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Tinder Gold Free Trial 2021

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Tinder Gold Free Trial 2021 Facts

How To Get Free Tinder Gold – iOS & Android

The newest, freshest Tinder Gold Free Trial 2021 deals across the web are listed above. Currently, CouponAnnie has 8 deals in sum regarding Tinder Gold Free Trial 2021, which includes but not limited to 0 code, 8 deal, and 2 free delivery deal. For an average discount of 13% off, customers will receive the best final savings up to 20% off. The very best deal available currently is 20% off from “Tinder Gold Free Trial 2021 Sitewide Offers! Save Additional 5%”.

Use Tinder Gold Without Getting Gold

Now, this might sound a lot more confusing for everyone. People will be thinking how is that possible? Well, there are many things you can do here. Its not possible to use all the features for free but you can surely use some.

One of the best things that people do with Tinder Gold is that they use it to scroll and get many profiles. You can change the location using location-changing software.

There are many such tools that you can use. One of the tools that we will suggest here is the FakeLoc location changer. It allows you to set any location as your GPS location. You can use this app to set any location you want and then even walk in that location.

The steps are easy. All you need to do is install the app, open it, and it will ask you for the location. You can set the location and thats it. To make things a little bit more interesting, you can set the mode to walking or running. This will change the GPS location just like you are walking. When you are walking at a different place, you will start getting more profiles.

Therefore, you can surely keep using the app and set new locations every day. You can use different modes and find more profiles that might interest you. In this way, you will have a lot of profiles on your list. You can surely get the one date from here. Thereafter, you can use the reward trick and get the extra rewards from there.

How To Get The Free Trial

  • Open the Tinder app.
  • Tap on your profile icon and select the promo code.
  • Paste the promo code here and tap the submit button.
  • If it’s a valid promo code, you will immediately get the Tinder gold access. Note that Promo codes may not get you permanent access to free Tinder Gold subscriptions as they are mainly discount codes.
  • No doubt, you will get a limited time period for free, but you will still have to purchase the subscription later on.

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    Bonus Tip: Fake Tinder Location Without Anyone Knowing

    iToolab AnyGo is the best and safe GPS spoofer tool that allows you to change the GPS coordinates of your iPhone to any location you like in the world. With AnyGo, you can see the map on full screen to get a better view of the location you want to see Tinder profiles. Whats more, you can share a fake location on social media to trick your friends into thinking youre abroad.

    iToolab AnyGo is simple but effective. And more importantly, it doesnt require a jailbreaking process so your important data will remain safe.

    Spoof GPS Location on Your iPhone/iPad

    • Works well with LBS games and social apps such as Tinder.
    • Multiple modes to fake GPS movement.
    • Simulate walking, cycling or driving at a variable speed.
    • Spoof location of multiple iPhones simultaneously.

    iToolab AnyGo is simple but effective. And more importantly, it doesnt require a jailbreaking process so your important data will remain safe.

    Step 1: At first, download AnyGo and connect your iPhone to your computerand. Click on the Start option on the first interface you see.

    Step 2: click the Teleport icon in the top-right of the screen. Now, enter the location you want to teleport to.

    Step 3: Finally, you just need to click Go to teleport your Tinder location.

    Easy, right? Now you have a new location on your Tinder. There are other methods to change Tinder location but they are not recommended due to privacy matters.

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    Does Tinder Gold Free Trial Code 2021 Participate In Black Friday

    Tinder Gold MOD APK [Gold Unlocked] 2021

    When it involves Black Friday buying season, vendors will go down prices on a substantial amount of their existing stock to the most affordable price of the year. Tinder Gold Free Trial Code 2021 is one of those vendors in the biggest blowout sale day of the year. Each year, the vendor delivers pre-Black Friday and Black Friday deals, and incredible Cyber Monday bargains as well.

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    Get To See Who Liked You For Free

    There are at least three different methods to use so as to know who Likes You feature without having Tinder Gold.

    i) Inspecting Browser Element to get Free Access to Clear Photos of who Liked You

    This is not really hard to do and it is very interesting.

    All that is required of you is to sort of engineer the codes on the Tinder page a bit. Do not worry, we will have a step-by-step guide on how to do this successfully.

    Before we even begin, I would like to mention that this method works successfully when you are using a computer rather than a smartphone.

    Its easier to see source code. So, take note.

    Right click besides the photos to inspect element.

    • Access your Tinder
    • Access your matches icon. It is the one before the messages that shows you all your likes.
    • Right click besides the photos. Select the option, inspect element.
    • You should see Developer Tools UI accompanied by a link. This link is under the background-image.
    • Simply right click on the link to open it in a new tab and viola! You should see a clear face of the like/match.

    If you follow the step-by-step above you do not really need to have knowledge in programming. This is also something that you can do yourself at home.

    Things to watch out for if it does not work for you:

    • Clear out your browser cookies.
    • Refresh your page or restart your browser.
    • Repeat the steps as pointed out above to open the link in a new tab.

    It should now work.

    All this coding will just make us smarter like geeks.

    Follow this procedure:

    Use A Tinder Gold Promo Code

    The Internet is a profitable area with misleading ads and frauds on websites. Therefore, you will locate numerous articles that will advise offering you Tinder Gold promo codes for free. It may be argued that finding a legitimate Tinder promo code is quite tough. Many coupon websites advertise reductions of 50 percent -70 percent , however they do not exist at all. You spend a lot of time hunting for it, just a waste of time. These sorts of coupons will not work.If you are a new Tinder user, you may input the promo code following the below instructions.

  • Open your browser and visit and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • On the bottom, you can locate the heading Community. Under that, tap on the Promo Code.
  • Enter or paste the promo code you have and then press Submit.
  • To sign up, you may use your phone number or your Facebook credentials. Create an account using one of the given ways.
  • If needed, you can input the payment information and continue.
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    Does Tinder Gold Free Trial Participate In Black Friday

    When Black Friday shopping season comes, vendors will drop rates on a substantial quantity of their existing stock to the most affordable rate of the year. Tinder Gold Free Trial is one of those vendors in the biggest blowout sale day of the year. Each year, the vendor delivers pre-Black Friday and Black Friday deals, and incredible Cyber Monday bargains as well.

    Using Tinder Gold Promo Code

    Free Tinder Gold �� How To Get Tinder Gold For FREE On iOS/Android 2021 TUTORIAL

    On major festivals and holidays, Tinder frequently gives promo codes and discounts. Tinder Gold subscriptions are discounted with the promo code. To find accessible promo codes, search the web for Tinder Gold promo codes and use them to acquire a lower subscription. Also, keep an eye out for promotions in your email inbox.

    Heres how to utilize a valid Tinder Gold coupon code:

    Open the Tinder app on your phone. Select the promo code from your Profile icon.

    Paste the discount code and hit the submit button. If the promo code is legitimate, youll get free Tinder gold access.

    Because promo codes are primarily discount codes, they may not provide permanent access to free Tinder gold subscriptions. So without a doubt, you will have only a limited period.

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    Does Tinder Gold Free Trial 2021 Reddit Do Black Friday

    When it comes to Black Friday sales event, customers can always receive economical deals from their desired stores. Tinder Gold Free Trial 2021 Reddit is no exception. Each year, the vendor delivers more than just incredible Black Friday deals. Tinder Gold Free Trial 2021 Reddit also offers pre-Black Friday savings and bargains for Cyber Monday.

    Where To Get Tinder Gold Free Code

    The Internet is a lucrative place with misleading advertisements and scams on websites. Therefore, you will find many articles that will indicate giving free Tinder Gold promo codes for free. It can be said that finding a valid Tinder promo code is very difficult. Many coupon websites offer discounts of 50%-70%, but they do not exist at all. You spend a lot of time looking for it, just a waste of time. These types of coupons will not work.

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    Comparison: Tinder Gold Tinder Plus

    Its the best way to take your dating to the next level. Tinder gold free subscriptions let you fire up this dating application, allowing you to quickly find singles in your area.

    In fact, Gold has many advantages over Plus, and they include

    First Theres a Feature.

    Gold gives you a grid style layout. That lets you see in an instant every individual that has swiped right on your picture since your last log-in.

    You get an instant match if you swipe right on their profiles too and it lets you head immediately to messaging!

    However, if youre short on time, you can get an automatic match with a single tap. From there, you can quickly decide who youd like to message, without any need for swiping.

    Plus, you still get the old features of Tinder Gold. This system is simply and upgrade of the normal Tinder, and it doesnt get rid of its most useful features!

    Second Theres the Feature.

    This is the 2nd biggest difference.

    As a Gold subscriber, youre given up to 10 highly compatible individuals that might match you and thats excellent if youre seeking a long-term relationship.

    Otherwise, without Gold, youre restricted in your interactions. You can only talk to a single of your Tinder picks per day.

    How To Access Unlimited Right Swipes For Free

    Tinder gold hack android

    One of the best things about having the free Tinder is that, you can bypass almost all the basic restrictions that Tinder has set for you.

    Here, I use the term Swift Click to refer to that action of you pressing the like button rapidly so that you can like more people after you exhaust your likes for the day.

    It is the last trick that anyone would think of and it works wonderfully.

    It eliminates the trial feature of only getting a maximum, 50 likes a day.

    Wait a minute. Recognize this early that this method works best from a smart phone compared to a desktop computer or a laptop. So, try it on your smartphone first.

    The reason why I keep on differentiating from smartphone to computer is because I was trying out these methods myself and compared what device they best worked on.

    So, please, trust me.

    Yes, Tinder can control their website but they cannot control our cheesy fingers from playing mouse around the swipes! Your finger becomes like a mouse waiting for the cheese to show up and you bite quickly before it disappears again.

    Normally, Tinder used to give you up to 100 right swipes and favored women over men.

    Tinder today gives you only 50 right swipes for the day until you purchase a Gold or Plus Subscription.

    This is a new feature in 2020 in the revision of the Tinder rules.

    Luckily, there is a trick that has always been hanging right under your nose and you can do it several times.

    Making rapid swipes enables you to bypass Right swipe limitations.

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    How Can Tinder Afford To Let Me Do So Much For Free

    Tinder is able to offer a large number of features for free because the app has such a large number of users. There are so many singles on the site that it makes for stiff competition. Paying for a premium membership can help singles overcome the obstacle of being up against hundreds of thousands of other singles.

    A Better Look At Tinders Free Membership Features

    The basic function of Tinder is to sign up, swipe photos, and message matches. The free trial version of Tinder allows you to do all of that, just in a slightly limited capacity. They cap your daily swipes, which forces you to have to wait and come back the next day to continue your search.

    This limit can frustrate users and convince them to upgrade to one of the multiple premium account offers, but you may be surprised to learn that even some of those paid features are capped by the day, week, or month.

    Truth is, users on the free Tinder plan can have just as much success as paid users, it just might take a little bit longer.

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    How To Get A Tinder Gold Promo Code

    To get a valid promo code and other exclusive discounts, all you need to do is install Coupert, a free and legit browser extension that automatically tells you all the available discounts for the site youre on, including Tinder.

  • Add Coupert to your browser.
  • Head to Tinders official website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then click Promo Code.
  • Click on the Coupert icon on the top-right corner and it will show you all the available deals. Copy and paste a promo code into the text field and click Submit.
  • The Benefits Of Tinder Gold

    Tinder Gold and Platinum for Free IOS & Android
    • Give unlimited likes: Meet the people who liked your profile. By acquiring Tinder Gold, it will be possible to see the list of people who like you, an easier way to match.
    • Passport for travelers: If you are a person who travels frequently, you will surely be interested in matching with people who are not in your country. So when you travel to that country, you can have an appointment.
    • You will have five super likes available daily.
    • Increase your exposure: Once a month, you can activate the boost of your profile this will make your profile the most viewed in your area.
    • Get access to the best of the best: You have access to the top picks, which is the area of the most prominent people.

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    If You Still Want To Try The Paid Version

    If that is not your cup of tea, but still you want to try the paid version, test it for 3 days. If you think it is worth it, pay for one month, but do not buy the longer subscriptions. Well, if the paid features are so successful, you will probably do not need them for more than a couple of months, right? Finally, we have to admit that there are people out there that are super busy, and do not have hours to spend swiping on their phones all day until they match with someone interesting enough to set up a date with. In this case, maybe paying for the membership will work fine. It will optimize your precious time. And you can quit whenever you found someone or when you are satisfied. You will just see who likes you with features like the mentioned, and it will boost and optimize your romantic life. We hoped you liked our post! Did you have any experience with either paid version of Tinder? If you did, please, leave your comment!

    Does Tinder Gold Free Trial Turn Into A Paid Subscription Right Away

    Yes, it does. After three days of testing out Tinder Gold, you will be automatically charged unless you cancel the subscription.

    There is a catch you should be aware of. Not only do you need to remember to cancel so as not to lose money, but you should also cancel one day prior to the expiration date. Learn how to cancel your Tinder subscriptions following this guide.

    Canceling a subscription can be complicated, especially if you have a deadline. Tinder is particularly tricky because the cancellation steps differ depending on how you registeredon your Apple or Android device, using Google play store or the Tinder website. DoNotPay is here to make these obstacles go away. All you have to do to cancel a subscription with us is

  • Confirm your email
  • Its that easy! If you are wondering about a Tinder refund as well, make sure to check out this webpage.

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    Why Should You Use Tinder Gold

    Tinder has a lot of features in the free version too, but things get better with the paid version. Tinder Gold allows the user to see those who have already liked them before swiping. You can see the Top Picks- your potential matches that are swipe worthy.

    You get the advantage of having unlimited likes. You can also use their Rewind feature, which allows you to rewind your last action like-Like, Super Like or Nope. You also get to use 5 Super Likes per day. Tinder Gold also gives you the boost feature so that you can be the top profile for 30 minutes.

    You can even choose a place you want to talk to people from and match with them. You also get the royalty of ad-free usage.

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