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Gold Bangle Bracelets For Women

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How Do You Measure Bangle Size

New Ladies Gold Bracelet with Weight | Chain Model Gold Bracelets

The size of your bangle is decided by the size of your hand rather than your wrist. Simply tuck your thumb into the palm of your hand and measure your hand all the way around the group of knuckles closest to your wrist, from knuckle to knuckle, with tailor’s tape. You can also read our Bangle Size Chart for sizing information.

Can You Wear Bracelets On Both Wrists

How you wear your precious bracelets is up to you, and you can certainly wear bracelets on both wrists. You may prefer to wear several bracelets layered on the same wrist, or wear a mix of bracelets on both wrists. Some people like to wear their bracelets and bangles on the same wrist as their watch, whereas others prefer to wear them on the opposite wrist. This may change if you have everyday belcher bracelets and friendship bracelets that you change out for occasion pieces such as tennis bracelets or pearl bracelets. Feel free to play around with different combinations to find the style that feels most comfortable for you.

What Is The Difference Between Bracelets And Bangles

Both bracelets and bangles are worn on your wrist. A bracelet refers to a flexible style with movement. You will most commonly find bracelets in chain styles, such as belcher bracelets, Figaro bracelets, Singapore or rope chain bracelets. Bracelets are also available in adjustable styles, which allow you to customise your fit and which make it easier when choosing a gift for someone special. Tennis bracelets are another popular style, which feature a continuous row of diamonds set in precious metal.

A bangle, on the other hand, refers to a solid style with a rigid shape. Bangles are often slip-on designs, or they might come with a hinged opening. Gold bangles, whether yellow, white, or rose gold, offer an elegant and minimalist look for your wrist.

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Can I Wear More Than One Bracelet Or Bangle

Bracelets and bangles are perfect for layering, just like necklaces and anklets. Choose pieces with the right fit for you, so that you get as much or as little movement as you like from your wrist stack.

For a simple way to style your stack, pair a delicate bracelet and a bangle in the same colour of gold. You could also mix your metals try yellow gold with white gold or sterling silver, or rose gold with white gold. And if you love an eclectic layered look, you dont have to stop at two!

If you want to bring gemstones into your wrist look, pay extra attention to how much movement your bracelets and bangles have. Pearls should be treated with care, so ensure that your other pieces, especially other gemstone or diamond pieces, wont rub back and forth across your pearls.

How Do I Know My Bangle Size

GNIMEGIL 11mm 18cm Fashion Beautiful Female Jewelry 24K Gold Bracelet ...

At Michael Hill our sterling silver and yellow, white and rose gold bangles come in a range of sizes, from 14cm long baby bracelets to 23cm mens bracelets. Womens bracelets tend to range from 17cm to 23cm in length. Many of these have a number of links for fastening, so the size is adjustable to your wrist length, but some styles do not – such as solid bangles. To discover the size that is right for you for a bracelet style that opens and fastens, take a piece of string, ribbon or paper and wrap around your wrist, cutting to size. Measure this against a ruler or tape measure to discover the size of your wrist, and ensure the bracelet you purchase is this length or longer. To find your bangle size , take another piece of string or paper and wrap it around your knuckles and thumb – the widest part of your hand when putting on a bangle. Cut to size and make into a circle, measuring the diameter. This length will be your bangle size.

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Womens Gold Bangles For Every Avatar

From your lazy weekend brunches to special occasions to even everyday wear, BlueStone has womens gold bangle designs that fit every category with rounded ease. Walk in with the simple and sophisticated Grazia Bangle, the Taaj Bangle or the magnificent double framed Sylvan Decked Bangles to mesmerise any gathering. For lovers of ultra slim beauties, fret not, the Emilia Ercole Bangle, the Vivid Winsome Bangles and the Spiralled Parade Bangles are your best bet. For all lovers of stones, we have the Ananta Bangle, the Unnati Flexible bangle or the Ritvika bangle embellished with beautiful jade stones that can match your zeal and brightness.

Looking for an ideal work-fit companion for your watch? We hope to brush away your work-attire blues with designs that will gel in with your professional image. Who said about wearing bangles only with Indian attires? Try the Keila Bangle or the Enrica Bangle with its straps of small diamonds tied beautifully in three columns. The Tariat Bangle and the Soyiah Bangle with their sombre charm are sure to make the perfect pair with western outfits in office.

So buy womens gold bangles online at BlueStone at gloriously affordable price ranges. We offer you the 30 Day Money Back and the Lifetime exchange and Buy Back offer if by some rare chance you dont feel fully satisfied with the product. No hard feelings! We are here to ensure that you look best and that we play a tiny role in it.

Show me designs which can bedelivered by tomorrow.

Gold Bangles For Women

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Gold Bangle Bracelets For Women

Who Can Wear Gold Bangle Bracelets

TOP 20 Gold Bracelet Designs For Women | Light weight Bangle/Bracelet designs #Goldpot

Bangles are a type of South Asian & Indian jewelry. Women often wear them in pairs, one or more on each arm. Women also frequently wear a single bangle or several bangles on one wrist. The majority of Indian women prefer to wear silver or 22k gold bangles, or a mix of both. With our extensive collection of gold bangles for women, everyone can find a bangle that suits them and their style.

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More About The Collection

Much like other popular pure gold pieces, gold bangle bracelets are a favorite and rich with significance, with each one emblazoned with intricate designs and patterns.

Gold is the ultimate luxury and beauty. In India, traditional gold jewelry has long been used to celebrate marriage and childbirth. Aside from being mainly purchased for its aesthetic qualities, collectors also referred to jewelry, including 22K gold bangles, as a commodity and even classified it as an industrial metal. Long-lasting and durable, our collection of Indian gold bangles has damage-resistant properties even after many years of use.

And that’s what makes us a trusted dealer of the finest quality 22k gold bangles for women that are fashionable, innovative, and authentic. Among others, women’s gold bangles are one of the most popular types of jewelry, regardless of age. Indian gold bangles have a high value, not only in terms of their aesthetic values but also in terms of their chemical properties.

If you are looking for the perfect Indian bangle, you’ve come to the right place. Choose from our wide variety of gold bangles for women and shop ornate gifts to a loved one or for yourself with us today. Also, be sure to read our Complete Guide to Bangles!

Gold Bangles Make The Perfect Gift

The bangles stack sits on her wrist to remind her of the unique journey shes lived through so far. When you give the gift of a single bracelet or a bangles set, she will be reminded of you whenever she wears it. Our bracelets are made for women of all ages – we even havebangles for girls!

The bracelets you pick out for her are a reflection of what you think of her. They serve as a heartfelt symbol of your special bond as friends or as family. Whats more, our bangles are customizable as you personalize them with your own engraved message. While our bracelets are already keepsake quality, having them inscribed makes them all the more of a personal treasure.

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Gold Bangles That Are Uniquely You

Mountain Moverz is known for the bangle stack. Each gold bangles design reflects a facet of your personality that comes together as an ensemble to remind you of the one-of-a-kind wonder you are.

Everyone is invited to grab a warm beverage, sit back and put together their very own stack of bangles online. While our gold bangles for women get the lions share of attention, we also offer bracelets in silver so you have a multi-tone look for your stack.

Lightweight And Contemporary Gold

10mm Gold shiny hip hop Bracelet Bling Women Jewelry AAAA Zircon Charm ...

In addition to the sentiments that bangle stacks represent, our line of gold bangles for women is also popular for having a contemporary yet classic style. Bangle bracelets are timelessly fashionable and versatile. Because these bangles are versatile and lightweight, you can wear them with jeans and a sweatshirt by day, and then with a cute dress for dinner at night.

It is a mere coincidence that bangle rhymes with dangle, but most bangles do tend to hang down from your wrists. Our lightweight gold bangles for women are designed to fit better and more comfortably than your typical designer bangles.

Bracelets do tend to hit surfaces while doing everyday tasks. Because our gold bangles are gold-filled rather than gold-plated, these are durable to stand up to the usual wear from regular use without tarnishing. Whichever wrist cuff you choose, your bangles set is made of top-quality pieces that are hand-cut, stamped, shaped, and polished by our team.

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How To Shop For Mountain Moverzs Gold Bangles Online

Shopping online is fun when youre building your very own bangle stack! You can assign any meaning you choose to each bracelet. Below are our gold-filled offerings.

We also have silver bangles to mix and match so your stack has multi-toned look. Our Anchored Bangle comes in silver and represents being rooted in love and strength.

Youre always invited to browse our inventory of minimalist jewelry and simple necklaces. Treat yourself by adding more favorites to your rotation and snag a few gift cards so your loved ones can grow their collection too!

Lovely Gold Bangles For Women

Indian ladies love to embellish their wrists with beautiful bangles. Bangles are a compulsory part of their jewellery collections. Generally, women have different preferences when it comes to wearing bangles. Where some women harbour a love for colourful glass bangles, some cant do without multiple pairs of gold bangles. Some team glass bangles with different kinds of gold bangles for women. Some like to wear a single pair of bangles. Women working in the office prefer wearing a single bangle in any hand while young girls look for bangles cum bracelets.

Malabars gold bangles collection has something for every taste. There are traditional gold bangle sets loved by the ladies, gold bangle bracelet for modern ladies and gold bangle design for bridal purpose.

The collection has bangles in the most alluring designs.The gold bangle design catalogue features multiple design patterns ranging from traditional to vintage, divine, and contemporary.

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Shop Mountain Moverz Gold Bangles And Bracelets For Women

Our line of gold bangles for women is the cornerstone of our jewelry collection. These versatile and classic bracelets are customized as you mix and match them to create your personal stack!

For so many women in our Mountain Moverz community, their bangles stack becomes part of their everyday signature style. The bangles go with everything and wont catch on your favorite sweater. Just slip each cuff on your wrist and youre good to go!

What Are Popular Styles Of Bracelets

New Gold Bracelet Dailywear Designs || 22Ct Chain Model Gold Bracelet Collection

There are many styles of bracelets, and the bracelet style you choose should reflect your personality and tastes, or those of your loved one. For men, chunky chain bracelets are a popular choice, as are identity bracelets that can be engraved with his initials or a special message. These styles are also popular for women, and can be layered with charm bracelets, infinity bracelets or solid sterling silver or gold bangles. A diamond tennis bracelet is a very popular choice for a gift, a special way to show how much you care, while a heart bracelet complements both modern and traditional styles and will be treasured for years to come.

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Exotic Gold Jewelery Beholds The Perfect Jewelry To Enchant Your Lady Love

Jewelry is termed as women best friend. It is always a wonderful gift for women in her life. Exotic Gold Jewelry is this one platform where you came across all types of jewelry under one roof. We provide you with the best jewelry option for your loved one. We have paid keen attention to what kind of piece you can get for her, what cuts and designs are best to suit your lady. We make sure you get a wide range of bracelets, rings, gold bangles according to our customers needs.

Choosing the appropriate jewelry can be a little tricky, but we make sure it becomes easy for you to choose among the wide range we have with different kinds of cuts and designs according to your needs and as per the occasion. We make every piece worthy of your lady love. We make sure to help you to find the perfect jewelry match for your lady love.

Talking about the product range that we have to offer you is huge. We provide you with a wide variety of rings, gold bangles bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendant sets, brooch pins, etc.

When we talk about one single piece of jewelry that most women love are rings. These can be worn on any attire. They are a great source of promise among two souls and are the connecting element between them. When we design rings we deal with certified uncut diamonds to gold, ranging from 18k gold rings to unheated ruby, emerald, sapphire to precious solitaires. You can select your favorite piece from our website with just one click.

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Silver Or Golden: Bangles And Bracelets For Women For Any Occasion

Our broad variety of bangles and bracelets is designed to perfectly offer mix and match possibilities. Harmoniously combine your special THOMAS SABO wristband with compatible necklaces, rings, or watches, all reflecting the THOMAS SABO design-language. Create your individual style, depending on your casual or elegant wardrobe.

  • For an evening-gala: A tennis bracelet with luxurious zirconia stones is a perfect choice.
  • For a romantic dinner: By picking up a bracelet with white freshwater pearls, you will complete your outfit perfectly.
  • For a Party: Include lavish bangles or bracelets into your expressive club-outfit.
  • For everyday: Bracelets with textile bands as a cool accessory for the daytime.
  • Day and Night: Thin chain bracelets, which will match any outfit.

Our bracelets fascinate with the characteristic THOMAS SABO design code. Accordingly, separate pieces can be easily matched together. No matter if you are in the mood for an unpretentious, monochrome look, a colourful and floral style or if youre in the rock-star mood, wearing skull- and tiger-jewellery. Our universal design-language brings another advantage: you can easily wear individual pieces together by layering bracelets.

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Womens Gold Bangles: Syncing The Traditional And The Modern

Remember running around the street melas and flocking in herds near the bangle sellers. The joy of trying-on bangles and walking around, feeling proud of your new treasure! The fascination with bangles is not new. They are the ultimate sign of traditions and culture in every part of India. Bangles have always been taken as the traditional jewellery. Well not anymore! We have reinvented the designs to suit various occasions. We believe that some traditions are too precious to be parted ways with. Marriage and bangles have been synonymous with each other for long. But at BlueStone, we dont want you to be restricted by just one occasion to flaunt these beauties. So we have set a range of womens gold bangle designs exclusively for you. Some of our bracelet fusion bangle collection will surely catch your eye, like the Mareesha flexible Bangle, the Starrylight Bangle, and the Sylth Bangle. Their ultra modern designs feel free and rest comfortably on your hands. Carry tradition in your own style!

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