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Is Platinum Better Than Gold

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Should You Purchase Platinum

Platinum Is More Rare Than Gold!

The answer depends on where you are in your investing journey. In general, it can be advantageous to have a varied precious metal portfolio. So if that is your goal, then platinum is a good choice. If youre just starting out with purchasing precious metals, gold and silver will be your safest bet. They have proven their stability after centuries of use as both currency and a commodity. They also have a stable market to bring in valuable returns.

Investment-worthy gold can be yours today!


The Many Uses Of Platinum

Not unlike gold and silver, platinum is also used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Most cars and motorcycles that conform to European emission standards have some platinum in their catalytic converters because it can remove the harmful toxins in exhaust gases before releasing them into the outside world. Platinum is also present in dental instruments, turbine engines, and decorative plates and frames.

Platinum, like gold, is a highly malleable mineral when its fresh from the ground. However, it only comes from two global sources: South Africa and Russia. This limitation makes it a riskier investment when compared to gold, which importers can source globally. South Africa provides over 75% of the worlds platinum supply, and automakers from India and China take up the lions share of consumption.

Any geopolitical unrest between South Africa, Russia, and the United States can cause platinums value to drop. Russia and South Africa can work together and inflate the price of platinum, which will cause automobiles, dentist appointments, and oil to increase in price all over the world. However, you may find a saving grace in platinums intrinsic value as platinum bars, coins, and accessories will remain precious regardless of world politics.

Platinum Vs White Gold: Lifetime And Permanence

White gold, especially 14-karat white gold, is a durable metal that will endure over the years. Its unlikely to scratch, which is a key factor for everyday life. Sorting through a purse or brushing your ring on a countertop is unlikely to cause any visible damage.

White gold prongs, which set gemstones in place, are often dipped in rhodium to be strengthened. Lower karat prongs are much more durable, and you are less likely to need repairs or lose your stone.

Where platinum is considered, the prestige of the rare metal comes with certain required maintenance. It needs polishing and oiling by professionals every few years. Also, because of how pure platinum rings are, they are more likely to scratch when brushed against hard surfaces, like when washing dishes or cleaning.

Due to the density of the metal, however, platinum prongs are extremely strong and reliable. Your beautiful diamond will be super secure, and you shouldnt have to worry about losing it.

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Platinum Vs Gold: Whats The Best Choice For You

Platinum and gold are both attractive options when shopping for precious metals. You should choose platinum if you have a higher budget and want a high-quality, low-maintenance metal. If you prefer the white color yet dont have platinum money yet, then choose white gold. Yellow gold works well if you want something with a vintage setting, and rose gold adds an even more romantic touch.

Regardless of the metal you choose, there are tons of pieces available to match your style. So choose something that makes sense when you consider your budget, other jewelry, and personal preference.

Gold Vs Platinum: Comfort

Is Platinum Better Than Gold

Because platinum is more dense than gold, platinum rings will be heavier than gold as well. Some prefer the heavier weight, but some find the lightness of gold rings to be more comfortable. It is really up to each individual person. One option for people seeking a comfortable ring it is to opt for one with a comfortable design, like this mens fingerprint wedding band.

One more benefit of platinum is that it is hypoallergenic. While gold rings do not create an allergy issue for most people, some can develop an allergic reaction from the nickel alloy used in gold rings.

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White Gold Vs Platinum: Sustainability Tie

Neither gold or platinum mining is sustainable. In fact, gold mining is much more environmentally damaging than diamond mining. The mining process leaks cyanide into the water, which results in a whole slew of downstream issues that you can read about here. Thats why, at Frank Darling, we use 100% recycled gold. This equally beautiful and valuable metal is in all ways identical to newly mined gold minus the environmental and health issues

Best Psu & Rating For A Gaming Build

Once again, whether the Gold or Platinum rating will best suit your needs depends on your intended use. If your build focuses around less demanding, online multiplayer games which are usually played at 60 FPS and 1080p resolutions, then a Gold rating PSU will suit your needs just fine.

A great such unit is EVGAs 750 G3 which is designed for low volumes, is almost completely silent at low to medium loads, and is fully modular. The EVGA 750 G3 also has high-quality Japanese brand capacitors and a five-year manufacturers warranty. Currently, you can find the 750 G3 for $129, which is a great price for its efficiency and overall value.

If you are looking to make a beast of a gaming machine that can handle current generation games, or even the soon to arrive next generation of games, at high framerates and high resolutions, then you are going to need both the extra wattage, as well as the higher efficiency rating. Purchasing a PSU with a high wattage means that the load it operates under will be lower, which is optimal in terms of efficiency for PSUs to run at around 50% loads. In addition, it also means that you will have leeway to add more components without having to worry if your PSU can handle the extra power demand.

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Platinum Vs Gold: Comfort In Wearing

When creating jewelry, other alloys are mixed in to change the color, strength, shine, etc. However, some of these metals can trigger skin reactions. The most notable offender is nickel. If you have sensitive skin or an allergy to nickel, then opt for hypoallergenic options.

Platinum, for example, is a hypoallergenic metal, so it is highly unlikely to trigger a skin allergy. When considering gold, yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic version of gold .

When it comes to the weight of your piece, gold is lighter and less dense than platinum, so it may prove more comfortable to wear.

In terms of scratches, platinum scratches more readily than 14k gold because its softer. 14k gold has a 58.3% gold composition, with the rest being alloys that make it hard to scratch or dent.

However, the advantage of platinum is that it doesnt lose any platinum when its scratched. Instead, the platinum metal just shifts to another part of the surface. This can be easily repaired and buffed to restore the flawless surface. When you scratch gold, the actual metal comes off the surface which makes buffing a little more challenging.

Also, scratched platinum rings have an antique-looking patina finish, which may be desirable to some people.

How Do You Keep Platinum From Scratching

Platinum vs Gold 2021

Jewelry, whether platinum or gold, will get scratched. However, the best way to minimize the scratches is to consciously wear your piece. For example, dont wear it to the gym where its likely to make contact with the metal bar and get scratched.

Over time, with normal wear, it will naturally incur some scratching no matter how careful you are. Its natural for this to happen. Fortunately, platinum doesnt lose metal from the surface so you can easily polish it without thinning your piece.

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Is Platinum Better Than Gold

Platinum lasts longer and can require less upkeep than gold. Its pure, hypoallergenic, and a classic option. However, gold is more malleable, scratch-resistant, and affordable. Gold also comes in several color options whereas platinum is always silver-white colored. Neither is inherently better than the other as they each have their benefits and drawbacks.

Is Platinum Better Than White Gold

One of the most common questions that we receive from clients is whether platinum is better than white

One of the most common questions that we receive from clients is whether platinum is better than white gold, this is usually because they have heard that platinum is more durable than white gold, and because of the perception that platinum must be better than white gold because it tends to cost more.

The reality is that every metal alloy used to manufacture jewelry has its advantages and disadvantages, however most of the time the differences are so minor that the decision to choose platinum or white gold for an engagement ring, should probably come down to a preference over the appearance of the ring.

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What Is So Special About Platinum

Around 1,500 tons of gold are mined every year, while only 150 tons of platinum are mined annually. That makes platinum much rarer than gold, and is another reason why its valued more highly.

Gold is found in multiple regions worldwide, whereas platinum is predominantly found in South Africa, with 75% of the worlds platinum mined in the region, along with Zimbabwe and Russia. Platinum has even been found in meteorites.

What Is The Difference Between White Gold And Platinum Rings

The 5 C

White Gold and platinum they are all precious metal. White Gold is not white Gold it is yellow gold mixed with some alloy that makes it white so if you don’t like the yellow look of Gold then go for white Gold because it is still as strong dense and heavy as regular Gold.

Even, it will last longer kind of thin silver as far as like denting and stuff it is a little stronger platinum is more expensive not only was it once considerably more costly than Gold besides that most produced white Gold.

Platinum gets a rhodium plating which is rhodium as a family of platinum. It is that bright white look that you always see. If you look at the density of Gold you have got something that’s around 19 grams density wise and if you look the density of platinum about 21 so the density of platinum and Gold are very similar.

When you have 950 platinum rings, typically that’s mean it made out of 95% pure platinum and then other things. Look at the atomic structure of platinum.

You will see there is no yellow their platinum occurs naturally all white it is also hypoallergenic. If your skin is sensitive, the nickel that mixed in there can interfere with your skin. And can make you break oud and have rashes or stuff.

It is like white Gold is hands down your best alternative to platinum. If someone gets white Gold or platinum mostly its plate, so no one cannot tell from the surface.

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Is Platinum Better Than 14kt White Gold

Both metals offer obvious benefits. Platinum is:

  • More hypoallergenic
  • More durable
  • Is naturally white
  • Is heavier

Whereas white gold is:

  • Has great durability to protect stones
  • Is the most popular metal choice when it comes to rings

Is platinum or white gold better for engagement rings? White gold might be the better choice for you if you’re on a budget and want to maximize the other aspects of your engagement ring, like opting for a more intricate setting or a better diamond. If, however, you have a preference toward platinum, there is certainly no reason to shy away. Metal is a commodity that increases in value slowly over time. 14-karat white gold is less valuable than platinum because of lower purity. Even though the raw value of pure gold and platinum are almost equal, that’s why the cost is quite different in jewelry.

So platinum isn’t necessarily better than gold it’s all about your priorities.

Platinum Vs White Gold: Color

Freshly polished white gold and platinum can look nearly identical to the untrained eye. You probably wont see much difference in hue at first glance. Both are bright and gorgeous metallic white or silvery grey.

White gold has a slightly whiter undertone which may look beautiful if your loved one has fair skin, but overall, the hues of both metals are brilliant and look great.

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Our Favorite Settings For Platinum & White Gold Rings

Although all of our engagement ring settings are available in platinum as well as either 14k or 18k white gold, these are some of our favorites to pair with that clean white hue. The design elements lend themselves well to this icy shine in order to make your hand-selected diamond the true star of the show.

What Are 24k Credit Cards

Platinum vs Gold vs Silver | What Metal Is The Best Investment

If youre thinking about getting a gold card, and want to up the ante, you could get a card that is actually made of 24k gold-plated stainless steel. However, in the US, youll only find the Luxury Card Mastercard® Gold Card as a native 24k gold credit card. If youre looking to get this premium option and capture everyones attention when you pay, be ready for a hefty annual fee or a conversion fee.

With the help of metal conversion services, you can turn any card metal or plastic into a 24k card. But expect to pay a one-time fee.

How much does a 24k credit card cost?

It depends. If you apply for the Luxury Card Mastercard® Gold Card, youll pay a $995 annual fee.

The metal card conversion services cost less. For example:

  • The Lion Credit Card metal conversion service charges from $234 to convert your credit card into 24k gold card.
  • The Metal Credit Card conversion service charges from $299 to turn your credit card into 24k gold card.

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Hierarchy Of Precious Substances

In popular culture, sets of precious substances may form hierarchies which express conventional perceived relative value or merit. Precious metals appear prominently in such hierarchies, but as they grow, gems and semi-precious materials may be introduced as part of the system. The sequences can provide interesting examples of the arbitrariness of semiotic signs.

The American Express Platinum Card

The Platinum Amex card offers members five points for every dollar spent on flights booked directly through airlines or through the American Express travel site, five points for prepaid hotels booked through, and one point for every dollar spent on other purchases.

The Platinum welcome bonus as of February 2021 gives cardholders 75,000 points when they spend $5,000 or more in the first six months of account membership. This is the equivalent of $855 for flights booked through the Amex travel website. However, if you decide to add up to three additional cards on your Platinum account, expect to pay an extra annual fee of $175. Each card after that will be billed a $175 annual fee, as well.

The Platinum card is great for people who love to travel. There are obviously many more perks that come with the Platinum card than with the Gold, especially when you consider the higher annual fee. Rewards can be used for merchandise, gift cards, dining, shopping, entertainment, or for use at the Amex travel website. Points can also be transferred to other frequent flyer programs.

The Platinum card offers Uber ride credits in the United States, giving cardholders a maximum of $15 in credits each month. The card also comes with an annual $200 incidental airline fee credit on the eligible airline of your choice, giving passengers complimentary checked baggage and an in-flight meal with qualifying airlines.

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Does Platinum Make A Good Investment

Like gold, platinum is thought to be a worthy investment, as youre highly unlikely to make any kind of loss. However, it isnt completely risk-free. As with anything, the price can fluctuate depending on demand.

However, the demand for platinum is only increasing, so theres money to be made by savvy investors.

The price of platinum doesnt affect the price of gold, and vice versa. Because of that, investors are recommended to have a diverse portfolio of investments across gold, platinum and silver.

Where Is Platinum Found

Ask a Jeweler: Is Platinum Better Than White Gold ...

Most of people don’t know that Where is platinum found. Here are some other countries that produce platinum-

South Africa â

South Africa’s Ivan place mining possibly the world’s biggest platinum mind. In South Africa, except Ivan, there are 11 mines where you can find platinum South Africa produce 172000 platinum worldwide. In South Africa, annual production is 1.4 million to 2.20 billion.

Canada â

In Canada, there are two regions located in north Toronto that produce platinum. The first is Sudbury and 2nd location in Lac DesIles mine.

Russia â

Major platinum or deposits are located on the territory of Russia. The largest place deposit of platinum in Russia is located in Khabarovsk. It was found by a motor mining group a company that holds membership in the Russian platinum group.


There are a lot of gold mines in northern California, and a number of them produce platinum too.

Zimbabwe â

Zimbabwe has a large source of platinum.

The price of precious metals gained at the US stock market as the Treasury bond yields declined and the dollar remained weak on 28th August. On 29th Aug dollar gained, which restricted the movement of both the metals.

However, December futures on August 28 climbed to $1,551.80 on Comex and it was one of the highest and most active contract settlements since April 2013 and September silver was at $18.153 an ounce- that was one of the highest since April 2017. Platinum gained to 866.04 and palladium was up to $1,482.63.

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