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How To Get The Gold Pass In Clash Of Clans

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When Does A Clash Of Clans Season Start/end

How To Get FREE GOLD PASS In Clash Of Clans 2020 | Gold Pass Hack

Each Clash of Clans season begins at the start of the month and ends at the start of the next.

Rather than use set calendar weeks like other games, there’s no guesswork needed for a Clash of Clans season: it begins and ends as one month makes way for the next.

Current Clash of Clans Rewards: June 2021

Clash Of Clans Jungle Warden Skin

In the video footage shared by Supercell, it is evident that the new skin got inspiration from the jungle. Anyone who is familiar with Supercells other game, Clash Royale, can say that this new Grand Warden skin looks very similar to Dirt Goblin. The face mask is exactly the same as the Dirt Goblin.

To get your hands on the new Jungle Warden skin in Clash of Clans, you will need to acquire 2600 points, and of course, you will need to purchase the May 2021 Gold Pass.

Clash Of Clans Season Challenges Faq: How To Get The Gold Pass What Are Hero Skins And How Does The Season Bank Work

Supercell has just introduced a battle royale-like season pass to Clash of Clans that provides you with unique rewards for playing the game. There are two different tiers to the pass: silver, which is free, and gold, which costs just shy of five dollars per month.

No matter which you pick, youll get a bunch of new daily and monthly challenges to complete in exchange for extra rewards. Each challenge generally involves performing stuff you do anyway, so provided youre a regular player, you should complete them no problem.

In this guide, were going to break down exactly how the season pass works, how to get it, and the rewards you can get for completing it.

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Gold Tier Exclusive Perks

With the Gold Tier you can also unlock exclusive Perks, very special boosts that must be obtained on the Challenges Road and will work until the end of the season:

1 Gem donation: you can donate Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines for a single Gem.

Builder Boost: reduces the time and cost to start an upgrade . It has 3 tiers: 10%, 15%, and 20%. The time reduction is applied when you start the construction, and the timer will not be changed later if you unlock a new tier or if you lose the boost once the season ends.

Research Boost: reduces the time and resources to upgrade Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines in the laboratory. It has 3 tiers: 10%, 15%, and 20%.

Training Boost: reduces training time to Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines and the regeneration time to all Heroes. It has 3 tiers: 10%, 15%, and 20%.

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How To Get Gold Pass In Coc

Que contient le Gold Pass d

How to Buy Gold Pass in COC

  • The first step is to open the Clash Of Clans game on your device.
  • Make sure you have logged into your own Clash Of Clans account.
  • Then press the shield icon to the right of the Attack button.
  • There you will see a list of gold pass prices in COC that you can buy.
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    How To Unlock The Jungle King

    The Jungle King is unlocked by completing . You can purchase it for $4.99 and it stays until the end of the current month. Luckily, July is a long month at 31 days so you have a long time to get ahold of him.

    Getting to the end will take a long time so make sure to get in there early. You have to complete the challenges assigned for you on the left and complete them to fill up the gold pass bar

    You only have until the end of July to get your hands on him so make sure to get those rewards done early. You can start right now.

    Clash Of Clans Season Pass: Start/ends Times Price Rewards And How To Unlock

    Pay for the season, play for the skin.

    The Clash of Clans Season Pass has been in the game since April 2019 on iOS and Android, changing each and every month without fail. So what does each season bring, and when exactly does one end? Heres everything you need to know about Clash of Clan seasons, including end times, common rewards, and, more importantly, the cost of a Clash of Clans season pass.

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    Clash Of Clans Earns $27 Million In One Week As Revenue Grows 145% Following Season Pass Debut

    Supercell borrowed a page form the battle royale book last week when it launched a season pass in its all-time highest-grossing title, Clash of Clans. Called the Gold Pass, it has ballooned the gameâs coffers accordingly, driving a 2.5x increase in player spending in the first seven days following its introduction, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data shows.

    Clash of Clans players has spent close to $3.9 million per day in the title since the Gold Pass and its season of rewards were added, for a total of approximately $27 million worldwide across the App Store and Google Play in a single week. This figure is 145% greater than the amount spent during the week leading up to Supercellâs debut of the pass. The game grossed an estimated $11 million in that preceding period, for an average of approximately $1.6 million per day.

    The title reached the top five for iPhone revenue in 46 countries on the day the Gold Pass launched, having achieved that rank in only one the day before. In the United States, purchases of the pass, which sells for $4.99, drove the game to No. 1 on the App Storeâs overall top grossing chart for the first time since October 13, 2017.

    Clash of Clans has grossed in excess of $5.5 billion and been downloaded more than 600 million times worldwide since January 2014.

    Sensor Towerâs Store Intelligence platform is an Enterprise level offering. Interested in learning more?

    How Do I Log In To The Account Which I Purchased

    How To Get Free Gold Pass – Clash Of Clans

    After purchasing Clash of Clans account, an email containing account log in information will be automatically sent to your email address.

    Step 1: Connect the Gmail to your device

    After purchasing a COC account, go to your email address and click on the email which we automatically sent to you. With the Gmail log in information provided in the email, connect the Gmail to your device.

    Step 2: Log in to supercell ID in the game

    All the accounts which we sell already are connected to supercell ID and can be played on both IOS and Android devices. The Gmail address which is sent to your email address is your supercell ID email. You need to enter the supercell ID email in the game too. To do this, follow this path in the game:

    Settings Supercell ID Log in Enter the Supercell ID email

    Step 3: Supercell Verification Code

    After entering the supercell ID email in the game, you will receive a supercell verification code in your inbox. Finally, enter the supercell verification code in the game and enjoy your new Clash of Clans account.

    We accept all kinds of Credit Cards, Visa Card, Master Card, Webmoney and Cryptocurrencies.

    • To pay with Visa or Master Card, Choose Credit Card in checkout page.
    • To get a 5 USD discount, contact our live support, to receive a 5 USD discount code for the first purchase for new customers.

    Buy-clash is the Best place to Buy Clash of Clans accounts. We care a lot about our customers and sell completely safe and secure Clash of Clans accounts.

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    Clash Of Clans May 2021 Gold Pass: All Rewards

    There’s a bunch of interesting rewards in the Clash of Clans May 2021 Gold Pass. These include the likes of Hero Books, Potions, and other interesting rewards.

    Check out the full rewards list below, and how many points you will need.

    • 1 Gem donations at 40 points
    • 10% Training boost at 80 points
    • 10% Research boost at 120 points
    • 10% Builder boost at 160 points
    • Bigger Season bank at 200 points
    • 2x Training potion at 260 points
    • 6x Wall ring at 320 points
    • 2x resource potion at 380 points
    • Resource potion at 440 points
    • Builder potion at 500 points
    • Bigger season bank at 580 points
    • 15% training potion at 740 points
    • 15% Builder boost at 820 points
    • Book of Spells at 900 points
    • Book of Heroes at 980 points
    • Book of Fighting at 1060 points
    • Bigger season bank at 1140 points
    • 6x Wall ring at 1220 points
    • Rune of Builder Gold at 1300 points
    • Super potion at 1400 points
    • 20% Training boost at 1500 points
    • 20% Research boost at 1600 points
    • 20% Builder boost at 1700 points
    • Bigger season bank at 1850 points
    • Shovel of obstacles at 2000 points
    • Rune of Gold at 2150 points
    • Rune of Elixir at 2300 points
    • Rune of Dark elixir at 2450 points

    The main reward is, of course, the new Jungle Warden skin.

    Rewards Without A Gold Pass

    Even if you dont decide to purchase a Clash of Clans May 2021 Gold Pass, you can still get some rewards from points earned.

    These rewards are:

    • 1000k Builder gold at 80 points
    • 1000k Builder elixir at 160 points
    • Training potion at 260 points
    • Power potion at 380 points
    • 1000k gold at 500 points
    • 1000k elixir at 660 points
    • 10k Dark Elixir at 820 points
    • Research potion at 980 points
    • Hero potion at 1140 points
    • 1500k gold at 1300 points
    • 1500k elixir at 1500 points
    • 15k Dark Elixir at 1700 points
    • Resource potion at 2000 points
    • 2x Clock tower potion at 2300 points
    • Book of Heroes at 2600 points

    So there you have it, all the rewards for both those who decide to purchase the Clash of Clans May 2021 Gold Pass, and those who decide not to open their wallets.

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    How To Get The Gold Pass

    But how exactly do you get the Gold Pass? Firstly, in order to open the menu for the Gold Pass and receive the benefits of it, your Town Hall must have reached Level 7. If you have not reached Town Hall Level 7, the game will simply tell you that Season Challenges will unlock at that level.

    If you are at Town Hall 7 or above, you will be able to press the little button with a shield containing plus symbols on the bottom left of your screen, just to the right of the Attack button.

    For those that have not bought the pass, the shield will be silver, whereas purchasers of the pass with see this as a gold shield. Once here, you will see an overview of the Gold Pass and the benefits that it offers, with the free tier rewards also available to collect.

    Its here that you will receive the option to get the Gold Pass. Once you attempt to purchase, it will take you to your devices store, be it the Apple Store or Google Play, to make a purchase of it.

    Once successfully purchased, the shield on the button will turn gold and you can start to claim any rewards met in the upper tier.

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    Clash Of Clans July 2021 Season Skin: Jungle King

    *NIEUWE* Gold Pass Gekocht In Clash of Clans!!

    Hero Skin is always the primary focus in a season that is exclusively available for the Gold Pass holders. And while players have been expecting a for Julys Gold Pass, their expectations may come true this time.

    Several leaks have hinted that July will be indeed bringing the Barbarian King Jungle set skin inspired from the Town Hall 14 update. Below is the image of the Barbarian King that has surfaced online.

    The Barbarian King can clearly be seen here holding his sword here. And the designs on his weapon, crown, and gauntlet pretty much match the pillars of the Jungle Themed Town Hall 14 shown in the Town Hall Tour. The recent teaser from COCs social handle pretty much confirms this leak to be true.

    Sitting here, waiting for the month to be over to finally open my Season Bank

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    How To Buy Gold Pass In Coc

    So read the step to know the procedure.

    • You need to log in to your supercell account.
    • It would be best if you were at town hall level 7.
    • If not, then you have to complete the seasons and reach level 7.
    • Then there is a plus sign near the attack button. Click on its shield with a plus sign and read the details about the gold pass.
    • Select the option purchase, and you will get redirect to super cell id or play store.
    • Complete the purchase procedure by selecting the mail address used in the game.

    Hope the steps above make it clear about How to Buy Gold Pass in Coc. To make your attack better, you need the gold pass as its ability to loot and increase the number of attacks by 25%. After purchasing the gold pass, you get 40 million loot, 12 wall rings and two potions of training.

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    Purchasing The Gold Tier During The Season

    The Gold Tier/Gold Pass can be purchased until 24 hours before the Season ends and will instantly unlock all rewards available according to the number of Challenge Points you have.

    For example, if you have 2.000 Challenge Points at the time of your purchase, you will get all Gold Tier rewards available at the mark.

    However, it is highly recommended to purchase the Gold Tier as soon as the season starts so you can take advantage of the exclusive Perks through all month long.

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    How To Buy Gold Pass In Coc Find Answer Here

    How To Buy Gold Pass In Coc Find Answer Here! > > If you are looking for ways to buy the loots and other advantages in the game, this article will surely help you.

    Are you also interested in playing an online game such as Coc? Are you aware of its features and ways to buy the passes? In this article, we will share the details regarding the gold passes and ways to buy them.

    Gamers from the United Statesand other countries are searching for the details regarding the passes. Coc is famous all over the world, and to enhance the game ability, and it is essential to know How to Buy Gold Pass in Coc. So, stay connected to get the answer.

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    Gold Pass / Gold Tier

    How to get free gold pass in clash of clans

    If you want to get crazy good rewards, you can purchase the Gold Pass. The Gold Pass costs $4.99 and will unlock the Gold Tier for the current season.

    The Gold Tier features all Silver Tier rewards plus:

    30 Rewards

    Season Bank Storage: 25 million Gold/Elixir and 250.000 Dark Elixir

    You have access to the final and exclusive reward, a Hero skin

    Exclusive Perks

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    How To Get The Gold Pass In Clash Of Clans

    Get rewarded for your Clash gaming.

    Screengrab via Supercell

    Since April 2019, Supercell has offered players in Clash of Clans some of the best value that you can purchase in a mobile game with the Gold Pass. Similar to how a season pass works in games such as Fortnites Battle Pass, the Gold Pass will offer you rewards in-game for purchasing the Gold Pass and completing weekly set challenges, as well as daily challenges.

    These will add up to points that unlock rewards once you hit certain thresholds. For example, If there is a Builder Potion available for hitting 200 points, and a Research Potion for reaching 260 points, you will receive the Builder Potion once you hit 200 points, and will only require a further 60 points to then receive the Research Potion.

    The rewards from the Gold tier will work wonders for making your villages as efficient as possible as they present boosts to your research via the laboratory, training troops through the barracks, and building with your builders. These boosts represent a reduction in the time taken to complete them and a cost reduction. At max boost, these benefits will provide a 20% reduction in time and resource costs. Theres also a free tier that all players can receive, so free-to-play players wont miss out on some goodies.

    Whats The Difference Between The Silver And Gold Pass

    The Silver tier contains a total of 15 rewards that you can collect throughout the season, including magic items, potions, gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

    Gold pass owners can claim double the number of rewards at 30, which includes all of the above alongside 20 percent boosts for building, researching, and troop training speeds.

    You also collect differing amount of rewards from the Season Bank at the end of the season. Silver tier players can earn up to 5 million gold and elixir and 50k dark elixir, while Gold pass players can earn a whopping 25 million gold and elixir, and 250k dark elixir.

    Another benefit for Gold pass owners is the ability to grab yourself an exclusive Hero Skin every month. The first is the Barbarian King skin.

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    Is A Clash Of Clans Season Pass Free

    Yes and no.

    A Silver Clash of Clans Season Pass can be obtained for free, but this version doesnt contain as many levels as a Gold Pass, resulting in far fewer rewards over the course of the month.

    Generally, you need more points to unlock rewards in the free Silver pass, and the rewards themselves will differ.

    Each Clash of Clans season has a Gold Pass players can buy for £4.99. This can be bought at any time during the month and expires at the start of the next.

    A Gold Pass contains every possible reward available for that monthly season including the season-exclusive Hero Skin.

    The Gold Pass gives different rewards and with few point requirements between them than the Silver pass.

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