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14kt Gold Cuban Link Chain

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Miami cuban link Limaxi jeweler 12mm 14kt gold chain review
  • Date First Available :July 1 2019
  • Manufacturer :Kasai Group


Our jewelry is made by our highly skilled artisans thus

– Resistant to tarnishing,

– The look and feel of solid gold.

Attention To Detail

The diamond cut design exposes many sides of the necklace to make it glisten in the light.

Designed for both men and women, it may be worn with a pendant or worn alone.

A touch of gold can add a nice bit of style to anyone’s wardrobe

Exclusive Gold Chain Necklace made in the USA from real 14 Karat gold laid over a heart of semi-precious metals. This Diamond cut Cuban Link Chain Is 9MM in width, The Length is from 20 inch to 28 inch We can guarantee that for the quality of our product we are selling for a fraction of the cost of what other retail stores charge for a similar Diamond cut cuban curb necklace.

Available in 9MM width and length of 22â, 24â and 28 inches Sold for a fraction of the cost of what other retail stores charge for a similar kind of chain.

What makes it better?

Over 18mls of 24K gold in each chain – 10 times more gold than in the cheaper electroplate which changes color quickly. We only use 14k gold instead of 10k or 14k! No cheap base metals like steel, copper or nickel . Our trade secret is in the special SEMI-PRECIOUS alloy of the best bonding metals we use to ensure the look of solid gold and its long life.


– Exclusive discount offers

They Are Excellent Quality

As a man, the kind of jewelry you wear says a lot about you. Cuban link chains speak volumes about your taste in men’s chains. Since the cuban link chains are made from of 100% real gold, you can expect to get respect just by having one on.

Make sure you buy your Cuban chains from a well-reputed jeweler who guarantees to give you value for money. There is nothing more frustrating than realizing that the chain you bought for a ‘song’ is actually substandard or fake. It is best to buy jewelry from a jeweler who uses the whole 58.30% of pure gold in their 14K Gold chains.

14k solid gold chains are suitable pieces of jewelry because they go with almost everything. As a man who loves wearing accessories, you should add genuine 14k Cuban chains to your collection.

Customer Service

Cuban Link Chain 14k Gold

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    Miami Cuban Link Chain Solid 14k Gold

    Gold 14mm 14kt Miami Cuban Link Heavy Chain Necklace

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    Accent A Man’s Outfit With A 14k Gold Cuban Link Chain

    When men want to add some visual interest to their outfit, a stylish 14K gold chain provides plenty of shine. The flat, twisted appearance of Cuban links creates a bold look for chokers, long chains, and pendant necklaces. A wide selection of affordable chains can be found new and used on eBay.

    What is the difference between curb and Cuban link chains?

    When shopping for men’s gold neck chains, you may notice that a few different types of link chains are available. A curb link chain has slightly twisted links like a Cuban link chain, but it is much smaller. The metal used in Cuban link chains is shaped into far thicker links, so the chain itself is wider and heavier. The end result is a chain with a lot of metal and little empty space between each link.

    How do you care for 14K gold necklaces?

    Although 14K gold does not tarnish or corrode, it should still be treated with care. To keep your chain as shiny as possible, follow these tips:

    • Store separately: Do not toss your chain into a pile of other jewelry. Instead, wrap it in a soft cloth and store it in its own container.
    • Buff gently: Buff the surface of the chain every now and then using a soft chamois. This will boost the shine.
    • Soak to clean: Soak your chain in a gentle, non-abrasive jewelry cleaner. After a few minutes, rinse off all traces of cleaner in warm water

    What types of necklaces use gold Cuban chain links?

    Money Back Guarantee *

    At Jewelry Masters your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. We understand that each purchase is an important personal statement. Our jewelry catalogue is designed to convey the very sentiments that you intended to express. If that is not the case, you can simply return or exchange your purchase within a 30-day period – no questions asked.

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    K Gold Cuban Link Chains For Men

    As a man who loves accessorizing, you should seriously think about buying Cuban link chains. You cannot go wrong when you choose 14k solid gold chains for yourself.

    A chain made of yellow gold is such a good choice because you can pair it up with so many ensembles. Choose to buy from So Icy Jewelry, as we can guarantee that the mens chains you buy from us are of excellent quality.

    When you purchase a real 14k gold chain from us, you can be sure that your jewelry collection will last a lifetime. 14k gold Cuban chains are durable and retain their look and shine for years. Here is why you should get Cuban chains for yourself or someone you care about:

    Mm Cuban Link Chain In 14k Solid Gold

    14k Gold 6mm Cuban Link Chain Review

    – Please allow 2-3 Business Days to process all orders. – On Cuban Link jewelry orders 3-5 Weeks will be needed since they are handmade to order. For any questions contact us at .


    On made to order Cuban Link Jewelry all final weights can vary +5/-5 grams. If it’s over customer will receive invoice for difference in weight to be paid prior to shipping. If the weight is less we will refund customer for difference.

    Chain Width Chart:

    **All Cuban Link Jewelry is handmade. ALL WEIGHTS CAN VARY UP TO +5/-5 GRAMS. If it’s more customer will receive invoice for difference if it’s less we will refund customer for difference.

    -100% REAL GOLD

    Shipping and Processing

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