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Does Six Flags Gold Membership Include Hurricane Harbor

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Skip Two Lines Per Visit

Six Flags Membership Questions Answered! PLUS Recommended Tips & Tricks (Info Vlog)

When arriving at the park, we entered the Flash pass area, showed our passes, and received slips of paper that allowed us to use the Flash pass lines for a particular ride. Two rides, no lines, each visit. Meaning, we could keep going on old favorites or swap them up, so over the course of the season, we never had to wait for that one ride we really wanted that day.

Its much easier to have patience waiting in a line after that.

When he went to the Six Flags in New Jersey on a weekend in the summer , the skip-a-line passes, which were handed out at a kiosk with a short line that day, saved us. Despite the crowds, we used them on two coveted ridesthe Justice League Battle for Metropolis and Skull Mountain, making the stop, though short, worthwhile.

Rating: Absolute win. Well worth the Elite level membership.

How Does The Gold Flash Pass Work

With THE FLASH Pass Regular, you have to wait the same amount of time as those without the pass, but you get to skip the lines. THE FLASH Pass Gold reduces the wait time by about 50 percent. For example, your reservation time would be 30 minutes to ride a coaster with a listed wait time of one hour.

Diamond Members Save 35% On Member Dining Passes And Member The Flash Passes

NOTE: To add Member Dining Passes or Member THE FLASH Pass, select the “SIGN UP” button above. You’ll be given the chance to add either of these items during the registration process.

  • Includes lunch & dinner EVERY visit
  • Numerous restaurants & entrees

Skip the Lines Every Visit

  • Skip most major ride lines every visit
  • Priority pickup lines
Enjoy unlimited soft drinks, bigger discounts and bonus benefits only available to higher level Members.

Platinum Membership Key Features:

Full List of Platinum Features

  • Unlimited soft drinks every visit
  • 15% off food 25% off almost everything else
  • Sample preferred parking, skip the line, more!
  • Unlimited soft drinks every visit
  • 15% off food 25% off almost everything else
  • Sample preferred parking, skip the line, more!
  • Six Flags Membership Rewards
  • All Gold Plus and Season Pass benefits
  • One-Time Diamond Skip the Line Ticket
  • Better Free Upgrades and Bonuses
  • Unlimited Admission
  • Platinum Parking on Every Pass
  • Discount Tickets for Friends Every Visit
  • Special Member Pass ID and more
  • Most Benefits Valid at ALL Parks
  • Bonus Benefits at Special Parks
  • Free Tickets for Friends
  • First to Ride New Attractions
  • Priority Member Entry

Limited-Time Special Offer! Signup for Platinum Membership during our sale and pay no sign-up, initiation or processing fees. There will never be a better time to become a Six Flags Member!

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Top 10 Faqs About Membership

Can I use a Membership during Hallowfest and Holiday in the Park?

Yes! All levels of Six Flags Memberships allow you to visit both Hallowfest and Holiday in the Park an unlimited number of times.

Some levels of Memberships come with extra benefits at Hallowfest and Holiday in the Park. For example, With a Diamond Membership you can visit one haunted house at no additional charge. With a Diamond Elite Membership you can visit ALL of the haunted houses every time you visit at no additional charge. At Holiday in the park, you Diamond and Diamond Elite Members get FREE s’mores.

I already have a Membership. Can I upgrade to a better Membership?

Yes, at any time current Members can upgrade from one Membership level to another. To upgrade, log in to Member Services Online and choose “Upgrade” from the main menu. You’ll be able to upgrade without paying any processing fees and we will cancel your old Membership.

Two-Park Season Pass Holders may also visit waterparks that are explicitly included with their Two-Park Pass.

Thrill Passes may only be used for admission at the park they are purchased from.

Season Passes may ONLY be used at the Parks explicitly listed above. For example, Season Passes are not valid for admission to White Water Bay at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park. Although discount passes, tickets, and add-ons may be available to allow you to visit other properties, admission is not included as part of your Six Flags Season Pass.

Get Unlimited Visits To Six Flags Great Adventure And Hurricane Harbor New Jersey

Member Appreciation Day

With a 2-Park Season Pass you’ll get unlimited visits to Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor New Jersey including both Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park. You’ll also get free friend tickets on select days!

IMPORTANT: ALL VISITORS WILL NEED TO MAKE ADVANCE RESERVATIONS PRIOR TO VISIT. The reservation process only takes 5-7 minutes. Have your online order number, ticket number or Membership/Season Pass number handy and visit

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How The Flash Pass Works

Users of the Flash Pass determine which ride they want to virtually queue for and select it from the Flash Pass. The Flash Pass will then display a timeframe, based on the length of the line, that the users can return to the ride and skip the line. Users can only wait in one virtual line at a time, but multiple rides can be scheduled back-to-back and each wait time begins when the previous one ends.

When riders return for their ride time, they can skip the line and board the ride . Riders can ride anytime after their appointment but cannot ride early. Users can also manually cancel rides on the Flash Pass device themselves.

The Flash Pass will automatically compensate wait times to account for ride closures due to inclement weather or mechanical issues and will display a message stating the updated ride time.

Six Flags Season Pass Or Membership: Which Is A Better Deal

For the 2021 year, Six Flags offers two season passes and 4 membership options, in additions to daily tickets. Which is the best value?

Six Flags makes it very, very difficult to know! Every September they have a sale on the passes and memberships which makes it even more confusing. Well, I did the math and put it all into a spreadsheet. This calculator will allow you to enter the number of people in your group and find out what the total costs are for each option. And that includes options for unlimited drink cups, park and meal plans!

All we need to know is how many passes, tickets or memberships do you need, and whether you want the dining pass.

Below you can click on the cost comparison for passes/memberships with a premium dining pass, a basic dining pass or no dining pass.

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First Entry To Great Americas Hurricane Harbor Water Park

All Six Flags Great America season passes include entry into the Hurricane Harbor water park. However, gold pass holders get first entry into the water park sort of like being able to cut to the front of the line, no questions asked. If youve ever been to Six Flags in Gurnee on a hot summer day, theres no need to explain how fantastic of a perk this is!

Perks Subtle Differences And Flash Pass And Parking Add

Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor Increasing Security Following Deadly Shooting In Parking Lot

If a Flash Pass or close to the gate preferred parking are important to you, these upgrades are built into the Diamond and Diamond Elite memberships but they are not exactly the same as the stand-alone Flash Pass. Diamond allows you to Flash ONE ride per visit, Diamond Elite gives you 2 passes per visit. In other words, if skipping EVERY line on every ride is important to you, you just have to bite the bullet and buy the Flash Pass separately anyway. That pretty much only makes sense if you are only going once per season.. or you have more money that Warren Buffet.

The other perks that come with the memberships are pretty worthless, in my opinion.You can see the full list here.

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Notes About The Fall / Halloween Sale

Important: Only Season Pass Holders and Members may buy Season Dining Passes.

If you buy your a Deluxe Dining Pass during the Halloween sale, you get a free upgrade to Premium dining pass, which:

  • Provides lunch, dinner and a snack each visit
  • You can eat at every Six Flags theme park and
  • It includes free all-year free Drink Bottle Since the cups cost about $20 each, this is a big deal.

Also, when you buy the 2021 passes, they are valid IMMEDIATELY. In other words, you can starting using the passes, including the dining passes and unlimited drink bottles immediately and they are still valid until December 31, 2021. Effectively, you get 15 months to use them.

Season Passes And 12 Month+ Memberships

As mentioned above, Six Flags Magic Mountain offers both Season Passes and Memberships, as well as 1-day, General Admission tickets.

Details about each of the four membership options , which include unlimited admission to the park and in many instances free parking, are enumerated on their website. Prices range from $7.85 per month to $18.85 per month. You may cancel any time after the initial 12 month period.

A 2022 Season Pass to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor, entitling the holder to unlimited park admission through the rest of 2021 and all of 2022, currently is $79.99.

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What Does Six Flags Say About Why They Think You Should Buy A Membership

On their website, Six Flags says:

Become a Member if you want admission and parking at every Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor, discounts EVERY time you visit, free upgrades, priority entry, and incredible unique experiences, bonuses and surprises. And special treatment. Plus you get a shiny card that looks WAY prettier than the regular Season Pass card — the Diamond card even has a hologram!

Ooh, a shiny card with a hologram! Can you tell they think we are idiots?

Seriously… sounds like a lot of empty fluff. What matters is:

  • total cost

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Announces Major Expansion

Tickets, Passes and Memberships

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, Arizonas largest waterpark, today announced plans for a major expansion for the 2020 season. The all-new Paradise Island will feature a 12,000-square-foot activity pool with over a quarter of a million gallons of clear, blue water to keep guests cool under the hot, Phoenix sun, a zero-depth entry for little ones, and unique floating lily pads. Guests seeking more action can splash and play in a new water volleyball area and a unique water basketball court.

Hurricane Harbor is the premier waterpark destination in Arizona and we are committed to offering thrilling, new experiences that can be shared with family and friends, said General Manager Donald Spiller. Paradise Island will feature multiple new water play activities and relaxing water fun its sure to be a favorite destination for guests of all ages.

Paradise Island will feature a 257,000-gallon activity pool with multiple interactive elements and areas. The entire expansion covers nearly 42,000 square feet and includes extensive lounge seating, comfortable shade, and new restrooms. Families will also appreciate the convenient location near Coconut Bay childrens area and Adventure River.

Other Paradise Island highlights include:

  • Floating lily pad walk courses
  • A volleyball pool
  • Dueling basketball court and hoops and
  • A beach-style zero-depth entry area.

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Six Flags Magic Mountain & Hurricane Harbor Discounts And Deals


Coronavirus-related update: Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor are open with new health and safety procedures. Please visit Six Flags Magic Mountain Safety Protocols page or the Hurricane Harbor Safety Protocols page for more information.

Six Flags Magic Mountain and its associated water park, Hurricane Harbor both offer frequent and varied promotions that can save you money. Check below for the latest Six Flags Magic Mountain discounts, coupons, and offers.

Be aware that all of the coasters at Magic Mountain have MANDATORY locker storage before entering the line to get on the ride. This costs $1 at each ride, which can really add up. You are not allowed to carry anything on the coasters, including cell phones, sunglasses, fanny packs, backpacks, camera bags, etc. Tip: consider wearing cargo pants with pockets that close securely with buttons or Velcro. This can save you a bunch of money. Do not put your stuff in regular pockets, particularly on Tatsu, or you may lose things!

If you need tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain and other Southern California attractions, its worth checking out the available multi-attraction ticket discounts to see if they can save you extra money. Be sure to compare the final cost of a multi-park pass to the combined cost of the individual tickets the best deal varies depending on the specific attractions and the discounts that are currently available.

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Difference Between Tickets Season Passes And Memberships

Tickets are standard, one-day admission passes that grant entry to the park. Tickets are probably your best option if you know you wont return or visit any other Six Flags park for that season.

Season Passes and Memberships both offer unlimited visits but differ in how theyre paid for. A season pass is paid for in-full at the time of purchase and is good for that season . Memberships, introduced in 2013, cost a smaller, monthly fee that can be cancelled anytime after a full year. A season pass or membership is typically worth it if you plan on visiting Six Flags parks 2 or more times during a season.

Since memberships dont expire, you also dont need to go through the season pass processing at the beginning of each season. Keep in mind that membership fees continue even when the park isnt open, though this is less of a concern since SFoT commenced year-round operation in 2020.

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Enjoy One Day Of The Biggest Best Thrills In New Jersey

Order your single-day tickets from our website in advance to save both money and time when you get to the park! Your ticket gives you one full day of admission and unlimited access to most of the major rides in the park.

IMPORTANT: ALL VISITORS WILL NEED TO MAKE ADVANCE RESERVATIONS PRIOR TO VISIT. The reservation process only takes 5-7 minutes. Have your online order number, ticket number or Membership/Season Pass number handy and visit

General admission to Safari Drive Thru. Valid any Safari operating day with reservation.

Key Features

Complete List of Product Features

  • Single admission to Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure ONLY.
  • Admission to Six Flags Great Adventure is NOT INCLUDED.
  • Season Pass & Members are free

This ticket is valid for admission to the Six Flags Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure ONLY. Admission to Six Flags Great Adventure is NOT INCLUDED. Reservations are required prior to visit. Visit and scroll to green button that reads “Six Flags Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure Adventure” to make your reservation.

Tickets Passes And Memberships

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (New England) | Tour & Review | July 2021

Buy Online, Save Time and Money!

Buy a single day ticket if you just want to visit once get a Season Pass for unlimited visits or become a Member with over 50+ benefits to use every time you visit!

Important, Please Read:

  • Buy tickets and passes online for the best price, less waiting at the park.
  • For faster entry, buy parking online. All Memberships and some Season Passes include parking.
  • Six Flags ONLY accepts cards & mobile payments onsite, including parking. Cash-to-a-Card devices available inside the park.
  • Unlimited Visits toHurricane Harbor Arlingtonand Six Flags Over TexasFor All of 2022*
  • Parking Each Visit

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Membership Vs Season Pass

Should I buy a Season Pass or a Membership?

Membership is for fans. Its what you want if you are interested in more than unlimited visits because it includes dozens of benefits that arent available to any of our other guests such as preferred parking every visit, unlimited soft drinks every visit, exclusive Member events, and more. Its also the only way to guarantee the best experience at Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park.

Season Passes are excellent if youre focused only on the ride experience and just want unlimited visits.

Why do you offer both Season Passes and Memberships?

2022 Season Passes just give you unlimited visits to Six Flags and sometimes parking. Season Passes dont include any other benefits but for a large number of guests, that is OK.

Membership is for fans. It includes a carefully curated collection of benefits designed to appeal to guests who like to visit the park a lot like significant discounts on food, merchandise, preferred parking, unlimited soft drinks, and much more.

Is Membership an add-on to a Season Pass?

No. Membership is a separate pass. When you sign up for a Membership you receive all of the same benefits as a Season Pass, plus a number of additional benefits.

Are there any block out dates on 2022 Season Passes?

There are no block out dates on 2021 or 2022 Season Passes. You can visit the park on any public operating day.

I have a 2021 or 2020 Season Pass. Do I get a special deal on 2022 Season Passes?

What Is The New Membership System At Six Flags

  • Memberships are not new to Six Flags. However, they have completely revamped the membership system for the 2018 season and beyond offering multiple tiers.
  • There are 4 tiers of memberships now. Think of it as a large hotel building. The bottom floors don’t have such a great view. However, as you move up levels on the building, your view becomes more and more amazing. While each membership level works the same, the further you go up the tier the better your benefits become.
  • Memberships are set up on a month-to-month payment plan. You CANNOT pay for a membership all at once.
  • Memberships are like a Netflix subscription. The main catch is that you cannot cancel your membership until you’ve had it for at least 12 months. After 12 months you are welcome to cancel it at any time.

Now that we have the simple stuff out of the way let’s look at the main benefits of each membership tier. This can become quite overwhelming. We’ve picked out the best and most relevant benefits from each level. Working off of these benefits alone should ultimately help you decide which tier, if any, is the best for you.

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