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Diamond Tennis Bracelet 14k Gold

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What Is A Tennis Bracelet

Fire Light Lab Grown Diamond 14K Gold Tennis Bracelet on QVC

A tennis bracelet is a bracelet that contains small diamonds or gems connected by a thin, precious metal chain. As a piece of elegant jewelry, tennis bracelets are usually made of 14K or 18K gold, platinum or sterling silver.

Originally, tennis bracelets were known as line diamond bracelets a name thats still used on occasion today. Like many other pieces of jewelry, the tennis bracelet has since earned a name thats more the result of a notable public event than its origins or function.

Why Is It Called A Tennis Bracelet

The name tennis bracelet originates from the 1987 US Open when professional tennis player, Chris Evert, lost her diamond bracelet during a match. Evert asked the officials to pause the game to look for her bracelet, all while spectators and TV viewers watched the search.

Chris Evert was not only a Tennis Superstar, but she was also known as a fashion icon as well. Dubbed The Ice Maiden, Everts most nottable style choice was her diamond eternity bracelet.

Since that day, the line diamond bracelet has been referred to as the tennis bracelet. Jewelers instantly started to receive requests for a tennis bracelet. Decades after the 1987 US Open, viewers, tennis players and the general public alike have been inspired to wear diamond bracelets themselves.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet 14k

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Finding The Right Bracelets For You

Today, antique and vintage bracelets are versatile and universally loved accessories that can add polish and pizzazz to any ensemble.

Bracelets were among the jewels discovered to have been buried with Pharaoh Tutankhamun when his tomb was unearthed in 1922, and wrist and arm bracelets were allegedly worn by Queen Puabi in Sumer, southern Mesopotamia. But preceding the adornments of Ancient Egypt and elsewhere, the people of prehistoric times likely wore the decorative accessory, fashioning it from shells and fish bones. When the Bronze Age allowed for more durable materials and semiprecious stones to be incorporated into jewelry, bracelets became a treasured symbol of wealth.

In the thousands of years following the debut of the worldâs first bracelets, the artistry behind this common accessory has only broadened, with designers at popular jewelry houses growing more venturesome over time. David Webb looked to nature for his Animal Kingdom bracelets, and for her best-selling bracelets and more at Tiffany & Co., Elsa Peretti would frequently do the same. From bangles to tennis bracelets, the modern age offers plenty of options.

Find a diverse collection of bracelets that you can sort by style, stone cut and more on 1stDibs.

How To Determine Sizing For A Tennis Bracelet

14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet (5 ct. tw.)

In general, bracelet sizes dont matter as much as ring sizes do, though you still want to get as close as you can.

One of the easiest way to find the appropriate size for a diamond tennis bracelet is to measure the persons wrist. If you dont have access to a measuring tape, you can wrap a piece of yarn or a ribbon around their wrist, then cut it to size and measure it later.

Regardless of which measuring tool you use, make sure you add between half an inch and one inch to your total measurement to calculate bracelet size. For example, if the wrist measures six inches, consider a 6.5 or 7 inch bracelet.

If youre purchasing the tennis bracelet as a gift and dont know the persons wrist size, start by using 7-7.5 as a starting guide. This is the most popular bracelet size for women. If you think the recipient has smaller or larger wrists than the average person, adjust up or down accordingly.

Tennis bracelets are often easily adjusted by removing a link to shorten the chain, meaning its less important to get the size exactly perfect than it is for an engagement ring or other pieces of jewelry.

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Returning An Item That Was Purchased With An Igi Certificate:

Anjolee issues a free Certificate of Authenticity for each diamond jewelry order. Anjolee allows you to add to your order and purchase a third party certificate from the International Gemological Institute . Purchasing a third party IGI jewelry certificate is an optional feature. The exact cost of the certificate is shown while customizing each product, on the shopping cart, and on your invoice. Note that Anjolee does not refund the cost of the certificate in case of a return.

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Look what I found on Anjolee Z Link Diamond Tennis Bracelet In 14K 18K Yellow White Or Rose Gold

Diamond Tennis Bracelet 14k White Gold

  • Custom hand made solid sterling silver bracelet. Set with synthetic blue sapphires. 20 grams.Quick View],”images”:,”featured_image”:”\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1559\/5109\/products\/braceletbanglesterlingsynsapp20gramsYPN-c.jpg?v=1481227533″,”options”:,”media”:,”content”:”Custom hand made solid sterling silver bracelet. Set with synthetic blue sapphires. 20 grams.”}
  • $2,200.00 14K white gold diamond bracelet. Set with 24 round brilliant diamonds weighing .98 ctw. Figure 8 safety.Quick View],”images”:,”featured_image”:”\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1559\/5109\/products\/brac14kwg40d.75RIP-c.jpg?v=1488576903″,”options”:,”media”:,”content”:”14K white gold diamond bracelet. Set with 24 round brilliant diamonds weighing .98 ctw. Figure 8 safety.”}
  • DIAMOND BRACELET IN 14K WHITE GOLD $1,600.00 14K white gold diamond bracelet. Set with 40 round brilliant diamonds weighing a total of .75 cts. Figure 8 safety.Quick View],”images”:,”featured_image”:”\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1559\/5109\/products\/brac14kwg24d.98MYPN-c.jpg?v=1488577013″,”options”:,”media”:,”content”:”14K white gold diamond bracelet. Set with 40 round brilliant diamonds weighing a total of .75 cts. Figure 8 safety.”}

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When To Buy Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets make for beautiful and meaningful gifts throughout the year. Because of their classic design and popular appeal, tennis bracelets are often passed down for generations as family heirlooms and keepsakes.

A diamond tennis bracelet can make a great gift for any of the following occasions:

  • Wedding anniversary
  • Wedding day gift
  • Valentines Day
  • Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other holidays

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    A Quick Introduction To 14k Yellow Gold Fine Diamond Tennis Bracelets

    Popularized in 1978 by tennis champion Chris Evert Lloyd, the tennis bracelet has become an iconic measure of success and fashion. You do not need to be a tennis champion to wear this fashion piece though. You can find a wide variety of inexpensive 14k yellow gold fine diamond tennis bracelets on eBay to suit your needs.

    Are there different diamond colors available in these women’s tennis bracelets?

    You will find a range of diamond colors in these new or preowned tennis bracelets. The scale of diamond colors established by the American Gem Society starts at D, the highest color quality, a colorless, clear diamond. A diamond colored Z would exhibit a yellow or brown tinge. In between those two extremes, you find many color variations such as H and G color diamonds which are a very pale yellow.

    • L-Z: Faint to Light Color
    • D: Absolutely Colorless

    The different size stones available among these new and used 14k yellow gold fine diamond tennis bracelets

    The tennis bracelets here range from .50 carats to 10 carats in weight. The color shows up more readily in larger stones, so if a clear stone is important to you, then choose either smaller stones of lower color quality or larger stones of higher color quality. Typically, these bracelets range from one to five karats in weight.

    Clarity grades of diamonds

    • AGS 0, a flawless diamond
    • AGS 1 or 2 or VVS, very minor inclusions
    • AGS 3 or 4 or VS
    • AGS 5, 6, or 7 or SI
    • AGS 7, 8, 9, or 10 or I, obvious inclusions visible under magnification

    Finding The Right Tennis Bracelets For You

    Vintage tennis bracelets are a no-brainer for those of us who remain unabashedly nostalgic for 1980s or 1990s fashion. And as long as the casual-luxe look is hot and it is these understated accessories will remain on trend.

    The term tennis bracelet is relatively new. It stems from a tennis match that Chris Evert the first player to win 1,000 singles matches played in an early round of the U.S. Open during the late 1970s. A diamond and gold bracelet that the celebrated athlete had been wearing broke, and play was stopped while she scrambled to look for it on the court. At the time, minimalist fine jewelry was the order of the day. While fashion jewelry had undeniable appeal, the ornate diamond confections popular in previous decades were neither suited to the office nor the disco dance floor, and many people sought subtle but sophisticated jewelry designs to wear for both work and play.

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    Tennis Bracelet Styles And Settings

    Styles of tennis bracelets vary. While most designs contain one row or loop of diamonds, some bracelets have two or even three rows of stones. Most tennis bracelets utilize round cut diamonds, although some styles incorporate emerald cuts like this platinum tennis bracelet from James Allen or princess cuts like this 18K white gold bracelet also from James Allen.

    Settings are usually one of three varieties: prong, channel or bezel. Each style securely holds the diamond and offers a unique look. Just like with metals, theres no best bracelet design instead, the design you choose should be based on personal preference.

    Jewelry Care Goes A Long Way For More Information Please View Our Care Library:

    Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold (10 ct. tw.)

    14k GOLD

    To clean your 14k gold jewelry, use a soft toothbrush and dish soap and gently scrub. Be sure to rinse excess residue! You can also clean your gold pieces by gently rubbing a polishing cloth. For Herringbone care please reference below.


    Herringbone chains are delicate and without proper care, they can kink! Be sure to remove before physical activity, sleeping, and showering and always lay flat. We recommend not wearing lotions as scum can build up when wearing this piece. Cleaning should be avoided due to its delicate nature and intricate design.


    Avoid using lotions when wearing diamond pieces as the lotion can get caught under stones and take away from their sparkle! Remove prior to showering to avoid unwanted soap scum build up. To clean, use a soft toothbrush and a little dish soap and gently scrub. We recommend using our jewelry cleaner for best results!


    Please keep in mind that this style of setting means each diamond is held in place with a single prong on each side of the diamond . Due to the delicate nature of this setting, avoid knocking against any surfaces, snagging on a handbag, clothing or heavier hand held items like shopping bags. Every so often give your ring a gentle shake to see if any stones are loose. If any stones are loose to initiate a repair. To clean, use a soft toothbrush and a little dish soap and gently scrub. We recommend using our jewelry cleaner for best results!



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    Finding A Tennis Bracelet

    To find a beautiful tennis bracelet that will match the style of your someone special, look through the collections of reputable vendors like Blue Nile, James Allen and Brian Gavin.

    Not sure which bracelet to choose? Need help checking a bracelets diamond? If you need help reviewing diamonds or any other jewelry pieces, please contact usand well give you our expert opinion and advice.

    How To Assess The Quality Of A Tennis Bracelet

    When it comes to assessing the quality of a diamond tennis bracelet, youll want to pay attention to two factors. The first factor is the type of metal thats used to make the bracelet the second is the beauty of the diamonds.

    We often receive questions about how much a tennis bracelet should cost. A tennis bracelets price is varied based on the metal type, number of diamonds and size of diamonds. Tennis bracelet prices start at roughly $2,500 and can move up significantly from here. You cant really compare the cost of a tennis bracelet containt 1.5 cttw of diamonds to the price of a tennis bracelet containing 3 cttw of diamonds.

    Tennis bracelets come in several different metals. The most common are yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and sterling silver.

    Theres no best metal for a diamond tennis bracelet. Instead, each material offers its own look and feel that can make it more suitable for you. Since youll usually wear a tennis bracelet fairly often, one factor to consider when choosing a material is its durability.

    14K and 18K yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, as well as platinum and sterling silver are all more than durable enough for everyday wear.

    For more detailed information on these metals, you can find our guide to platinum and gold here and our guide to 14K gold here.

    For the diamonds, youll want to look at them closely with the naked eye or using high resolution imagery.

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    Gold Tennis Bracelet 14k

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