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How Do I Reinstall Aol Gold

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High Level Of Customization

Download Install AOL Desktop Gold For Windows 10

Users can easily customize their email account by altering the font style and size as per their taste. The user can also sort emails based on their main concern. Not only this, but you can also change text style, text color, add hyperlinks, and use emoticons in the chat and emails which makes it super personal.

How Do I Install Aol On My Mac

  • Open Apple Mail, and select Mail > Preferences from the menu bar.
  • Select the Accounts tab.
  • Select the + button under the accounts list.
  • Select AOL, then select Continue.
  • Enter your name, AOL email address, and AOL password in the text fields.Select Sign In.

What is wrong with AOL Desktop gold?If Desktop Gold doesnt launch and you see an AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working error message when you open Desktop Gold or try to install it, youll need to download and run an updated install file. Run the new installer by opening the file you downloaded .

Why is AOL Desktop gold so slow?

Due to overloaded files and data on your system. Might be your router not working properly. Too many add-ons on your browser is reason of slow problem. Harmful Virus, Malware programs stop desktop gold speed

Reasons for AOL mail disappeared problem-

AOL server glitch. Your account has been jeopardised. Browser or Pc issue. Account configuration issue

Is there a free version of AOL Desktop?AOL Desktop is available for Windows and Mac. You can sign in with your free account or with an AOL Advantage account. USe AOL Desktop to chat, manage your email, surf the web, and connect to the web. AOL Desktop is free software.

Does Aol Still Exist In 2020

Unfortunately, AOL is unable to provide DSL service after May 6, 2020 and you will need to set up new high speed service. You were no longer billed for your AOL Broadband DSL service as of March 09, 2020. You will still retain your AOL account and associated AOL email address as well as any premium services.

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Simple Steps For Aol Desktop Gold Reinstall

Once you remove the AOL Desktop Gold software from your device then you can download AOL Gold on your system. Go through the below steps for AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall in your system:

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official website of AOL Desktop Gold and search for the AOL Desktop software.
  • Once you find it, tap on the download link in order to download AOL Desktop gold of the latest version on your device.
  • After that, save the downloaded file in your desired location.
  • Double-click on the saved file to run the downloaded file for its installation.
  • In the next step, the installation wizard starts running.
  • A pop-up windows display on the screen having terms and conditions. You have to click on the checkbox to agree to the privacy terms.
  • Once, the AOL Desktop Gold software is installed, log in to your account.
  • If you do not have an account, then create your account.

However, at the time you may find the problem during download AOL Gold and AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall in your system, you need to ensure that you are following the system requirements properly. Also, update your installed AOL Desktop Gold software on your system on a regular basis so that you would not face any issues. In case, you face any problem during AOL Desktop Gold Reinstallin your system, you can reach to AOL Desktop Gold Support center to solve your doubts and questions regarding it.

How To Update Aol Desktop Gold Software On Windows And Mac

How Do I Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold on My Windows Article ...

With all the technical specs in your computer or laptop- let us update Desktop Gold software. If you have landed here by ignoring any of these above essentials then, surely- the process wont be smooth for you. And, most likely youll end up having another error on your desktop screen.

Therefore, after you abide by the above procedure its time to update AOL Gold. We suggest to make your choice based on device OS and follow the steps as given.

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Troubleshooting Aol Desktop Gold

Update Desktop Gold

When your AOL Desktop Gold is ready for an update, we’ll push it through to you automatically. All you’ll need to do is close and reopen your AOL Desktop Gold every couple of days to ensure you’re using the most updated version. Once you reopen AOL Desktop Gold you’ll be using the newest version available to you.

My browser is crashing in Desktop Gold

There can be many reasons why your browser crashes. However, most of these issues can be fixed with a simple and quick solution. Before trying the solution below, please report this issue by using the Report a Bug section that can be accessed by clicking the Help menu at the top.

1. Click the Edit menu at the top | SelectFootprints to Clear.2. Check the box next to Browser Cache. This option will clear the temporary browser files which can cause crashes.

To revert this option, click the Edit menu at the top | SelectFootprints to Clear and then uncheck the Browser cache box.

My Desktop Gold shortcut icon is missing

If AOL Desktop Gold shortcut icon is missing, try the solutions listed below.

1. Create New Desktop Shortcut

a. Right click the AOL Desktop Tray Launcher icon in the System tray.

b. Select Create new desktop shortcut.

c. If the issue still exists, proceed to the next step.

2. Create a shortcut from the Help menu

a. Open AOL Desktop Gold. if you are having trouble opening it, click Start on the windows toolbar.

b. Type “%localappdata%”

c. Navigate to AOL Desktop folder

b. Select AOL Desktop Gold


How To Upgrade Aol For Windows 10

AOL is known for its best features, and another example of this is its automatic update feature in the AOL desktop gold. The update AOL gold desktop Windows 10 will be done automatically whenever it is available. User needs to do nothing everything will be done automatically this makes the software easy to use and upgrade.

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Guide For How To Install Aol Gold Software

Its fairly a frequent phenomenon that the consumer constantly tilts to the new and innovative based technology and solutions whether its a hardware item or software or any techno-based services. Were currently in techno-age in which the technology is playing an important part in our daily life.. Desktop Gold is an all-in-one desktop application for emails, browsing, searching, IM messaging, etc. Gold is a centralized Desktop Gold instrument that gives its clients access to all the features Desktop Gold provides. AOL Desktop Gold Download and Install for Windows & Mac, What are you waiting for? Just Download AOL Desktop Gold on your operating device and begin the exciting journey by exploring the exciting features of this software. It is easy to access and hence has to download a 91 MB Desktop Gold installer file to start enjoying all its benefits.

Features Of Aol Desktop Gold:

How to Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold on MAC or PC (For Paid AOL User) 2019

With so many characteristics, the best are:

  • It is known to be an all in one software because it provides users with many benefits.
  • This software also enhances the security features. Once you have this, what you download and browse online is always monitored. And the software also includes an additional 2-step checking feature that helps you keep your items safe and secure.
  • The software also introduced an augmented capture function for the screenshot.
  • Data on AOL gold can be easily imported and exported.

This Application is Effortless to use.

  • 2-Step Authentication.

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How To Uninstall And Reinstall Aol Desktop Gold

Uninstall AOL desktop gold and Reinstall AOL Desktop goldUninstall AOL desktop gold and Reinstall AOL Desktop goldUninstall AOL desktop gold:Tap on the start menu of your computer.Click on Control panel.Under programs, select programs and features.Tap on AOL desktop gold and proceed to uninstall it.AOL Customer Service number 1800-608-2315 For Help and Support.

HOW TO UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL AOL DESKTOP GOLD IN WINDOWS 10? Do you have problems with your current version of AOL Desk< strong> to< /strong> p Gold? Is your software behaving badly? Is there an error message? Or are not compatible with software system requirements? Or you just want < strong> to< /strong> res< strong> to< /strong> re the software! If the answers < strong> to< /strong> the previous questions are “yes”, then you are reading the right blog. Because you will know the process of res< strong> to< /strong> ring the software in detail. To eliminate any existing problem you need < strong> to< /strong> install AOL Desk< strong> to< /strong> p Gold. If you are constantly experiencing error messages or just need < strong> to< /strong> update the software version, then you have < strong> to< /strong> go < strong> to< /strong> the first two steps, you have < strong> to< /strong> first < strong> uninstall< /strong> the current and then install the new one. You can try the troubleshooting guide.

Key Features Of Aol Desktop Gold:

AOLDesktop Gold is laden with several attractive features and thus used by a largenumber of clients. Some of the most astonishing features are given here below:

  • Enhanced security: It consists of several distinguished security features that make it a secure platform for users to save and share their crucial information.
  • User-friendly interface: The AOL desktop gold version is rich in intuitive user-interface that makes it a very convenient platform for both personal and professional users.
  • Automatic updates: You dont need to open the app, again and again, to manually update the version of AOL desktop Gold.
  • Improved encryption: Your information is encrypted in a better manner as it cannot be stolen or unauthorized access while sending or receiving it.
  • Keep your bookmark: With this incredible software, you can easily bookmark the information you like and want to access later.
  • The one-stop destination for all: With AOL Gold, you can play games, chat with friends, watch movies and make professional conversation. Thus, using this application helps you grow personally as well as professionally.
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    If You Have Trial/subscription Version Of Aol Gold:

    • First access the AOL My account page and then open the My Services menu
    • Next, go to subscriptions
    • Click get started under the AOL desktop gold
    • Now, confirm email from official AOL signup confirmation.
    • Open the email you receive on your email
    • Now look for the download folder and click Save.

    Others Feature Which Is Related To Install Aol Desktop Gold :

    How do I reinstall AOL Desktop Gold Article Realm.com Free ...

    Users can look into these Remarkable Features

    • Discover Desktop Gold Installer

    If a user has installed the Desktop gold on the desktop screen, it is easy to start with the installation. Users can navigate the folder where they installed the application to move it to an easily accessible location.

    • Open AOL Desktop Gold Installer

    Now, users have to double-click on the desktop gold to install the filter, press the run button to give permission for software to install on the device. If users want to import old mail or other Desktop Gold data into their new Desktop Gold program, they must first click the import button.

    • Complete the Verification Option

    Users may check a file which imports saved data on your device. It may ask you to allow them to complete the process. You may see a file of imported data saved on your device. It may even ask you to allow the process to complete. Users begin the process of time of the procedure, you have to enter all credentials asked for verification.

    • Finish Installation Procedure :

    Follow the instructions to proceed the Desktop Gold install process. Now users get the message for completing the installation. Its message comes on the home screen .

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    Can I Still Get My Aol Mail If I Uninstall Aol From My Computer

    If you use AOL Desktop on your business computer, the software automatically notifies you when you receive a new email. Furthermore, it contains a built-in email client that makes it easy for you to access your AOL email account and read or write emails. If you uninstall the AOL software from your computer, you will no longer be notified when you receive a new email. You can download the software from AOL and reinstall it later, if you decide you need it.

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    Fundamental Requirements Of Aol Desktop Gold Download

    Once you can still talk about downloading AOL Desktop Gold you need to learn the softwares basic specifications. The device requirements which you must confirm before downloading AOL Desktop Gold are mentioned below:\

    • You must have at least 512 MB of space on your hard drive and a 7- and higher Windows Operating System.
    • Your RAM should be at least 1 GB, and your internet explorer should be greater than 7 +.
    • A computer with or faster 266 MHz processor and a screen resolution of 1024*768. Strong internet connectivity is also important.
    • Membership by AOL Advantage Program.
    • With a trial or subscription to AOL Desktop Gold and
    • Confirmation link via the official AOL email.

    Below are some of the highlighted features that AOL Gold is offering:

    How Do You Get Free Aol Desktop

    How to restore missing icon in AOL desktop Gold ?

    AOL Desktop Gold is a web browser that integrates your AOL email. It is free if you have an AOL Advantage Plan, or you can opt for a paid subscription if you do not have an Advantage Plan. To set up AOL Desktop Gold, you will need to download the app from AOL and then enter your AOL username or email address and password.

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    How To Reinstall Aol Desktop Gold

    AOL Desktop Gold is an all-in-one desktop computer that offers customers a set of services that include email, Internet browsing and content search with premium security features. This high-level protection ensures that no cybercriminal can attack your device and steal your data. AOL Desktop Gold presents automatic updates to ensure you never miss the latest features.

    You need Windows 7 or higher versions to download and install AOL Desktop Gold. During the first 30 days, you can enjoy this program for free. However, after a 30-day trial period, you must purchase your subscription. The steps to download AOL Desktop Gold depend on whether you are a member of the AOL benefits plan, use a trial or subscription from AOL Desktop Gold, or if you have received an official AOL registration confirmation email.

    Any of these three methods with which you proceed to download, you must perform the installation process of AOL Desktop Gold to continue. Once both processes are successful, you can take full advantage of this special AOL program. If at any time, your AOL Desktop Gold stops working or if you want to switch to a new computer system, then you must run two processes:

    Uninstalling AOL Desktop Gold: To uninstall, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Windows start menu

  • Open control panel

  • Choose All Programs or Programs and Features

  • From the list of programs, find AOL Desktop Gold

  • Right-click on it and select uninstall from the drop-down menu

  • Know The System Requirements From Aol Gold Support Help

    In order to download AOL desktop gold, know the system requirements from AOL gold support help. They are:

    • 512 MB of free space on the hard drive and run Windows 7 or above to download AOL desktop gold
    • Internet connection in a working state
    • Internet Explorer 7+
    • 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution is suggested
    • 266 MHz or faster computer processor

    Once you meet the above-mentioned requirements, you may proceed to

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    How To Reinstall The Aol Desktop Gold

    Does your AOL Desktop Gold show hassles while installation? When users get an installation error that time they need to fix the problem via reinstallation. The reason for installation problem may occur due to corrupted installation. Are you getting the problem with AOL Desktop and want to reinstall it? If yes then you can get the help from customer care team for a solution. Via AOL Desktop technical support number whenever you want can reach to experts. If you want to learn the installation process then dont worry. On this blog, you will find the way how to reinstall AOL Desktop? For reinstallation process first of uninstall the AOL Desktop software and then install again software.

    Uninstall the previous installed AOL Desktop?

    To uninstall AOL Desktop you should follow the steps given here:

  • Tap on the Start menu of the computer.
  • Click on Control Panel.
  • Choose the option Add or Remove Programs, Uninstall a program, or Programs and Features
  • Now you will get a list of installed programs, click on AOL Desktop.
  • Tap on the option Uninstall/Remove.
  • You will ask if you want to remove or keep the personal data.
  • Finally, the uninstallation process successfully is done.
  • After the uninstallation process, you can process for reinstallation process. Follow the steps given below for reinstallation of AOL Desktop Gold then you can easily install aol gold desktop software.

    Install new AOL Desktop Gold

  • Go to the Downloads folder on the computer.
    • A Windows security window will open.

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