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What Iphones Come In Rose Gold

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What Is The Camera Like On This Iphone

Rose Gold iPhone 6S Unboxing and Setup

Many users have converted from Android to iOS after seeing what the camera on an iPhone can do. In particular, the iPhone 6s Pluss camera offers a multitude of features for professional-quality portraits, as well as features you can use to edit and store your images.

  • The 12MP camera not only takes still picturesbut has a Live Photo feature, which gives each photo a few seconds of movement to capture a moment in an innovative way. Image stabilization ensures that still and Live photos are blur-free and crisp.
  • A timer lets you get in on the action too by setting the timer for a few seconds or more in order to get everyone in on the action for just the right photo.
  • The camera shoots quality 4K video and 1080p recording at HD resolution for flawless videos, while features like time-lapse and slo-mo give you options to adjust and edit your videos.

Apple Needs To Bring Back The Rose Gold Iphone

When Apple first launched the iPhone 6s back in 2015, it also came out with the Rose Gold color for the very first time. The Rose Gold eventually made its way to the first generation iPhone SE and both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Since the iPhone 8, however, Apple stopped selling Rose Gold and replaced it with a regular Gold option, which is still being sold today with the best iPhone lineup. While the gold is seen as classy and elegant to some, I’d still take Rose Gold over it any day, and Apple really should consider bringing it back.

Iphone 13 Pro May Have Leaked In Rose Gold But We’re Not Sure It’s Real

Is this the shade for the rose gold iPhone 13 Pro?

The iPhone 13 Pro is rumored to land in a new rose gold shade, and a new leak may have given us a hint at what it will look like when it debuts, but we’re not sure it’s real.

Rose gold is a popular shade in Apple’s products, but we’ve yet to see it on an iPhone Pro product, with the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max opting for black, silver and sunset gold as its colors.

This new leak comes from Majin Bu on Twitter, and there are photos of the handset that you can see below. Take this all with a pinch of salt though as we’re not entirely certain this will make its way to shop shelves.

Based on what was sent to me today, #Apple has developed a Rose Gold colored iPhone unit, probably a variant discadred or planned for the future. Unfortunately I have no more information about it

Even Majin Bu’s tweet suggests the source isn’t certain of these devices. He says this is, “probably a variant discarded or planned for the future.” He also says he has no further information about the handset.

The leaked images match with almost every other rumor we’ve seen for the iPhone 13 Pro, and the source has previously been correct on some iPhone 12 information so they clearly have solid sources.

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Iphone 13 Pro & Iphone 13 Pro Max Colors

If faster graphics, a massive brightness boost, and professional-grade camera features are important to you, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, starting at $999 and $1099 respectively, will scratch that itch. They have upgraded the zoom and wide angle lens features, meaning you can finally take detailed pictures of the full moon or catch the shiny grease on a cheese pull, rivaling professional shoots with external lens. These upgrades compare to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max mostly in subtle ways â faster, brighter, more detailed, and more vivid â but youâll also notice the battery is better equipped at handling it all. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max come in graphite, gold, silver, and Sierra blue â a new icy shade for the Pro family.

As with previous iPhone launches, there will be no cost difference between different colorways in the same iPhone family. The latest iPhones will be available for pre-order starting Sept. 17, and will be available in-stores on Sept. 24.

New Iphone 13 Pro Color For 2021

iPhone 6s rose gold 64gb unlocked

Now, it looks like the bold new colour for the iPhone 13 Pro models will be dubbed Sunset Gold.

But, thats not all. The same supply chain leak thats confirming the bronze-like Sunset Gold colour is also suggesting that Apple plans to bring back rose gold for the first time in five years.

This latest info was shared on a Korean-language message board , which cites a Chinese supply chain source thats likely already involved in the production of the new iPhone models.

Gold has been a staple colour of most of Apples high-end iPhone models since the family split up in 2018, although the year before that it was actually found on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, rather than the premium iPhone X. However, Apple ended its alliance with the Rose Gold finish after just two years the colour was only ever used on the iPhone 6s, first-generation iPhone SE, and iPhone 7, between 2015 and 2016.

However, the move to a bronze-like Sunset Goldlikely the orangish colour weve already heard about it would almost be necessary for Apple to get away from the more traditional Gold that its been using for the past few years. The two colours would otherwise just be far too similar.

According to the source, the new rose gold looks very pale, so its unclear whether it will be the same as the Rose Gold of yesteryear, which definitely had a far more pinkish hue, but either way its clear that its going to have to be set apart from the new Sunset Gold.

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Iphone 13 Pro: Silver

It’s not as catchy a name as starlight, but the silver iPhone 13 Pro is a classic color with a lot of style to it. Not only is it a nice light color that will look nice underneath a textured decal, but if you manage to scratch the silver version of the phone it will be a lot more difficult to notice the damage thanks to this being so much closer to the natural color of the metal and the lighter glass being more reflective. This is a great iPhone for someone who can’t stand owning matte black everything and would appreciate a lighter touch.

Apple Leaker Claims Iphone 13 Is Coming In Pink

Production of Apples iPhone 13 range is ahead of schedule and it is set to deliver one of the biggest upgrades in iPhone history . But now a new leak has revealed a design decision no-one saw coming.

A pink iPhone 13 inspired by the new pink iMac is expected to launch before Christmas

Peng Phone

Spotted by CNet, Apple is said to be producing an eye-opening pink finish for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Moreover, this somewhat shocking design decision actually makes sense.

Revealed by Peng Phones, it states Apple wont have pink iPhone 13 models available for launch but will instead land in December. Such fractured color options are commonplace for Apple, which historically launched Product versions of its devices months after their initial release. In April, the company also unveiled a purple iPhone 12, seven months after the phone was first announced.

And yet the real reason for a pink iPhone 13 may be a lot simpler. Last month, Apple announced a redesigned iMac alongside the purple iPhone 12 and it comes in silver, blue, green, yellow and orange finishes along with – yes – purple and pink.

Apple’s 2021 iMac in pink


Meanwhile, Apples M2 MacBook Air redesign recently leaked with new silver, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and pink finishes. The colors featured on the new MacBook Air are very close, if not identical, to the shades that you see on the stands for the new 24-inch iMacs, claimed popular Apple tipster Jon Prosser.

Jon Prosser

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The Pink Iphone 13 Is Real But I Liked The Fan Art Better Than Apple’s Version

The pink iPhone 13 rumors from earlier this year were false, but Apple delivered us a rosy hue anyway.

The iPhone 13 in Apple’s new pink color.

It was only a matter of time before the great algorithm in the sky brought millennial pink and iPhone buzz together in capitalist matrimony. The iPhone 13 lineup is finally here. After Apple’s virtual announcement event, which saw not only the iPhone 13, 13 Mini,13 Pro and 13 Pro Max but also the Apple Watch 7 and new iPads, the internet is abuzz with excitement over the phones’ expanded storage options , extra battery life, camera upgrades and more. But what I’m most excited about are the new colors — specifically, the pink iPhone 13 of the collective internet’s dreams.

This fan art render of a pink iPhone 13 was posted on Instagram before going viral on Twitter.

Murmurs about a bubblegum pink iPhone 13 all started with an Instagram post. Artist and , who specializes in 3D models and renders , posted a photo back in February showing a very ~aesthetic~ pink iPhone surrounded by what appears to be other pink Apple accessories . “Should we start seeing these colors more often?” the caption said.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Rose Pink coming soon in December 2021

PENG STORE May 5, 2021

Much of the Twitter reaction was of the skeptical variety:

what sick sick person edited a pink iphone and made it go viral like apple was actually selling it

sweet thang May 7, 2021

Another render of a pink iPhone that had been going around Twitter.

Iphone 13 Pro: Graphite

Rose Gold iPhone 6S | In All It’s Glory – Full Review!

The matte black of the graphite iPhone 13 Pro is choice you get when you aren’t interested in showing off your phone. Whether you know your iPhone is going to live in its case for the entire time you own it or you’re just not all that interested in expressing yourself through color, this is your default option. It’s a solid option, in fact it’s the original color, and the fact that it’s not exciting or new should not deter you.

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If I Buy A New Device Online With A Trade

That depends on how you pay for your new iPhone.

Once we receive your trade-in device and confirm that the condition matches what you described, theres nothing more you need to do.

If you pay monthly with PayBright, well apply the value as an instant credit to lower the monthly payments of your new device. If you pay in full, well credit your payment method after we receive your trade-in.

If we provide a revised trade-in value based on the condition of your old iPhone, well work with you to confirm that you still want to move forward with the trade-in.

Iphone 1: Product Red

In the past Apple has released the Product Red version of the iPhone separately from the primary colors, but this year it’s one of the top options. This sharp color stands out in every possible way no matter what lighting you are in, making it a lot harder to accidentally lose in the couch cushions. Every Apple product with the Product Red label sold means a donation to HIV/AIDS treatment programs .

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Does Iphone Work With Any Sim Card Or Carrier Worldwide

The iPhone models currently sold on work with nano-SIM cards and eSIM voice and data plans from compatible carriers or providers.* And they work on many 4G LTE networks around the world. Contact service providers for details.

Iphone 13 Pro: Sierra Blue

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 16GB Rose Gold

Every year Apple has a new color option for the iPhone, and this year the new color is Sierra blue. It’s a much lighter and brighter shade of blue than the Pacific blue of last year, which in some lighting would be so similar to graphite you could barely tell them apart. This iPhone 13 Pro is undeniably blue, and it will draw attention anywhere. This is the perfect iPhone for someone who wants to use their phone with a clear case or no case at all and let everyone know they have the latest gadget.

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How Do You Choose The Right Rose Gold Iphone 6s Plus

Before you pick your new phone, there are just a few more things to consider.

  • You need to know how much storage space you need, as this model comes in 32 GB and 128 GB models.
  • Youll need to choose a carrier, such as Verizon or AT& T, or pick an unlocked phone that you can use with the carrier of your choice.
  • Finally, consider purchasing a case to protect your investment, as well as any other necessary peripherals, like a backup set of EarPods or an extra charger for your car.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple.

Iphone 13 Pro Leak Shows Off Rose Gold Model Or Is It Purple

said that the leaked iPhone 13 Pro looked too similar to Samsung’s Mystic Bronze. “My graphite 12 pro looks identical in similar lighting,” Ross Raboine chimed in. Another questioned whether it’s Rose Gold mixed with purple. In response, Majin Bu said, “It was introduced to me as Rose Gold, but I dont know.”

Based on what was sent to me today, #Apple has developed a Rose Gold colored iPhone unit, probably a variant discadred or planned for the future. Unfortunately I have no more information about it

I asked my colleagues for their opinions on the leaked iPhone 13 Pro hue. They agreed that the lighting made it difficult to perceive the device’s true color, but like Twitter, they, too, spouted out a wide range of colors, from blush pink and metallic cherry-brown to ochre and mauve.

One co-worker simply called it “ugly.”

My theory is that this alleged iPhone 13 Pro is, indeed, the Rose Gold color that Apple is rumored to roll out in September. However, the dark shadow cast on the leaked photo makes it appear a tinge darker than the existing Rose Gold Apple products on the market hence the claims that it emanates a purple-ish hue.

It’s a shame that the breathtaking, highly praised Pacific Blue featured on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will likely not make a comeback this year, but I look forward to watching Apple’s official iPhone 13 event to see if the Rose Gold rumors are true.

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  • I received mine XS MAX and disappointed to see that it is not really gold…….infact it is rose/pink gold.Very Disappointed!!!

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    Is The Rose Gold Iphone Going Away An Investigation

    Rose Gold iPhone 6s Unboxing, Setup Hands On (128GB)

    It’s almost the holidays well, at least the annual September holiday when Apple releases new iPhones to the world. Last year, we saw the introduction of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and quickly became obsessed with portrait mode. And while plenty of rumors are making this year’s iPhone 8 sound worth the wait , there’s also some potential bad news: no more rose gold color.

    That’s right, says security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s uncovered reliable rumors in the past the new iPhone 8, as well as the new iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, will no longer come in rose gold, according to MacRumors. Instead, the new iPhones will only be available in black, silver, and a copper blush-looking gold. Leaked photos of the new color showed up on Chinese social media app Weibo, and one popular YouTuber also showed off the new color on a mockup iPhone.

    As you can see, the new copper blush gold option still looks incredibly similar to the rose gold color. It’s a bit darker, but still pretty. More importantly, rumors have been wrong in the past. Before the iPhone 7 was released, rumors pointed to the phone coming with wireless charging and a smart connector which as we know now, didn’t happen. So there’s a slight chance that even though rose gold has been around for three years, it’s not going away .

    For now, keep calm, hold your rose gold iPhone safe, and wait until September rolls around before saying goodbye.

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    Theres No Pink Iphone 12 But Here Are The Closest Options

    Apple’s iPhone 12 is offered in five colors and red is the closest to pink, but older models and third-party cases offer a satisfying variety.

    Apple doesnt make a pink finish for the iPhone 12, but there are still some options for those that would be happy with something of a similar hue. Clearly, a pink case might be possible with any model of iPhone and Apples website reveals two cases that can be ordered that are very rosy. For those willing to accept an older model, meanwhile, Apple made more than one iPhone in colors quite close to pink as recently as 2018.

    For most of the history of the iPhone, Apple offered two to four colors. The iPhone 5C was the first to offer five choices and the 5S added gold for a total of six colors. The iPhone 6 saw a drop to just three and Apple switched from the candy-colors of the iPhone 5S to a more refined silver, gray, gold, and rose gold. The limited palette continued for several years until the iPhone XR was released in 2018. Along with the new all-screen design introduced with the iPhone X, Apple restored vibrant tones to its lineup with four strong colors plus black and white. The larger, more full-featured XS and XS Max had only three metallic shades and this pattern has continued to present, with the Pro models offered in a reduced palette. The iPhone 11 matched the record of six color choices set by the iPhone 5s and iPhone XR, but the iPhone 12 dropped back to five colors.

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