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When Does Gold Rush Start

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At& t Fleet Complete The Best Electronic Logging Device Below $50

Gold Rush News & Updates! 8/23/2020

The AT& T Fleet Complete ELD is one of many ELD devices designed to automate elog books, save time, and expedite DVIR reporting. Also, speed up inspections for your vehicles. Whilst doing all these things, the product will also help you comply with ELD mandate requirements.

Once you have connected the device to the engine module in your vehicle, you will need to install the ELD mobile App on your phone. This will allow you to view your available drive time as well as current driver status. You can also use this App to update your duty status.

When Does The New Season Of Gold Rush Start

Gold Rush, the renowned gold-scavenging series of Discovery, appears to have almost no end, or even the crews depicted seem not to demonstrate any signs of stopping anytime soon. Gold Rush season 10 premiered on Discovery on October 11, 2019, and ended on March 6, 2020, after a run of 21 episodes.

Discovery has not yet made any announcements regarding the continuity of the show. But the show has shown consistency since the time it was documented in 2010, with every season starting from October, and we can predict the next season will start October 2020. However, we look forward to the Discovery Channel to confirm our predictions.

What Else Can The Solution Do For Your Fleet

Some ELDs offer the minimum to stay compliant. Others perform full-featured capabilities, including fleet monitoring, driver scoring, fuel tax reporting and more. Does the solution add more value than compliance?

EROAD adds value to your entire fleet operation. We enable robust management of remote assets, workers, routes and activities. We automate off-highway mileage reporting, allowing you to maximize the opportunity for fuel tax credits. We automate IFTA reporting. We provide driver behavior insights and automate service scheduling, helping you improve productivity and safety.

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Problems Trucking Companies Have With The Mandate

Small trucking companies. The smaller carriers have the most problems with the ELD Mandate. The systems can be expensive, making it difficult for small companies with limited funds to pay for, install and maintain the system.

Can Be Difficult to Attract Drivers. Some smaller companies feel the need to offer incentives to attract drivers, which cuts into their already thin profit margin.

Excessive Control. Trucking companies seem to dislike the stringent control placed over their scheduling and freight moves.

Can Be Tricky For Dispatchers. Dispatchers sometimes complain that even though they have more information on drivers, the system can still makes scheduling loads more difficult.

They must learn how H.O.S. rules in order to explain it to customers so they understand why they may not get their deliveries as soon as they would like due to driver restrictions.

Who Will Need An Eld

When Does Gold Rush Season 8 Start? Premiere Date (Renewed ...

Commercial/regulated vehicle operators, who are currently required to use a Record of Duty Status or log book to record their hours of service will be required to use an ELD.

Commercial/regulated vehicles crossing provincial boundaries, including vehicles that would otherwise be exempt when travelling within Manitoba, will be required to use an ELD, unless exempted under the federal regulation.

The federal regulation outlines some exceptions to the ELD requirement for commercial/regulated vehicles crossing provincial boundaries. Via the adoption of the federal regulation, the following exemptions also apply to carriers and vehicles operating solely within Manitoba:

  • A motor carrier operating under a permit allowing for an exemption
  • A motor carrier to which there is an existing exemption to hours of service requirements
  • Vehicles that are subject to a lease/rental agreement that is no longer than 30 days and,
  • A vehicle manufactured prior to the year 2000.

ELD exception for vehicles remaining within a 160 km radius of their home terminal

Both the federal and provincial regulations exempt drivers and vehicles that remain within a 160 km radius of their home terminal from utilizing ELDs however, a drivers daily hours must be tracked.

Hours of Service exemptions

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Fleet Cameras And Telematics In Action

The IS 400 seamlessly integrates with our GT 1200 series trailer tracking devices, to allow dispatch to identify the truck that is connected to a trailer. The IS 400 uses Bluetooth technology to allow fleets to ensure that the right truck is connected to the right trailer, saving time and money. The Tractor ID sensor makes life easier for drivers by taking a menial task off their hands, improving driver retention for fleets, while giving the back office the peace of mind that the right cargo is on its way to the right destination.

Rick Ness Net Worth: $1 Million

Ness started featuring on Gold Rush in season 2. He is still part of the cast in season ten. Rick has appeared in 146 episodes, dating from 2012 to 2021.

From season two to eight, he worked under Parker Schnabel as his right-hand man. His primary role was operating heavy machinery as a gold excavator. Rick Ness ventured out on his own in season 9 to manage his mining operations.

Rick Ness is estimated to be worth about $1 Million. He is apparently paid $150,000 per episode on Gold Rush. Interestingly, Rick Ness was a musician before joining the show since 2004.

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Read The Technical Specification Faqs

Need more information? FMCSA has published several responses to frequently asked questions on the technical specifications in the ELD rule.

ELD Update: Final Reminder: Test your Devices Using New ELD Web Service Security Settings

ELD providers need to take steps to ensure their devices can successfully transfer output files using new web security settings, which will change on June 26, 2021.

ELD Update: Important Updates to ELD Web Service Security Settings

Make sure your devices can successfully transfer output files using these new security settings and operate without an interruption in service. Read more about what actions you need to take.

Drivers and motor carriers are responsible for entering an output file comment when requested by the safety official. Read more about why this feature is important and how you can help your customers use it.

ELD Update: Coming Soon FMCSA ELD public certificate update

On August 6 of this year, FMCSAs ELD public certificate, used for email transfer, will expire. ELD providers using this certificate will need to take steps to update their software to keep their devices working properly.

ELD Update: Are your customers ready for December 17?

A reminder that customers who used grandfathered AOBRDs must be fully equipped to comply with the ELD rule by the December 16 deadline.

ELD Update: New Technical Specification FAQs
ELD Update: Keep Your ELD Listing Up-To-Date
Visit the new ELD Home Page

May 15, 2018

Benefits Of Electronic Logging

GOLD RUSH – Rick Ness Loses His Force At The Start Of The New Season On “Gold Rush” Season 12

Several trucking companies and other organizations have already made the conversion to ELDs, to stay ahead of the federal deadlines and successfully implement adoption throughout their fleets. In doing so many have begun to profit from the advantages this technology offers.

Electronic logging devices can save a trucking organization time and money. It helps add to the bottom line in reducing costs and improving productivity. Using an ELD can allow a driver to spend more time on the road, and less on completing paperwork or waiting at inspection points. It can even reduce the need for unanticipated repairs, to keep unwanted vehicle and river downtime at a minimum.

Businesses can improve productivity and profitability through electronic logging in some of the following ways:

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How Has The Eld Influenced The Future Of The Trucking Industry

The ELD mandate has generally been very upsetting for many truckers. They feel their livelihood being threatened, by even greater control over their driving and earning potential.

Perhaps due to the unrest in the industry, including heavy scrutiny by the authorities and public pressures, the average trucker is reluctant to adapt to the system, as its just one more nail in the coffin for a job that has less appeal than ever.

The trucking companies are now forced to switch over to the electronic record keeping, but many of the smaller companies are finding the cost prohibitive.

Throughout the years, public concerns have pressured the trucking industry to find ways to make highways safer.

The ELD mandate was designed to do just that by placing a greater element of control over the number of hours drivers are behind the wheel and when they are behind the wheel.

Detect Violations And Prevent Errors Before They Impact Your Safety Rating Safety Alert Can Help You Stay Compliant With The Latest Requirements For Electronic Driver Logging

Newly mandated requirements demand that companies take action.

Electronic Logging Devices are the future of maintaining HOS compliance. Forward-looking fleets are adopting electronic driver logging technologies to more easily maintain detailed driver logs that are fully compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards.

As regulations continue to take shape, itâs important for you to be fully-prepared with a solution that meets these requirements.

Let the experts at Safety Alert help you move away from manual driver logs and embrace electronic.

Orion makes it easy to switch from paper-based systems to electronic with our integrated Hours of Service solution, which is built with the industryâs simplest-to-operate yet most complete and versatile FMCSA-compliant electronic driver logging engine.


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Ryan Hofer Net Worth: $250000

He has been featured in 37 episodes on Gold Rush. Ryan has been on the show since 2018. Hofer works in the gold wash plant. Ryan started working as a welder in his fathers shop when he was young.

He used to build cars and motorcycles. Ryan is exceptionally skilled in fabricating, welding, and mechanics. He got into the show through his motorcycle building.

As it turns out, he had met his boss, Rick, when hanging out at his friends house in Minneapolis. He became good friends with Rick. When Rick started his mine, he called Ryan to join him. He now works on Ricks crew. Ryan Hofers net worth is about $250,000.

Effect On Native Americans

Gold Rush 2020: Season 11 Air Date, Spoilers, Cast ...

California genocideUnfree labor in CaliforniaProtecting the SettlersThe Indians of California

The human and environmental costs of the Gold Rush were substantial. Native Americans, dependent on traditional hunting, gathering and agriculture, became the victims of starvation and disease, as gravel, silt and toxic chemicals from prospecting operations killed fish and destroyed habitats. The surge in the mining population also resulted in the disappearance of game and food gathering locales as gold camps and other settlements were built amidst them. Later farming spread to supply the settlers’ camps, taking more land away from the Native Americans.

After the initial boom had ended, explicitly anti-foreign and racist attacks, laws and confiscatory taxes sought to drive out foreignersin addition to Native Americansfrom the mines, especially the Chinese and Latin Americanimmigrants mostly from Sonora, Mexico and Chile. The toll on the American immigrants was severe as well: one in twelve forty-niners perished, as the death and crime rates during the Gold Rush were extraordinarily high, and the resulting vigilantism also took its toll.

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Phone/tablet Based Systems Offer Pros And Cons

Many ELD providers offer lower-cost systems that work via a BYOD, or bring your own device, smartphone or tablet provided by the user. The mobile device shares information wirelessly with a separate black box device that gets information directly from the engines electronic control module.

At BarOle Trucking, a system that could work on the same devices it uses for other mobile apps made the most sense, explains Smith. We use mobile apps and state-of-the art dispatching. Customers are getting real-time updates. We use signature capture when receiving loads, an email and picture goes back to the consignee immediately. The company also uses Drivewyze scale bypass on its devices. So the XRS platform from Omnitracs made sense for them.

US1 Logistics initially started with Rand McNally hardwired TND 760 devices, but has moved to the HD 100. Its tablet-based, so we can put some apps on there that will help our drivers take pictures of bills of lading and shoot them in a PDF right to our agents, Patterson explains.

What happens in a dead spot? asks Mark Haslam, CEO and founder of DriverTech. If youre using a portable device that can move with the driver outside the cab, you do have a much higher risk if you lose the device or drop the device and damage it or if your battery goes dead at that point you might not be compliant.

You May Need To Make Adjustments To Avoid A Productivity Hit

I think the good providers, the ones that execute well, can expect 3% to 5% productivity loss, says Ryders Diez. Those are carriers that have good programs in place already. But if youre not prepared you could see in excess of that.

Carriers we spoke with, however, say once drivers get through the initial adjustment, they can actually become more productive on e-logs.

Even on paper logs you can still only work 14 hours a day, Phillippi says. I actually have drivers who are more productive with electronic logs. Before if they stopped to use the bathroom and it took 7 minutes, it showed 15. Now it only shows 7 minutes.

We have actually not seen our productivity drop off a bit, says US1 Logistics Patterson. It boils down to the operations side working with the driver, going into the portal and seeing when a driver started his day and try to manage his hours better.

One problem some fleets will have is shippers who are used to fleets fudging on logs and pushing drivers to exceed hours of service to meet customer demands.

Shippers are a bigger problems than drivers in my opinion, Beal says. Now at least the carriers got a little bit of backing from the federal government when they say they cant have this trailer in Little Rock by tomorrow morning.

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Samsara Eld The Best Lightweight Eld

Get truly innovative electronic logging devices for your trucks. Although the primary objective of installing the devices may be to meet FMCSA requirements, you should not just leave it at that.

It always helps to buy a product that can do much more and make your work easier. The Samsara ELD device is one such device. The product couples superior fleet management technology with Sensors and GPS technologies. This helps enhance compliance and safety.

The product was mainly designed to streamline operations for both drivers and fleet managers. The reason we love Samsara is because it is easy to use, features a modern design, and can be used in a large fleet of up to 10,000 vehicles.

Choosing The Right Provider Is Key

GOLD RUSH – The Battle For Gold On “Gold Rush” Is About To Begin. First Look At The New Season 12

With the FMCSA taking a buyer beware approach to the self-certification of ELD compliance, making sure you have a compliant device is one of many reasons to choose your ELD provider carefully.

Norm Ellis, president of ELD provider ERoad, says with so many new companies coming into the market, fleets need to make sure their vendor is stable and has the financial wherewithal to be their provider for several years in the future. Someone that has two people in a garage with a cell phone app, are they really going to be here to support me a week, a month, a year later?

Its extremely important to ask questions about the ELD manufacturer, says Continentals Cappelle. How long has the company been in business? How long has it been making electronic logs? How many devices from the manufacturer are in use?

Fleets should not only make sure that the products are currently compliant, but that vendors have the ability to stay informed and update their devices in the event of regulatory changes, says Ravi Kodavarti, director of product management for Rand McNally.

If your fleet runs on hours regulations outside the typical over-the-road scenario, such as oil field operations or with a split sleeper berth exemption, you need to make sure the provider you choose understands those operations.

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Lack Of Data Regarding Bus Drivers And Crashes

There are relatively few studies of the causes and effects of fatigue to bus drivers, compared to those examining truck drivers.60 In part this may be due to the relatively safer bus experience as noted above, the number of people killed in bus crashes each year is a small fraction of the number killed in truck crashes. However, the comparatively low number of fatal bus crashes means that developing a nationally representative sample of bus crashes for analysis would require significant resources over many years.61

The shortage of information on whether fatigue among bus drivers has different causes and effects than among truck drivers makes it tempting to extrapolate truck driver fatigue research to bus drivers. However, this may not be justified, as the population of bus drivers differ in certain respects from the population of long-distance truck drivers. For example, females represent a larger portion of bus drivers than of long-distance truckers.62

Paper Logs Are Being Ushered Out

For years drivers used logbooks to record their HOS or Hours of Service manually.

The log book system works but it requires drivers to keep accurate logs and sometimes people make mistakes.

Often times, drivers would take advantage of the system and falsify records.

Over the years, accidents involving commercial trucks increased and this was partially blamed on the lack of control over commercial drivers H.O.S.

In many cases, these accidents were due to driver fatigue: drivers behind the wheel for too long.

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