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Do Golden Goose Sneakers Run True To Size

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The Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneakers Buying Guide


Vintage styles with an attitude – that’s exactly what Golden Goose Deluxe Brand’s sneakers are about. The label puts a contemporary twist on classic lace-ups to make unique low and high-top styles every closet needs. Each pair comes complete with GGDB’s signature patch detailing and distressed sole, which gives an edgy touch that won’t go unnoticed.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand brings its own distinctive mix of fresh streetwear design and innovative style to versatile and modern sneakers. From its inception in Venice, the Golden Goose label offers fans a vintage feel to its fashion collection thats crafted to perfection. From classic white to glitter-embellished and lizard-print designs, each pair has the signature GGDB star logo and love-worn, scuffed look. Ahead, take a look at our womens Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers buying guide, which will help you decide on the styles that work best for you and work out which size you should go for.

The Best Stores To Order Golden Goose Sneakers

I know NORDSTROM is a favorite for most everyone, but I dont think they are a great place to buy GGDB. They have a very small selection and sizes go fast. If you can find a pair you love, obviously order from NORDSTROM.

REVOLVE: I find so many great styles I love and shipping is quick!

SHOPBOP: just like Revolve, great options, but even faster FREE shipping when you use your Amazon Prime login.

FARFETCH: I find when a pair of GGDB goes on sale, I can usually find the best sizes on Farfetch.

MATCHESFASHION: Based in Europe, but only takes 2-3 days to get to my house.

MYTHERESA: Some of the best pieces I find come from My Theresa.

INTERMIX: I always find the size Im looking for here.

NET-A-PORTER: Best selection for all the classic color combos.

LUISAVIAROMA: They sell quick but the available sizes are listed before you click on each shoe. Makes it easy to shop.

For Comparison Heres What I Take In Other American And French/european Shoes Adidas Stan Smiths:

How do golden goose shoes fit. Golden goose is an italian brand, so the sizing is in the italian standard (ex: These leather sneakers made in italy are adorned with the ggdb star on the side and a rubber toe cap. Ahead, we break down everything you need to know about.

Hard to believe i waited that long to own a pair. In terms of sizing, id say that sizing is true to size. About a year ago, i put a pair of golden goose sneakers on my wishlist, but felt like i could never justify a pair of sneakers that cost anywhere between $400 and $500 but, i loved how they looked and how they could go with so many different outfits.

Us 8 by far boots: I think that’s what makes them look so effortlessly chic while wearing. They usually run about $260 a pair, but are worth every penny!

Sizing can be tricky when you have to order online. Usually i am in between an 8.5 and 9 so according to the golden goose size chart, they recommended size 39. In all the superstar style gg sneakers, im my true size 37 and in the high top gg sneakers, i size down one and get a size 36.

Golden goose italian sizing & fit. They come in italian sizing, which can be confusing so i wanted to share a breakdown: A casual way to wear golden goose sneakers.

Cons to golden goose sneakers. If you get your sneakers and they seem to slip. It 39 chanel ballet flats:

Golden Goose Sizing, Dupes & Sales Golden goose sneakers

High top sneakers by Golden Goose SVMoscow Sneakers

Golden Goose 495 Superstar White

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How Can I Get Golden Goose Sneakers On Sale

Like a recipe, read all of these steps before you make a move

Golden Goose sneakers sometimes go on sale.

If you cant wait for sale season, or if youre holding out for the simple white ones, heres how you can always save money

Lets start by keeping these retailers that carry GGDB in mind:

Step 1: Sign Up To An Email List

Some of the above retailers have a X% off your first purchase if you sign up to our newsletter offer via a pop up window.

Sign up for their newsletter if its your first time and get that coupon code!

Step 2: Meet RakutenRakuten is a luxury cash back service thatll give you anywhere from 2%-15% back from your purchase depending on the retailer, plus a sign up bonus of $20.

Basically Rakuten is eBates for ~cool~ retailers.

I purchased my Golden Goose sneakers from SSENSE via a different cashback service , but Rakuten would also totally work. My order came to $435 . I should receive $43 back, which basically makes these sneakers 10% off and makes up for a lack of an extra email % off.

I ordered the sneakers on February 8th.SSENSE has a 14 day return policy and Jewel would pay confirmed orders every 2 months starting February 10th so around April, I received my cashback.

Rakuten pays out their cashback every 3 months.

Alternatively, sometimes folks list their Superstars on Vestiaire Collective, where you can find them for a little bit less than retail.

Golden Goose Sneakers: Sizing Sales & 10 Best Golden Goose Dupes

Golden Goose Super

Golden Goose Sneakers: Sizing, Sales & 10 Best Golden Goose Dupes

Denim Jacket | | Sneakers

Golden Goose sneakers are all the rage these days, and I totally get it! They are so easy to slide on and go. Style them with a dress or a t-shirt and jeans. They have that effortlessly cool factor to them, and will quickly become the most worn item in your closet.

For this look, I threw on a pair of black denim, a snakeskin blouse, and another fall wardrobe capsule item, this denim jacket. Easy peasy!

Now, I know they are an investment. For me, I am in sneakers the majority of the time. I can have a toddler on each hip, slip them on, and still leave the house feeling stylish.

Golden Goose is an Italian brand founded by Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo in 2000. They considered themselves outsiders in the fashion world, and never played by the rules. Perhaps thats why they have become such a cult favorite their authenticity and boldness paved their own way.


Since they are an Italian brand, the sizing is in the Italian standard. For reference, I am a standard US 8.5. I wear a 38 in Golden Goose. A general good rule of thumb with Golden Goose is to order a 1/2 size down. So a 38 would be an 8 which is 1/2 size down from my typical 8.5.


A few of the places that I have found to have GREAT selections of Golden Goose sneakers are:

* Intermix – They always get a unique selection, and occasionally will go on sale as well.



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P448 John Sneaker $250

Introduction: P448 is an Italian luxury street style sneaker brand that was born in 2014, and they get their inspiration from the skate world as well as the hip hop subculture. This is clearly reflected in their designs. These are the most similar style to Golden Goose, and theyre actually the shoes that got me on this sneaker quest. Even though theyre over my $200 budget, I was curious enough to order them to see how they compare to the rest.

Pros: I love the grey and rose gold accents and the subtle perforated P448 logo. It adds texture without being in your face. When you slip your feet inside, they are super comfortable. The tongue is soft and lined with some kind of suede or terry material, so it doesnt jab into your leg like most of the other leather sneakers do.

Cons: I cant keep them on my feet! They came laced this way, so theres no good way to tighten them unless I re-lace them and tie them in the traditional way, and Im assuming that will detract substantially from the cool factor, haha! While the sole is rather stiff, but there is good padding, and I can see how they would break in fairly easily if the shoe would actually stay on my foot. Maybe I should give it a try before I return them. Theyre also heavy, weighting in at 15 oz.

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Are They Cheaper In Europe

  • Yes! Because they are made in Italy, they are a little bit more affordable in Europe. With the VAT refund and conversion rate, they end up being about $100 $200 cheaper over in Paris, Italy and all of Europe. I have some info on getting your VAT refund when you are traveling abroad in this post here if you dont know what Im referring too.

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How Do You Style Them

Aside from the comfort and elongate leg situation, my favorite thing about Golden Goose is that they can dress up or down easily. I dont find that to always be the case with each style of sneaker, and I think it has to do with the toe not being too chunky, and the details. I wear them with anything from workout clothes to dresses. Here are a few outfits from over the years to give you ideas.

Which Style To Buy

Golden Goose Running Sole: Full Review (Episode #9)

I currently own three pairs of Golden Goose sneakers. I started with the basic distressed white one and ended up adding two more statement options to my collection. Although I love them all, the leopard pair has to be my favorite. Its also the one I get asked about most. Theyre so chic and statement-making, which is perfect for me since I wear a lot of neutrals. They always stand out against my outfits. Net-A-Porter currently has the best price on them . Ive also been coveting the newer tan and camel ones . Those are great because you can wear them with anything.

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Greats Royale Sneaker $179

Introduction: I discovered these through another blogger, and I really love the mission of this brand. Greats is a sneaker brand that was born in Brooklyn and are made in Italy. The two founders are passionate about building the best footwear in the game at the best price, and these shoes have been dubbed the most accessibly-priced luxury sneaker in the world. I have to say, Im impressed!

Pros: Where do I start??? The quality is outstanding, and the second I put my foot in these shoes, I was obsessed. Theyre leather lined and so luxe. I did want sneakers with some other color details, but I ended up ordering these plain white ones because I didnt see any others I liked better. They have a very clean aesthetic, which I appreciate.

Cons: Unfortunately these are the heaviest of all the shoes I ordered weighing in at a whopping 17 ounces per shoe. They also fit my foot a little bit big. I actually ordered the 8.5 and the 9, and the 8.5 was too short while the 9 seems a little big on me. I have narrow, flat feet so they look a little clunky compared to the Veja, which is the most similar of all the ones I tried.

These are a strong contender very strong. I love the quality for the price, I love supporting a company based in Brooklyn, and they look great on. If I had thicker/wider feet, they would be perfect. I need to wear them around the house a little more to decide for sure if I can deal with the extra weight for the luxe lining and classic styling.

Are They Worth The Cost

The embellished Ace sneakers retail for $670 which is steep! Its tough to say if any pair of designer shoes is worth the cost because shoes dont really have the same inherent resale value as bags or leather goods. If I compare them to my coveted Christian Louboutin So Kates, they do seem to be a better value on a price per wear basis because theres just so many opportunities to wear sneakers vs. high heels. They are in the same price range as Golden Goose sneakers and I would say Gucci Ace sneakers may be a better option if you are looking to really elevate your wardrobe. If you are looking for a more casual, less flashy option Golden Goose sneakers would be a better choice.

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Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers Comfort And You

Heres the #1 thing that retailers dont tell you: the Superstar sneakers have a hidden wedge.

The hidden wedge inside is ~1.25.

This is a good thing if you want a little extra height or the support that a wedge can offer.

The wedge heel is comfortable to walk in. Its also removable, so you can easily swap it out for a flat one from Dr. Scholls if youd prefer.

The backs of these sneakers have a little cushion, which stops them from digging into the back of your ankle .

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers weigh 654 grams or 1.44 lbs vs. Adidas Stan Smiths weigh 649 grams or 1.43 lbs basically, theyre super light for sneakers.

My Golden Goose Superstar sneakers didnt require any break in time because they are all ready pre-distressed.

They are perfectly comfortable walking in straight out of the box.

My Honest Review Of Golden Goose Sneakers

NW GOLDEN GOOSE sneakers trainers RUNNING SOLE G35MS963.A2 ...

One of my favorite things to do here is share my honest thoughts on trending luxury products, and today Im bringing you my review of Golden Goose sneakers! These have been popular in the fashion community for several years now, but I only recently jumped on board and bought my first pair after finding a semi-clean white and gold option thats more compatible with my style than their traditional, highly distressed sneakers.

Theres no doubt about itthese shoes are a huge investment. So if youre wondering whether Golden Goose sneakers are worth it, Im breaking down all the most important things to know, from comfort to sizing, styling, quality, pricing, and durability, to help you make an informed decision.

Keep scrolling to read my full Golden Goose sneaker review!

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Are Golden Goose Sneakers True To Size

Youre sold on buying a pair of Golden Goose sneakers. Youre ready to sign up to the trend and buy these holy grail shoes. Now, youre probably wondering what size Golden Goose should I get?.

Great news! The Golden Goose sneakers generally run true to size. The brand is consistent with their sizing, so you should be the same in all their sneakers. You can wear these comfortable shoes all day long, whether youre going to the office or brunch with your friends.

If youre between sizes, we recommend going up a size as Golden Goose is a brand that doesnt offer the illustrious half-size option. Even people who have wider feet can typically take their true size in these sneakers without worrying about them pinching your feet.

As Golden Goose make their sneakers in Italy, youll want to make sure youre ordering the correct size as they come in Italian sizing. If youre from the UK or the US, youll want to double-check with a size converter.

My Most Loved Sneakers

Veja V-10 Sneakers: I bought these Veja sneakers because I saw Meghan Markle wearing them and she looked so cute! I love that they are a little sportier than my other styles and all of the chic French girls are wearing them so there is that. Be warned, they do take some time to break in. The tongue is extremely stiff and I had to wear bandaids on my ankles for a few wears but eventually the tongue softens and naturally falls to the side a bit. They are super comfortable *now* and one of my favorites! I have this black style and they run true to size .

Isabel Marant Beth Sneakers: Funny enough these are maybe my most asked about sneakers! It seems that a lot of you are interested in this style but need to know more. Again, I would label these as fashionable/sporty. The velcro is really fun and I love that they make feminine outfits feel a little more laidback. If youre into designer items then I would say go for it! But if you are just generally looking for a good velcro sneaker, I think you could find something for less like these. The Beth sneakers do run small so I suggest going one size up!

Gola Cheetah Sneakers* not pictured but these sneakers deserve a shout out, my newest pair! So comfortable, cute and sporty, I love the platform and just fun! Seen here. True to size!

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Golden Goose Purestar Sneakers

When chatting with yall on Instagram, several of you recommended the Purestar! After hearing about them being the most comfortable, I had to try them! Yall werent kidding! Of all three pairs, these are definitely the most comfortable straight out of the box. The insole has a memory-foam-like feel that is insanely comfortable. They are slightly heavier than the others, but if youre going strictly for comfort, these win!

Like the non-distressed Superstar, the style is a little more classic. Every version is all-white with a white star, but they do have several options for the back tab including glitter, blue, black, and the pink Im wearing! The platform is very on-trend without being overly clunky!

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