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What Does Gold’s Gym Membership Include

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Specific Information For Women

Platinum Membership ALL access to Golds Gym Cheyenne Wyoming

Unfortunately, women are often subjected to inappropriate behavior and unsolicited advice from others at the gym. For this reason, having a separate workout area is a reprieve for women who just want to focus on their workout without having to thwart unwanted attention.

The Golds Gym I visited has a separate womens-only area that features preloaded barbells, preloaded EZ curl bars, dumbbells, resistance machines, and some cardio equipment. Not all commercial gyms have this, so its nice to have the option to work out in an area where the creeps arent allowed.

Does Golds Gym Have Group Classes

The Golds Gym I visited offers daily group classes in dedicated rooms or studios. The only drawback is that they dont have early morning or late evening classes, which could be a hindrance for anyone who has returned to working in an office.

For a list of group classes available at your Golds Gym, I recommend calling or visiting their website to check their schedule and class offerings.

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Is Planet Fitness A Good Gym To Build Muscle

Planet Fitness is a great gym for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness without the insane monthly costs of many mainstream gyms. Though not as advanced as most gyms, Planet Fitness does have more than enough equipment to get you started and stimulate some major muscle growth.

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Golds Gym Free Guest Pass

Golds Gym guest pass gives a great taste of what to expect from their gym facilities. Golds Gym is one of the most popular and fastest-growing fitness chains in the United States and the world, with more than 3 million members, spread across 38 states of the United States and more than 22 countries around the world.

How about we additionally take a look at the Golds Gym Guest Pass and discover the things.

What Would Happen If You Just Stopped Paying


You heard me. What if you juststopped paying?

Your gym may play nice for a while and not deny you access right away.During that time, they will likely ask you to pay your overdue balance by calling or e-mailing you at the number you provided in your membership contract.

Debt collectors can be relentless, even if the amount due is quite small.

If you refuse to pay , the gym will probably cancel your membership. It is unlikely that the gym itself will go through the trouble of suing you for the balance.

Hey that sounds easy, but unfortunately: They will sell your balance to a debt collector. Debt collectors can be relentless, even if the amount due is quite small. Damn it.

Jeremy Glass is a staff writer at Supercompressor and relies on the short walk from his desk to the bathroom for exercise.

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Is There A Dress Code

The dress code at Golds Gym varies by location. I asked the staff at the Totowa, NJ location, and they told me that shirts, shorts or pants, and shoes must be worn at all times.

So, if youre a female who likes to work out in just a sports bra and shorts or leggings, Golds Gym may not be the gym for you. There were a few women wearing crop tops while I was there, though.

If youre a powerlifter who likes to squat or deadlift barefoot, you may want to look elsewhere. The Golds Gym near me wouldnt let me deadlift in just socks, and I suspect that they may even have an issue with deadlift slippers.

How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost At Golds Gym

Golds Gym does have expert, experienced personal trainers whom you can hire. Speaking of the price, the cost of hiring a personal trainer at Golds Gym is generally between $60 and $100 per hour.

Also, most clubs offer discounts on personal trainers. For more information regarding final prices and offers on hiring a personal trainer, contact the club near you.

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Other Benefits Of Being A Golds Gym Member

There are many more benefits of being a Golds Gym member aside from the ones listed above.

Some of these include advanced body analysis tools , smoothie bars, high-speed wifi, spas and saunas, Cardio Cinema , group exercises, and many more.

They also have training done outdoors, and their signature HIIT, Golds Burn.

Are These Contracts Legally Binding

Gold’s Group Exercise (GGX) at Gold’s Gym Fairport

Having joined numerous gyms in my career as a professional skinny-fat adult, Ive signed a plethora of contracts only to ask myself the same question after I put down my fat John Hancock: how is this not illegal? Are these contracts legit?

Gym and health club contracts, like any other legally binding agreement, are only illegal where their terms are unconscionable or specifically prohibited by law. Federal and State Governments have investigated abusive practices in gym membership contracts in the past. Nearly every state has specific regulations that set limits on what terms are acceptable in gym membership contractsif an agreement does not comply with your states specific regulations, it is likely void and unenforceable.

Unfortunately, that means its basically always legal.

So long as a gym membership contract complies with state regulations and you are not induced to sign it under deceptive circumstances, it has the same force and effect as any other contract.


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Golds Gym Membership Deals

Golds does offer discounts and specials at certain times of the year. If you time it right, you can score no or a reduced processing fee or monthly rate. You can also find special packages on Groupon, like discounts on personal training packages.

Golds Gym also offers military, teacher, and first responder discounts. These can be no processing fee or a percent of your monthly membership dues.

Golds Gym Annual Membership Cost

In Golds Gym Annual Membership, there is no Startup or Facility Maintenance Fee if we talk about Golds Gym Annual Membership for Individual, it is $ 384 annually, and Golds Gym Couple membership costs you $648 with the second person need to pay only $ 300.

  • Individual Membership $384

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Example Of A Letter To Cancel A Gym Membership

Posted: May 14, 2018 · To cancel your membership, the gym needs your name and membership number. Provide this upfront and clarify it again in your closing. This paragraph need only be two to three sentences long, as in the sample below: My name is Chris Smith and this letter serves as formal notice of my intent to cancel my gym membership with your company.

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How Much Is Golds Gym Monthly

Golds Gym Hollywood at Television Center

Golds Gym Monthly cost

  • Start-Up Fees Per Person $74 monthly
  • Facility Maintenance Fee $39 monthly

-: Also Check:-

This article provides the complete information about Golds Gym Prices and its Cost.

For more Information About Golds Gym Visit their Official Website:www.goldsgym.com

Check out all the information I have provided to easily get the membership.

For more information about other gym prices visit our website gympricelist.com.

Disclaimer: We gather actual Golds Gym prices information from sources such as on-site visits, and phone interviews. The prices reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources. the Golds Gym Membership Prices reported on this website may not be current, and may vary by location. To obtain current pricing, contact the individual Gym location of interest to you.

Fitness is my passion, and I have worked as a personal trainer in popular gyms for the past six years. And love to explore different gyms and their features. As a result, I decided to create a blog that tells people about the various clubs and their memberships, pricing, etc.

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Can My Child Workout At Golds Gym

Most Golds Gym locations require you to be at least 18 years old to join. For some locations, the minimum age is 12, but minors have to be accompanied by an adult.

If you want to bring a child younger than 11-12 with you to the gym, most Golds Gym locations offer childcare services called Kids Club so your kids can play under the supervision of a qualified staff member while you work out.

How To Cancel Golds Gym Membership

Golds Gym offers the best services & a huge variety of classes, but if you want to cancel your membership for any reason, you need to know how to cancel golds gym membership.

Below is all the information you need to know to cancel golds gym membership.

After your Golds Gym contract expires, your membership automatically changes from month to month, which you can cancel at any time of your choice. But to cancel the membership from the middle of the contract, you may have to pay a cancellation fee to terminate the membership.

You can only cancel the initial contract due to a medical condition. Otherwise, you may have to pay the remaining amount of the contract.

Golds Gym membership only has to be canceled in person it cannot be canceled by email or phone.The best advice is to go to your nearest Golds Gym and talk to the gyms manager and explain to them why you want to cancel Golds Gym membership and ask them how to cancel golds gym membership They will make further arrangements for you.

For Golds gym Membership Cancellation Portal

  • Golds Gym Cancellation Fees $89
  • Golds Gym Cancellation Fees $80
  • Golds Gym Cancellation Fees $50
  • Golds Gym Cancellation Fees $20
  • 50% off cooler drinks daily.
  • Travel Pass to Express Gyms.
  • Unlimited tanning

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How Much Does It Cost To Cancel Golds Gym Membership

There are fees to cancel your Golds Gym membership. And the cancellation fee varies depending upon the reason for doing so.

  • Normal Golds Gym membership cancellation fee with no particular reason- $89
  • Golds Gym cancellation fee if you give 30 day notice- $80
  • Golds Gym membership cancellation fee due to medical reasons- $20

Besides you can also transfer your Golds Gym membership to another individual by paying $50.

Does Golds Gym Provide Towels For The Shower Area

Golds Gym Teen Program, Green Brook, NJ

There are differing policies at Golds Gyms across the United States, but most locations provide towels if you pay for towel service. Some select Golds Gym locations provide complimentary towels for their members.

In most cases, these towels are small white towels intended to wipe off sweat while exercising.

If you are taking a shower at Golds Gym for the first time, I recommend bringing a towel yourself.

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Additional Fees Free Trials And Membership Freezes

At the Totowa, NJ location, the Golds Fit classes are a separate fee. While all of the other group classes at this location are included with your monthly membership, some other locations charge additional fees starting at $35/class.

Golds Gym offers free trials for anyone who wants to try the gym before joining. You can fill in your information on the website for the location closest to you and have a trial pass emailed to you.

Looking for a gym that offers free passes or trials? Check out our detailed guide: 14 Gyms With Free Passes & Trials.

The free trials include access to group classes and all of the cardio and strength equipment, but they are not valid for individuals who were Golds Gym members within the past 6 months.

Also, if you want to freeze your membership, you may need to show a doctors note to prove you have an injury or illness that prevents you from working out.

If youre a student, membership costs might be cheaper. Check out our article Best Gyms With Student Discounts.

Cost Of A Golds Gym Membership

If you want to stay fit or want to start getting back in shape then knowing the Golds Gym prices would definitely be helpful for you. They offer a diverse set of amenities that will surely fit your need. Each area will have various amenities as well as calorie-crunching group classes which are taught by the best instructor in the region.

It is easy to become a Golds Gym member, they offer no commitment with an easy-to-cancel policy. They have three types of membership with different inclusions. They have the Golds Basic, Golds Plus and Golds Complete.

The Golds Basic includes the use of Cardio equipment, circuit weights, and free weights and this costs only $9.99 per month which is fairly cheap than other fitness centers. If you want to add other facilities such as the use of the massage chair, access to 4 Golds Gym clubs in the state, Basketball, the use of the Tanning equipment as well as special guest privileges then you opt to choose the Golds Plus for only $19.99 a month.

But if you want more options to your gym experience then choose the Golds Complete membership for only $29.99 a month. Aside from the listed amenities above, you can also join the following classes: TRX Classes, GFIT Functional Training, International Travel Plus as well as the Unlimited Group Exercise Classes and Spinning which includes Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Flow, Body Jam, Body Attack Aerobics Classes, Zumba and a lot of other classes you can join.

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What Should I Wear To The Gym

Workout clothing should be made from fabrics that are light, breathable, and moisture-wicking, such as spandex and polyester blends. Working out could lead to profuse sweating, so technical fabrics will help keep you dry and chafe-free. Whether you wear loose or tight-fitting is your personal preference, as long as your clothes are comfortable and allow for a full range of motion. Women should wear a supportive sports bra.

Lightweight athletic shoes with good support and cushioning are ideal for high impact workouts, such as treadmill running or cardio dance classes. For weightlifting or CrossFit workouts, you may want a flatter shoe with good traction and stability.

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How To Join Aureatedue South Gym

Golds Gym SoCal Corporate Wellness

Joining Golds Gym is whatever of these two ways: online and walk-ins. Almost of Gilt Gymdue south franchises have their own websites, but customers can visit the chief website to check where the nearest Gold Gym is.

To bring together Gildeds Gym, customers tin utilise the Discover A Gym characteristic on the website. Information technology will prove a map of all the Giltsouthward Gym locations.

If location access is enabled on the device, it volition automatically show the pins of the nearest Golds Gyms. Otherwise, if the land is selected from a drop downwardly carte du jour, a pop-up volition prove the link of the corresponding Golds Gym Website.

Most of the forms customers have to fill out request for proper name and contact details. Other sites are designed to include the payment options and membership tiers.

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How To Cancel Golds Gym Membership 2021

Golds Gym offers quality equipment, world-class facilities, and excellent services. Still, suppose it does not pass your expectations, or you want to cancel its membership for any reason. In that case, you need to know how to Cancel Golds Gym Membership.

Below is all the information you need to know to cancel Golds Gym membership

Can Joining A Gym Help Me Lose Weight

Regular exercise can definitely help with weight loss efforts, especially if you meet or exceed the recommended amount of weekly exercise to lose weight. At a gym, youll have access to a variety of cardio machines, free weights, weight machines, and classes that may motivate you to do different types of workouts. Paying for membership also gives some people more accountability, because they may not want to throw money away.

However, signing up for a gym membership doesnt guarantee that youll exercise on a regular basis. Some people have the best intentions to go to the gym frequently, but find themselves too busy or just not motivated to fit in exercise. Before joining a gym, research potential gyms and consider your need and schedule as well as your weight loss and other health goals.

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Golds Gym Membership Fees

Golds Gym membership is a great way to stay in shape and meet new people. The average price of Golds gym membership fees ranges from $49-$59 per month, but some locations may charge more or less than this depending on what type of amenities they offer with your package deal .

If you want the best prices for memberships at local gyms near me, check out their website it might be worth getting one free pass just so that you can test-drive all different types before making any decisions!

Are There Any Hidden Fees

Free Gym Membership with UnitedHealthcare Medicare Plans

Like many other gyms, Golds does have an annual fee. It is $49 at all the locations on their website. While this may not be a hidden fee to some people, gym newbies might not be aware that they will need to pay these 60 days after sign-up.

Some Golds locations also require you to pay the first and last months due when you sign up. This is in addition to the processing fee . While you already planned to pay for the first month, make sure you double that to account for the last months dues.

If you have payment issues, Golds can charge a late fee of $20.

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