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How To Dye My Hair Rose Gold

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What You Should Know Before Dyeing Your Hair Rose Gold Blond

How I dyed my Hair Rose Gold!

Completely unbeknownst to me, Kylie Jenner dyed her hair rose gold blond last week, and I did the same thing on the same day. Because I was sitting in the chair for four hours upgrading my hair for Fall and unplugged from the world, I didn’t realize the Instagram darling had the same idea. I can’t say I’m surprised, though rose gold blond is the It color this season. When Kate Reid was whipping my hair into shape at New York’s Salon V, she told me how much she loved this particular color and gave me a few tips for what you should know before you commit to this beautiful shade. If you’re considering trying rose gold blond, keep reading to get the lowdown on this popular color.

How Much Should You Tip A Lash Tech

I’ve used oVertone once before, for a lavender that didn’t really work on my hair lightness. If you have darker hair, you’ll definitely have to go with a darker level of their kitthey offer three levels.

oVertone uses a system where you apply an initial layer deep treatment as you would a regular dye, and from there just use the tinted conditioner to upkeep the color.

I’ve seen oVertone work with wonderful results on friends, but the kits can get pricey! However, it’s a great way to have more control over your color. And how long it lasts.

Choose The Right Rose Gold Hair Dye

For dramatic hair color changes visiting a professional colorist is often the best idea, as they can guide you through the process from start to finish. If youre ready to go for the rose gold from the comfort of your own home, then choose the type of hair dye formula that best suits your rose gold goals and follow the directions included in your at-home hair color kit.

For a permanent, true rose gold hair color, use the LOréal Paris Féria in Rose Gold, which comes with a deep conditioning color gel, conditioning developer creme, aromatic shimmer hair serum, and power shimmer conditioner. This rose gold hair color is perfect for the more daring individual who wants an intense hair color that really stands out.

If youre looking to temporarily test-drive a super-metallic rose gold hair hue, pick up the LOréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary 1-Day Hair Color Spray in Rose Gold, which will rinse out after just one shampoo.

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Rose Gold Hair: Diy Tips & Tricks For Perfectly Rosy Hair

Ive flirted with many hair colors throughout my life. From my natural blonde to black to red Ive tried almost everything. My romance with rose gold hair, though, was probably my absolute favorite. Rose gold hair color isnt common. I felt unique. I felt like a fun version of me.

Going rose gold can be tricky! There are not only several different shades of rose gold, but theres a whole process involved when it comes to execution and there is some maintenance required to keep up the color. If youre considering dyeing your hair rose gold this ones for you!

Who Suits Rose Gold Hair

I just dyed my hair rose gold &  I

You want your clients to walk away feeling confident in their new color, so its always a good idea to assess if a shade change will really suit their features. In the case of rose gold hair, anyone can pull the color off, but the warmth means it looks particularly flattering on those with a warm or olive undertone. Neutral skin tones will also look radiant in rose gold, while cooler skin tones may prefer a brighter shade of pink hair, like blush or bubblegum.

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Pick Your Style & Shade

As mentioned above, you have several options for rose gold hair. Below is a more complete list of some style options that are out there.

  • Gold with hints of rose: A shade that looks like strawberry blonde on first glance, but has a very gold offset with hints of red throughout.
  • Cool rose gold: An ashy pinkish red with tones of blonde throughout.
  • Pale rose gold: A very pale red that looks pink in places, with highlights of platinum white added.
  • Warm rose gold: A very bright red with hints of gold. This color looks like a light, brilliant auburn at first, until you see the subtle gold tones throughout.
  • Deep rose gold: A deep red that verges on pink with very light wisps of gold.
  • Pink rose gold: A blondish strawberry auburn with highlights of bright pink added. Good for a unique, punk look.
  • Ombre rose gold: A look that is more reddish pink at the top, and leads into reddish blonde at the bottom.

Is Rose Gold Hair Cool Or Warm

The shade I chose, was more of a sheer, rosé colour that allowed my cool blonde to shine through, however, you could amp up the gold undertone for a warmer finish. So, you could take it in either direction. Likewise, it works on both cool and warm skin tones provided you choose a shade that works best for you.

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Rose Gold Hair On Naturally Dark Hair: Is It Possible

Has this pretty shade been filling your dreams lately? Find out if your dark-haired self can achieve the perfect rose gold hair color!All Things Hair Team

The rose gold hair color trend has been a permanent fixture in our all of our news feeds since last year, and if youre a beauty junkie like us, its probably all over yours, too. Safe to say that weve been lusting for this shade for quite a while now.

Noticing how this hue is usually rocked by blondes, we wondered if its possible for dark-haired gals like us to achieve the perfect rose gold hair color, too. And well, the answer, as we found out, is TOTALLY! While it takes a few extra steps for brunettes to get this coveted shade, its definitely not impossible.

If youre a brunette and seriously considering getting this shade, there are few things you need to know so you dont get it wrong and you can happily live your rose gold colored fairy tale!

Stunning Examples Of Rose Gold Hair

Dying My Hair Rose Gold with Manic Panic Plant Based Dye | DIY Pink Hair

Paley Fairman

Changing it up is never a bad ideawe’re all for it! Whether it’s impulsive or you’ve researched the idea to no end, the thing is this: any major hair transformation comes with a few risks.

If you’ve been online recently, you may have noticed a certain rosy hue dominating the celeb hair game. Of course, the more trend-appropriate term is “rose gold” in all its variations. There was the desert-inspired blonde-tinged copper we saw on Emma Roberts and the platinum-rosy hybrid Kylie Jenner sported, too. A more pastel variation labeled “quartz pink” , while a washed-out punk-rock take was a popular summertime hue with the cool-girl set on Instagram. I wanted to go pink for a while and envisioned something in between the latter two: a root-y pale blonde with a wash of translucent pink, equal parts pretty and grunge.

Stylist Shelley Gregory, known for her amazing pastel creations at Atelier by Square Salon in Las Vegas, says she always takes into account “how much warmth or yellow is already in the hair” and likes to “mix a pastel pink, pastel peach, and clear together to help soften the tone.”

Rose Gold Hair

Choosing a Shade: Think about a pink that compliments your skinis it that ballet pink/nude? Go with cooler rose gold. Is it a bright peach? Then go for a warmer rose gold. Gregory notes we are most typically attracted to what looks best on us, so the right shade will probably be one we’re most drawn toward.

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What Is Rose Gold Hair Colour

Rose gold is part of the fabulous family of metallic hair colours like copper and silver that are filling our hearts and our homes with their edgy fabulous vibes.

Rose gold is an ashier shade of pink than warmer tones such as strawberry blonde or copper, so its more suited to those who have slightly cooler undertones.

That doesnt mean it cant be warmed up its a hair colour shade that both blondes and red heads love playing with for its multi-dimensional look.

Check out the latest looks and ideas for inspiration.

Pick Your Rose Gold Shade

Our collective love of rose gold hair has spawned different variations of this hair color trend. While there are no rules when it comes to experimenting with hair color, taking your starting hair color and undertones into consideration can help you select a shade that will be the most flattering on you.

Rose gold brown or caramel rosé hue are ideal options for those with a darker starting hair color or warmer undertones. These brunette-based shades are the perfect way to achieve rose gold tresses without the stress of multiple bleaching sessions in between.

For a lighter look with a touch of rosy tint, consider going for a rose gold blonde hair color. This shade makes for an easy upgrade for natural or out-of-the-box blondes and the rosy tint brings a bit of warmth to those with pale complexions and cooler undertones.

If you arent quite ready for an all-over hair color change, you can test out the trend with rose gold ombré hair. By starting with a rich rose shade at your roots and fading to a pale rose gold shade at the ends, you get the best of both ends of the color spectrum. This is the perfect opportunity to play with more vibrant variations like amethyst rose gold which blends purple, lavender, and rose gold shades for gemstone-inspired hair.

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Pretty In Pink Soft Waves

Want to add a bit of life to your seemingly dull blonde hair? The rose gold colour formula is the perfect option! Already having light hair or highlights gives you an advantage, as the color will grab on to the blonde a lot better and there will be no need to bleach your hair beforehand. A look like this is quite subtle and almost looks natural with soft waves at the ends.

Instagram /

Who Is It For

Rose gold with black roots. This is exactly how I want my ...

Rose Gold shades are ideal mostly for young women that like to experiment with their style and want something different that doesnt look cheap, clownish, or gothic. It makes a very interesting twist for those that have naturally golden blonde hair and looks great on light colored brunettes and natural blondes with green, blue, and gray eye colors. Brunettes can also pull of this shade if they have vibrant and intense features like big green, blue, or black eyes and big lips. More on brunettes coming shortly

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Extend The Life Of Your Style With Products

The same principles of attempting to not wash your hair every day apply here . I typically can get one good day of curls on the first day of my heat styling. To avoid taking an iron to my hair again the next day , I reach for products like dry shampoo and salt spray to extend my style. Dry shampoo helps keep roots looking clean, fresh, and without oil . Salt spray actually helps me take my curls from true curls and relax them into a more casual, beachy look. Salt spray keeps my styling looking intentional rather than like flat, dull curls that didnt survive past day one.

Are you wanting to try out rose gold hair? Lets chat in the comments below!

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Rose Ombre On Brown Hair

Here is another great option for rose gold hair color on brunettes! As we mentioned before if you have naturally brown hair adding rose gold to the ends in an ombre finish is a great way to test out the color. It will also reveal just how damaging the color may be. This style is more subtle and the rose gold really blends in with the brown making it more natural and healthy looking. It is perfect for shorter hair because the color is minimal and looks natural.

Instagram /

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Does Rose Gold Hair Color Fade Maintenance Tips

Just like any other color, rose gold will fade over time. How fast it will fade will depend on your hair care regimen. You can make it stay longer by following the tips and ideas below.

  • Reduce your hair washes, and shampooing,
  • Invest in a good color protecting conditioner.
  • Preserve your rose gold hair color with a sulfate free color-safe shampoo
  • Mask your hair regularly with a nourishing hair treatment or coconut oil, to keep your hair healthy and shiny.
  • Try and avoid steaming hot water washes, heat styling tools that might damage your rose gold hair. If it is necessary that you style using heat, opt for gentler forms like blow-drying, and use a heat protecting spray.
  • Avoid chlorinated pools or wear a swimming cap especially if you initially bleached your hair to get the rose gold

Your Guide To Rose Gold Hair

How To Dye & Treat Rose Gold Hair

Weve got two words, and two words only, for you: Rose Gold.

Thats right rose gold lockswere still hung up on rose gold hair and honestly, we probably will be forever. Stunning shades of rose gold have been on-trend for a while, but this style has refused to become a fad.


Because rose gold is both stunning and subtleits an easy way to bring your clients hair from dull to vibrant with a multi-layered, multi-tiered, multi-fabulous look that provides depth, polish, and a beautiful brightening sheen. And it does all of this without looking over-processed, overdone, or like your client put any effort whatsoever into looking glamorous.

And TBH, gifting our clients that effortless, we-woke-up-like-this beauty is kind of our primary goal as talented stylists, right?

Whether youre totally on #teamrosegold or you need a little more info before you hop onto our side of the fence , weve got the rose gold deets you need to know before you start diving into the shades.

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Rose Gold Hair Color Formula

If you are a professional or a home DIY hair dye user, here are some rose gold formulas to try out per brand of professional color:

  • Redken Formula:

Redken flashlift mixed with a 20% hair developer + Shampoo and toning afterwards with Shades Eq gloss in 9Gi + Pravana Pastels in too cute coral applied applied to the lengths of dry hair

  • Matrix Formula:

10 vol. Matrix Light Master followed by mixing Matrix Color Sync in 9C+10MM+ Clear: 1:2:3

  • Paul Mitchell Formula: Pre Lighten hair to level 8-9 and follow with a mix of shines XG-7RV + clear shine
  • Goldwell Formula: Goldwell colorance lotion + 10 V. developer + 8K + 6VV
  • Dark rose gold hair color formula: The general formula for a rose golden hair color is a pre lightening hair to a level 8 or 9, and then apply a translucent rose gold color to the lengths of the hair.

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The particular shade has been pervading everyones Instagram feed alongside #rosegoldhairwith It-girls, bloggers, and even some of my more adventurous acquaintances going from blonde or brunette to rose gold.

Right now Im a light brunettevirgin hair that hasnt been dyed in more than 10 yearsand Bumble and Bumble colorist Amelia Trammell warned me that if I were take the plunge, it could mean saying goodbye to my natural color for a long time, explaining that if blondes want to try out rose gold, its no big dealits just a tonal change. Its a little more tricky for dark hair, however, because youre going from brown to blondea heavy lift.

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Best Rose Gold Hair Dye For 2022

Its blooming lovely! Rose gold hair is everywhere and its shooting up our hair colour radar as this years on-trend, all-season, must-have hue. All you want to know is, what is the best rose gold hair dye to get the look at home?

This shade is everywhere this year and its not going anywhere anytime soon.

Its been spotted on celebs from Beyoncé to Bella Hadid, and on Instagrammers like Khloé Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski. If you want to be on-trend for the next few seasons, then its a look you should be going for.

Whether youre looking for a temporary or permanent solution, weve found 6 amazing products thatll help you get the look at home!

Read on dear petals!

How To Get Rose Gold Hair & Keep Killing It

So gorgeous! Subtle rose gold hair by @guy_tang on ...

Not quite red and not quite blonde, rose gold hair is a gorgeous shade for getting the best of both worlds: the shimmery light of blonde with the warm hues of red. It comes in several shades, surprisingly, from more gold shades with very light hints of red to more warm shades that are verging on light auburn, but still carry a gold cast. Some shades even veer into the pink category. If youd like to get this luminous style, below is your guide to rose gold hair.

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