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Star Of David Gold Chain

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Gold Star Of David Pendants

14K Gold 12 Tribes Star of David Pendant and Chain

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  • If there is a more classic and iconic theme in Jewish Jewelry than a Star of David pendant or necklace, we don’t know about it. Judaica Webstore’s selection of Stars of David includes traditional and contemporary interpretations rendered in yellow and white gold.

    What Does Star Of David Mean

    In modern times the Star of David is generally identified with the Jewish religion. While it doesnt explicitly come from the Bible the name references the shield of King David and there are Jewish artifacts that date back to the 3rd century that depict the Star of David. Mystically it is said to offer protection but currently its the symbol on the Israeli flag, its the logo for many synagogues and Jewish associations.

    Choosing The Right Necklace

    Whether your necklace is for you or a loved one, take a few things into consideration before you make a purchase. Religious jewelry can make a statement without extra beads, embellishments, or stones, but there are some beautiful combinations out there, too. Would a minimalist style be better than one made up of beads or accented with opal, onyx, or some other stone? Do you like white gold or yellow gold more? What about color? Are you someone who likes to take traditional jewelry and put a modern, trendy twist on it? There are so many styles available, there’s something for everyone.

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    Star Of David Pendant

    Choose a silver or gold Star of David pendant to match your budget and style. This accessory is suitable for all ages, for both men and women and makes a fantastic gift for everyone.

    This is one of our most popular categories and a gold Star of David pendant is often given as a Bat Mitzvah gift to a Jewish girl entering adulthood. It helps her bond with her ancient Jewish heritage. One of our unusual pieces is the Dove of Peace 18k Yellow Gold Star of David Pendant. This unique design combines two popular symbols in one charm. The gold Dove of Peace is overlaid on top of a blue triangle making the shape of the Magen David. The idea of the artist is that in this small country, continually troubled by war, our true desire is to live in peace with our neighbors.

    Another of our favorite pieces is the Multi Stoned 14k Gold Star of David Pendant. The six-sided star is set with garnets, amethyst, peridot, citrine, and blue topaz.

    Here at Baltinester, we offer you a large variety of styles and designs using only the highest quality materials and made by the top Israeli artists. If you dont see the exact gold Star of David pendant that you are looking for, contact us and we will create one custom made for you.

    Star Of David Pendants

    Large Blue Enamel and 14K Gold Diamond Star of David Necklace, Jewish ...

    For centuries, nothing has symbolized the Jewish faith and Jewish people like the Star of David. Known also as the Magen David, these pendants come in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold , and sterling silver. All gold pendants whether it is yellow gold, white gold or rose gold is available in 10K or 14K. Silver jewelry is made with 0.925 sterling silver. If you are looking for the perfect gift for Hanukkah, Passover, a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah look no further. Factory Direct Jewelry shipped all products fast and free. All our products are proudly crafted in the USA. We have the most competitive prices no online or traditional store can offer.

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    Where To Shop For Star Of David Necklaces

    You won’t be limited to retailers with religious associations, though those stores will often have different types of styles than the more general jewelry chains. Shop around before making a purchase, because you may be surprised by how much variety there is.

    The Symbol Of The Star Of David

    The Star of David otherwise known as the Magen David, as it is called in Hebrew, is the symbol that is most commonly associated with the Jewish Nation.

    There are other symbols associated with the Jewish People, like the Menorah or the Two Tablets of the Ten Commandments, but it is this star that is universally recognized as the symbol of Judaism. It has been found engraved on synagogues and schools, and most recently printed on the flag of the State of Israel.

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    Why Does A Star Of David Have 6 Points

    The Star of David, also called Magen David or Mogen David is made up of two overlaid equilateral triangles. Magen means shield, and is said to look like the shield that King David carried. It is said that the 6 directions of the star symbolize G-ds rule in all directions. There are also some mystical/Kabbalistic interpretations behind the number 6.

    Star Of David Necklace

    14Kt Gold – Star of David and Chai Pendant includes 14Kt Gold Chain

    The six-pointed Star of David, Jewish Star, or Magen David, is a popular Jewish symbol. Unlike some other ancient Jewish symbols, its origins are relatively modern, tracing usage back to medieval European communities. Nevertheless, the Star of David is the symbol most people think of when they think of the Jewish faith and a Star of David Necklace or star of david pendant makes the perfect bar mitzvah gift or bat mitzvah gift, or simply a proud statement of personal identity.

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    Difference Between Star Of David And Pentagram

    A pentagram is a 5 pointed star which is associated with Satanism and used to evoke the occult. A hexagram is a 6 pointed star, and is referred to as the Star of David, which is primarily a Jewish Symbol. There is some history of a hexagram being used by the occult as well it is primarily a religious symbol.

    Star Of David Jewelry

    Perseverance and pride are two of the most powerful and enduring attributes of the Jewish people, and there is perhaps no more internationally-recognized symbol of that perseverance and pride than the Star of David. From silver-spun beauty to brilliantly-arranged blue diamond pieces, our Star of David Jewelry presents a litany of options, perfect for everything from casual accessories, lovely formal wear, bar or bat mitzvah presents and more.

    Our Israel Flag & Star of David necklace is perfect for those looking to show off their Israeli nationalism or otherwise show pride and solidarity with the Jewish State. It features the Israeli flag set against a pendant of stainless steel, its strength emblematic of the perseverance of Israel itself. In addition, it features a double tribute to the brave men and women of the Israeli Defense Forces with IDF and ZaHaL written letter by letter around the corners of the star, with a customary prayer of protection. The unity and sense of camaraderie between Israel and Jews worldwide is part of what makes Israel so dear to the hearts of many, and in your own small way, you too can share in that sense of patriotism and pride and keep it ever close to your heart with this uniquely-touching piece of Star of David Jewelry. In addition, we offer a Silver Star of David with a Jerusalem-specific motif, featuring Jerusalem embossed across the center in bold silver against a background reminiscent of Old City motifs.

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    Star Of David Necklaces

    Showcase your Jewish faith and heritage in style with a unique Star of David Necklace from Tribal Hollywood. We have the best selection of stylish men’s bracelets, pendants, dog tags, men’s rings and more men’s necklaces that feature Star of David symbols. Try a sterling silver pendant necklace or leather bracelet from Scott Kay and King Baby and display to the world how fashionable your faith can be. Rock one of our rosaries or be a little more daring with our combo sets. Proudly wear your Star of David necklace and rock the symbol of your faith.

    INFO and HELP

    Is The Star Of David From The Holocaust

    14k Gold Diamond Star of David Pendant Chain Necklace Boca Raton

    The Star of David comes from the Biblical shield of David. The Star of David was used by Nazis to identify Jews around the time of the Holocaust. Many Jews were forced to sew yellow Stars onto their clothes. If a Jew was found if public without his Star he was severely punished. In modern days some Jewish people have an aversion to the Star of David because it reminds them of this terrible time, while others view it as a symbol of defiance, survival and pride.

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    Why Is The Star Of David Blue

    A blue Jewish Star of David can be found on the Israeli flag, along with 2 stripes. The blue in the flag is a reference to Biblical times. The prayer shawl, or tallit was made with blue dye in it. G-d told Moses that the fringes should have blue dye on it. The stripes of the flag are meant to symbolize the tallit and there for the colors chosen for the flag are blue and white. A Star of David does not have to be blue, it can be found in any color.

    Can Anyone Wear A Star Of David

    A hexagram by nature is just a geometric symbol. Though it is primarily thought of as a Jewish symbol various religions and groups associate with it as well. It can be seen in Hindu, Mormon, Jews for Jesus, Rastafari and as a symbol of the occult. In Islam it is referred to as the Seal of Solomon. Many churches are also adorned with the symbol of the Star of David.

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    Star Of David Gold Chain

    Star Of David Jewish Jewelry

    Men’s Gold Star of David Pendant Necklace | Men’s Jewelry Unboxing | JAXXON

    The Star of David, the enduring Jewish symbol that adorns the flag of the State of Israel, is undoubtedly the most common symbol associated with the Jewish faith. Also called the “Jewish Star,” “Magen David,” or “Shield of David, this six pointed star is said to have adorned the shield of the Israelite King David, though its actual origins are not certain. Jewelry Judaica features an extensive collection of Star of David jewelry, both traditional star of david and contemporary jewish star. Unsurprisingly, the Jewish Star is our most abundant and popular motif.

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