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How To Play House Of Gold On Ukulele

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How To Play Ukulele House Of Gold

House of Gold – twenty one pilots | UKULELE TUTORIAL


Ukulele chords and tabs how to play ukulele house of gold from 5+ ukulele beginners chords Standard tuning G-C-E-AStrumming pattern. 13Mute all strings except the highest string. 28Verse 1 C F C People steal they cheat and lie C7 For wealth and what it will buy F C But dont they know on the judgment day G7 C That Gold and Silver will melt a way Verse 2 F C Id rather be in a deep dark grave C7 And to know that my poor soul was saved F C Than to live in this world in a house of Gold G7 C And deny my God and doom my soul Verse 3 F C What good is Gold and. Check also: play and how to play ukulele house of gold Baton Rouge V2-T sun.

Capo 1 People Csteal they Fcheat and Clie For wealth and what it will buy But dont they Fknow on judgement Cday That gold and Gsilver will melt aCway chorus Id rather Cbe in a Fdeep dark Cgrave And know that my poor soul was saved C7 Than to live in a Fworld in a house ofC gold And deny my GGod and doom my Csoul What good is Cgold and Fsilver Ftoo If your hearts. This tutorial will teach you how to play house of gold by twenty one pilots.

C F She asked me Son when I grow old Am G Will you buy me a house of gold. Leticia Barbosa On Ukulele Ukelele Chords Ukulele Songs Ukulele Songs Ukulele Chords Songs

How To Play Beginner Ukulele Scales

A ukulele scale is an organized sequence of notes. There are 8 notes in every scale. This string of 8 notes is called an octave. Every scale starts and ends with the same note, also known as the âroot note.â The last note of the scale is also the root note of that scale, however, itâs an octave higher than that same first note. Every scale ascends in a prescribed series of half and whole steps, leading up to the 8th note.

For example, take a look at the C Major scale — one of the easiest scales to play and one that youâll hear in a ton of different songs. Part of what makes the C Major Scale easy for beginners to learn is because there are no sharps or flats:

⢠1st Note : C⢠2nd Note: D⢠7th Note: B⢠8th Note : C

Get a free trial of Fender Play and learn to play the C Major scale on ukulele and hear it for yourself.

Learning scales can help build finger strength and dexterity, as well as help you develop an ear for music. Learning scales can help you learn melodies and riffs later on, when you start to play — or write — your own music.

One of the easiest ways for beginners to learn scales is to use a ukulele scale chart. When reading these ukulele scale diagrams, youâll see notes represented by dots. These dots show you which note youâll play on a specific fret and string. If you see a dot with a note above the string, that means that you will play that string in an open position — with no fingers on any frets.

Can I Teach Myself To Play Ukulele

While you can certainly teach yourself to play ukulele, sometimes it helps to get a little help from experts to level up your skills. On this page, youâll find tips for playing ukulele, tried-and-true techniques used by long-time musicians, and more information to help you play better faster.

Want video lessons that delve deeper and show you how to play ukulele? Check out Fender Play and get bite-sized lessons from world-class instructors — whenever and wherever you want to learn more. Fender Play offers self-paced lessons for ukulele beginners, allowing you to track your progress, build upon the skills you learn, and put those skills into practice by playing chords and songs on ukulele.

âThereâs something about the ukulele that just makes you smile. It makes you let your guard down. It brings out the child in all of us.â

– Jake Shimabukuro

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How To Play Ukulele Chords

Chords are a combination of three or more notes that are played together to create a pleasing harmony. Chords are the foundation of playing songs on a ukulele or any other stringed instrument.

To start learning ukulele chords, beginners can look to chord charts to show them where to place their fingers on specific frets to make their strings sing. Ukulele chord charts offer players a visual representation of the four strings and their corresponding frets on your instrument.

In addition to showing your strings , ukulele chord charts often have symbols to show you just where to place your fingers in order to play a chord properly:

⢠O – A circle above the string means to play that string in an open position⢠X – An âxâ above the strings means you wonât play that string or mute it when playing⢠1 = Index finger⢠3 = Ring finger⢠4 = Pinky finger

There are so many different chords and variations. However, there are a few ukulele chords that are not only easy, but figure prominently in some of your favorite songs. Some of the most common and easy chords beginners can learn to play on ukulele include:⢠D

These chords are a great starting point for players who are new to ukulele. However, you can explore even more ukulele chords with our Ukulele Chord Guide.

– Billie Eilish

Cant Help Falling In Love

House of Gold

Chords Used: C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, A7, B7

Elvis who? In Twenty One Pilots cover of the Kings superhit, lead singer Tyler Joseph hits all the high notes and you can too with One Music Schools ukulele tutorial for Cant Help Falling in Love.

As music teacher Katy DeNure shows us, using a six count swing beat through all of the verses gives the beloved song a sense of sway and romance than playing it with a more straightforward pattern would.

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House Of Gold Ukulele Chords

chunking only on first verse all in C

She asked me, Son, when I grow old,

Will you buy me a house of gold?And when your father turns to stone,Will you take care of me?

She asked me, Son, when I grow old,Will you buy me a house of gold?And when your father turns to stone,Will you take care of me?

I will make you Queen of everything you seeIll put you on the map, Ill cure you of disease

Lets say we up and left this townAnd turned our future upside-downWell make pretend that you and meLived ever after, happily

She asked me, Son, when I grow old,Will you buy me a house of gold?And when your father turns to stone,Will you take care of me?

I will make you Queen of everything you seeIll put you on the map, Ill cure you of disease

And since we know that dreams are deadAnd life turns plans up on their head I will plan to be a bumSo I just might be-come someone

She asked me, Son, when I grow old,Will you buy me a house of gold?And when your father turns to stone,Will you take care of me?

Single arpeggio strums on each chord

I will make you Queen of everything you seeIll put you on the map, Ill cure you of disease

  • Artist: 21 Pilots
  • Album: House of Gold

House of Gold is a song by American alternative duo Twenty One Pilots. It was among several songs from their second album Regional at Best, that was included on the track-listing of their major-label debut studio album Vessel .

House Of Gold Strumming Pattern

As I mentioned above this song belts along pretty quickly and the main man Tyler is using 16th note strumming for the bulk of the song. Ive shown that pattern above.

If this looks pretty confusing to you and youre not yet familiar with 16th note strumming then the easier way to deal with it is to think of it as 2 bars rather than one.

That would give us two bars of D DUDUDU. Essentially for each chord youd be playing two bars of that pattern. Simple.

To give you an idea of what that sounds like when played slowly, listen to this:

And then when played a little faster :

As always, start slowly. Im a huge fan of using a metronome as a method of getting faster. Start really slow and gradually increase your strumming speed and youll get there in no time.

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House Of Gold Ukulele Chords Structure And Lyrics

You should definitely take a closer look at the intro and the first instance of the chorus which is just a C chord.

Theres lots of muting going on here though. Initially when we heard it, we thought perhaps Tyler was playing a different inversion of a C chord however looking at the music video what hes actually doing is laying his index finger across the first fret very loosely primarily muting everything but the bottom string.

The song with a repeat of the bridge however the strumming is simplified heavily. Tyler plays a single strum for every chord change. Nice and easy.

How To Hold A Ukulele

“House of Gold” Ukulele Tutorial

Before you strum your first chords, learning to hold your ukulele properly can help you get the best sound from your instrument and ensures you wonât damage your instrument.

Start by holding your instrument with its back snug against you, nestling the body of your instrument with your right arm. Gently but firmly, hold the neck of your ukulele in the crook of your left hand, resting it comfortably in the webbing between your thumb and index finger.

From this position, you can comfortably move your left hand up and down the neck of your ukulele to finger chords and your right hand is in the perfect position to strum those chords and make them ring out.

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Learn A Song On The Ukulele

Playing songs and putting your knowledge of chords and notes into practice is one of the most rewarding parts of learning to play ukulele. Learning songs that you love not only inspires you to develop your musical knowledge and ear, but it allows you to progress further, applying what youâve learned on your musical journey and applying it to new songs you learn.

For beginners just starting to play ukulele, and easy — and fun — song to learn is âLavaâ from the Disney animated short film of the same name. The song is made up of three easy-to-play chords: C, F, and G7.

This cheerful love song nods to the ukuleleâs Hawaiian roots. Itâs impossible not to smile while learning to play âLava.â Just take it slow and practice your chord transitions, smoothly maneuvering from one chord to the next and focusing on placing your fingers correctly before picking up the speed of your strumming.

Once youâve mastered playing âLava,â check out 10 more easy songs to learn to play on ukulele to continue on your journey!

âI think the best part of writing a song is finding a chord. I can hear the chord in my head. Itâs so satisfying when I finally find it.â

– Grace VanderWaal

Twenty One Pilots Ukulele Songs

Since the bands debut in 2009, Twenty One Pilots has culled fans across the globe and garnered critical acclaim for their uncommon style, veering sometimes into indie pop then reigning it back into hip hop territory, all while flooding their songs with lyrics that delve into the gritty details of being human.

Indeed, the duo that is lead singer Tyler Joseph and percussionist Josh Dun doesnt sugar coat their sound, belting out refrains that make you wince while nodding along in commiseration.

So its any wonder how their collection translates so beautifully to the ukulele, and yet, much to the delight of their own devotees, affectionately named the Skeleton Clique, they do. Adding their songs to your list of easy ukulele songs is quite inevitable.

Scan the internet and you can find nearly every track by TØP tabbed for the uke. While some versions are trickier than others, right here youll find ten easy to play Twenty One Pilots ukulele chords and songs.

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How To Tune A Ukulele

One of the most distinctive features of a ukulele is the way its strings are tuned:

⢠G = The fourth string⢠C = The third string ⢠E = The second string⢠A = The first string

While the six strings of a guitar are tuned in descending order, the lowest-toned string on a ukulele is actually its third string.

To get your ukulele in tune, you can use Fenders free online ukulele tuner to make sure youâre in perfect pitch. You can also download the Fender Tune app for iOS and Android to tune your ukulele on-the-go!

For more ukulele tuning tips, check out this tutorial. Then, check out Fender Play for videos that show you how to properly sit and hold your ukulele to get the best tone and technique possible.

Beginners Tips For Ukulele Strumming


Not sure where to start? Here are a few strumming tips for beginner ukulele players just starting out:

⢠Strum without a pick: The most common way to strum your ukulele is with either your thumb, your index finger, or a combination of the two — like youâre holding an invisible pick. You can also strum using the pads and nails of all four of your fingers.⢠Strumming with a pick: If you do use a pick to strum your ukulele, itâs best to use a felt pick that wonât damage nylon ukulele strings. Holding your pick lightly and at an angle can help create a more fluid, less rigid sound when strumming chords.⢠Keep your wrist loose: Itâs all in the wrist! While having a gentle grip on your pick can create a more pleasing tone when you strum a chord, keeping your wrist loose can also make chords sound better and less choppy. By keeping your wrist loose, youâll be able to more easily transition between chords and minimize the risk of wrist pain after playing for a while.

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House Of Gold Structure And Lyrics

Take a look at the song structure in the graphic above. Its relatively simple and the changes arent too bad.

As mentioned in the strumming above, generally its either a full bar of 16th strumming per chord change . The exception to this is the line will you take care of me, where the chords change halfway through a bar you can hear this in my strumming example for the chorus further up the page.

Choosing A Ukulele Thats Right For You

Choosing a ukulele can feel a little overwhelming. There are so many sizes and styles to choose from, not to mention that each one has its own tone. To help you narrow the field, here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a ukulele.

Size & Tone: Ukuleles come in a variety of sizes — and each one has its own distinctive tone: ⢠Soprano: This is the smallest size of ukuleles. Soprano ukuleles have a higher, lilting tone compared to their larger cousins. Their small size and frets that are spaced closer together makes them ideal for young learners or players with small hands. ⢠Concert: Larger than a soprano ukulele, but still compact in size, concert-sized ukuleles have more frets and a warmer, deeper tone than their soprano counterparts. ⢠Tenor: The largest of the most common size of ukuleles, tenor ukuleles have a rich tone and are suited for players with larger hands. The neck is a little wider and heavier than both the Soprano and Concert ukuleles, giving it more of a bass-laden tone than the concert and soprano sized ukuleles.

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Why Play Ukulele

Looking for a good way to enhance your musical repertoire? Look no further than the ukulele. Thereâs a reason itâs been a favorite instrument of a wide range of artists, from George Harrison to Elvis to Taylor Swift. In the âWhy you Should Play Ukuleleâ episode of Fender Play LIVE, expert uke player Abe Lagrimas Jr. breaks down some of the surprising techniques and songs you can play on the ukulele!

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