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Rose Gold Ring With Diamonds

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Platinum Vs White Gold Composition

Rose Gold and Diamond Ring with Kunzite Stone

18 Karat and 14 Karat gold jewelry is made primarily of gold along with a mix of durable metals like nickel, zinc, copper and a rhodium platingas gold by itself is relatively soft. 18 Karat is 75% gold, while 14 Karat is 58.3% gold.

Platinum used in jewelry, on the other hand, is more puretypically between 95-98% platinumwith the remaining percentage rhodium and silver. Stronger and more durable than gold, platinum is the heaviest and densest precious metal. As you can see, gold used in jewelry depends on a higher percentage of alloys and rhodium for its strength and durability. If youre still unsure about the differences in composition between gold vs platinum, our experts can help.

Erika Winters Iris Halo Ring

Courtesy of Erika Winters

Referencing art deco elements, this ring is a whimsical option in 18k rose gold. A center diamond is bordered by a halo of round diamonds, in a flared, floral motif with milgrain edges. A thoughtful choice for the playful yet romantic bride.

Featuring a trifecta of metals and named after the Greek goddess Artemis, this ring, with its linked bands, is for the brazen bride. One with a round solitaire is sandwiched by two pavé set bands set in 18k rose gold. It also features white gold connectors in 18k. A bold fashion statement for the bride who loves to mix metals.

Rose Gold Diamond Rings

Sleek bands, bold cocktail rings and must-have stacking ringsmake a striking statement with our superbly crafted rose gold diamond rings for women and men.

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Anne Sisteron 14kt Rose Gold Emerald Diamond Maddie Ring

Courtesy of Anne Sisteron

For a truly standout ring, consider a bold-colored gemstone like an emerald. The rich green hue of this emerald-cut gem complements the pink in the half-pavé band. Plus, the contrast in shapes in this 14k rose gold ring adds another interesting design layer.

Attention modern brides: This architectural design features a thicker 14k rose gold band with an asymmetrical cutout detailing that perfectly frames the sole round diamond. For those who can’t decide between a band-style ring and a classic diamond, this work of art is for you.

Ring Settings And Diamond Color

Elegant rose gold 1.20 carat round cut diamond ring

The type of ring you prefer has a major effect on the diamond color we recommend.

Solitaire rings give you the most leeway to choose a low color-grade diamond. Since youre not directly comparing the center diamond to other diamonds in the setting, you can choose a color as low as M and still have a great aesthetic.

On the other hand, youll have to be more careful with rings that have settings with side stones right next to the center diamond, such as halo rings. Your eye will automatically compare the color of the accent stones to that of the center diamond. If you choose a halo ring, check the color of these accents. Then, choose a diamond that matches this color.

With rings that have side stones set farther away from the center stone, this effect isnt as significant. You can go as low as an L or M color for your center diamond and still have a great-looking ring.

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Allurez Diamond Halo Oval

Courtesy of Allurez

Diamonds galore! An oval diamond is bound by a halo of round stones and is framed by even more sparkle in a pavé band. Set in 14k rose gold, the stones are raised toward the center, giving it a subtle lift and drawing even more attention to this dazzling beauty.

This delicate ring, set in 14k rose gold, features a princess-cut solitaire diamond. Simple and timeless, it’s perfect for the minimalist bride who leans toward modern elegance. The ring price is setting-only.

Finding The Right Ring

The big question to ask when looking for the right ring for you is what do you want it to look like? Something small and subtle? How about bright, bombastic, and hefty? Something in between may also be on the table, so how do you choose? Well, you can wear rings with just about any outfit, but consider which options you want to accent with your ring.

Do your casual or professional looks come to mind? If you need something that can fit in just about any scenario, then you’ll want something more subtle, like a pale gemstone with a simple ring. If you’re looking for loud, consider a fashion ring which tend to have more going on. If you’re looking for something ornate and beautiful you’ll want to look at fine jewelry.

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Smith + Mara Brilliant Cut Diamond Stackable Ring

Courtesy of Smith + Mara

This dainty, bezel-set round diamond ring in 14k rose gold is ideal for brides who love the wedding-stack trend. Pair it with your wedding band or other minimalist baubles.

For a budget-friendly option, consider a dainty, stackable rose-gold ring from a contemporary or emerging jewelry designer. As time goes on, you can always add to your ring stacks for a modern, anniversary upgrade.

White Gold Vs Yellow Gold

7 Carat Oval Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The main difference between white gold and yellow gold is the color. White gold is mixed with white metals like nickel, while yellow gold is mixed with yellow metals like copper. White gold has a lustrous white look and yellow gold has a luminous yellow tone. Some prefer the golden tone of yellow gold, while others prefer white gold. The color of gold you choose should be based on your personal preference.

There are a few other small differences between white gold and yellow gold. Yellow gold is more hypoallergenic than white gold and its easier to maintain. You may be able to reduce your diamonds Color by a grade or two, because the diamond will still look white in relation to the yellow gold setting. White gold is slightly stronger than yellow gold, making it more durable.

The cost of white gold and yellow gold is relatively the same, as theyre both made of gold and other alloy metals. 14K gold costs less than 18K gold, no matter the color.

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Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Kassandra Nicholson Navette Ring In Pink Gold

Courtesy of Kassandra Nicholson

Inspired by the navette ring popular in the Victorian era, this ring marries vintage inspiration with contemporary craftsmanship. The asymmetrical curves of this ring in 14k pink gold beautifully highlight the uncut diamond macle crystal.

What’s better than an emerald-cut diamond? Four. Set in 14k rose gold, four emerald-cut diamonds make a stunning statement on symmetry and angular beauty. A mix of masculine and feminine sensibilities.

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Stylish Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Don’t spend a fortune for the questionably sourced and overpriced rings that the jewelry industry tries to push couples into buying. You can still take home a stunning engagement ring for a fraction of the cost. In fact, for the cost of a single engagement ring from a traditional jeweler, you can purchase a stunning full bridal set from Modern Gents!

We also strive to set ourselves apart with our commitment to using ethical materials in our wedding rings and other jewelry. In a world where far too many jewelry companies still use conflict minerals and blood gemstones, weve made a solemn commitment to our customers to create guilt-free, responsibly sourced jewelry.

Getting ready to buy a wedding or engagement ring but want something a little more unique? Our rose gold wedding bands for her or for him are the perfect choice that offers both sophistication and class with a romantic touch. At Modern Gents Trading Co., we offer a variety of different ring settings and affordable engagement ring styles so you can find your perfect ring.

If you are interested in a unique ring thats both elegant and timeless, check out our beautiful selection of affordable rose gold engagement rings today. Plus, make sure to browse our lineup ofmens wedding bands for a selection of rings designed to complement our womens offerings perfectly.

Diamond Shape And Color

14K Rose Gold Engagement Ring Set Natural Diamond Rings Flower Rose ...

The shape of the diamond you want can make a big difference in your color choice, too. Since rounds are the sparkliest diamonds, theyre the best at hiding color. All our previous recommendations assume youre choosing an excellent-cut round diamond.

However, many diamond shapes show more color or may show color concentrated in corners and ends. After round diamonds, princess, emerald, and asscher-cut diamonds are the next best shapes for hiding color. For a solitaire ring, you could go as low as a K color and still have a beautiful ring with these shapes.

Other shapes show more color, so its best to stick to an I or J color diamond for shapes like ovals and .

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What Does A Diamond Color Grade Mean

Most diamonds come with grading reports from gem laboratories. One of the grading parameters is color. For a white diamond, that really means how colorless it is. The diamonds with the least color receive a grade of D, the highest grade. Diamonds with successively more yellow or brown color get letter grades further down the alphabet. .

Fancy color diamonds include diamonds with any hint of colors other than brown or yellow as well as brown or yellow diamonds with deeper color. These stones go through an entirely different grading process. For this article, well focus exclusively on white diamonds in the D to M color range and how they pair with rose gold.

What Is Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the trendiest and most popular jewelry materials today. Its actually an alloy of gold and copper, which combine to create the sunset-like pink color that gives the material its name. That warm but striking color, plus the unmistakable shine of gold, makes rose gold one of the most captivating and distinctive materials available for a wedding ring or engagement ring.

Modern Gents rose gold wedding rings are among our best sellers, and its not hard to see why. Our line of affordable rose gold engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding sets and jewelry are made of premium 925 sterling silver with micron plated rose gold for extra durability. These premium quality materials and handmade craftsmanship make every ring look good, but we cant deny that theres something a little magical about rose gold in how it makes timelessness look easy.

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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are delightful pieces of . First crafted in the early 19th century, rose gold engagement rings are incredibly charming. Rose gold is a precious metal that is created from pure gold mixed with other alloys like copper. Learn more about rose gold in our .

Rose gold engagement rings feature a distinctive pinkish hue that complements a diamond’s sparkle. A rose gold engagement ring is an excellent choice for those interested in both form and function: they are as durable as they are beautiful. To discover more rose gold engagement rings, check out our highlighting the 10 rose gold styles selected as employee and customer favorites. For any questions on a rose gold engagement ring, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of jewelry experts who are here to help.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings From Shane Co

Unboxing Rose Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring Super Ideal Cut

The metal in our rose gold rings is made from pure gold mixed with both copper and silver alloys. Because of this mix of metals, rose gold is stronger than white or yellow gold. Rose gold engagement rings are also especially beautiful because of their stunning blush pink color, which alludes to the love and devotion engagement rings represent. Every engagement ring from Shane Co. is crafted by expert designers, and our team of jewelry consultants is available online and in-store to help you find the perfect ring. Shop all engagement ring styles.

  • What styles are included in Shane Co.s collection of rose gold engagement rings?

    Shane Co. is proud to have a wide selection of rose gold engagement rings available in our collection. In fact, some of the most popular engagement ring styles, like our halo rings, vintage rings, and solitaire rings, are available in rose gold. Other styles featured in rose gold include pavé, two-tone rings, and tri-tone rings. In addition to this, rose gold engagement rings can be customized with many different diamond shapes and styles. They can also be paired with colorful gemstones such as rubies or sapphires.

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    Pink Gold Vs Red Gold Vs Rose Gold

    Pink gold, red gold and rose gold are nearly the same, with slight differences in composition and appearance. They all are made of 75% gold combined with copper and silver alloys. Jewelry vendors and goldsmiths may use the three gold names interchangeably, but rose gold is most common, especially for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. All three golds have a lustrous, pinkish tone, like in this rose gold hidden halo ring from Blue Nile.

    Composition Differences of Pink Gold, Red Gold, Rose Gold

    18K Pink Gold
    22.25% copper 2.75% silver

    The varying percentage of copper and silver indicates the golds color. For instance, the higher percentage of copper found in red gold makes it a slightly stronger rose color. The copper and silver alloys also strengthen the gold. Pure gold by itself isnt strong enough to form jewelry that can be worn regularly.

    Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings More Expensive

    No! Rose Gold engagement rings are definitely not more expensive than others. The price of any ring will depend on the complexity of its design, weight, and diamonds. Rose Gold is made with the same purity of the gold as Yellow and White Gold, so the color of the metal of your ring will definitely not affect its overall price.

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    Is Rose Gold Hypoallergenic

    Unfortunately, like other golds used in jewelry, rose gold is not hypoallergenic. The metals used in rose gold to make it stronger are not hypoallergenic and can cause allergic reactions in people who have certain metal allergies.While most people dont have an allergic reaction to rose gold, some do. If you have a metal allergy, be sure to look at what the rose gold youre considering is made of to see if it contains a metal youre allergic to.


    A Rose Gold Oval Engagement Ring is my favorite design lately. It has been trending for the past two years! Oval Diamonds on Rose Gold bands can be set with a pavé style, with side stones, or even as a solitaire! A touch of rose gold will add color and a touch of diamond accents will add sparkle. The oval is a shape that is similar to the round brilliant because of its rounded form, yet the complete design with the addition of rose gold allows you to have a unique piece until the end of time.


    Finding The Perfect Rose Gold Wedding Band Or Ring

    ArtCarved Split Shank Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring. Designer ...

    Much like a first date is to a lifelong marriage, the materials in our rose gold wedding rings are only the beginning of something great. Our designers have created an expansive collection of rose gold rings for women that come in a variety of styles to suit any bride.

    Whether you go for a simple eternity band or an engagement ring with an eye-catching design, our ring andbridal jewelry collection offers a little something for everyone. And with so many options, youll have no problems finding that perfect ring thats both affordable and beautiful.

    Seeking a simple and traditional style that puts the focus on the center stone? Youll fall in love with oursolitaire engagement rings, with their wide variety of stone cut options and classic appeal. Looking for something with a little more dazzle? Ourhalo engagement rings wrap the center stone in a ring of brilliant accent stones that will light up her finger. For those who want to maximize their shine, we also offer multiple mix-and-match stackable sets of rose gold wedding rings and engagement rings. Combine both rings for unmatched sparkle, or add an anniversary band to take things to a whole new level.

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