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Where To Buy Gold In Mn

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Crystal Coin And Collectibles


Crystal Coin is a full service coin shop serving Minneapolis collectors for more than 24 years. Owner and numismatic expert Mike Carter has been a coin collector for more than 50 years, and a full-time coin dealer for over three decades. Crystal Coin is an NGC authorized dealer and member of the American Numismatic Association. They carry a full array of U.S. and foreign coins and currency, with a focus on numismatic collectibles. The inventory here includes type coins, silver dollars, ancient coins, tokens and medals, and bullion. They serve beginning and advanced collectors alike, and also stock a full range of coin collecting supplies.

535-15997000 57th Ave N Ste 103Minneapolis, MN 55428

We’re The Gold Standard For Coin Shops In Rochester Mn

Don’t know what to do with a loved one’s collectible coins? Bring them to Med City Coin and Bullion. We’ve made it easy to liquidate gold and silver coin collections in the Rochester, MN area. Our resident gold dealer can evaluate the collection and make a no-obligation offer.Starting or expanding your coin collection? You’ll love our extensive selection. We typically carry…Half centsBarber and national park quartersSeated Liberty half dollarsEisenhower dollarsVisit Med City Coin and Bullion today to buy, sell or trade collectible coins-you can find our hours on the Contact Us page. We’re located just off Elton Hills Drive in Village In Valhalla plaza, just behind Family Video.

Tax Free Precious Metals

As things stand, there are no tax exemptions for precious metals in the state of Minnesota. There have been calls to change this, with investors arguing that they would buy locally more often, which in turn would increase the local economy, but this could be a long way off.

If you live in Minnesota and want to avoid this tax, your only options may be to purchase out of state or online.


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Grove Coin And Investment Company

Among the oldest Minnesota coin shops, Grove Coin was founded in 1962. Grove Coin sells U.S. and world coins, ancient coins, U.S. and world paper currency, gold and silver bullion, jewelry, and related collectibles. They specialize in 19th and early 20th century U.S. coins. Many of their items can be purchased online, with a minimum order of $25.

Grove Coin is located within Collectors Gallery, a large collectibles store. Their buy list, published on their website, include slabbed or raw U.S., ancient, and world coins, along with tokens and medals, U.S. currency, and precious metals, such as coins, bars, rounds, jewelry, and scrap.

8306 Tamarack Village #401 878-7868

Is Minnesota Holding Physical Gold & Silver In Government Pension Funds

Gold discovered in new areas of Minnesota, DNR says  Twin ...

Millions of Americans will rely on pensions once they’ve reached the age of retirement. Pension fund managers have a fiduciary duty to safeguard funds against foreseeable risks.

With the practices of today’s Federal Reserve, there is no risk more foreseeable than inflation! But with very few exceptions, pension money managers are not fulfilling their duty to protect against this significant risk by investing in assets that are specifically suited to defend against the perpetual decline of the dollar’s purchasing power. Chief among these assets are physical gold and silver, the most reliable inflation hedges from time immemorial.

Tens of millions of Americans and their employers pour money into pension plans each month, counting on those funds to grow and be there when needed at retirement.

But a time bomb awaits. The bulk of U.S. pension funds are dangerously underfunded, and the assets are often invested in securities that have bleak prospects for providing income that keeps up with a general decline in purchasing power. In the case of underfunded government pensions, higher taxes invariably follow combined with potential default on obligations to retired workers.

Unfortunately, Minnesota’s government pension funds do not appear to hold ANY assets in physical gold and silver.

For more information on pension funds,

You can buy gold coins or real gold bars from local coin shops in Minnesota.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I usually don’t write reviews but felt compelled to after my experience at this business. I had a variety of jewelry that I received over many years that I never wore anymore so decided to sell it. This was the third place I went to because it’s pretty far from me but WOW was it worth it. Not only were the two gentleman so down to earth and friendly but you could tell they had extreme knowledge in their field. They really explained everything to me and made me feel comfortable with my decision and the value of my items. It was well worth the drive!! Would honestly highly recommended this place to anyone!!!”

Gold Ira With 1 Gram Bullion Bars

World markets and economies are perpetually changing. Geopolitical tensions and crises are a recurring theme, and one that investors should prepare for. One of the most important lessons of the 2008 financial crisis is that Wall Street is peddling diversity, but a bankers idea of a well diversified portfolio contains nothing but securities. These stocks, bonds and mutual funds all carry counter-party risk and can collapse in value especially during times of crisis.

Genuine diversification means owning some tangible assets, and not just securities. Yet most investors are not properly protected, especially in their retirement accounts.

It is time to consider holding 1-gram gold bars and other physical bullion products inside a Gold IRA. Precious metals have a track record of preserving wealth through inflation and crisis which extends back thousands of years. Banks and brokerages come and go. Companies and sometimes even governments go bankrupt and collapse. Valuable gold and silver endure.

A Precious Metal IRA is self-directed, meaning the IRA holder calls the shots. They can hold a wide range of assets in addition to the usual menu of Wall Street approved stocks, bonds and mutual funds. It is possible to own bullion, real estate and shares of privately held companies for example.

If you own gold inside a Precious Metals IRA and decide to sell it, the profits from the sales are tax-deferred. The tax advantages and rules are just like those governing conventional IRAs.

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Local Precious Metals Companies:

American Rare Coin & Collectibles

They are a highly reputed company that has over 200 years of combined numismatic experience. They are one of the largest buyers and sellers of coins and bullion in the area. They have over 75,000 satisfied clients regionally and nationally. The company buys and sells all varieties of the US and foreign coins. Their prices are competitive and they offer generous prices when they purchase items from a client. They are PCGS, NGC, PNG, ANA, and ICTA authorized dealer.

Grove Coin and Investment Company

Grove is a family-owned and operated business. They are both retailers as well as wholesalers and they also attend major coin shows, having a strong online presence. They have a very extensive and diversified inventory that is unparalleled in the upper Midwest. They are highly regarded for their competitive pricing, fair dealings, and conservative grading. They are a PCGS, NGC, PNG, and PMG authorized dealer.

Premium Quality Coin LLC

The company is functioning since 1985. For more than 32 years they have been serving numismatists, investors, speculators, and beneficiaries of estates, providing great and ethical services. They are an authorized bullion dealer who is registered as a member firm with the Minnesota Department of Commerce. It is one of the companies that have an extensive inventory. But although they have a wide variety of coin collections, they specialize in pre-1964 USA coins. They are a certified PCGS, NGC, PMG, and CAC dealer.

Third Street Brewhouse Debuts Minnesota Gold Micro An 88

Finding Gold In Minnesota ? (Gold prospecting map)

COLD SPRING, MN Cold Spring Brewing Co. and Third Street Brewhouse are excited to announce the launch of the newest addition to the Minnesota Gold family of lagers Minnesota Gold Micro. Look for Minnesota Gold Micro in liquor stores now.

Minnesota Gold Micro has been in the works for quite some time, and were very proud of the final product, said Karl Schmitz, Director of Brewing. We took the time to do it right, delivering a light American Lager that doesnt sacrifice flavor. Its going to be a crowd-pleaser.

Minnesota Gold Micro is the lightest beer in the Minnesota Gold family, which includes Minnesota Gold, Minnesota Gold Light and Minnesota Gold Micro. At just 88 calories and 1.4g of carbs, this light American Lager is the perfect year-round brew for light beer drinkers everywhere. Light and refreshing, Minnesota Gold Micro retains the full-bodied flavor unique to the Minnesota Gold family, without the calorie count. Hersbrucker and Willamette hops contribute to an IBU of 3.5, making this an incredibly drinkable and tasty brew that pairs well with light foods like vinaigrette salads, seafood or chicken.

About Cold Spring Brewing Company

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Buy 1 Gram Of Gold At Low Premiums

Fractional gold bars offer a strong investment advantage when you buy gold bullion because they are a low premium way to own the metal. Available weights are 1 gram gold bullion bars, 5 gram, 10 gram, 20 gram, 1 oz Gold bars, 10 oz gold bars, or 1 kilo gold bars . For pricing and availability on bar sizes not listed on the website please call. Gold bullion bars offer lower premiums than the more popular sovereign 1 oz gold coins, but most bars are highly recognizable and still a liquid investment in gold bullion. The purity level of gold bullion bars will be .9999 pure in almost all cases. Money Metals Exchange makes buying 1 Gram of gold simple and secure! How much is 1 gram of gold? Just check out our Live Price Checker!

Gold has been extraordinarily valuable since the beginning of recorded time, and very possibly before. Gold has been intertwined with the history of nations, leaders, class and power. It has even figured prominently in religious history.

There is plenty of symbolism associated with gold, but the value of the metal goes well beyond the symbolic. Gold offers utility as a store of value. People ranging from impoverished Indian farmers to wealthy central bankers hold the physical metal as a form of savings. Jewelers make beautiful creations with the metal. And it has a range of applications in industry and manufacturing electronics being one of the more significant.

Gold offers utility as a store of value.

Minnesota Holding Reserves In Gold And Silver

Financially prudent individuals set aside surplus funds to protect against unforeseen expenditures. This way, when faced with loss of income, house repairs, car trouble, or anything else, they will have a buffer against unanticipated downturns.

In the same vein, almost every state in the United States has established a savings account for government operations. Primarily to mitigate a decline in tax revenues that comes alongside economic slumps, states have created so-called budget stabilization funds colloquially known as rainy day funds.

Unfortunately, like every other state in the union, Minnesota does not hold any of its reserves in gold and silver.

While Minnesota may not hold its reserves in gold and silver yet, Tennessee is setting an example by considering legislation that would allow for this. Tennessee Representative Bud Hulsey introduced House Bill 0777 in 2017 which “requires the state treasurer to invest 40 percent of the funds in the rainy day fund in gold bullion of other precious metal bullion.” This bill will be voted on in 2018.

For more information on Budget Stabilization Funds,

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Minnesota Capital Gains Tax

Minnesota law, like most states, is chock full of draconian revenue statutes. Under current law, gold and silver are subject to capital gains taxation when exchanged for Federal Reserve notes or when used in barter transactions.

Income taxes are one major way government bureaucrats penalize holders of precious metals. If you own gold to protect against the ongoing devaluation of America’s paper currency , you may end up with a “gain” on your gold when it’s priced in dollars. Not necessarily a real gain, mind you. It’s frequently nothing more than a nominal gain — but it’s nonetheless considered income against which the government assesses a tax.

However, other state legislators across the country have started to recognize that paying taxes on nominal gains is beyond the pale. Arizona and Utah recently eliminated capital gains taxation on precious metals, and Idaho hopes to follow soon.

For more information on capital gains taxation of precious metals,

Buy Gold And Silver In Minneapolis Mn

Minnesota Gold Mining and Prospecting Areas ...

One of the twin cities and the larger one of the two cities, Minneapolis is a city located in the state of Minnesota. It lies on the banks of the Mississippi River, just north of the Minnesota River. The two rivers, along with 13 lakes, wetlands, creeks and waterfalls, Minneapolis is abundant in water. The Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway is one of the most notable attractions in the city.

The city plays an important part in the global economy. Investors are realizing excellent returns when they purchase precious metals in Minneapolis, thanks to their rising demand and increasing value.

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Final Checklist As Of August 1 2016

  • Determine whether you are a Bullion Products Dealer by following the instructions above.
  • Comply with the sales practices/prohibited conduct requirements if your bullion products transactions with consumers between July 1 and June 30 of any year meet the $25,000 aggregate transaction dollar amount discussed in Step Three of the Step-by-Step Instructions.
  • Maintain documentation of your transactions for the period of July 1 through June 30 of each year so that you can determine whether you will meet the $25,000 aggregate transaction dollar amount and
  • continue to comply with the sales practices/prohibited conduct requirements and
  • take necessary steps to comply with the registration, screening and surety bond requirements within 45 days of reaching $25,000 in the aggregate of bullion product transactions.
  • If you must comply with the sales practices/prohibited conduct requirements, you must do the following:

    Prepare a written invoice for each bullion products transaction and provide a copy of the invoice to the consumer prior to the transaction or concurrent with delivery thereof. You must retain a copy the written invoice.

    The written invoice must include the following in a clear and conspicuous manner:

  • The registration identification numbers issued to you by the Department of Commerce.
  • The Department of Commerces e-mail address and telephone number as follows:
  • Telephone Number: 651-539-1600
  • The bullion products sale or purchase price.
  • Prohibitions

    You must not:

    Breaking Down Bullion Sales Tax In Minnesota

    The State of Minnesota levies a 6.875% sales tax on sales of any precious metals, coins, or currency. According to the current law, these items are considered tangible personal property hence there is no sales tax exemption on these products. These items are also subject to use tax if they have been purchased out of the State and then brought into Minnesota. Apart from the 6.875% state sales tax, the items purchased inside Minnesota may also be subject to city or county tax which can vary from place to place. For instance, if one purchases precious metals or coins or currency in Minneapolis, the sales tax can be as high as 7.15%. Even tokens and medallions are also taxable.

    When buying from Bullion Exchanges, the residents of Minnesota do not have to pay any sales taxes, as Bullion Exchanges is not based in Minnesota. Please take your time to browse through our tax-free gold and silver products. However, please note that there may be a local use tax that an individual might have to pay so it is advisable to check with a tax professional before making a purchase.

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    What You Need To Know About We Buy Silver Stores

    There is nothing that is more stunning than having a piece of jewelry on a pure silver setting. Whether you are looking for sterling silver pieces, or silver that has been alloyed with other metals for color and durability, it is important to know the right places to shop. Here are a few of the tips that you need to know about buying from We Buy Silver Stores.

    Knowing What You Need

    The first and most important thing you need to know is the exact kind of silver item you need. Due to its beauty, durability and stain resistance, silver is used in a wide variety of jewelry from lockets, necklaces, chains, watches, bangles, rings anklets, earrings and many others. Silver is also used in making kitchenware items such as spoons and other cutlery. Therefore, you will have a wide selection to choose from at a shop.

    Establishing a budget

    The other thing you need to know about silver is that it is a precious metal which means it does cost a lot. When you are thinking about shopping silver, you have to take time and learn about the factors that affect the cost of the metals. For instance, the purer the metal, the more it will cost you.


    Buy & Sell Gold & Silver In Minnesota Local Coin Shops

    Finding Minnesota: Gold Prospecting In The Iron Range

    Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 lakes due to its many bodies of water scattered throughout the state. Although it is one of the most northern and coldest states, it is home to many amazing places such as the Mall of American in Bloomington which covers over 78 football fields or consider the city of Rochester which is home to the famous Mayo Clinic which is a teaching, research, and working medical facility. Over 60% of the population of this great state reside in Minneapolis-St. Paul area or the Twin Cities, this is also where you will find the best and most notable gold and silver dealers.

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