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Is Pergo Gold Underlayment Worth It

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Do I Need Special Underlayment For Bamboo Flooring

Pergo Gold Premium Underlayment

First things first: in case you dont already know what underlayment is, its the material laid on top of the sub-floor before the bamboo floor is installed .

The long and short of it is that you need bamboo flooring underlayment if you are nailing down or floating a bamboo floor. However, you do not need underlayment when gluing down a bamboo floor. Using underlayment under your bamboo floor can provide soundproofing, moisture protection, and stability and reduce wood on wood squeaking. Bamboo flooring and an underlayment/vapor barrier can be installed on any existing floor, including concrete, laminate, wood flooring, vinyl tile, linoleum, tile, etc., as long as the floor is flat and solid.

How Do You Create A Watertight Seal With Pergo Timbercraft

And heres why installing Pergo TimberCraft isnt as easy as, say, installing carpet tiles.

The few negative Pergo TimberCraft reviews we found centered around failed water resistance. But the problem is that these reviews almost always cite improper installationwhich is, well, avoidable. Translation: you need to install it properly. No cutting corners here.

Laminate Flooring Vs Lvp

What is Laminate flooring? Laminate flooring is made of wood by-product, which actually makes it not as terrible for the environment. Laminate flooring is made of lots of tiny sheets of fiberboard laminated together.

What is LVP? LVP is made of plastic, and comes darn close to mimicking the look of real wood. LVP is definitely the nicer option, and is just as durable. LVP will look more like wood than laminate flooring does.

If youre trying to decide on flooring for your home and want the durability of LVP or Laminate but the look of wood I suggest LVP.

Some LVP brands will cost up to $7/sf, and at that point, you might as well go with engineered wood floors. However, there are some really pretty options in the $3/sf range.

I recently used Provenza in a project and am blown away by the results. Its stunning! As soon as the project wraps up, Ill share a photo.

The Provenza LVP is a little more expensive than Pergo , but if you have the budget for it, Id definitely recommend it over Pergo.

If your budget is not as limited, some other options are Belair, Republic Floor, or head to your local flooring showroom and ask them what theyd recommend!

If you do end up buying Pergo flooring online, I would be so grateful if you used my link here, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you! Thank you!

More Renovation Ideas:

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How To Pick The Right Underlayment For Vinyl Plank Flooring

If youve already decided your vinyl plank flooring needs pairing with underlayment, the next step is to choose your underlays. However, not all underlays are created equal. Therefore, you shouldnt expect all underlays to offer these properties.

For example, some underlays may not be as efficient in providing a moisture barrier. But, also your home may not require a moisture barrier. So, you want to pick the right underlay for your needs. Here are factors to consider when choosing the best underlayment for the vinyl plank flooring you wish to install

What Is The Purpose Of Underlayment For Laminate Flooring

Is Pergo Gold Underlayment Worth It

Underlayment for laminate flooring is really necessary. Due to the fact that laminate is a floating floor, it must be equally dispersed throughout the subfloor. Underlayment is responsible for allowing the floor to float, providing it with stability, support, and noise reduction, as well as supporting the locking mechanisms in between boards to provide the most durable flooring installation.

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Best For Vinyl: Dmx 1

Courtesy of Home Depot

Vinyl is thinner than laminate, which means that you need more vertical deflection so theres no movement in your floors. This DMX 1-Step 2.0 is up for the job, as it has 325 dimples per square foot for extra support. The added layer is particularly important when youre refinishing your basement since basement floors are more susceptible to moisture exposure that leads to mold.

Thanks to the many dimples, this floor underlayment allows moisture to evaporate, so it wont damage your vinyl flooring . Another advantage is that it will keep your floor from getting too cold, which can raise your heating costs. It also works with laminate and engineered hardwood floors.

Is It Necessary To Use Underlayment For Pergo Flooring In This Case

Yes! You must acquire and place underlayment over your flooring prior to installing your new Pergo floor if your Pergo floors do not come with it. If your new Pergo floors do not come with underlayment, you must purchase and lay it over your subfloor before installing your new Pergo floor. If you dont use underlayment on your Pergo flooring, youll be in violation of the guarantee on the floor.

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Which Kind Of Laminate Flooring Is The Best

Lets get this party started. Mohawk and Pergo Laminate are the best overall choices. Shaw Laminate was the runner-up. Armstrong Laminate is the most suitable option. AquaGuard Laminate is the most water-resistant laminate available. Dream Home is the best value. Tarkett, available at Menards, is the best low-cost laminate. Select Surfaces is the best laminate you may not have heard of before. TrafficMaster has the lowest quality.

If Youre Installing Over Radiant Heat Use A 3 In 1 Underlayment

Pergo Gold Premium 3mm Underlayment

Have an underfloor heating system? If youre floating an engineered floor over it, be sure to use a high-quality 3-in-1 underlayment that includes a vapor barrier. This bamboo flooring underlayment should have a minimum thickness of 2mm to insulate and protect your floor. You can use both engineered floating and solid glue down bamboo flooring over radiant heat subsystems as long as the floors are properly installed and maintained. If youre gluing down a bamboo floor over radiant heat, ensure to use an adhesive with a vapor barrier, as the adhesive will help insulate the floor from sudden changes in heat.

Note: The color or thickness of the underlayment has no relationship to the amount of thermal resistance. This is measured purely by tog ratings.

If youre still unsure what bamboo flooring underlayment is best to use with your bamboo or eucalyptus floors, get in touch, and well match your needs with the right material.

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What Is Floor Underlayment

Floor underlayment, or just underlay, refers to a thin, middle layer of your flooring system fitted underneath the top floor surface and on top of the floor base. Underlayment is usually made using foam, rubber, felt, or fiber, to mention a few and comes with a variety of functions.

Standard flooring, whether vinyl or laminate, features a base/subfloor, underlays in the center, and the flooring at the surface. The subfloor at the bottom is usually made from concrete, hardwood, or similar materials. Not all flooring systems feature underlays.

Why Is Flooring Underlayment Necessary

Laminate flooring is not nailed or glued down, so it needs some form of cushion between the subfloor and laminate to allow it to float easily. Think of it like a large jigsaw puzzle, which will be expanding and shifting as the climate changes. To avoid any damage due to friction between the laminate and your sub-floor, the underlayment must be laid first to give the laminate a smooth surface on which to float.

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When It Comes To Concrete Flooring What Is The Greatest Underlay

Quickstep Laminate Foam Underlay is a laminated foam underlay that is easy to install. The underlayment is a decent, basic underlayment that may be put over any kind of timber flooring. If the product is to be used over concrete flooring, a moisture proof barrier must first be installed. It is necessary to apply Quickstep underlay in order to comply with the Quickstep Warranty.

Do You Need Underlay For Laminate Flooring

Is Pergo Gold Underlayment Worth It

Laminate is a popular flooring option for many people. Its attractive, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

It can be a durable flooring solution too if its installed properly.

If you want to get the best performance and long-lasting quality from your laminate floor, you need to install it with an underlay.

And more importantly, it needs to be the right type of laminate flooring underlay.

If you dont use an underlay, your beautiful laminate flooring will be prone to damage as well as wear and tear.

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Pergo Seems To Offer Excellent Customer Service

Take a quick look at the reviews of Pergo TimberCraft on Lowes website and youll see that Pergo responds to them often.

There are even a few reviews where customers say their warranty claim was rejected by Lowes, only for Pergo to tell the customer to make the claim directly . We cant know how these claims ended up, but its nice to see Pergo making the effort even after Lowes said no.

And again: that level of customer service is not common, even among many of the best laminate flooring manufacturers.

Best Budget: Trafficmaster Polyethylene Foam 2


This soft layer of 2-millimeter thick Polyethylene foam is lightweight and flexible enough to offer a cushion and absorb sound associated with laminate, solid hardwood, or engineered hardwood floors. It provides a moisture barrier and is appropriate for any level of your home, including below-ground basements and subfloor heating.

This pick is quick to install, thanks to a self-adhesive strip. For the price, it’s a nice, lightweight option that will work for multiple areas of your home.

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Laminate Flooring Underlayment: Does It Really Matter

Adding laminate flooring to your property is an affordable way to sharpen its appearance with a classic hardwood floor look. In addition, like any home improvement thats visually stunning, laminate flooring can add substantial value to your home. Unfortunately, if you dont take the time to install a protective underlayment, your investment will quickly go south.

Find great deals on high quality, laminate flooring underlayment right here, right NOW!

While it may be tempting to skip out on an underlayment as a way to save cash, the reality is that underlayments really matter. Without an underlayment to support and protect your new floors, they could end up being a costly nuisance. By purchasing an underlayment now, however, you could save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Sound Absorption Added Benefit Of A Floating Floor Underlayment

Pergo Underlayment HD

A 3 in 1 floating floor underlayment prevents a louder, hollow sound and provides a fuller sound when walked on. It also dampens the sound from impact or sound transmission noises. The higher the STC and IIC rating, the more soundproof and sound absorbent it is.

IIC = Impact Isolation Class *ASTM E492/E989

STC = Sound Transmission Class ASTM E336/E413

These ratings relate to the sound traveling through the total floor/ceiling assembly between upper and lower floors/spaces.

Are you someone who sleeps in a while your significant other is an early riser?

Do you have a new baby that wakes at the slightest sound?

Do you live in a condo or apartment building?

You should look into a 3 in 1 underlayment with the highest STC rating you can find.

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Timbercraft Comes With A Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty

Limited lifetime residential warranties are pretty standard for quality laminate. Unfortunately, many of these are voided by bizarre, sometimes unavoidable stipulations .

However: we read through TimberCrafts warranty, and there dont appear to be any weird stipulationswhich again, suggests that with proper installation, this is a solid product!

Want to see an example of a product with a bad warranty? Check out our Stainmaster luxury vinyl review.

First: A Crash Course On Laminate Flooring

Actually, before we get into Pergo TimberCraft, we should probably explain what laminate flooring is. You know, just to make sure were all on the same page.

So: laminate belongs in a flooring category we generally call resilient. Resilient products are made to resemble more traditional types of flooring while offering increased protection and a lower price tag. Other common floors in the resilient category include PVC flooring , wood-look ceramic tile, and so forth.

To accomplish this, laminate is usually composed of three main layers: a fiberboard base layer, a photorealistic image layer, and a protective wear layer. The final product looks just like prefinished hardwood flooring, and can even give the most durable hardwood flooring a run for its money in terms of strengthbut at a much more attractive price point.

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What If My Laminate Has Pre

If your laminate flooring already has underlayment attached, you would not use another underlayment. Adding extra padding will put stress on the locking system and could cause your locking systems to break. The underlayment attached is meant to save you time from installing underlayment.

The exception to this rule is if you are installing above a concrete sub-floor. Attached underlayments will generally not have an included vapor barrier. You can install a thin vapor barrier that does not have extra padding to keep moisture from damaging your floor.

If youre looking for a higher end underlayment with thermal or sound reducing properties, we would recommend finding a floor without attached underlayment and buying a higher quality underlayment for your needs.

Our Top Picks Are From Brands Like Roberts Eco Cork Foam And Dmx 1

Pergo GOLD 100

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

The Spruce / Chloe Jeong

A top-quality floor underlayment provides a layer of cushioning, absorbs sound, and protects your flooringbe it hardwood, tile, or laminatefrom water damage and wear and tear.

We researched the best underlayments on the market, assessing floor type compatibility, ease of installment, quality, and overall value. Our favorites include options for laminate floors, like the Roberts AirGuard 5-in-1 Floor Underlayment, concrete floors, like the Eco Cork Foam Premium 10-in-1 Underlayment, and tile floors, like the DUROCK Cement Backer Board.

Here are the best flooring underlayments.

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Roberts Super Felt Premium Underlayment

Roberts Super Felt Premium Underlayment provides you with superior sound dampening, insulation and a vapor barrier. This is a superior choice for installation of laminate and engineered wood flooring. This underlayment is available in convenient rolls containing 100 sqft or 360 sqft each. Durable and easy to install, this underlayment comes with a tape strip to easily seal the rows of underlayment together.

Is Pergo Going Out Of Business Nope They Were Just Bought By Mohawk

A common question on Google asks if Pergo is going out of business. And the simple answer is no.

In fact, along with their laminate business, Pergo sells different types of wood flooringand it also happens to be one of the best vinyl plank flooring brands on the market .

Its possible the rumors have something to do with the company being bought by Mohawk in 2011, but its unclear.

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When Do I Not Need An Underlay For Laminate

Some laminates come with pre-attached underlayment. In this situation, you dont need any extra underlay. It wont provide any extra benefit and may actually damage the underlay.

Too much padding can make the floor too bouncy, which strains the laminates locking system.

If you are fitting a laminate floor with a pre-attached underlay to concrete though, its a good idea to install a vapour barrier as well. This will help prevent moisture damage.

Is Underlayment For Vinyl Plank Flooring Necessary

Pergo Timbercraft Herschel Hickory || Install & Tips ||

Whether or not underlayment for vinyl plank flooring is necessary depends on the exact type of flooring you have. Typically, vinyl flooring is designed to function without the need for underlayment.

But, depending on your buildings acoustic, waterproofing, and other needs, you may have to pair your vinyl flooring with underlayment. Before you decide if your home needs a vinyl plank flooring underlayment, its a good idea to understand exactly what it is and how it benefits your flooring.

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Best For Noise Reduction: Floormuffler Ultraseal Premium Underlayment

Courtesy of Home Depot

Whether you live in an apartment building or are rocking out with a band, you will appreciate an acoustic-style underlayment. This one from Floor Muffler reports having the highest acoustic ratings on the market, making it up to the task of muffling nightly dance parties.

Its made of polypropylene foam that surpasses even Californias strict VOC emissions standards. It works with laminate, solid wood, and engineered wooden floors to not only tamper down sound but also to cushion your steps and trap in radiant heat. This is a big plus for anyone living in one of the colder states. Other benefits include its self-sticking adhesive, which makes it easy to lie down, and the antimicrobial properties that make it mold- and mildew-resistant.

What Happens To Pergo When It Is Exposed To Moisture

The durability of Pergo flooring is limited in the event of a water damage. This is what occurs when your floor becomes wet as a result of a plumbing burst or flooding. This flooring is pergo, which means that it will collect a significant amount of moisture and will, sadly, be difficult to dry back to its pre-loss state.

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Do You Need Underlayment For Vinyl Plank Flooring

Thinking of upgrading your homes flooring with a more modern vinyl plank flooring? Well, this may be the best home improvement decision, giving you an affordable but durable and aesthetically pleasing option. Nonetheless, you may be asking yourself, do I need underlayment for vinyl plank flooring?

After all, an effectively installed underlayment enhances floor cushioning, acoustics, and insulation, and reduces wear and tear. So, the question remains, is underlayment necessary for this modern flooring option? Check out this guide to thoroughly explore if an underlayment is necessary for vinyl plank flooring.

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