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What’s The Difference Between White Gold And Platinum

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What is the difference between white gold & platinum? – from RING jewellers, Brighton

Are you still asking yourself, Is platinum better than white gold? If so, you need the advice and insight from a jewelry professional. The staff at Roman Malakov would love to talk to you about deciding between platinum vs. white gold, whether its for your engagement ring or your next jewelry purchase, and we are happy to show you a variety of jewelry pieces of each metal option to help you further understand the differences between white gold and platinum. Get in touchwith us today to view our selection of engagement rings in platinum or white gold, or come by one of our locations in NYCs Diamond District or on 5th Avenue.

White Gold Vs Platinum: Which Is Better

If you Google this question, you get a lot of information that is hard to decipher. To help you make an informed selection for your ring or band material, below are a few basic factual statements about the differences between platinum and white gold. There are 3 primary factors to consider: Color, Weight, and Cost. After discussing these factors, I will even give you our suggestions about how to make this choice.

Color Differences Of White Gold Vs Platinum

Its assumed that platinum appears to look antiqued and white gold looks contemporary. You actually cant tell a difference in color on a brand spanking new ring.

The natural forms of white gold and platinum tell a different story, however.

Platinum in its natural form is a chrome-like and very shiny, while white gold is a dull nickel color.

White gold is coated in rhodium after the yellow gold and white alloy are mixed together. The rhodium finish provides the white/silver color that you see in the engagement rings.

The rhodium layer needs to be replaced every so often, as it does wear off.

Platinum does not need a coating of anything, but will eventually fade into an antiqued look. A platinum band can be shined up to regain the bright white color if the vintage feel isnt preferred.

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White Gold Vs Platinum: Which To Choose

White gold? Platinum? Learn which one of these two very different ring metals best suits you.

White gold rings and platinum are two gleaming white metals that play up the brilliance of their set diamonds. Theyre both beautiful and sturdy: neither ring metal tarnishes, corrodes, or rusts. You cant go wrong with either classic, but which ring metal best fits your lifestyle?

White gold and platinum look so similar so whats the difference?

Why Would You Choose Platinum

difference between platinum and white gold

Platinum is now the more affordable choice, and comes with a lot of benefits. Historically, it has always been the most expensive out of all the white metals used in jewellery, but now white gold comes at the highest premium.

In terms of durability, platinum also is a great choice. It is the most durable metal used to make jewellery. Platinum should last a lifetime and you should not have to reset your platinum engagement ring.

Platinum is a naturally white metal that is highly resistant to tarnish. This means it would not have to be re-plated like white gold, but instead an occasional re-polish to maintain its shine. Platinum is easier to maintain over time than white gold.

Platinum is also the most hypoallergenic of all metals, because of its purity. Platinum is made of 95% pure platinum, where white gold is made out of 75% pure gold, and 25% other metals. Platinum is extremely non reactive, so perfect for those with sensitive skin.

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Pink Gold Vs Red Gold Vs Rose Gold

Pink gold, red gold and rose gold are nearly the same, with slight differences in composition and appearance. They all are made of 75% gold combined with copper and silver alloys. Jewelry vendors and goldsmiths may use the three gold names interchangeably, but rose gold is most common, especially for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. All three golds have a lustrous, pinkish tone, like in this rose gold hidden halo ring.

Composition Differences of Pink Gold, Red Gold, Rose Gold

18K Pink Gold
22.25% copper 2.75% silver

The varying percentage of copper and silver indicates the golds color. For instance, the higher percentage of copper found in red gold makes it a slightly stronger rose color. The copper and silver alloys also strengthen the gold. Pure gold by itself isnt strong enough to form jewelry that can be worn regularly. You can see a collection of rose gold rings here.

White Gold Vs Platinum: Ring Settings And Prongs

Gold in its pure state is a very soft, malleable metal that is not recommended in the use of everyday jewelry. However, when alloyed with other metals, it becomes much stronger and more durable. Platinum is a very strong metal and is ideal for everyday jewelry.

However, these two metals are not similar in their durability. Platinum is more malleable whereas white gold is more brittle. Platinum reacts to impacts and knocks by bending and giving way, while white gold wont bend but may crack if dealt a hard-enough blow.

How does this affect a ring setting?

When a white gold ring is struck, the prong may resist the blow, crack outright or weaken. If the last two occur, the gemstone will be in danger of falling out if the ring sustains more blows. If a platinum ring is struck, the prongs may bend, move or flatten out. This can cause the gemstone to slide out of the mounting.

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White Gold What Is It

Not everybody knows it, but white gold doesnt exist naturally. Its made from yellow gold mixed with white metal alloys like palladium or silver.

Afterwards, its given a beautiful coating with a rare, silvery-white metal called rhodium. This final rhodium finish gives white gold its luminous sheen.

White Gold Vs Platinum: Hypoallergenic Properties

What’s the Difference Between White Gold and Platinum?

Platinum is bio-compatible and does not cause reactions for people who have metal allergies. Its a safe option if you have skin sensitivities. While pure gold is also hypoallergenic, white gold may sometimes cause allergies due to the metals, such as nickel and zinc, that may be present in the alloy. The best type of white gold is an alloy of gold, silver and copper and is hypoallergenic.

If you have metal sensitivities and are planning to purchase white gold, ask your jeweler about the metals in the white gold alloy before you buy.

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Platinum: The Strongest And Most Durable Alternative

Platinum is a dense, but malleable precious metal. History suggests that it was first mined in Ecuador about 2,500 years ago. At that time, indigenous people used it for decorating figurines and making jewellery.

In the 1700s, platinum made its way from South America to Europe where scientists spent years experimenting with it before it began to be used for household items and decorations.

In the late 1800s platinum began to be popular for jewellery. It was used for rings, bracelets, necklaces and even a crown. This crown was made for Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother to use for her husbands coronation. The entire frame of the crown was made of platinum and then covered with close to 3,000 diamonds.

Platinum jewellery was almost forgotten during World War 1 and 2, but in the last few decades, it has been steadily regaining ground in the jewellery market. Once again brides and grooms are exchanging platinum rings that represent the strength and endurance of true love.

Is pure platinum used in jewellery?

No. Pure platinum is too soft to be used for jewellery. However, platinum only needs to be mixed with a very small amount of other metals in order to be hard enough for jewellery.

The most common metals to be mixed with platinum are palladium, rhodium, iridium and other platinum group metals, as well as common metals, such as copper and cobalt.

What are the advantages of platinum?

What are the disadvantages of platinum?

Why is platinum more expensive than gold?

Why Would You Choose White Gold

In our current times, you should choose white gold if you prefer a lighter engagement ring, as the metal is less dense than platinum. This would be quite useful if your preferred style is quite bold or your band quite thick or if your gemstone is quite large and you are looking to reduce the overall weight of your ring.

White gold is also a good choice for those who prefer a shinier look. If you maintain your white gold engagement ring by re-plating every three years or when needed, then your engagement ring should keep its shine and lustre.

Up until 2020, white gold was more affordable than platinum. However now, due to the rise in price of gold and palladium, platinum is now the more affordable option.

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White Gold: The Simple And Popular Choice

How is white gold made?

Yellow gold is turned almost white by mixing it with white metals, such as palladium and silver.

Since white gold is never completely white, rings and all other jewellery made from white gold are given an external coating of rhodium. This coating gives them a glossy white colour, as well as extra strength and durability.

What are white golds advantages?

White gold is currently the most popular precious metal for engagement and wedding rings. It goes well with any skin tone and most gemstones. It is strong and damage-resistant.

Does white gold have any disadvantages?

White gold rings often develop a light yellow tint over time. This happens because the rhodium coating slowly wears away revealing the slightly yellow gold underneath. Thankfully, this tint can be easily removed by applying a new coating of rhodium. A ring that is worn frequently will probably need to be re-plated with rhodium once every few years.

What type of care does white gold require?

White gold requires occasional cleaning and polishing, as well as a new coat of rhodium whenever it begins to look yellow.

White gold has earned its popularity by having a simple, but modern beauty. It can be combined with other colours of gold and a wide variety of gemstones to make elegant engagement and wedding rings.

We are happy to provide a lifetime of rhodium services to all our clients who purchase a white gold engagement or wedding ring to help them keep their jewellery looking its best.

Rose Gold: The Modern And Romantic Choice

White Gold or Platinum?

How is rose gold made?

Copper is used to transform naturally yellow gold into beautiful shades of rose. Darker shades of rose gold are made by mixing 75% gold with 25% copper, while the lighter shades are made by decreasing the copper and adding in a small percentage of a white metal, such as silver.

What are rose golds advantages?

One of rose golds best advantages is that it has a contemporary beauty and modern style. It is also great because it never loses its colour and is strong to resist scratches and deformation.

Does rose gold have any disadvantages?

Similar to yellow gold, there are some people who may have an allergic reaction to one of the components in rose gold, but this is rare.

What type of care does rose gold require?

It doesnt require any special care and only needs to be cleaned and polished occasionally.

Rose gold is particularly feminine and when combined with pavé set diamonds, it creates especially romantic engagement rings.

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The History Of Platinum And White Gold

A naturally white metal, platinum was made available for commercial use around 1900. With the advent of the oxy-acetylene torch, it was finally possible to melt platinum down so it could be used in crafting jewelry. During the 1910s to 1930s, platinum had its heyday in the use of Art Deco style jewelry and was highly prized for its durability, elegance, and cool luster. With World War II, platinum was used heavily in the war effort, allowing for white gold to carve out a significant niche.

Similar to platinum, white gold also has a more recent emergence in jewelry. In the 1800s, white gold increased in popularity to rival that of the ever popular yellow gold. It became widely popular in the 1920s when it became a favorite platinum substitute that could achieve a similar look for a less expensive cost. Today, white gold is still one of the most popular metals for engagement rings and jewelry of all kinds.

White Gold Vs Platinum Price

Just like there are the four C’s of diamonds, there are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to choosing your engagement ring metal. Cost is one of main Cs of metals. There are two things to consider when looking at price: cost of buying and cost of care. If you’re looking at sticker price, white gold is the more budget-friendly option. We generally recommend purchasing white gold so you can maximize other aspects of your engagement ring, such as the diamond.

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Gold Vs Platinum: Comfort

Because platinum is more dense than gold, platinum rings will be heavier than gold as well. Some prefer the heavier weight, but some find the lightness of gold rings to be more comfortable. It is really up to each individual person. One option for people seeking a comfortable ring it is to opt for one with a comfortable design, like this mens fingerprint wedding band.

One more benefit of platinum is that it is hypoallergenic. While gold rings do not create an allergy issue for most people, some can develop an allergic reaction from the nickel alloy used in gold rings.

White Gold Vs Platinum: Density

What’s the difference between white gold and platinum in an engagement ring?

Platinum is a very dense metal and much heavier than gold. Platinum is about 60% heavier than 14K gold and about 40% heavier than 18K gold. So, if you have a ring made of 18K white gold and an identical sized one made of platinum, the platinum ring will be almost one and half times heavier than the white gold ring. Because you pay for these precious metals in ounces or grams, it goes without saying that the heavier ring will be more expensive.

In terms of comfort, a platinum ring will feel heavier than a white gold ring. While some prefer the solid, substantial feel of platinum, others may opt for a slightly less heavy white gold ring. There is no right or wrong here as it totally depends on individual preference.

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Platinum Vs White Gold: Which Metal Is Best For Your Ring

It may seem impossible to choose between Platinum and white gold. You may have heard that the best metal is Platinum, but is that adequate to make it sell for a higher price? Read on to discover more about the Platinum vs. White Gold debate.

Wed like you to make a choice yourself! Various things make these two white metals different from each other. On the surface, they may seem identical, but theyre worlds apart.

Before you pick any piece of jewelry, here are the differences between Platinum and White Gold that youll want to know.

Platinum Scratches Easier Than 14k Gold

Despite being more durable, platinum is actually a softer metal than 14k gold. This means it will scratch a little easier than 14k gold. However, an important thing to note is that when gold is scratched, the gold is lost . When platinum is scratched, the platinum only gets moved from one place on the ring to another. And, it develops something called a patina finish . A lot of people love and desire a patina finish!

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White Gold Vs Platinum What Is The Difference

White gold VS platinum, what is the difference? This article explains:

  • How white gold is made from yellow gold and other alloys
  • Why platinum is superior in quality and value to white gold
  • The pros and cons of each metal
  • How to decide which is best for your personal taste and pocket
  • See each metal ON VIDEO at the end

Platinum Vs White Gold: Lifetime And Permanence

White Gold Or Silver How To Tell

White gold, especially 14-karat white gold, is a durable metal that will endure over the years. Its unlikely to scratch, which is a key factor for everyday life. Sorting through a purse or brushing your ring on a countertop is unlikely to cause any visible damage.

White gold prongs, which set gemstones in place, are often dipped in rhodium to be strengthened. Lower karat prongs are much more durable, and you are less likely to need repairs or lose your stone.

Where platinum is considered, the prestige of the rare metal comes with certain required maintenance. It needs polishing and oiling by professionals every few years. Also, because of how pure platinum rings are, they are more likely to scratch when brushed against hard surfaces, like when washing dishes or cleaning.

Due to the density of the metal, however, platinum prongs are extremely strong and reliable. Your beautiful diamond will be super secure, and you shouldnt have to worry about losing it.

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What Is 999 Platinum

999 represents the fineness of pure Platinum. Frequently purchased in Bullion or Coin form, investors choose Platinum as a store of valuean alternative to currency, stocks, shares and bonds.

Example of 999 Platinum. 1oz coin. Photograph copyright

Jewellery does not tend to be made in 999 Platinum. To explain, Platinum jewellery requires additional materials to harden the surface or to improve the flow of the molten metal during casting.

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