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Cartier White Gold Love Ring

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A Ring That Can Only Be Described As Unique Just Like Cartier’s High

Fashionphile Cartier 18K White Gold Love Ring Unboxing…

Cartier has championed a spirit of excellence and the taste of refinement since 1847. Today, it is a reference amongst all the brands in the domain of jewellery and watchmaking. This family-run business was managed in succession by its founder, then his son and his grandsons, and has supplied the British, Spanish and Portuguese royal courts. The House, however, never rests on its laurels and is constantly seeking new sources of inspiration and techniques to advance the jewellery design process. The Love ring by Cartier is an excellent example because of the unique process by which it is made.

A Jewel With A Design Tailored To Symbolise True Love

Cartier’s Love ring is a very special piece of jewellery symbolising in a timeless fashion the seal of true love. The same is true of the bracelet in white, pink or yellow gold from the same range, whose pared-down lines, along with the design of its screws, have made the piece a huge success. Its graphic and elegant style ensures that the design of this jewel is perfectly in tune with the modern era. Certain of the more elaborate versions are adorned with diamonds to raise the sophistication level even higher.

Cartier Love Ring 3 Diamonds 18k White Gold Ring Size 52

This alluring eternity ring is from the popular Cartier love ring collection, rendered in 18-karat white gold, weighing 8.5 grams. It is adorned with three round-faceted diamonds cumulatively weighing approx 0.25 carats, graded E-F color and VVS clarity. The eternity ring is a European size 52 or USA size 6 and remains in like mint condition. Currently this ring sells in Cartier shops for $3750+ Tax.

Accompanied by a professional appraisal document.

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Gift A Unique Ring And Convey A Heartfelt Message Thanks To Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective makes it possible for lovers of luxury jewellery to find from the Love range, at lower prices. In fact, they are pre-loved pieces waiting for a second lease of life and the chance bring joy to a new owner.

This ring by Cartier is a design inspired by art but also by the contemporary era more generally. And that is self-evident in the different pieces of the Love collection:

Cartier Love Ring White Gold

Cartier 18k White Gold Love Wedding Band Ring with Diamond Oliver ...

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How Much Should I Spend On An Engagement Ring

The price you choose to pay for an engagement ring should be based on what makes sense for your life and finances. Some people budget three months of their salary, but again theres no hard rules.

Exploring our options online or talking to a Kay jeweler is a good way to get a sense of what you want and what your price range is for an engagement ring.

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Cartier Love Ring 3 Diamonds in 18k White Gold

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  • ESTIMATED RETAIL:$3,750.00NEW MSRP:$3,750.00G& S Price:$2,250SAVINGS:$1,500
  • ESTIMATED RETAIL:$8,300.00NEW MSRP:$8,300.00G& S Price:$6,500SAVINGS:$1,800
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  • ESTIMATED RETAIL:$3,500.00NEW MSRP:$3,500.00G& S Price:$2,400SAVINGS:$1,100
  • ESTIMATED RETAIL:$970.00NEW MSRP:$970.00G& S Price:$790SAVINGS:$180
  • ESTIMATED RETAIL:$1,660.00NEW MSRP:$1,660.00G& S Price:$1,350SAVINGS:$310
  • ESTIMATED RETAIL:$1,950.00NEW MSRP:$1,950.00G& S Price:$1,560SAVINGS:$390
  • ESTIMATED RETAIL:$15,000NEW MSRP:$15,000

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    Cartier Love Bracelets Or Love Rings

    The Cartier Love bracelets are arguably more recognisable. Initially, the Love bracelet was sold as a gift, with the recipient receiving the bracelet and the bearer carrying the special screwdriver that is needed to take it off. The oval shape of the Love bracelet means it is worn close to the wrist and cannot be slipped off. The Cartier Love bracelet was considered a love handcuff for a long time. So much so that some hospitals even had to keep a Cartier screwdriver on-site in case patients needed their bracelets removed.

    The Love ring, however, still carries the symbolism of everlasting love and devotion, but without the need for tools. Whatâs more, the Love ring has a unique style that makes it a desirable ring suitable for any occasion. The chunky band makes it ideal for stacking, while it has elegance on its own to be worn as a statement piece.

    Whether purchasing as a gift, wedding band, or to own a beautiful piece of iconic, symbolic Cartier jewellery, you can find your perfect vintage ring at our jewellers in Burlington Arcade, Mayfair

    The Symbolism Of The Cartier Love Ring

    Cartier Love Ring White Gold

    The Cartier Love Ring is part of the Love collection that stems from the 1970s Love Bracelet design. Initially, the Love collection was designed in New York by Aldo Cipullo. The Love collection is symbolic of the commitment and strength of love. In the 70s, free-spirited love was the focus, and this ring bucked the trend and played with the boundaries of what love means.

    As a result, the Cartier Love Collection was actually modelled on a medieval chastity belt. The band is relatively chunky, symbolising the binding of love. The ring and bracelet also come complete with a screw motif and the sense of being locked into love. While the bracelet needed a special screwdriver to open and close the bracelet, the ring is more practical. It has the screw motif as a design feature, symbolising permanence while also being stunningly elegant.

    It is the result of its unique design, quality, and symbolism, making the Love collection the most successful jewellery collection from the master jewellers Cartier.

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    Show Your Affection With Cartier Love Rings

    Cartier Love Rings are great tools for showing your love to that special someone. These rings are available in a number of styles, but they are all alike in their timeless expression of devotion. You can find a wide array of these stunning Cartier rings on eBay.

    What types of Cartier Love Rings are available?

    These rings by Cartier are commonly used as wedding bands, but they can also be used to simply show your affection. These rings come in a variety of different types, and these variations include:

    • White gold rings: These types of rings are so light in color that they might look like silver at first glance. However, white gold rings have the tarnish-proof qualities that make gold such a beloved jewelry material.
    • Yellow gold rings: When you picture gold in your mind, the first thing that appears is probably yellow gold. Yellow gold rings are iconic, and they go great with diamonds.
    • Rose gold rings: Rose gold has a pinkish hue, and rose gold rings are a popular pick among women of all ages.
    • Rings with diamonds: Some of the rings in this category are studded with diamonds. These diamonds are of varying quality, and they are usually embedded in each of the circles that appear along the length of the iconic Love band.
    • Extra-wide rings: Most of these iconic rings have the same shape, but wide versions of these rings are double the width. They are best suited for large fingers.

    What carat are these Cartier rings?How do you pick the right Cartier ring?

    Visit The Dover Jewelry Brickell Showroom

    Our team of experts at Dover Jewelry & Diamonds is available from Monday to Friday during the office hours of 10:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m. to assist you with any questions regarding appointments, buying jewelry, selling jewelry or fine jewelry appraisals. We invite you to contact us with any questions via phone or email.

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    Find Strength In Love With A Cartier Love Ring

    The Cartier Love Ring is an iconic and instantly recognisable piece of jewellery that symbolises the luxury, quality and craftsmanship that Cartier is known for. However, the Cartier Love Ring goes beyond luxurious its statement design featuring an unfussy infinity band symbolises everlasting love and faithfulness, making it ideal for a wedding band or romantic gift for your significant other.

    Aldo Cipullo, the designer of the Cartier Love collection, said the focus of the collection is the strength of love. The symbolic nature of the ring reflects the permanence of love, while the quality of the materials gives the jewellery an everlasting finish.

    For a beautiful piece of designer jewellery that never goes out of style, the Cartier Love ring is a perfect choice.

    How Do I Choose An Engagement Ring

    Cartier 18k White Gold 3 Diamond Love Ring COM773

    Theres a lot of choices that go in to finding the perfect engagement ring style. Heres a list of a few factors to consider:

    • Whats your budget?
    • What brands and styles do you like?
    • Do you want a diamond or gemstones?
    • Will your ring work for your lifestyle?

    Remember you dont have to shop on your own. Book an appointment with a Kay expert for one-on-one help when you need that extra guidance.

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    White Gold Cartier Love Ring

    Cartier Love Rings As Wedding Bands

    While not originally designed as wedding bands, the significance of the design and being locked into love has made the Cartier Love ring a perfect choice for a wedding band. As a result of this demand, Cartier offers the Love wedding band. This is a thinner band, known as a mini band, and like other Love rings, comes in a range of gold with embellishments such as being studded with diamonds, classic screwhead design, or solitary stones to add the subtle touch of sparkle.

    At Susannah Lovis, we stock both the classic and wedding band Love rings and can help you to select your favourite vintage Cartier ring, whether you choose it as a wedding band or a stylish piece of everyday wearable jewellery.

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