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What Does Frontline Gold Treat

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How Do You Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Home

How to Use Frontline Plus for Dogs

The use of Frontline on your pets is just one part of the larger equation that is flea control and prevention. You need to also eliminate fleas hiding inside and around your home.

Fleas thrive in warm climates where the temperatures can range between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius and 70 percent humidity. In areas where these conditions are not met, these insects go dormant until the right conditions arrive.

Allergic Reactions And Sensitivity

Reach out to your vet if your dog exhibits signs of an allergic reaction when taking this medication. Drug allergies usually manifest as scratching, swelling, and skin redness, but more serious side effects like trouble breathing can occur.

Some dogs experience hypersensitivity if they groom themselves soon after topical flea treatment. Signs of sensitivity from Frontline Gold ingestion include:

  • Loss of coordination

  • Vomiting

  • Excessive drooling

Ingesting topical flea treatments can cause alarming reactions but typically won’t cause long-term effects. Call your vet if you suspect your dog has ingested this medication.

Which Is Better Advantage Or Frontline For Cats

Though cats like to think they rule over the dogs in the family they still need protection from ticks, fleas and lice.

So, whether your kitty reigns over an indoor kingdom or an outdoor kingdom its important to inoculate them from all three forms of parasitic blood suckers. That is why we recommend Frontline flea treatment over Advantage.

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Overall Winner Between Frontline Plus And Frontline Gold Our Choice Is Frontline Gold

These two products have many similarities: theyre both safe and effective, and you cant go wrong with either choice. However, there is a reason Frontline chose to create Gold and as improvement on Plus.

The increased efficacy at treating flea eggs and larvae, the faster speed of action, and the added ease of use created by the new packaging make Frontline Gold our top pick in this match up.

Of course, Frontline Plus is still a great option, particularly if you are on a tight budget or are not particularly concerned about killing off a current flea infestation on your dog. Although we think Frontline Gold edges out Frontline Plus as the best choice, you should certainly discuss the decision with your vet.

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Getting Rid Of Fleas Outside Your Home

Merial Frontline Gold for Dogs 5

Outdoors, fleas like to hide in warm and humid areas away from direct sunlight. Often, these insects will move to outdoor areas that your pet frequents. Here are a few strategies that you can use to get rid of fleas from your yard.

1. Mow your lawn

Outdoors, fleas can hide on the leaves of tall grass. As such, it is a good idea to keep the grass short by mowing regularly. Once you are done mowing the lawn, bag the clippings and throw these away.

2. Clean up your yard

Fleas can also sometimes hide beneath dead leaves and twigs because these shield them from the intense suns rays. Eliminate debris and as much as possible, expose as much area to the sun as you can.

3. Buy cedar chips

Cedar chips can help ward off fleas. Spread these around the areas which your pet frequents.

4. Enlist the help of worms

You can buy tiny worms called Nematodes. Nematodes eat flea eggs, helping control the population of these insects. To use nematodes in your yard, all you have to do is to spread them on the area where your pet usually plays.

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So Does Frontline Repel Ticks Or Does Frontline Kill Ticks

Frontline kills ticks within 24 to 48 hrs of contact. It does not repel ticks or fleas from clinging onto your pet. But since it kills the parasite very quickly, it prevents infestation. In this way it also prevents tick bite, because it takes a tick several hours to up to 2 days crawling around in search of a suitable bite site, Frontline has likely killed them before they get a chance to bite.

Ticks lurk everywhere in your garden as well as out in nature. When bitten by a tick, removal, observation of the bite, and monitoring the victim for symptoms of tick-transmitted diseases is most important.

Use tick repellents to protect your pets, yourself, and your family from ticks. Even though there is no 100% guarantee of keeping ticks at bay, effective tick control reduces the risk of tick infestation and tick bite. But when bitten you need to know what symptoms to look for and when to worry about a tick bite.


How Effective Is Frontline For Cats

Frontline products are still considered to be effective against fleas and ticks. The newer Frontline GOLD is also more efficient at killing fleas by more quickly targeting eggs and larvae.

However, the question of flea or tick resistance to these products and the idea that they dont work comes up often. The 2017 article Perception vs. Reality: Insecticide Resistance in Fleas from DVM360 that refers to an article published in American Veterinarian that same year addresses this topic.

An entomology professor from the University of California heavily investigated this question and concluded that while resistance has been seen to some flea treatment or prevention products, true chemical resistance in fleas with fipronil, imidacloprid, and some other newer products on the market has not yet been demonstrated.

In many cases, when a pup or kitty parent is still seeing live fleas on their pet after a product has been applied, this issue can most often be traced back to incorrect use or application of the product, as well as poor expectations. Following are some common errors or misperceptions.

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Using Caution With Other Flea/tick Products

While Frontline GOLD for Cats has been established as a safe product, the active ingredients may be found in other products in combination with other ingredients that are not safe for cats. This is especially the case with dog products like K9 Advtantix II which contains permethrin, which is extremely toxic to cats.

Fortunately, these products are now required to include a warning against use in cats. But just to be safe, when selecting a flea/tick product for your kitty, always make sure the product includes a picture of a cat and indicates the product is specifically for cats.

It is also always advisable if you have a pup and kitty who like to hang out together or groom each other, to separate them for 24 hours after applying a topical product to your dog, especially if the product contains permethrin.

If you have any concerns for potential toxicity, even if you think your kitty might have just licked some Frontline GOLD off her fur and is having a bitter taste reaction, it is always best to contact your veterinarian, or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for further advice.

And lastly, topical products like Frontline GOLD for cats have been known to cause skin and eye irritation in people. It is best to avoid contact with the solution during application and to wash your hands after.

How Does My Dog Get A Tick

How to apply Frontline Plus

Your dog can acquire ticks from exposure to highly wooded and long grass areas populated with dense shrubbery where ticks like to reside.

Ticks latch on to your pets by burrowing their head beneath its skin and lodging in place. From there it begins to drain the dogs blood until eventually falling off.

Even though ticks will eventually fall off, they are still dangerous to your dog, and you.

Ticks spread debilitating diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and tick paralysis.

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How Often To Give Dog Frontline Plus For Lice

If youre dog weighing 45 to 88 lbs, Frontline Plus for Dogs may be useful, as it offers fast, effective, and convenient flea and tick treatments. It kills ticks and chewing lice effectively when taken up every month. If Frontline Plus is not renewed for 30 days, do so immediately.

Which Is Better For Cats: Frontline Or Advantage

Advantage products available for cats include Advantage II and Advantage Multi and they have some differences from Frontline products. Advantage contains imidacloprid, which like fipronil also targets the nervous system of the flea. However, instead of causing excitatory neurologic behavior before death, imidacloprid causes more of a neurologic paralysis. Because of this difference, some pet parents may perceive Advantage II as being more effective, though in the end, both products are doing the same thing.

Advantage II also has pyriproxyfen just like Frontline GOLD, which targets flea eggs and larvae. According to the manufacturer, Advantage II can kill all fleas within 12 hours of application. This may be more fast-acting than Frontline Plus but probably similar to Frontline GOLD.

Both Frontline products and Advantage II only require contact with the skin for fleas and ticks to die. Both are also considered waterproof within about 24-48 hours of application.

The biggest difference between Frontline and Advantage II is that the latter is only effective against fleas. It has no protection against ticks or lice. While ticks are less commonly found on cats compared to dogs they still present a risk for disease, especially for outdoor cats that may wander through heavily tick-infested areas. This would be the main consideration when choosing between the two products.

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Ease Of Application: Winner Frontline Gold

The packaging redesign is another obvious difference between Frontline Plus and Gold, and the update has made application much simpler. Where you still have to unwrap Frontline Plus and snap the tip, taking care not to damage the foil backing, Frontline Gold comes in a sturdier tube with an attached applicator tip that only need to be twisted.

Frontline Golds applicator tip and tube make it easier to apply an even amount of medication down your dogs back.

Which Is Better Frontline Or Revolution For Dogs

Frontline Gold for Dogs and Puppies

Both Frontline and Revolution offer excellent protection for the basic insect pests common with dogs. They kill fleas and ticks. They keep biting mosquitos at bay.

However, one of the most challenging things for veterinarians to assess from basic diagnostics is scabies. Owners may be baffled at their dogs itchiness and find that most flea and tick treatments dont help the problem. They go through several types of treatments for things before finally getting a closer diagnostic and finding out its actually scabies.

Revolution also helps treat those scabies mites, which can finally provide relief for ultra itchy dogs. If your dog seems to have trouble with itching and nothing you do works, Revolution is the best option.

It can also help control ear mites, so you dont have to resort to a different type of treatment. Ear mites can also cause persistent scratching and damage to the outer ear, so controlling those with Revolution is excellent.

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The Latest Innovation In Flea And Tick Protection From The Maker Of Frontline

FRONTLINE Gold has a new triple action formula. Its 3 secret weapons: fipronil and -methoprene and now a powerful new third ingredient, pyriproxyfen which helps to kill the next generation of flea eggs and larvae before they can develop into adult fleas. Regular use of FRONTLINE Gold helps prevent new flea infestations making it relentless at killing fleas, flea eggs and larvae, as well as ticks.

FRONTLINE Gold for Dogs starts killing fleas in just 30 minutes.* In a study, it killed 100% of fleas on dogs within 12 hours of infestation.**When infested 48 hours after application.

What Is Better For Dogs: Frontline Plus Or Frontline Gold

For healthy dogs who fall within the recommended bounds of age and weight, both of these treatments are safe. This study investigated the effects of finopril and -methoprene , and found that adverse drug reactions outside of some mild irritation were generally limited to individual dogs with tolerance and health issues.

As with almost any medication for humans or dogs, there are certain hazards and potential side effects associated with both Frontline Gold and Plus.

Most of the potential side effects listed here are outlined in the above mentioned study, and result from some form of intolerance to the active ingredients or skin condition. They can also result from dogs being given too high a dose for their weight.

Nonetheless, it is important to be aware of potential reactions to Frontline Plus, including:

  • Swelling, itching, or irritation at application site
  • Excessive or abnormal salivation
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite

Some other skin reactions like hair loss or change are possible, but these reactions will almost always subside within the first 24 hours after treatment. Generally speaking, if your dog is healthy and the medication is administered properly in the correct dosage, you should not expect any serious negative reactions.

  • Eye irritation
  • Vomiting

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What Is The Most Important Thing I Should Know About Frontline Gold

1 dose of Frontline Gold effectively protects your pet from fleas and ticks for a full month. Frontline Gold is available in 3, 6, and 12 pack doses. Frontline Gold kills fleas, flea eggs, larvae, chewing lice, and ticks as well as prevents the next generation of flea eggs and larvae from developing into adults. Frontline Gold is an over-the-counter topical.

What Are Ear Mites

Frontline Gold Promo

Ear mites are caused by a parasite seen more in cats, but can also affect dogs. Mites are found in the ear where they feed on the lining and cause inflammation, redness, and discomfort. Ear mites can spread from animal to animal, and common signs are rubbing or scratching at the ears. Please contact Frankfort Animal Care Center if you think you pet may have ear mites.

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What Does Frontline Do For Cats

Frontline products are among the only topical spot-on options for cats providing protection against both fleas and ticks. Other products for cats may only protect against fleas and some ticks, or just fleas.

While the original Frontline could only kill adult fleas and did not treat all life stages of the flea, Frontline Plus includes the addition of -methoprene, which is an insect growth regulator that additionally targets flea eggs and flea larvae, helping to interrupt the life cycle and prevent new adults from hatching and developing.

Frontline GOLD additionally includes another insect growth regulator called pyriproxyfen that is more efficient at targeting flea eggs and larvae, eliminating fleas faster than its predecessor.

Key Features Of Frontline Gold

As you may have guessed, these two treatments share many of the same features, so it is hard to write a comprehensive list of dissenting attributes when there are so few. However, there are some characteristics that are unique to Frontline Gold, and we will discuss them now.

  • Treats all life cycles of fleas The additional ingredient in Frontline Gold means that it is well equipped to treat fleas in all stages of life, even eggs and larvae. This means that you have a much greater chance of completely wiping out an infestation with one treatment, and that you can continue using the medication as a preventative measure rather than fighting to rid your dog of parasites.
  • Begins working in as little as half an hour This treatment begins working incredibly quickly. Within the first day, all of the fleas and ticks that had been living on your dog should be dead, and your pup will get some relief from the discomfort associated with these pests.
  • Safe for pregnant and nursing dogs While a very small amount of the active ingredients may work its way into a pregnant or nursing dogs system, it is not enough to affect her babies in any way. Unborn and nursing puppies will not experience any benefits or adverse reactions from a mother who has received this treatment.
  • Now, lets see how these two products stack up against each other in terms of price, availability, effectiveness for both fleas and ticks, and ease of application. After that, well choose an overall winner!

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    Side Effects Of Frontline Gold For Cats

    In most cases, when used properly, side effects to Frontline products are uncommon and the most commonly reported effect is a temporary irritation at the application site.

    When used properly, side effects to Frontline products are uncommon. Frontline GOLD for cats is only labeled for cats older than 8 weeks and weighing at least 1.5 pounds. Topical products like Frontline should never be ingested.

    The most commonly reported effect is a temporary irritation at the application site. More red, irritated skin has been reported, but is considered rare. If this occurs, it is more likely a kitty has a hypersensitivity or allergy to one of the ingredients.

    If this occurs, the manufacturer recommends bathing with a mild soap and rinsing with lots of water. Veterinary care should be sought with any persisting or worsening signs of skin irritation.

    All three ingredients found in Frontline GOLD -methoprene, pyriproxyfen) generally appear to have a low potential for toxicity both topically and even if accidentally ingested.

    However, the products are very bitter tasting. If a kitty were to lick recently applied Frontline GOLD off either themselves or a housemate, the bitter taste alone can lead to excessive drooling, agitation, and sometimes even vomiting.

    Although Frontline GOLD for dogs and cats contain the same active ingredients, there are differences in the dosage of active ingredients and inactive ingredients, so the dog products should never be shared with cats.

    How Should Frontline Gold Be Applied To My Pet

    Frontline Gold Flea &  Tick Treatment for Medium Dogs (23 ...

    Use Frontline Gold for Dogs and Puppies on dogs and puppies over 8 weeks of age and weiging 5 lbs and up. Frontline Gold for Dogs and Puppies is available as 0.67 ml applicators for use on dogs and puppies 5-22 lbs, 1.34 ml applicators for use on dogs 23-44 lbs, 2.68 ml applicators for use on dogs 45-88 lbs, and 4.02 ml applicators for use on dogs 89-132 lbs. Use Frontline Gold for Cats and kittens on cats and kittens over 8 weeks of age and weighing 1.5 lbs and up. Frontline Gold for Cats and Kittens is available as 0.5 ml applicators for use on cats and kittens over 1.5 lbs. When applying Frontline Gold to dogs, evenly empty out the contents of the tube directly onto the skin starting between the shoulder blades down the back to the base of the tail. For cats, apply the entire contents of the tube onto the skin in a single spot between the shoulder blades. Use only one applicator per treatment. Wait 24 hours for topical to fully dry before allowing your pet to bathe or swim.

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