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Brizo Luxe Gold Kitchen Faucet

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Is This The Same As Deltas Champagne Bronze

Brizo Brings Luxurious & Trendy Bath and Kitchen Faucets to KBIS

Before we dive into each of these items above lets address a mistake I almost made.

Is Brizos Luxe Gold finish interchangeable with Deltas Champagne Bronze? I mean Delta OWNS Brizothey look similartheyre probably the same right?

Nono theyre not.

So lets breakdown that Cheat Sheet. Scroll down for the all the links below!

Say No To Brizo Luxe Gold

So I purchased the luxe gold rook in a shower and faucet. The faucet is some horrid dull color and the shower is brighter. I’m holding the faucet handle to the shower. I must admit seeing them installed everything just looks awful. I am so disappointed with this purchase. I tried to swap it out for all polished nickel but Brizo’s customer service will only replace the faucet. At this point I would even do it for a decent discount because I realize that it is a lot to ask but that was not offered to me either.

Here is why I DONT want another luxe gold faucet. The toilet paper holder, and robe hooks were all the same dull grayish gold as the faucet. I checked the boxes and they certainly said “Luxe Gold” for the color. My fear is that what if the faucet is actually the correct color and the shower which is brighter but more orange is actually the wrong color. I explained this to customer service. She was so rude and antagonizing while I was explaining the situation. She tried to tell me that it was probably cleaned wrong etc. I explained that it is in a new build and has not even been used yet.

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