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14k Gold Necklace For Ashes

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Unique Cremation Jewelry For Ashes

Mythical Phoenix arise! Sterling Silver Jewelry Ring with 14k Gold and Gemstone Accents

Hold your loved one close to your heart with unique cremation jewelry for ashes from We have many different designs including hearts, wildlife, nature, and filigrees. Our breathtaking memorial jewelry is made from several materials, including stainless steel, crystal, 14k solid gold cremation jewelry, silver, wood, or glass cremation jewelry. Choose from some of our unique collections. You can even order custom cremation jewelry from us.

Choose from ashes necklaces, pendants, bracelets, masculine and feminine designs, or select a piece that suits your style and reflects the life and personality of your loved one. Whether you choose a gold heart locket, a titanium bracelet, or anything in between, they will keep your loved one close forever. Offers:

We even have pet cremation jewelry that will help you keep the memory of your pet alive. At youll find the perfect jewelry to help you remember your loved one, while holding them close to your heart.

For any questions or concerns please feel free to fill out a form, email, or give us a call. We would be happy to help you!

And we keep on adding unique cremation jewelry twice a year, with new designs, new manufacturers that have that sense of love and closeness when they design and manufacture the cremation pendants, bracelets, necklaces for ashes, etc.

And, all the cremation jewelry is eligible for Free Ground Shipping!

Personalized 14k Photo Cremation Urn Necklace For Ashes With Filling Tool

Our Customizable Cremation Urn Necklace – This Urn necklace can be customized with a photo of your passed loved one and the message you’d like to remember. Take the memories of your best Love with you no matter where you go. It is not only an ornament but also an ash holder. The interior of the pendant is empty and can hold a small amount of ash, dried flowers, perfume, essential oils, special information, a strand of hair, clay, or sand. 14k Gold plated – Smoothe hand-polished surface offering a comfortable wearing experience. This personalized necklace will NEVER turn green. Your photo will be printed and covered by a solid glass protector.

Cremation Jewelry, also known as funeral jewelry, memorial jewelry, or remembrance jewelry is used as a remarkable way to memorialize a loved one. It works perfectly for filling it with all kinds of things, like loved one’s ashes, hair, nail, or other private items. The pendant can be filled with human ashes, pet’s teeth, beloved one’s hair, election, or perfume.Its a perfect urn necklace for mom, dad, husband, wife, sister, brother, family, and friends to cherish loved ones. This could be used for Cremation Jewelry, Urn Jewelry, Cremation Urn, Necklaces for Ashes, Urns for Ashes.

Production Of Print Piece

Production of the print pieces can take 4 – 5 weeks after step 1 and 2 above.

How do I make fingerprints or other prints?

For a more detailed instructions, click here.

  • Use an ink pad with black ink and a sheet of blank white paper .
  • Select the area of the print that is the most interesting .
  • Gently touch the ink pad a couple of times and then tap on the white paper . Practice until you have a high-quality ink print .
  • Scan the print at 600 ppi and save in .jpg or .bmp file format.
  • Email the jpg along with your order number to [email protected]. Or, mail a hardcopy to Mainely Urns, Inc., 19-B Portland Road, Gray, ME 04039.
  • If you have any questions, please call 866.516.1296.

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    Why Gold Urn Pendants

    A well-chosen piece of gold cremation jewelry is an intimate, very personal way to memorialize a loved one. It can give the wearer great comfort, strengthening their spirit helping them to live an inspired, meaningful life despite the loss of a beloved family member.

    Gold has been treasured by cultures around the world for thousands of years. On the grand scale, think of the opulence of the death mask of Egyptian King Tutankhamun. On the small but no less significant consider the gold mourning jewelry worn by upper-class Victorians.

    Their need to keep the memory of a deceased loved one close to their hearts started a tradition, which continues today. By selecting a gold urn necklace from Urn Gardens collection of memorial jewelry, youll pay tribute to your loved one and express your understanding of this expressive mourning tradition.

    Ashes Necklace Gold 14k

    14K GOLD FILLED CREMATION Ashes Pendant 6mm Tiny Gold Pet Cremation ...

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    Prints Sent To Vendor

    We’ll send the touched-up prints to our vendor for processing and creation of the piece. of the order. The vendor also needs about 2-3 business days to assess print quality before going into production. At this point the vendor may still reject and request new prints or better scans. A detailed email will be sent if the vendor need better prints.

    Solid Gold Cremation Jewelry

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    Showing 112 of 13 results

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    Customizable Heart Shape Ashes Keepsake Jewelry:

    Keep your loved one close to your heartA favorite choice of those who wish to pay tribute to their departed loved ones and hold them forever close at heart, cremation jewelry allows you to keep a pinch of cremains with you always. Personalization and engraving are offered on most of our jewelry pieces, allowing you to add a special personal touch.Following the cremation of a loved one, many people are unsure of the best way to store or share the ashes. Rather than burying or placing all of the cremains in one large urn, cremation jewelry is a perfect way to share the ashes with family or friends who may want to keep a small portion and to carry your loved one with you always.

    Gold Cremation Jewelry Perfectly Conveys Love & Compassion To Your Loved One

    14K Gold Butterfly Pendant with 18″ Chain on QVC

    The gold cremation jewelry is unarguably one of the best options to choose for preserving a little portion of the remains of your loved one. Our 14k gold cremation jewelry including the 14k gold urn necklace, white gold cremation jewelry pendants, bracelet gold urn jewelry, and others look like any other fancy gold jewelry and the best part is no one can make out that you are carrying a little portion of cremated remains in them. Memorials4u has been offering top-notch gold cremation jewelry for years and all our customers have simply loved it. We offer the finest 14k gold cremation jewelry that is made using 100% authentic materials and has been perfectly handcrafted to perfection by skilled artisans.

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    Enrich Your Memories With Solid Gold Cremation Jewelry

    Your loved one was special and unique. We offer the best cremation jewelry gold keepsakes to capture those qualities that remind you of those youve lost. 14k gold cremation jewelry will hold a tribute tucked away on the inside and can be worn daily as a gentle reminder of a special relationship.

    A special person or pet in your life deserves a special way to be remembered. Be generous in your memories by choosing the best quality materials with 14k gold cremation jewelry and gold pet cremation jewelry to hold a remembrance in their honor.

    Express Feelings Of Pure Love With Our Exquisite Gold Cremation Jewelry

    Gold has always been associated with love, compassion, and grandeur since ages. Our unique gold cremation jewelry for ashes continues the legacy forward. Whether you buy our gold cremation jewelry bracelet or a 14k gold urn necklace, you can easily use the same to express your love to the departed soul. Each of our glass cremation pendants, glass urn necklace, and solid gold cremation jewelry products are made using pure materials so you can always rest assured of the durability. Moreover, gold urn jewelry pendants or bracelets and any other form of gold cremation jewelry for ashes from Memorials4u can also be used to pass down the memories of your loved one to the younger generation of the family.

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    K Gold Cremation Jewelry For Ashes

    Modern Memorials wants to help you celebrate the life of your loved one, and our 14K gold cremation jewelry makes it easy for you to feel closer to them. These classic pieces are designed to hold a small portion of ashes so you can take your loved one with you wherever you go. Our 14K gold cremation pendants, bracelets, and charms are made with solid white or yellow gold for a sophisticated appearance.

    Solid Gold Cremation Jewelry Pendants

    Our 14k gold cremation pendants can hang on a chain to keep your loved one close to your heart at all times. Our pendants are available in shapes that can be subtle, like a cylinder or hold a deeper meaning, like an anchor. Our cremation rings in gold are beautiful pendants that symbolize infinity and having neither beginning nor end. We also carry classic hearts, elegant teardrops, and gorgeous solid circles. If you’re loved one had particular interests, you’ll find a 14k gold cremation jewelry pendant to remember them by with our selection of shapes like dolphins, elephants, music notes, and fish.

    14k Gold Cremation Jewelry Charms and Bracelets

    14k Gold Pet Memorial Jewelry

    Memorials4u Offers The Best Gold Cremation Jewelry At Fair Prices

    14k Gold / Rose Gold Filled Bubble Memorial Cremation Pendant Necklace ...

    Durability, appearance, material, size, and a lot of things are considered before purchasing a cremation necklace for ashes or any other silver & gold cremation jewelry for ashes. Our online store offers the largest collection of 14k gold cremation bracelet, locket necklace for ashes, white gold cremation jewelry, yellow 14k gold urn necklace, and different types of silver & gold urn jewelry under one roof. The best part is that the charged rates are also just and fair compared to the others.

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    What Is Cremation Jewelry

    People have kept reminders of loved ones who have passed away for centuries, with items like woven hair rings and charms becoming very popular during Victorian times. With an increase in the number of cremations in the past few decades, more people have wanted a way to have a special keepsake of the departed, and share their cremains among the people who loved them. Cremation jewelry was created to provide a safe, secure way to wear cremains without the risk of having them exposed or damaged.

    With solid gold cremation jewelry, you can elevate this keepsake to an elegant pendant or ring that will truly honor your loved one. Each piece of jewelry has a small screw that protects a cremains chamber. With tools from the included filling kit, you can add a small pinch of cremains, burial soil, hair, or dried funeral flowers to the chamber. Then you simply seal it again with the screw a drop of the included adhesive will provide a permanent seal.

    Ashes Necklace 14k Gold

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    Gold Cremation Jewelry Options

    When you buy solid gold cremation jewelry from Perfect Memorials, you can rest assured that you’re getting solid, 10k or 14k gold and pieces that were designed by professional jewelers. Choose from yellow or white gold cremation jewelry necklaces and rings. You’ll find many pieces with beautiful cubic zirconia stones for a little extra sparkle.

    To add more personalization, we also offer custom engraving on many pieces. Depending on the size of the item, you may be able to add the name, date, or initials of the departed. All engraving is performed by our very fast and very skilled engravers who are dedicated to making sure their work is done well.

    Collection: Cremation Urns And Ash Memorial Jewellery


    Joanne, the designer behind these meaningful pieces, has created this personalized cremation jewelry so that her customers can have a vessel created with care and soul in which to carry their loved ones’ ashes. Each piece of cremation jewelry is carefully and respectfully made by hand..

    Bereavement Jewelry for Ashes. We have created a collection of sterling silver and 14k solid gold jewelry with ashes inside in response to our customers’ requests somthing beautiful and subtle. Allow us to create memorial jewelry from cremation ashes. We have a variety pendants that you can put ashes in, such as funeral cremation urns, cremation lockets, and pet cremation keepsake jewelry. Our jewelry is designed specifically to hold cremation ashes inside, but still looks modern and beautiful. Only you need to know that it is a memorial necklace with ashes inside.

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    Exclusive Styles Made With Real 14k Gold

    These 14k gold urn pendants are not available anywhere else. They are the most valuable keepsakes available, and are made from high quality materials. We also have made-to-order options that are individually crafted so that you have a totally unique gold pendant, made especially for you.

    You can find a diverse range of styles in this collection, including hearts, rounds, crosses, simple cylinders, animals such as the butterfly, pets, and more elaborate carvings and designs. Some of the keepsakes are decorated with precious and semi-precious stones.

    From the simple to the extravagant, there really is something for everyone in this collection the common factor is that the gold urn pendants are all made from top quality genuine 14k gold.

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