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Which Is More Expensive Gold Or Platinum

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Why Is White Gold More Expensive

Platinum vs. White gold

In jewelry, thewhite gold is that are sometimes more expensive for marketing reasons. Because even if the palladium that composes it is 10 times plus rare thator, is less requested, therefore less expensive (in short, the Palladium is less expensive but for marketing reasons you will pay for your jewelry more expensive

Considering Durability And Your Lifestyle

Well go into durability a little more later on, but a quick note about it here. When youre considering yellow or rose gold, theres a big difference in the durability between 14k and 18k. But that just isnt the case with white gold. Youre going to notice very little difference in their strength because theyre both dipped in rhodium.

Why might you choose 14k white gold vs. platinum? Again, cost. But if durability is a serious concern for you say, you’re a doctor, craftsperson or in the service industry and use your hands a lot all day you might want to look into platinum for to see if the investment is worthwhile for you.

Final Thoughts On Gold Vs Platinum

If you still cant decide between gold and platinum, dont worry. Were here to help! If you have the budget, go for platinum. It is a classic, high end metal that requires less upkeep and keeps diamonds more safe! However, if your budget does not allow for platinum, then gold is a great precious metal that has been used in engagement rings for hundreds of years! At the end of the day, all rings require some minimal upkeep and maintenance so make sure you purchase your rings from a company that has a lifetime warranty and will re-polish, clean, and re-plate your rings for free for life, like we do.

If you have any questions on your rings metal choice, please dont hesitate to contact me and ask your question. My name is Krish and youre welcome to call and ask for me personally. Id love to help answer any questions you have about gold vs platinum!

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Commodity Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange-traded funds exist for all three precious metals. ETFs are a convenient and liquid means of purchasing and selling gold, silver, or platinum. Investing in ETFs, though, doesn’t give you access to the physical commodity, so you don’t have a claim on the metal in the fund. You will not get the actual delivery of a gold bar or silver coin.

Platinum Wins The Durability Competition

Why is Platinum More Expensive than Gold?

Since platinum is the most durable metal in addition to being the densest, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this metal is also the most expensive. Being about 20% denser than white gold, platinum is about two-and-a-half to five times more expensive than white gold. Because it’s less malleable, platinum is a more difficult material to work, so the cost of labor that goes into molding that piece increases.

Although scratches in rings or jewelry are inevitable, when platinum is scratched, the metal is not lost as it is in white gold. Rather, the color shifts within the ring itself, creating what is known as a patina finish. In some cultures this is actually seen as a beautiful thing, and a symbol for how long you and your paramour have been together. In the U.S., opinions differ from person to person, but some people embrace the platinum patina.

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Precious Metal Buying Tips

A precious metal is a metal with rare metallic chemical element and due to that is of high economic value. Precious metals are less reactive than most elements, have high luster, and have higher melting points than other metals.

Before buying precious metal jewelry, it is advisable to get some knowledge, about various precious metals and their characteristics. You can get detailed information on each and every aspect of all the three precious metals in our precious metal guide.

Platinum Vs Gold Strength And Durability

Weve already seen that gold is a much softer metal than platinum. Thats worth bearing in mind if your jewelry will be set with precious stones. Thats usually the case for engagement and eternity rings, for example.

With platinum, the stronger material means that settings are likely to stay fitting snugly, even if your jewelry takes a knock. It also means that any prongs can be made thinner, giving settings a more delicate look.

With gold, claw settings in particular are more vulnerable to becoming misshapen. Channel or bezel settings are a better choice, as these will keep your jewels more secure.

Whichever option you choose, its always a good idea to regularly check the setting of your precious stones. Inspect them carefully at least once every six months. That will allow you to take early action and avoid any upsetting losses.

With white gold, the rhodium plating will need to be replaced every so often. How long it lasts depends both on the amount of wear the jewelry gets, and the thickness of the plating.

Ideally, rhodium plating should be between 0.75 and 1 micron thick. Thinner than this, and it will wear through quickly . If its much thicker, it is liable to crack.

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General Use Of Platinum Metal

More than its use as a jewelry setting metal platinum has many other uses that have shaped the current world we live in.

  • Platinum is used as a catalytic converter in public service vehicles. This demand accounts for 50% of platinums total sales. It is ideal because it possesses properties that dilute emissions making them less harmful to the environment.
  • Also used as a catalyst for the effective creation of silicone, benzene, and nitric acid.
  • The most widely acclaimed use of platinum is in our technology. Platinum has been used to create, LCDs, dental fillings, spark plugs, computer hard disks, and turbine blades.
  • In the field of Cancer, platinum plays a vital role in chemotherapy drugs on cancer patients.
  • Platinum Vs White Gold: Finish

    David Stockman Should Platinum Be More Expensive Than Gold?

    The finish is where you can really see the difference between white gold and platinum. White gold will maintain a gleaming finish over time. It doesnt need to be polished as often to keep a shine, and the rhodium plating weve touched base on before is gorgeous. White gold is sure to catch everyones attention and stay like new for years to come.

    Its important to understand that platinum will develop a patina over time. This is a natural reaction the metal has to oxygen, and your ring will need to be maintained if you dislike it. However, the changing finish of your ring is known to be a romantic symbol of love over the years.

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    The Purity Of Gold Is Measured In Karats

    The karat metric is used to measure the purity or percentage of gold in a particular piece of jewellery. Each karat represents 1/24 part of the whole. Pure gold is said to be 24k because all 24 parts of the whole are pure gold, whereas 18k gold has 18 parts of pure gold and 6 parts of other metals.

    Beware not to confuse Karat with a K which is used as a gold purity metric and Carat with a C which is a unit of weight used for diamonds and other precious stones.

    Most jewellery has 24k, 18k, 14k or 10k of pure gold in it. Each of these levels of gold purity has specific advantages and disadvantages, which are as follows:

    24k gold This is 99% pure gold. It is rarely used in jewellery, because its disadvantages outweigh its advantages.

    Advantages: Highest level of purity.

    Disadvantages: Soft and easily damaged. Bright orange-yellow colour that doesnt always blend well with other colours. Most expensive.

    18k gold 18k gold is composed of 75% gold and 25% other metals, for instance zinc, copper and palladium.

    Advantages: Rich yellow colour. Scratch-resistant and durable.

    Disadvantages: Slightly malleable, but it is only susceptible to be damaged if the ring is made too thin.

    14k gold 14k gold has 58.5% gold and 41.5% other metals.

    Advantages: Descent yellow colour. Strong, not easily damaged.

    Disadvantages: Colour lacks in richness and saturation. The large percentage of metals other than gold can cause skin irritation.

    Advantages: Strong, not easily damaged. Low price.

    Platinum Vs Gold Weight

    There is a considerable difference in the weight of gold and platinum, which affects the way it feels to wear it. If you prefer weightier jewelry, platinum is the better option.

    A cubic centimeter of platinum weighs 21.4 grams. The same amount of pure gold weighs 19.3 grams. But as we know, gold jewelry isnt made of pure gold. A cubic centimeter of 14-karat gold can weigh anything between 12.9 and 14.6 grams.

    That means youll feel a significant weight difference between the same ring made in platinum and in gold.

    Some people find lighter-weight jewelry more comfortable to wear. And if youre looking at a pair of chandelier earrings, lighter is definitely better! Heavy earrings will pull on your earlobes and can be quite painful.

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    Why Is Platinum Not As Popular As Gold

    The price of platinum changes along with its supply and demand during periods of sustained economic stability and growth, the price of platinum tends to be as much as twice the price of gold whereas, during periods of economic uncertainty, the price of platinum tends to decrease because of reduced demand, falling

    Karat Vs 18 Karat Vs 14 Karat White Gold:

    Why is Platinum More Expensive than Gold?

    It’s made by combining gold alloy with a variety of white metals such as silver, nickel and palladium. The mixture’s amount of alloy vs. gold creates the karat, or purity of the gold. Twenty-four-karat gold is considered pure, but it’s also soft and easily damaged, which makes it impractical for everyday wear. This is why gold is alloyed to make it more durable. Eighteen-karat white gold is a classic metal with a high purity level within the gold realm it consists of 75% gold and only 25% alloys, which gives it a high value. Pieces made of 14-karat white gold tend to last longer, because they consist of 58.3% gold and 41.7% pure alloys.

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    Platinum Vs White Gold: Which Metal Is Best For Your Ring

    It may seem impossible to choose between Platinum and white gold. You may have heard that the best metal is Platinum, but is that adequate to make it sell for a higher price? Read on to discover more about the Platinum vs. White Gold debate.

    Wed like you to make a choice yourself! Various things make these two white metals different from each other. On the surface, they may seem identical, but theyre worlds apart.

    Before you pick any piece of jewelry, here are the differences between Platinum and White Gold that youll want to know.

    Platinum Vs White Gold The Final Verdict

    The main advantage of white gold over platinum is that it is much more affordable. However, the disadvantage is that you may need to have your white gold item recoated in rhodium every so often. This is inconvenient and the cost can add up over the years.

    Platinum jewellery, on the other hand, is initially more expensive than white gold, which can be limiting if youre on a low budget. However, it can be argued that platinum is better than white gold because it is more cost-effective in the long run and has better investment value in the long term.

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    More About: Platinum Metal Care

    Platinum metal requires less maintenance thang and upkeep than gold. Platinum can be cleaned regularly at home and will be kept looking shiny brand new with an annual polishing. When scratched, the metal is not actually chipped away or lost, it is simply just moved around. Other metals, such as gold, actually lose a piece of the metal when they are scratched. This means that a quick buffing and polish can move the platinum back into place. A quick go with a jewelry polishing cloth will move the platinum metal back into place.

    Platinum Is Truly White

    Why is Palladium so Expensive? And, why is Platinum so Cheap?

    As mentioned above, platinum will always stay white but white gold needs to be re-polished and re-plated occasionally to avoid a yellow hue. This yellow hue usually appears several months to several years, depending on how much wear and tear the ring faces. Since all Do Amore rings come with free lifetime warranties that cover this, dont worry if youre getting the ring from us.

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    Platinum Vs White Gold: Which Is A Better Choice

    It can be difficult to tell the difference between precious metals, especially when youre choosing what to go with for a piece of jewelry. Platinum and white gold can be a challenge to tell apart at first glance, but each has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

    Weve outlined what you need to know about the differences in the platinum vs. white gold debate. Keep reading so that you can feel confident when choosing something like an engagement ringone that fits your budget and will commemorate your love for your partner.

    Platinum has a higher price and is rarer than gold, whereas gold is technically a purer substance. Due to the hefty price difference and similar uses, it can be hard to pick. To help you decide, weve made a thorough examination of the two different metals!

    White Gold Vs Yellow Gold: Which Is Better

    In all honesty, deciding between white gold and yellow gold usually comes down to personal preference. Both metals are tried and true favorites on the fine jewelry market, and both are sure to make for a lovely addition to your forever adornment. One tip to keep in mind if youre stuck between the two is that cool skin tones tend to look nicer when paired with white gold or platinum jewelry, while warm skin tones look amazing in yellow and rose gold.

    Alternatively, if you want the best of both worlds, opt for a mixed metal engagement ring setting or engagement stack.


    *Here at Diamond Nexus, we strive to provide valuable information while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamond alternative is a patented lab created diamond simulate that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a diamond, with two exceptions it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting our blog.

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    Platinum Vs White Gold: Purity & Quality/composition

    Looking deeper into the quality and composition of platinum engagement rings vs. white gold engagement rings can provide more information when making your big decision.


    To understand how magnificent platinum is, its important to take a close look at its patina finish. Platinum patina is a divisive topic. Patina is a type of oxidation, and over time the platinum can change its hue slightly and become somewhat less lustrous.

    If you prefer your platinum ring shiny and like new, it can easily be polished and revived. Platinum jewelry is usually 95% platinum and 5% other white metals. Since the platinum itself is so valuable, having some of it polished off could somewhat impact the total value of the ring.

    White Gold

    The composition of white gold tends to be less pure than platinum. Looking deeper into what we explained earlier, white gold is measured in karats.

    Karats signify the purity of the gold and, therefore, its value. A ring with a high karat may be purer, but it may be weaker and more susceptible to damage.


    There is no 24-karat white gold. This is impossible due to how white gold is made. If youre searching for purity, then yellow gold or platinum are better options.


    This is made of 75% gold and 25% other metals. It has a high value but is weaker due to the high gold percentage.


    The strongest option, this type of white gold is the cheapest due to its high percentage of other metals 14-Karat white gold is only about 58% gold.

    White Gold Vs Platinum What Is The Difference

    A Lean Journey: Respect: Platinum is More Valuable Than Gold

    White gold VS platinum, what is the difference? This article explains:

    • How white gold is made from yellow gold and other alloys
    • Why platinum is superior in quality and value to white gold
    • The pros and cons of each metal
    • How to decide which is best for your personal taste and pocket
    • See each metal ON VIDEO at the end

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    How Do I Clean 18k Gold Plated Chain

    Gently rubbing the surface of your gold plated jewelry using a soft jewelry cloth, helps restore shine. Do *not* use a polishing cloth as this will strip away the plating. If your jewelry needs more cleaning you may clean it with warm, soapy water. Soak it for a few minutes and you may clean it with a soft cloth.

    White Gold Vs Platinum

    Which is better? The answer might not be as simple as you think. This guide will walk you through the pros and cons of each and help you decide which is the better choice for you.

    Which is better? The answer might not be as simple as you think. This guide will walk you through the pros and cons of each and help you decide which is the better choice for you.

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