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Phoenix Gold 12 Inch Subwoofer

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For a long time now, Phoenix Gold has been producing top quality, high performance car audio products. Over the years, the brand has earned a reputation for rugged, over-engineered gear thats designed from the ground up to handle the abuse of its most enthusiastic customers.

The new SX series of subwoofers is a great example of this philosophy. Built with larger-than-typical motors, heavier steel frames and large diameter voice coils, the SX woofers are designed to sound great and handle pretty much whatever you throw at them.

The most popular model is the SX112d4, a 12-inch dual voice coil subwoofer with a suggested retail price of around $300. We put one of these woofers through the paces here in the lab to see how it performs.

The four-layer voice coil is wound from oxygen-free copper wire onto a 2.5-inch black anodized vented aluminum former. The voice coil windings are rated for use up to 464-degrees Fahrenheit in an effort to make the woofer as reliable as possible. The aluminum former connects to a heavy duty non-pressed paper cone, which is covered on the top by a large diameter polypropylene dustcap. Controlling the cone motion is a progressive type poly-cotton spider and a wide-roll butyl rubber surround.

Using specialized CAE/CAD analysis, the driver is designed for plenty of excursion capability, with advertised peak-to-peak travel of over 1.4 inches .

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Experience Breathtaking Sound With Phoenix Golds New Gx Line

Clearwater, FL Phoenix Gold has launched its new line of GX amplifiers and subwoofers, equipped with the advanced features and power you can expect from the PG brand.

GX subwoofers feature MLB collar technology enabling micro-level bonding for increased strength between the cone and spider. They also possess CFL3 technologies making them three times more structurally rigid, thus prolonging the voice coils life. GX subwoofers are available in 10-inch , and 12-inch sizes with 8-inch coming soon.

GX amplifiers are designed to cover a multitude of installation needs. Included in the line, are our proprietary PG quick connects for high current capability and reliability while enabling clean and quick installations. The chassis has been optimized by utilizing BFD to keep the amplifier running cool when the music is hot. GX amplifiers are available in 1200-watt, 6-channel , 1200-watt, 1-channel and 800-watt, 4-channel .

GX subwoofer key features include:

GX amplifier key features include:

  • Proprietary PG Quick Connects
  • Audiophile Grade Full Range Class D
  • High Pass and Low Pass Crossovers
  • High-Level Input Capable for Easy OEM Integration
  • Selectable Balanced / Unbalanced Inputs

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