact many come from champions across Europe. English standards are very different than American ones. I cover their differences on The Breed post on my site. The differences are big enough whereas most English standard goldens can not compete in AKC competitions. Color alone is not the biggest factor in their differences. Length of the loin, eyes, size, shape of the head are just a few to name of differences. Some people prefer one standard over another and differences should be cherished.

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    Warning Signs Of Cancer In Your Golden Retriever

    Cancer can be difficult to detect in the early stages because the signs can be subtle and caused by other conditions. If you notice any physical or behavioural changes in your Golden you should always consult your vet.

    Being aware of what symptoms to look for will be your best chance for catching this disease early on and it could make all the difference in your Goldens prognosis.

    Here are the common warning signs to look for:

    • Lumps/Bumps. Abnormal swelling that is persistent and continues to grow.
    • Wounds or sores that do not heal.
    • Weight Loss.
    • Increased Drinking or Urinating.
    • Trouble Breathing, Urinating or Defecating.

    It can be difficult to monitor any physical and behavioural changes in your dog every moment of the day especially when you lead a busy life, but there are activity monitors like the FitBark that can help. FitBark is a dog activity monitor that tracks your dogs activity and rest patterns throughout the day.

    FitBark allows you to see what your dog is up to while you are away from him. It has shown that dogs who are in discomfort dont sleep well, and dogs who are in pain are less active. FitBark will alert you on your mobile app if there are any sudden changes in your dogs sleep and activity level. Its a great way for you to catch any early signs that something is not right. Restless sleep and lethargy are very strong indicators that something is off with your dog.

    Stick To A Healthy Diet And Exercise

    For both pets and humans, exercise has been linked to a reduced cancer rate. In humans, colorectal and lung cancers have been linked to a reduced risk of 30 to 40 percent and 20 percent, respectively. A pet whos strong going into cancer treatment typically chemotherapy or radiation will be stronger coming out the other side. There are even cancer diets for dogs undergoing treatment, rich in health fats and fatty acids, with an emphasis on protein and limiting carbs.

    Cachexia is a metabolic condition common among dogs fighting cancer, including loss of appetite, fatigue, impaired immune function, and weight loss. As cachexia progresses to the third stage, body fat and muscle mass begin to drop in many cases, cachexia, not cancer, is the cause of death. Ensure your dog is getting enough protein and carbohydrates to be properly fueled, and pay attention to sudden changes in weight and appetite.

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    Golden Retrievers And Lifetime Cancer Study Hope For A Canine Killer

    More than 60 percent of golden retrievers succumb to cancer. The Denver, Coloradobased Morris Animal Foundation launched the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study to gather information by observing 3,000 goldens over the course of their lives and build a comprehensive database. Its the first time a study of such scope has been conducted in dogs. The study will continue until the last of the enrolled goldens dies.

    Normal life span no more

    Forty years ago, golden retrievers often lived to a ripe old canine age up to 15 years or more. In recent decades, the average goldens life span has dropped to nine or 10, with many dying before reaching even that middle age in dogs. One purpose of the study is to uncover the factors that shortened the breeds life span, factors that may have implications for human health. These dogs live with people the two species share 95 percent of DNA so environmental issues may come into play.

    Cancer in golden retrievers

    Certain cancers are especially prevalent in the breed. These include:

    The Framingham Heart Study

    The idea for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is based on the Framingham, Massachusetts, heart study, the longest-running study in human medicine. It began in 1948 and is now following participants in its third generation. The study set out to identify major risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and approximately 2,400 research papers have come out of it to date.

    Golden Retriever Lifetime Study


    Preliminary findings

    How Much Does An English Cream Golden Retriever Cost

    Golden Retriever Liftetime Study – Morris Animal Foundation

    The cost of English Cream Golden Retrievers or any Golden Retriever can range from $500 to $2,500.

    It depends on the breeders reputation, location and whether the pup descends from champion lines.

    A healthy puppy from a trustworthy breeder may cost between $1,500 and $2,500. Pups descending from champion lines will be more expensive.

    If you go to a pet store, the price range can be from $500 to $1000. The cost depends on how well the pup has been bred and how trustworthy the pet store is.

    If you adopt an English Cream Golden Retriever with no lineage documents or health clearances, you may pay about $500 or less.

    If youre being charged more than this range, you should turn away and look for another source because thats a rip-off.

    The breeder should prioritize the dogs health. A reputable breeder will have extensive health records and ensure that the dog receives all the , medical screenings, and nutrition it needs.

    He will also want to communicate with you. A good breeder will care more about securing a good home for the dog.

    He should also have ample knowledge about English Cream Golden Retrievers and the ancestry of their litter.

    He should have plenty of information about the pups parents and answer your questions correctly. Look for testimonials about the breeder. Ask for recommendations from your friends.

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