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White Gold Diamond Tennis Necklace

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Jewelry Care Goes A Long Way For More Information Please View Our Care Library:


14k GOLD

To clean your 14k gold jewelry, use a soft toothbrush and dish soap and gently scrub. Be sure to rinse excess residue! You can also clean your gold pieces by gently rubbing a polishing cloth. For Herringbone care please reference below.


Herringbone chains are delicate and without proper care, they can kink! Be sure to remove before physical activity, sleeping, and showering and always lay flat. We recommend not wearing lotions as scum can build up when wearing this piece. Cleaning should be avoided due to its delicate nature and intricate design.


Avoid using lotions when wearing diamond pieces as the lotion can get caught under stones and take away from their sparkle! Remove prior to showering to avoid unwanted soap scum build up. To clean, use a soft toothbrush and a little dish soap and gently scrub. We recommend using our jewelry cleaner for best results!


Please keep in mind that this style of setting means each diamond is held in place with a single prong on each side of the diamond . Due to the delicate nature of this setting, avoid knocking against any surfaces, snagging on a handbag, clothing or heavier hand held items like shopping bags. Every so often give your ring a gentle shake to see if any stones are loose. If any stones are loose to initiate a repair. To clean, use a soft toothbrush and a little dish soap and gently scrub. We recommend using our jewelry cleaner for best results!



How To Clean Your Diamond Tennis Necklace

Cleaning a diamond tennis necklace is very simple, and you can generally do it yourself. Start by creating a mixture of warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing soap. Soak your diamond drop earrings for about 10 15 minutes and then gently brush the diamonds with a new soft-bristled toothbrush. Then rinse your diamond drop earrings under warm running water to remove the soap film. Gently dry your diamond tennis necklace with a soft cloth taking care not to snag any prongs or diamonds. For an elevated sparkle you can use a professionally formulated jewelry cleaner. Steam and ultrasonic cleaning are recommended by a trained professional.

How To Use A Diamond Tennis Necklace As A Push Present

The gift of jewelry makes a great push present. A diamond tennis necklace is great for a mother delivering a baby regardless of the birthing month. Having a baby is life changing and that is why gifting fine jewelry is so appropriate. Just think, every time Mom looks at her beautiful diamond tennis necklace, she will think about the glorious day of delivery. How special is that?

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18k White Gold 3.5ctw Diamond Tennis Necklace
5.60 Ct Diamond Tennis Necklace, 17 inch Diamond Tennis Necklace, 14Kt Gold Genuine Natural Beautiful White Diamonds
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    How To Ensemble Your Diamond Tennis Necklace

    Once you have selected your diamond tennis necklace adding a complimenting ring, earrings, or bracelet is quite easy. The diamond tennis necklace styles seldom match exactly as the necklaces design is generally quite different from that of ring or earrings. Bracelets are a different matter as diamond tennis bracelets and diamond tennis necklaces can match nearly exactly but this is not necessary as this is about your taste and fashion sense. The most important thing is that your jewelry wardrobe is a self-expression all your own. There is really no right or wrong.

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    How To Select The Best Clasp For Your Diamond Tennis Necklace

    The clasp on a diamond tennis necklace is a very important feature with benefits of confidence and security. For the most part, you will not be selecting the clasp type unless you are customizing the diamond tennis necklace with your jeweler but rather, you will be accepting the type of clasp already manufactured with the diamond tennis necklace design. Below, you will see the basic anatomies of three diamond tennis necklace clasps. They are all box clasps with different types of safety locks. The basis of a box clasp is a male and female push-in function that locks by mere friction, and an extra safety lock. The images below show three different types of locks: a Single Figure-8 that snaps down to keep the box clasp from opening a Double Figure-8 and a Hidden Safety that wraps around the back of the box clasp to secure it from opening. All three clasp types are very secure an acceptable for normal wear.

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    White Gold And Diamond Tennis Necklace

    How To Select The Length Of A Diamond Tennis Necklace

    ShopGld Clustered Tennis Necklace in White Gold x Diamond Tester

    Selecting the right diamond tennis necklace is not necessarily about price, it should be about style and your fashion sense. Deciding on the length of the diamond tennis necklace and what looks best on you for your neckline and fashion style is a good start. Some prefer a short Choker length for higher collars and dramatic sleeveless looks, where others prefer a more Princess length to accommodate a broader range of outfit necklines. Then still others may like a more dramatic look that comes with the Matinee and Opera lengths, ideal for high turtlenecks and sexy low plunges.

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    Diamond Tennis Necklace White Gold

    Finding The Right Necklaces For You

    We are fortunate to know much of the worldâs long and dazzling history of necklaces, as this type of jewelry was so treasured that it was frequently buried with its owners.

    Lapis lazuli beads adorned necklaces unearthed from the royal graves at the ancient Iraqi civilization of Sumer, while the excavation of King Tutâs burial chamber revealed a sense of style that led to a frenzy of Art Deco designs, with artisans of the 1920s seeking to emulate the elegant work crafted by Ancient Egyptâs goldsmiths and jewelry makers.

    In ancient times, pendant necklaces worn by royalty and nobles conferred wealth and prestige. Today, wearing jewelry is about personal expression: Luxury diamond necklaces exude confidence and can symbolize the celebratory nature of a deep romantic relationship, while paper-clip chain-link necklaces designed by the likes of goldsmith Faye Kim are firmly planted in the past as well as the present. Kim works exclusively with eco-friendly gold, and these fashionable, fun accessories owe to the design of 19th-century watch fobs.

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    How To Select The Precious Metal For A Diamond Tennis Necklace

    Selecting the precious metal for your diamond tennis necklace is a matter of personal choice and price. Luckily, a diamond tennis necklace looks great in sterling silver, platinum, and all the colors of gold. You can really follow your own personal style and select the metal color that you prefer the most. White gold, platinum, and sterling silver have a similar appearance but are very different in price. Where sterling silver is much less expensive and used promotionally to save on expense, white gold and platinum give you a richer feel and look and are used for the finer diamond tennis necklace styles. It is also important to note that a diamond tennis necklace in yellow gold or rose gold are great choices too as their unique colors look outstanding. To be clear, the most popular choice is 14 karat white gold. This seems to be the most versatile for all occasions and value.

    How To Select The Style Of A Diamond Tennis Necklace

    14k White Gold Perfect Diamond Collar Tennis Necklace  The Last Line

    Selecting the style of a diamond tennis necklace is very important but not so difficult as it is a personal choice that has no wrong answer. There are several different diamond tennis necklace mounting styles. Here are a few of the more popular styles to consider. One is the Graduated, this is where there is a larger diamond at the bottom of the diamond tennis necklace and each diamond going towards the clasp ends gets slightly smaller. Then there are the 3-Prong and 4-Prong. There are not any clear advantages to 3 or 4 prongs, except that some prefer seeing less metal surrounding the diamonds, and so 3-Prong may be the logical choice. Other variations for a diamond tennis necklace include Raindrops and Diamonds-by-the-Yard. With Raindrops there are fewer diamonds but off-the-chart movement! Look carefully at the image below and see that each diamond is masterfully drilled and attached to the chain making this diamond tennis necklace variation something to see to believe- truly fascinating. Finally, a Diamonds-by-the-Yard diamond necklace is creatively fun to wear. The diamonds are usually set in a bezel , can be of various diamond weights, and look great wearing one and super when layered together with different lengths. Just picture a Choker and a couple of Princess Diamonds-by-the-Yards draping over your favorite blouse.

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    Choosing A Metal Type For Diamond Bracelets And Necklaces

    There are a number of metals to choose from for your diamond necklace or bracelet:


    • Platinum is a very popular choice because of its strength and durability. It has a light, silver look, which can add a sleek, sophisticated appearance to your diamond jewelry piece. _x000d_
    • White gold has a similar look to platinum, but is a softer metal._x000d_
    • Yellow gold has been a classic choice of many consumers for a long time. It creates a rich, warm tone that accentuates the diamonds in your bracelet or necklace._x000d_

    Which metal type is right for your diamond jewelry piece depends upon the look youre trying to create, your style preferences, and the skin tone of the wearer. Some skin tones are best complemented by platinum or white gold while some are set off by yellow gold. If you are choosing a diamond jewelry piece to be worn with other specific pieces, its usually a good idea to choose the same metal color for your new jewelry addition.

    Diamond Shapes

    There are many different diamond shapes well suited for presentation in a bracelet or necklace. Some of the most common diamond shapes are: princess, round, emerald, oval, radiant, and pear. Depending on the style of bracelets and necklaces you favor, youll likely find a diamond shape that suits you and your jewelry better than others.

    Diamond Necklace Types

    Types of Diamond Bracelets

    Buying Tips for Diamond Necklaces and Diamond Bracelets

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