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1 Oz Gold Coin For Sale

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Oz American Eagle Gold Coin From 2022

1/10 Oz Gold Eagle Coin | U.S. Mint | Money Metals Exchange


Tavex is pleased to offer the gold American Eagle coin, the most popular gold piece issued by the United States, and one of the foremost investment gold bullion coins in the world. The popularity of this impressive gold coin stems from its beautiful design, high quality, and its prestigious legal tender status. First released by the United States Mint in 1986, American Eagle gold coins have become the preferred tangible asset of many investors who to this date have bought more than 30 million pieces.

With their purity guaranteed by the US Government, American Eagle gold bullion coins are recognised worldwide and are supported by a deep liquid market. They are thus appropriate for most investors and especially for those who would like to diversify and hedge their portfolios against unfavourable market events.

Why Buy

  • American Eagle gold coins track the price of gold.The value of American Eagle gold coins is primarily determined by their fine gold content which is linked to the prevailing price of gold.
  • American Eagle gold coins are money. Granted legal tender status in 1985 by the United States Congress, the gold American Eagle coin is currently the longest continuously produced US gold piece since the 1930s to have reclaimed this precious monetary stature.

Safeguard Your Assets By Investing In Coins Bars And Rounds

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Owning gold means having a valuable asset to protect your wealth and purchasing power for years to come. Investors invest in or buy gold to help guard against inflation and financial turmoil. Because it is inversely correlated to many other asset classes, it is a necessary part of any balanced investment portfolio. It is more than a commodity it is a better, more stable form of money that has been used for thousands of years. Its something everyone should own from seasoned investors to regular people looking for financial security.

Product Details For 1 Oz American Gold Eagle Coin:

  • Mint Facility: United States Mint
  • Denomination: 50 dollars US
  • Date: 1986 through the present
  • Type and Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Purity: 91.67 percent gold, 5.33 percent copper, and 3 percent silver
  • Gold Weight: 1 troy ounce
  • Diameter: 1.287 inches or 32.70 millimeters
  • Design Obverse : Standing Liberty
  • Design Reverse : Nesting Eagle Family
The packaging of the American Eagle 1 oz gold coin will vary depending on the number of coins purchased.

Quantities of 9 or fewer are shipped well protected in plastic coin flips. Ten or more coins will be placed in original mint tubes which can contain up to 20 coins whereas, 500 gold coins are shipped in the original red monster boxes.

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Buying Gold Items Means Low Risks And Maintaining Wealth

Gold’s value has grown over the years making it good to maintain or grow wealth.

  • Your risk now 2 158,34 NOK

Fact: gold price in NOK has risen 126.86% in the last 8 years. The lowest price was 7 748,52 NOK/oz and the highest 18 941,76 NOK/oz. Current world market price is 17 925,51 NOK/oz


The United States financial panic of the 1930s and gold

With the United States in the midst of severe depression in 1930s, gold naturally became the asset of choice. With people seeking to exchange all forms of paper securities, including bank notes, for gold, the financial sector and the Government itself experienced a run on their gold reserves. To prevent this, in 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued the infamous executive order 6102 that criminalised the ownership of gold and made all government issued paper instruments non-redeemable in gold. From 1933 onwards, a new financial era began in the US, where pieces of green paper became the cornerstone of the countrys monetary system.

Sales of American Eagle coins surge

The gold American Eagle coin the perfect hedge


The obverse portrays the figure of Lady Liberty holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. In the bottom left background the Capitol building is visible, and on the right the year of mintage accompanied by the letter W, which is the mint mark for West Point Mint.



Why & How You Should Purchase Gold Bullion

1 Oz American Eagle Gold Coins for sale

Some of the most successful individuals and financial firms around the globe invest in gold. For centuries, it has been one of the most valued commodities. It provides value and benefits to savers and investors. The price of gold in all currencies has been rising dramatically over the last two decades. Because it is not correlated to many other assets and because it is the ultimate form of money it makes sense to diversify by holding at least 10 to 15 percent of your assets in precious metals. It is a viable hedge against inflation and often grows in value during tough economic periods. Because it is priced in volatile and unstable paper currencies, it appears to be a significant risk. However, its long-term trend is most definitely up when compared to all currencies!

Gold and gold bullion come in various forms. An investor can buy bars, coins, and rounds in almost any size and quantity. Buyers typically get a discount for buying in large quantities or bulk. The yellow metal is produced by mints in various sizes, shapes, and weights. It can be purchased from a local merchant or you can order online from a reputable dealer like Money Metals Exchange. Most buyers opt for the security, convenience, and safety of buying from respected online dealers because they frequently have the best prices and usually are not required to charge sales taxes.

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Should Investors Invest In American Gold Eagle Coins

Gold Eagles Coins typically command premiums of between 3.5% and 5% with GoldCore who offer some of the most competitive premiums in the U.S. for both deliveries in the U.S. and for secure international storage. They are extremely popular in the U.S. given that they are produced by the U.S. Mint and are seen as having a dual role as currency and as a safe haven asset. They are also popular investments for IRA pensions plans.

Where To Buy Gold Eagle Coins

Buy Gold American Eagles in US following an easy and simple process. You can buy them online for Delivery or Storage using the BUY button or you can call our office to place your order over the phone.

We sell American Gold Eagles and all major bullion bar and coin products and you can pay by bank wire, credit card, or by debit card.

We make a market in Gold Eagles and offer fully insured delivery to our American clients throughout the United States from our depository partner vaults in Delaware.

Insured delivery of American Gold Eagles, including monster boxes, to homes or offices, is also popular and many clients do both – take delivery of some Eagles and own the rest in Secure Storage.

Many of our U.S. clients opt to store their Eagle coins in fully insured, offshore Secure Storage jurisdictions. We specialize in offering U.S. clients access to allocated and segregated bullion storage in secure nonbank vault partners in safer jurisdictions in the world such as Zurich, Hong Kong, London, and Singapore.

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Common Producers Of 1 Oz Gold Bars

As 1 oz gold bars are often the most sought-after weight in the precious metals industry, it should come as no surprise that 1 oz gold bars are produced by a wide range of different mints around the globe. Occupying every niche, from unique hand-poured gold bars to investment-grade minted ingots, 1 oz gold bars offer a wide range of design options and styles to suit the needs of any gold buyer. It would be too exhaustive to cover all of the mints that produce gold bars in this popular weight, but we can list off a few of the well-known producers of 1 oz gold. You are no doubt aware of the profile of the likes of PAMP Suisse, Valcambi Suisse, and the Perth Mint, but are you aware of 1 oz gold bars from the following mints?

The Golden Eagle Coins Design

1 Oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins for Sale · Money Metals®

The 2016 1 ounce American Gold Eagle, for sale here on SD Bullion at the lowest 1 ounce Gold Eagles price online, shows the Augustus Saint Gaudens depiction of Lady Liberty, originally designed for the 1907 Double Eagle coin. On the reverse, the eponymous eagle flies to its mate and young in a nest. The reverse also has the United States motto, as well as the 50-dollar currency amount beneath the scene.

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History Of The 1 Oz American Gold Eagle

American gold coins were originally authorized by the Coinage Act of 1792 and served as coins of the realm until 1933. They were removed from circulation by Franklin Roosevelts controversial executive order which lasted until 1972.

President Nixon rescinded Roosevelts executive order which banned private ownership of gold bullion at the same time as he slammed shut the gold window. His action removed the last vestige of gold backing from the US dollars dollars could no longer be redeemed by any party for gold. But at least Americans could once again build personal reserves.

Prior to 1933, US gold coins for sale circulated with denominations of $20, $10, $5 and $2.50. The modern American Eagle 1oz gold coin carries a denomination of $50 a tiny fraction of its actual value based on metal content. Officials do not want gold coins to re-enter circulation or to be spent, in competition with fiat dollars. Rather the coins are traded by dealers and investors, priced at just above the current melt-value of 1 troy ounce of gold.

The one-ounce American Gold Eagle coins first produced in 1986 after passage of the Gold Bullion Act of 1985 passed. The act authorized the US Mint to produce American Eagle gold coins, but only from gold mined inside the US.

Today, investors can get American Eagle coins in silver, gold, platinum or palladium.

American Gold Eagle 1 ounce gold coins have gold weight and purity that is guaranteed by the federal government.

Oz American Eagle Gold Coin Value

The $50 face value of the 1-ounce coin is marked on the reverse side, but that should not be confused with the coins value or price. The actual value of the coin is based upon its gold content and will fluctuate with the market price of gold in the commodities markets.

Though the one-ounce American Gold Eagle have a face value and are legal tender, their purpose is different. 1 ounce gold coins are not intended to be spent with a merchant, at least not unless the merchant is willing to recognize the coins actual value. Instead, they are an investment and a hedge against the perpetual devaluation of the US dollar.

American Eagle gold coins are very popular and the US Mints guarantee of weight adds some value. For this reason, these coins often carry a slight premium perhaps 1 – 2% – versus comparable gold coins from elsewhere in the world.

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What Is The Price Of A 1 Oz American Gold Eagle

The price of a 1 oz American Gold Eagle is shown in the upper right section of this page. The price of a 1 oz American Gold Eagle is calculated using three components:

  • Gold spot price is the price of an ounce of pure gold available for immediate delivery or delivery on the spot. It is typically determined by the best bid and offer for gold as offered by large bullion banks trading in real time throughout the world and quoted by data providers such as Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg.
  • Weight and purity of gold. Gold Eagles have a purity of 0.9167 , however, the coins total weight is 1.0909 ozs so that there is exactly 1 troy ounce of pure gold in each coin. They are produced by the United States Mint and each Eagles metal content, purity and weight are guaranteed by the U.S. government.
  • The gold price premium is the percentage adjustment that is added or deducted from the gold spot price depending on whether a gold buyer is buying or selling . The gold premium of Gold Eagles is determined by the costs of production, refining, fabrication, minting and the logistics of making the gold coins available for sale in the U.S. The price of a Gold Eagle is also impacted by supply and demand and the amount of gold being bought.
  • 9.11%

    Buy 1 Oz Gold American Eagle Coins For Investment

    2015 1 oz Gold Buffalo $50 Coin Uncirculated (Sealed)

    Gold American Eagles are the most popular and liquid bullion coin in the world. They are also among the most beautiful. The modest additional premium that investors pay to purchase these coins will almost certainly be returned to them when it is time to sell them. In other words, the beauty, trust and confidence offered by both gold and silver bullion American Eagles make them a cut above, whether you are buying or selling. When you’re ready to buy American Gold Eagle coins, Money Metals is here to help!

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    Australian Gold Coins: Perth Mint Bullion

    The Perth Mint produces a bullion coin called the Australian Gold Nugget. It is part of the Gold Nugget series introduced in 1986. From 1986 to 1989, the reverse of the coin depicted a variety of Australian gold nuggets. In 1989, the design started to feature kangaroos, the internationally recognized symbol of Australia. These coins are used as both legal tender and bullion coins.

    Each year brings a new design of this 24 karat coin, which means the numismatic value of certain coins may actually exceed the value of the gold they contain. They are minted in denominations that include 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, ¼ oz, 1 ounce, 2 ounce, 10 ounces and 1 kilogram. The Perth Mint even created a one tonne coin in 2011 with a face value of $1 million! This creation broke the record for the largest and most valuable gold coin ever. There are also Australian Gold Lunar bullion coins, with .9999 purity, that feature animals from the Chinese calendar rather than the traditional kangaroo.

    Small Size And Easy To Store

    Beginning investors, or those who simply do not have much room in their residence for the storage of precious metals, are drawn to 1 oz gold bars due to their small size. Every 1 oz gold bar we offer is able to fit comfortably in a pants pocket, a testament to how small these bars really are. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need some large vault or special room in order to store your gold bars seeing that even an investment of 50 1 oz gold bars will still be able to fit in an average desk drawer or something of comparable size.

    Storage of their precious metals is something many investors neglect to take into consideration, though with 1 oz gold bars storing your metal is as easy as it can possibly be.

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    Oz Gold Eagle Mintage Figures

    American Gold Eagle bullion coins are struck according to public demand, meaning this demand determines the mintages for each year. Some years when demand and corresponding mintages were lower, collectible value can exist for the coins beyond their Precious Metal value. Some of the larger yearly mintages include the first year of release in 1986 with 1,362,650 or 1999, which saw the largest mintage yet, with 1,505,026 1 oz Gold Eagles released. The years with lower mintages but higher collectible value included numbers as low as 108,000 in 2019.

    Each 1 oz Gold Eagle makes a great addition to any historical U.S. coinage collection with varying mintages and collectibility. For anyone searching for the perfect investment or conversation piece, the storied history of the Gold Eagle provides the ideal opportunity for buyers.

    How And Where To Store Your Gold

    Money Metals Exchange LLC 1 oz Gold coin – American Gold Eagle

    When people buy physical gold, they can store it themselves, have someone store it for them or do a combination of both. Some people keep it in a home safe, storage boxes, or in coin capsules at home. Others store it in a safe deposit box at the bank or other secure location. Safe deposit boxes at the bank are affordable but may offer limited access, based on the hours of the financial institution. The bank does not insure the contents of the box, which means separate insurance should be purchased.

    The size of bullion is also a factor. Large bars can be stored in an insured bullion vault or a depository. This is a wise choice for investors with substantial holdings. Holding your metals in a depository may provide greater liquidity because it can generally be sold 24 hours a day, at least 5 days a week, anywhere in the world. Always inquire if a bullion vault is insured and the amount of insurance coverage provided. It is also possible to establish accounts for gold storage. It can also be delivered to a tax-sheltered account, such as an IRA.

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    American Gold Eagle Series

    The United States Mint launched the American Gold Eagle bullion coin program in 1986. It included both gold and silver coin versions. With the astounding success of the program, in 1997 the Mint introduced the American Platinum Eagle coin and, more recently in 2017, a palladium counterpart as well.

    The American Gold Eagle series also includes fractional sizes for investors looking for more varied or affordable sizes. The ½ troy ounce with a face value of $25, the ¼ troy ounce gold coin, bearing a face value of $10, and finally the 1/10 troy ounce with a face value of $5.

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