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Men’s White Gold Diamond Wedding Band

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Mens Wedding Band White Gold

Mens Diamond Wedding Band Ring in 14k White Gold

How Are Natural Diamonds Different Than Lab Grown Diamonds

The key difference between natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds is their origins and price.

There is virtually no difference between natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds to the naked eye. Still, there is a significant price reduction because they are not as rare as natural diamonds. That means couples can find stunning lab grown stones in sizes that might otherwise be out of budget.

Natural diamonds are created when carbon atoms are compressed in the right temperature and pressure conditions deep within the earths mantle. Lab grown diamonds recreate these conditions using high-tech equipment under the supervision of experts.

Lab-grown diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from natural diamonds, as they have the same atomic composition and structure. Both consist of carbon arranged in the same tetrahedral pattern.

What Is The Best Metal For Mens Wedding Rings

Mens wedding bands are available in a variety of materials, including precious metals, so you can find a ring you love and to match your partners wedding band if desired.

Gold wedding bands are among the most popular choice for men, as they offer a timeless look and lasting shine, crafted in precious metal. Choose from yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, for a wedding band to suit your style.

Titanium is an extremely durable metal, making it a popular choice for rings that are worn every day. Our black titanium rings offer a modern yet classic look, and our styles featuring black diamonds have an extra unique touch.

Tungsten is a metal with a natural grey colour. It is a hard and largely scratch-resistant metal, making it a great choice for rings especially for those who work with their hands.

At Michael Hill our mens wedding ring designs also include polished, brushed, and patterned metal, so you can find the ideal piece for you.

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Buy Mens Wedding Bands Online From Canadas Most Unique And User

Temple and Grace was launched with the purpose of making it easy for Canadians to buy engagement rings and wedding rings online. Our male wedding ring collection has grown to be known as Canadas best. Follow these easy steps to lay your hands on the best mens wedding ring ever:

1) Select your precious metal in your favourite colour

2) Select your ring size

3) Select the ring width that you would like

4) Enter a personalised message. We can engrave this on your ring.

White Gold Diamond Mens Ring

Jewelry For Less

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Discover Our Range Of Rings For Men

A mens ring is a beautiful and timeless piece of jewellery that can be given on many occasions – as an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or just to show him you care. At Michael Hill our wide selection of mens rings crafted from precious metals means youll find the perfect one for that special man in your life.

What are popular styles of mens rings?

Traditionally the most popular style of mens rings has been a simple band crafted from gold, sterling silver or platinum, but modern designs made from titanium or featuring diamonds are also a popular choice.

Signet rings are another popular style of mens rings, and can be engraved with a special message or date that is meaningful to you both.

What metals are available on Michael Hill for mens rings?

At Michael Hill all of our mens rings are crafted from the highest quality metals, including precious metals such as 10kt white, yellow and rose gold and sterling silver as well as black titanium and grey tungsten.

All of these metals are durable and beautiful choices, and your preference will likely come down to your personal style.

What are the options available for mens wedding bands?

A mens wedding band can be any style of mens ring you choose, and at Michael Hill we have a number of options to help you find a ring he will love.

Important Aspects To Consider When Choosing Wedding Rings For Men

At Temple and Grace, we often meet Grooms to be, who havent worn jewellery, and in particular rings, before. In this case, it is vital to take into consideration the day to day activities performed by you. For example, the sport/s you play, your hobbies, job etc. It is important that you select a ring that is suitable and comfortable to wear while performing these activities or tasks. Some of the other important points to check when buying a mans wedding band would be to check on allergy information, if any. Although rare, men and women could be allergic to a certain metal. Precious metal such as Platinum 950 or Palladium which have a high purity of fine metal are hypoallergenic and hence do not cause any allergies.

Enjoy a personalised Wedding Ring shopping experience

Canadas largest choice of mens two-tone gold wedding rings

Two tone precious metal bands have been our best-sellers. You can opt for a white gold ring with a hint of rose gold, or a stunning yellow gold and white gold wedding beautifully amalgamated into one. Two tone wedding rings for the groom have been very popular all through 2019, and the trend seems to be continuing through 2022.

Shop from a wide range of precious metals

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Diamond Wedding Band White Gold

Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands & Rings

Matte Finish Bezel Princess Diamond Men’s Wedding Band in 14k White Gold

The Enduring Timelessness of White Gold

Sleek, simple and sure to last a lifetime, white gold is an obvious choice for stylish men. White gold has been a popular material for mens wedding rings since the 1920s. Although it has strong historical significance, the allure of a white gold mens wedding ring remains aspirational to this day. While traditional styles remain, many of our mens white gold band rings have a contemporary look and feel to them.

Our mens white gold wedding bands appear silver due to the cooler tones. This is why,if you love the look of platinum rings but dont want to pay the price for that platinum look, our white gold rings for men are a popular choice. White gold wedding bands easily pair with many other types of precious metal jewelry, thanks to this metals naturally gorgeous white-silver luster. Pair your mens white gold wedding band with colorless diamonds, emeralds and sapphires.

Many of our mens white gold diamond wedding bands have a luxurious modern design youll love to wear every day. Look for details like Verragios stylish signature beading in rose gold. Enjoy unique matte finishes along with brilliant diamond accents for contrast.

White Gold in a Variety of Karat Options

The universally aesthetic beauty of Verragios white gold wedding bands easily complements any skin tone. Take a look at all of our white gold mens wedding rings to find one youll say I do to today. Find Verragio rings near you!

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Personalised Cufflinks For Men

Each detail on a mans outfit speak a lot about him. Wearing cufflinks is a great way to represent a unique personality of a man. A man should always remember that his style is his own. GLAMIRA creates flawless cufflinks for men that will spruce up the sleeves. Show sophistication, gratitude, and confidence with a selection of cufflinks.

GLAMIRA offers personalized that have meaning and can be treasured for years to come. If you dont want to customize with words, how about with gold cufflinks ? Words arent everyones favorite choice, but you can still take advantage of personalization choices with gold color, or even plain colors. Each man has their own story, their own style. GLAMIRA likes to bring that style and story to life for you.

GLAMIRA also assists with a groom-to-be when it comes to choosing the perfect pieces of a wedding outfit. On the big wedding day, you shouldnt just focus on accessories. Cufflinks can bring together an outfit by itself. Let GLAMIRA assist you with giving your outfit that finishing touch. You can customize your wedding cufflinks to be perfect for the celebration of a lifelong commitment. You should be able to feel great in what you wear each day. Gems, color, or even metal what would be your choice?

Custom design your own flawless, stylish cufflinks with GLAMIRA. Choose a color and shape of gemstones/diamonds, as well as the type of metal. GLAMIRA has a breathtaking collection of cufflinks. You will for sure find your match through us.

Incredible Selection Of Diamond Wedding Bands

We offer a wide selection of styles, ranging from traditional to trending, so youre guaranteed to find his dream diamond wedding band at Want to capture his unique personality? Express his passion for cars with our ultra sleek carbon fiber diamond bands. Show his kinship with the outdoors with a camo inlay diamond band or a sophisticated KOA wood inlay diamond band.

Cant find what you are looking for or want to wow him with a one-of-a-kind custom unique male wedding band? Reach out to one of Brilliances Diamond Experts today to bring any idea or design to life!

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What Are Natural Diamonds

Billions of years ago, deep below the earth’s surface, pockets of carbon atoms compressed into a cubic crystalline structure. This structure bonds each atom to four others, or tetrahedrally, creating the hardest and most conductive of all known natural materials.

Diamond formation requires an unfathomable amount of pressure and heat. As far as scientists know, these conditions only exist 100 miles below the earth, where 725,000 pounds per square inch of pressure and 2500 degree Fahrenheit temperatures provide the ideal environment for carbon atom compression.

Once formed, these diamonds traveled through molten rock that erupted during volcanic activity, depositing the precious stone close to the earth’s surface.

The countries of Botswana and South Africa are leading producers of diamonds, but mines exist in several countries worldwide.

Do Men Select Their Own Wedding Ring

6mm Mens 9 Carat White Gold Diamond Set Wedding Ring Band

It is up to the couple how they go about choosing their wedding rings, but an engaged couple will usually shop for wedding rings together. Whether or not you choose matching wedding rings, it is a good idea to shop together, as these are significant pieces that you will wear for life. It also ensures that you can each choose a ring you love.

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The Tradition Of The Wedding Ring

The romantic celebrations associated with wedding bands go back to the ancient days. Wedding rings have symbolised eternity since the age of the Pharaohs. They are a constant reminder that love is eternal, with absolutely no beginning or end. During ancient roman times, wedding bands were given to denote a public pledge of marriage. This customary practise was then adopted by early religions and gold wedding rings became an integral symbol of the celebration of marriage. Today, a band worn on the ring finger continues to convey the same message of love, across the several cultures that exist around the world. Even in 2022, a wedding band symbolises commitment and a promise of lifelong togetherness.

Did you know about the interesting origins that exist around wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger? The Egyptians believed that the vein of love flowed straight from the ring finger of the left hand directly to the heart. Some of our popular wedding band styles that convey the same message of love even in todays age are our classic mens wedding ring collection. Our classic wedding band range delivers our promise of superior quality and fine Canadian craftsmanship. Remember, all Temple and Grace diamonds and precious metal is acquired through ethical sources. We treat our environment with care so that you can feel confident when purchasing a wedding ring for him, from us.

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