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Where Can I Sell Gold Nuggets

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Three Unique Ways To Sell Gold At Better Than Spot Pricesmake Your Own Gold Jewellery And Sell Gold At A Premium

FAQ: Where to sell placer gold? (Panned out Paydirt Gold)

This pendant necklace has been made from an ironstone gold specimen and fitted into a rolled gold pendant with a bail and chain fixed.

It is surprisingly easy to make your own gold jewellery and a great pastime – our webpage How to Make Gold Jewellery shows you how to do that.

For example the value of this piece is very much more than you could achieve by simply selling the ironstone and gold specimen.

Gold In Ironstone Brooch

This gold jewellery piece would have a great deal more value than the sum of Ironstone and Gold specimen, the gold bail, the pendant setting and chain.

How Much Is Raw Gold Worth

The value of your raw gold depends on the same factors as other types of gold: How much gold you have, and how pure it is. Most raw gold is about 18K and is often combined with other metals like silver, copper, and lead.

Gold prices have been hovering at a 7-year high. As of , the gold resale value in the United States was at a near-record price of $ per ounce, or $ per gram.

Perth Local Buyer Of Gold Nuggets Jandm Cashngold Services

We have been hearing some good reports about JandM CashNgold Services for small purchases or gold nuggets that you have found.

UPDATE ON JM Location – 2019 – New Contact Details

We have moved from this premises 279 South Street, Hilton & now operate as a home business/office in Coogee to enable us to offer a personal, exclusive & private place for prospectors to sell their gold.

Sales By Appointment

This is done by appointment for an hour block so that we are not rushed, have a cuppa & a yarn.

Our number is still the same 0430050676.

As a independent Gold Buyer we can now offer the highest price for nuggets over 2 grams compared to our competitors & we still pay in cash.

Here is their website and you can get the contact details there

JM Cashngold Website.

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Needing To Sell Quickly

The worst position that you can find yourself in is needing to sell your placer gold immediately for some quick cash. If you are desperate for the cash to pay bills, then you are probably going to have to take the first offer that comes along. This is especially true if you didnt plan ahead and dont have a gold buyer that you trust.

I recommend that you plan ahead for those rainy days and sell some of your gold when times are good. Then you will have the funds available for those unexpected bills and wont be desperate to take the first offer that comes your way.

Where To Sell Your Gold Nuggets And Flakes


One of the most common questions I get asked by new prospectors is “where am I supposed to sell my gold nuggets and flakes?” After all, it’s not like there are precious metal stores lining the banks of your favorite prospecting stream or river. The fact is that there are several different places and outlets that are eager to buy any gold you’ve prospecting. While some of them will pay you top dollar, others will only pay you a fraction of its true value. To ensure you get the most money possible for you prospected gold, you should familiarize yourself on some of the top merchants willing to buy your gold. Only then can you rest assured knowing that you’re getting the most money for all of those long days spent panning.

Because of the continually rising prices of gold, more and more companies have launched advertising campaigns offering to buy your gold for top dollar. They “claim” to offer you top dollar for your gold jewelry, bullion and nuggets. While some of these companies may give you a decent price for your gold, most of them simply aren’t worth your time. So the next time you pass one of those guys twirling a “we buy your gold” sign around on the corner of a busy intersection, keep going and don’t fall for their trap.

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Natural Gold Nuggets & Jewellery

Natural Gold Nuggets and Jewellery is the largest purchaser and retailer of natural gold nuggets in Western Australias Goldfields.

Visit Natural Gold Nuggets and Jewellery today to view the exquisite display of beautifully handmade jewellery made from local Kalgoorlie Boulder gold and Australian gemstones. There is a wide variety on offer to purchase including elegant earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

Natural Gold Nuggets and Jewellery is conveniently and centrally located in historic Hannan Street in Kalgoorlie. You will be amazed at the extensive retail range that also displays rare examples of local and interstate/global crystal, mineral and fossil specimens.

Stop by the showroom to enjoy one of the largest and most impressive retail collections in the state of gold nuggets and gold nugget pendants. Take a piece of Western Australias Goldfields home with you today!

For more information, contact 9021 5555.

A Beginners Guide To Selling Your Gold Nuggets What To Know

Selling gold these days, as, contrary to what it may seem like, there are a lot of gold buyers out there that are interested in buying gold nuggets. For a gold prospector, its crucial to take your time and research before you sell your hard-earned gold. Here are some things to know the value of your gold nuggets and how you can sell them:

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Best Raw Gold Buyer: Cashforgoldusacom

CashforGoldUSA is our top choice for selling raw gold. In addition to paying within 24 hours, CashforGoldUSA offers a 10% bonus if you ship your raw gold within a week of receiving your mailer.

Here are some more reasons we put CashforGoldUSA at the top of our list:

  • Better Business Bureau Review of A+
  • TrustPilot 4/5 stars
  • Free door-to-door, trackable FedEx shipping
  • Insurance with Lloyds of London up to $100,000
  • Buys any sum of gold or silver no minimum
  • CashforGoldUSA is one of the oldest and largest online gold buyers, with more than $156 million paid out since its 2005 founding
  • Family owned
  • Highest-price guarantee :

Here is a list of other raw gold buyers:

  • Liberty Gold and Silver

Check out this post for a comprehensive review of these gold buyers.

Selling Your Natural Gold Nuggets

How Many Chicken Nuggets Can You Buy With A Gold Nugget?

When it comes to selling your gold nuggets, each one will be assessed individually, with each one being scrutinised for its gold content, as well as its ease to resell. Southern Cross Gold Buyers can offer you the best possible price when selling gold nuggets in Adelaide, as we refine metals as well as buy them, so you in effect cut out the middleman, such as pawn shops and other gold buyers who will charge you a refining fee when purchasing your gold.

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How Much Gold Do I Have

The first step in selling your gold nuggets and flakes is to determine exactly how much you have. Don’t make the mistake of using some cheap scale that gives an incorrect reading, but instead invest in a high-quality digital scale that’s guaranteed to give accurate readings. You can find these scales available for sale at places like Wal-Mart and Target, as well as prospecting and hobby stores. Once you have one, place a one-ounce weight on it to determine whether or not it’s accurate. Depending on the model and type, you may be able to adjust it accordingly.

Measuring your gold is fairly easy once you have a digital scale you can trust. Remember, gold is usually purchased and sold based on it’s weight in ounces and grams therefore, you’ll need to get this measurement after placing your gold on a scale. Also, it’s important to only place gold on the scale and not anything else. It’s far too common for beginners to leave their gold in vials or other containers when it’s being weighed. As a result, the total weight is oftentimes incorrectly inflated.

How To Sell Raw Gold Or Panned Gold To A Raw Gold Buyer

The first step in selling raw gold or panned gold is to determine how much you have. We recommend investing in a high-quality digital scale that will give you an accurate reading. Keep in mind that raw gold is not 100% pure, and its value will be determined by how much gold is actually present in your sample.

Depending on how much raw gold or panned gold you have, you can sell it to a local gold buyer or try to get bids on a resale site like eBay.

You can estimate the value of your raw gold using CashforGoldUSAs gold calculator, based on the current price of gold.

If you choose to sell your raw gold online through a reputable gold buyer, the process typically works like this:

  • Request a quote online through the raw gold buyer. Raw gold pricing will depend on the amount of actual gold in the pieces you send.
  • The raw gold buyer will likely send you a free FedEx or USPS mailer, along with a tracking number. Most buyers will insure your gold bullion up to a certain amount .
  • The gold bullion buyer will make you an offer after theyve received your raw gold, which you can accept or reject.
  • If you accept the offer, youll be paid within a few days via PayPal or check. CashforGoldUSA pays within 24 hours.
  • If you reject the offer, a reputable gold buyer should return your item for free via a trackable shipper.
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    How Pure Is Raw Gold

    Raw gold is 100% pure gold in its natural state, and always contains some kind of impurities.

    When these impurities consist of other metals, the gold is considered to be an alloy. The most common metal to be found with gold is silver, but gold can also be found with copper, iron, and lead impurities.

    Raw gold is commonly found as 18 karat gold. It can be as low as 14 karats in purity.

    What Is An Attractive Gold Nugget


    This is described on the page relating to How to Make Gold Jewellery, essentially the beauty and shape will be assessed by the buyer, but if its just a round or amorphous blob without any attractive shape then you will not get premium price over spot price for the nugget.

    Jewellery grade or “Attractive” gold nuggets will fetch a premium.


    Flour gold to gold up to 1 gram is usually sold at normal spot price less the costs of smelting, or at a discount to spot price of up to 15%+ to cover costs and a reasonable profit to the buyer.

    You need a reasonable amount of this to make it cost effective to sell for example if you are selling it to the Perth Mint Refinery where the minimum cost is $297.

    1 gram gold nuggets upwards will sell at a premium to spot gold prices but unless it is crystalline gold, leaf gold or wire gold not a massive premium.

    The larger the nugget generally the greater the premium when you sell gold, but it is all based on the value in the buyer’s eyes.


    WA gold is not pure 100%, 24 carat gold, no natural gold nuggets are!

    Gold Nuggets have impurities such as silver or other metallic content or small pits of quartz and ironstone in the matrix of the nugget.

    This is an important to understand for selling gold when you sell it to a refiner, the gold nugget that you provide is not 100% in gold content and your return will be less than the weight of the gold nugget due to that fact.

    Sellers Motivation

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    How To Build A Successful Business Selling Your Gold Nuggets

    This free training will show you how to build you own Internet Business – Not by being a passive user but by building your own Successful On Line Business.

    Displaying and selling your own gold on your own internet site is a great way to make money

    Note that it is an affiliate link but great free training if you are interested in Starting your own digital Business.

    Gold Nuggets And Prospect Gold

    Gold Nuggets and Prospect Gold

    At Gold Exchange Universe we consign gold in any form including gold nuggets and gold prospect. Prospect gold can range in a whole lot of shapes and sizes from gold dust to gold nuggets. Small or big Gold Exchange Universe will assess any form of gold you have and provide you with a quote on the spot.

    We are committed to giving you the very best, professional advice on your gold, jewellery and precious metals through our auction process that is straightforward, enjoyable and most importantly a profitable one. We strive very hard to ensure that all goods offered through our auctions are authentic and match the quality and descriptions stated on our site.

    `Gold Feverâ, `Bonanzaâ, `Gold Maniaâ, `Seduced by Gold`s Legendary Gleamââ these are but a few reactions to the great gold rushes of the 19th century . Men ventured into the outback in search of their fortune, their `Eldoradoâ, leaving far behind their jobs, comforts and family. Gold Fever was a terrible thing, an incurable addiction, which even today has its devotees though most acknowledge it more as a hobby or a recreational pastime than a career move.

    Whether using the traditional implements like pan and sluice or the more recent metal detectors, it is widely agreed that great wealth will never come from all the hard work, with small nuggets or gold flakes being the most you can expect to discover nowadays .

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    Raw Gold Buyers Where You Could Sell Raw Gold

    Some links below are from our sponsors. Here’s how we make money.

    Raw gold is gold in its natural state, usually in the form of gold nuggets, flakes or dust.

    Just like you can sell your unwanted gold jewelry and other items, you can make money selling raw gold youve found, inherited or purchased.

    We recommend selling your raw gold at CashforGoldUSA, which has an A+ BBB rating and offers payouts within 24 hours.

    Here’s what to know before you sell:

    Selling Scrap Gold And Jewelry

    Gold Nuggets in Paydirt! Best value you will ever find!

    Selling Gold FAQDo you have a minimum transaction?How much do you pay for gold?How do I sell my placer gold to Gold Fever Prospecting?What if I don’t know the weight or gold mesh size?how to buy gold nuggetsI would like to personally deliver my gold to you. Can I do that?What gold products do you buy?When will I receive my payment?What happens if I don’t send in the gold after a price has been confirmed?Do you accept gold trade-ins? Can I trade for a different size nugget?Do you accept gold on consignment?Do you charge a receiving fee?Are there any other hidden fees for selling gold to Gold Fever Prospecting?Can I get my gold back or do you hold my gold for a certain period of time after sale?

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    The Basics Of Gold Nuggets

    Gold nuggets form naturally in various parts of the planet. Officially referred to as pieces of native gold, gold nuggets are obtained through placer mining. Yet they are also located amidst residual deposits in areas where gold-bearing lodes and/or veins have endured Mother Natures wrath. Some gold nuggets are even found within the tailings piles created by mining operations in the past. Gold nuggets are actually fragments that are weathered from lodes. Some show abrasive polishing due to exposure to streams while other nuggets feature quartz.

    An Australian study performed in 2007 explored the nuances of the crystals within gold nuggets. The findings show that gold nuggets were actually formed at an extremely high temperature far below the depths of the planets surface. These nuggets are retrieved through mining operations that involve strenuous tunneling. Miners rely on heavy-duty machines known as stamper batteries to crush the rocks. The gold is then separated out with chemical cyanide. Alluvial gold is obtained from rocks that are worn down with gravel and sand across thousands of years. This gold is actually located within the gravel of river beds. Machines are often used to dig up this gold. Alternatively, the gold can be dredged, sluiced, or sifted out by hand with a pan.

    Get Good Value For Your Gold Nuggets

    We are the highest paying gold buyer for NUGGETS , give us a try and you will find out for yourself, We have state of the art testing equipment, and we can also do melting on site if you require. Please do your homework before you sell your nuggets.

    Gold is produced in great quantities through two processes mining and by minting. Minting is the process of melting gold, and molding them into gold bars that are then traded as commodities. Because of the resource-extensive nature of gold mining, minting existing gold is the preferred method for producing investment-grade gold.

    There are many sources of gold that can be minted into investment-grade gold. People, for instance, sell their scrap gold to operators. Scrap gold can mean unwanted gold items like gold watches, jewelleries made of gold, dental gold that people no longer want to use, and gold nuggets. The last one, the gold nugget, is mainly produced by prospecting the act of inspecting the area around a former gold mine for bits and pieces of gold. This can be a recreational hobby, but it is a fact, of course, that people can earn money from this hobby by selling gold nuggets.

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    Assuming They Will Get Spot Price For Placer Gold

    Placer gold in never, I repeat NEVER totally pure. The gold content has natural impurities as it comes from the Earth. Most commonly these impurities are copper and silver. The amount of actual gold in a piece of gold varies considerably from different areas, anywhere from 60% up to 98% gold content.

    Most gold in the United States will average in the 80%-90% range. Gold from Australia is often 95% or higher.Just remember that these impurities, combined with the fees that are charged by the refinery, will affect the total price you receive for your gold. Sometimes the payout is less than a miner would hope for.

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