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What Karat Gold Is Best For Necklace

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Determining The Weight Of Pure Gold In A 14k Necklace

14Kt Yellow Gold Screaming Eagle Necklace with 14K Gold Rope Chain

After youve determined the total weight of your 14K necklace, you can find out the weight of the pure gold in it. Simply multiply the necklaces weight by its gold content percentage, which we already calculated to be 58.3%. For example, if you have determined that your necklace weighs 8 grams, then the pure gold in it will be 58.3% of that number or about 4.7 grams.

Which Is Better 18k Or 22k Gold

22 Karat Gold Jewelry Durability: At 92% purity, 22K gold is slightly more durable than 24K gold, but less durable than 18K gold. Most importantly, remember that the higher gold content, the softer and more vulnerable the jewelry is. Thats why its recommended to wear 22K jewelry as a necklace or earrings.

Nickel Content And Allergies

Since a higher percentage of 14-karat gold contains other metals , 14K chains that contain nickel are more likely to cause an allergic reaction in people with such an allergy. 18K gold chains are less likely to cause a rash due to the presence of nickel, but people differ in their sensitivity to this metal, and some may need jewelry that is 20K or even 22K to feel comfortable. So, if you are sensitive to nickel, avoid low-karat jewelry that contains this metal, or look specifically for gold that is nickel free.

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Tip # 8 Know Your Style

You have to know your style in order to choose your chain.

If you like classy and elegant designs, go for a thin, delicate chain. Choose a simple pendant to go with it for a casual, stylishly minimalist look. For a more outgoing person who likes to make a statement, an eye-catching larger chain will work wonders. You can pull it off, so why hold back!

If you would like to know more about gold, check out our comprehensive guide on gold.

If youre looking to buy a gold chain, has an unbeatable range that suits all budgets. Youll surely youre your ideal chain here.

Blue Nile also has a select range of high quality gold jewelry on offer.

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K Vs 14k Gold: What Expert Jewelers Recommend

14 Karat Gold Necklace

Blush and Bar

Are you looking to buy gold jewelry?

Youve probably seen terms like karat and 14k thrown aroundbut few jewelry websites explain what those terms mean and which is the best deal.

Today, were going to break down the difference of 10k vs. 14k gold so you can see for yourself which is a better fit for your budget and priorities. Well also look at 18k and 24k gold while were at it.

Just want to find the perfect gold wedding ring or gold necklace already? Check out some of my favorite gold vermeil pieces below, or keep scrolling for the rest of the article!

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Where Should You Sell Your Gold

Now that you have an insurance value for your gold and youre ready to sell, where should you go to sell? Go to a trusted jeweler or specific gold buyer and request the best offer possible for your gold. Evaluate their honesty, their knowledge, and their calculations. Find a jeweler or a reputable gold-buying company that has an appraiser under the same roof. This arrangement will not only be convenient for you, but it will also allow any questions or comments to be discussed among all parties involved.

Bullion Jewelry Boasts Protections You Didnt Know You Needed

Investment-grade gold jewelry can offer advantages most people are unaware of

  • It can be a portable store of wealth. It can make traveling and transporting some of your assets simpler and easier, and it can always be accessed in times of need.
  • It makes giving wealth to your heirs or as a gift more straightforward even if they dont understand the value of gold today.
  • Gold bullion jewelry comes with much lower premiums than most fashion gold jewelry.
  • It is subject to less tax and reporting complexity.
  • Gold jewelry is an asset you can keep outside of the banking system. It could even help you avoid a future gold confiscation.
  • And since it is gold, it can be an insurance policy in the event you need money down the road. It can be sold much more easily and at a better price than costume jewelry.

The catch is, most gold jewelry doesnt qualify as investment grade. Those stores in the mall sell mostly 14-karat goldand at premiums two, three and four times the melt value of the gold content. Designer jewelry simply is not a practical or efficient way to store wealth Tiffanys wont buy back your gold necklace at anywhere near what you paid for it.

Investment-grade jewelry, on the other hand, is specifically designed for wearing your wealth, at a reasonable markup, that markup, which should appreciate over time. Its hard to pass up that advantage.

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Is 24k Gold Too Expensive

Because it is pure gold, and not mixed with other alloys, the value of 24k gold is higher than gold alloys with lower karats. But, you have to remember that this is because those other golds have been diluted by much cheaper metals. However, if you appreciate precious metals, incredible craftsmanship and discerning design, todays 24k gold jewelry is of great value and investment.

Whats Better For Your Skin Tone And Sensitivity 14k Or 18k Gold

What are GOLD KARATS ? 22K GOLD CHAIN Video Review

Gold metals come in different colors, such as yellow, white, and rose gold. White and yellow gold is mixed with other metals to make them sturdy. White gold is deliberately mixed with metals that give them whitish color, such as nickel. On the other hand, creating yellow gold involves preserving the natural color of the metal as much as possible. The difference between 14K and 18K yellow gold is so subtle in terms of appearance. Both make stunning jewelry pieces. Choosing metals according to colors is more about personal preferences or what people think looks best on them. However, yellow gold seems to perfectly match warm skin tones. They also pair nicely with earthy gems and stones colored in brown, orange, yellow, and turquoise. White gold looks great with cooler skin tones and vibrant stones like pink, red, and blue. So if you hesitate whether to buy a red ruby ring made of gold, surely go ahead.

Again, choose the piece that makes you smile. Colors shouldnt be something you should fuss about. After all, who doesnt love variety in their collection? In terms of skin sensitivity, if you are prone to allergies, its better to choose gold pieces with higher Karats. Note that the lower the Karat, the more alloyed metal content the jewelry has. Nickel, in particular, is a type of alloy that usually causes skin allergies. If youre buying a 14K gold, go with yellow or rose gold as they dont usually contain nickel.

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K/24k Gold Investment Jewelry Buyers Guide

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver

Other than perhaps diamonds, no adornment is as beautiful and captivating as pure gold jewelry. Both 22K and 24K gold jewelry are alluring, elegant and magnify the beauty of the wearer. Its why humans have crafted jewelry from gold for thousands of years. Its innate beauty conjures up feelings of beauty, power and wealth.

It is no stretch to say that one can never go wrong buying a beautiful piece of gold jewelry. It is timeless. Many gold jewels have been passed down as family heirlooms. And while you are probably buying them for their beauty, they also have value as money in times of crisis.

However, there are good and bad ways to buy gold jewelry. For example, many people mistake fashion jewelry for actual gold jewelry. But while fashion jewelry often mimics the look of gold, it doesn’t have the heft of real gold. That lack of heft means its probably costume jewelry. Real gold jewelry, on the other hand, stands the test of time in the world of fashion.

With this Buyers Guide to Gold Jewelry, we hope to help people avoid making mistakes when making their purchase. This guide will help you find the right piece of gold jewelry, whether buying for yourself or as a gift. We also point out the additional advantages you can gain by buying investment-grade gold jewelry. Some of the questions well look to answer in this guide include:

First, some basics

Choosing Karat For Your Gold Chain

When deciding what karat your gold chain should be, keep in mind that the purer the gold, the softer and less durable it will be.

So, if you are going to wear your chain every day, you might want to skip the 20Kt and 22Kt pieces, which will scratch more easily compared with 10Kt or 14Kt chains, which are harder since they contain a higher percentage of non-gold alloys.

Although low-karat gold is more durable, it is not recommended if you are allergic to nickel many gold alloys contain this metal, and the lower the gold purity, the more nickel the piece may contain.

If you are concerned about having an allergic reaction, do not buy 10Kt gold . Stick with 14Kt or 18Kt gold instead.

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Choosing The Right Gold Jewelry

Its important to consider what type of jewelry item youre buying, and which karat is best suited to it. Wouldnt we all just love to have pure 24K gold? Perhaps, but every magical element has its limitations. For example, while 24K gold is pure gold, its also extremely soft and malleable.

These qualities are not conducive to daily wear, which is why jewelers and designers add different metals to the mix to make the gold more durable. The addition of alloys in gold jewelry makes it suitable to wear every day, or for special occasions.

For instance, 24K gold is not ideal for an engagement ring or wedding band as its malleability will cause it to change shape and get damaged. Conversely, 12K and 10K gold contain a higher percentage of metal alloys, which strengthens the gold and makes it a great candidate for gold rings. Which leads us to a big factor to consider when buying gold jewelry:

Which Should You Buy

Elegant, Long and Heavy 14 Karat Gold Necklace For Sale at ...

In a realm where 24K is considered magic, we should consider how we go about buying gold jewelry. For instance, Id write off 24k in any of my lists- it’s too malleable and will scratch easily.

Going down to 10K, 14K, or 18K gold, youll need to make choices based on color or usage rather than just tipping the purity scale. We can place these considerations into either budget or lifestyle.

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Tip# 7 Pick The Length Of Your Chain

It may sound like a dirty joke, but size does matter. You dont want to be choked to death by your own jewelry because its too short nor deal with a mess of tangles because its too long. Chains ranging from 14 to 22 inches are the most common for regular wear.

Shorter chains are good for day and night use, and are more comfortable if you plan to wear the chain while you sleep. As an aside, it is not advisable to wear your gold chain when you sleep because it can cause sleep marks on your skin and there is the possibility of damaging the gold by bending or denting it. Another thing you have to avoid with short chains is getting choked. Make room for some movement.

Longer chains are best for outdoor wear and/or parties. They get in the way more than short chains do and therefore are best for special occasions or when you are heading out.

How Do I Know Which Type Of Gold Is Best For Me

To help you select the best type of gold for you or your partner, consider the following:

  • Budget: 10k gold is your least expensive option, while 18k gold is the most expensive.
  • Type of jewelry: Earrings, necklaces, or special occasion jewelry often receive less wear and tear than items like rings, watches, and bracelets, and thus are more suitable for the higher karat contents.
  • Aesthetic: Think about the intensity of the gold and what you prefer. If you like a lighter, more understated look, consider 10k. If you want something with a brighter yellow look, think about 18k.

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Why This Karat Gold Is Best For The Necklace

14k gold is the most popular gold alloy used not just in making necklaces but also for earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. The reason for this is that 14k gold is quite versatile and allows for all kinds of designs and styles of gold jewelry. This stems from the high degree of durability of 14k gold, a quality that results from the alloying of pure gold with stronger and more durable metals like copper, zinc, palladium, silver, and in other cases, nickel. You can read a detailed post reading this post!

Essentially, 14k gold contains 14 parts of pure gold out of 24 parts . To create this alloy of durable gold, 58.3% pure gold is mixed with 41.7% metal alloys. The metal alloys added to pure gold are quite durable and strong, features which are transferred to the resultant 14k gold alloy. These metal alloys added also result in the three main types of gold alloys rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. 14k gold is also significantly cheaper than 18k gold, and this competitive pricing of 14k gold enhances its desirability across the jewelry world.

Theres just one caveat wed like to bring to your attention the fact that 14k gold might have nickel present. The nickel content in some types of 14k gold is a little too much for people with sensitive skin and metal allergies, and since a bigger percentage of alloys is needed in the creation of 14k gold 41.7% rather than 25% in 18k gold, there is a high risk of allergies around 14k gold necklace.

Why Should You Buy Gold

Jewelry With 24K Solid Gold #MoneyTalkMills

Gold is considered to be one of the safer investments because it seems to withstand economic lows, recover quickly, and retain its value better than other assets. Buying gold and investing in gold purchases is different than investing in stocks and bonds since gold gives you something that you can physically own. However, you can purchase stocks and bonds in gold mining companies if youd prefer to go a less traditional route.

Additionally, gold has been a great defender against inflation. During years of high inflation, stock markets took a dive while the value of gold increased. During times of deflation, having gold was considered a positive for people who may not turn to banks, investments, and stocks. One way to protect your assets is to have your assets be in a tangible form, such as gold. You can also keep your gold assets private. Even though you must still report any gain on your yearly taxes, gold is one of the only assets that can be anonymous.

Further, buying and investing in gold is not something that you need significant amount of educational experience to be able to do. Professionals can provide you with a great deal of information and can help answer any questions that you may have.

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Pros And Cons Of 24 Karat Gold

Ah, finally we get to the creme de la creme of gold jewelry pieces!

24K is the purest form of gold you can get out there. It also means that there is no amount of gold that is 25K or 28K! Pure gold dazzles in a bright yellow, distinctive hue. Generally, it is the most expensive and due to its soft nature, it is used in other industrial applications like electronic devices.

24K gold is also used in bullion and gold bars and most people buy them as an investment. Honestly, 24K gold jewelry is a needle in a haystack kind of rare. Even if you find one, youll need to keep a close eye to avoid scratching the surface.

But if you really need one, youll definitely get it. Just remember to keep this important tip in mind

If it’s an engagement ring, you should watch out for gemstones with more than 6Mohs. Certain ring settings will make it easier to add scuff marks on the gold.

For instance, it is not advisable to have a diamond engagement ring with 24K gold as the base metal. Of course, you dont want your 24K gold ring to be ruined by a tiny stone.

How To Measure Yourself For Gold Jewelry

For necklaces, use a soft flexible tape measure and wrap closely around your neck. The tape should be snug but not suffocating. If you want a collar or choker, add two inches to your neck measurement .

For bracelets, measure at the broadest part of the wrist , then add about a half inch. This is your approximate bracelet size. If you add more the bracelet will hang lower on the hand if you add less itll be tighter.

If you dont have a flexible tape measure for a necklace, cut pieces of string in four sizes: 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″. Then try each one on and decide which length is preferred. Keep in mind that multiple lengths can fit one person different lengths provide a different fashion effect.

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Tip# : Know The Chain Strengths

If your main purpose for a chain is daily wear, the number one question would be:

What is the strongest chain?

Out of all the types of chains we mentioned above, the strongest ones are those made of LINKS, such as cable, figaro and anchor. These are the strongest for the following reasons:

  • The links are soldered individually
  • They can be made thicker and still retain that flexibility of a rope chain
  • With the above said, they do not have a bending point – which means they will not break and can withstand any form of activity like bending, twisting, folding or knotting.
  • In the rare event that a link breaks, the chain can be repaired by replacing the link or reattaching the remaining links.

You have to remember though that this will only apply to quality metal. Any jewelry made out of substandard material will deteriorate over time regardless of the design.

But how to sort the real deal from the not-so-great ones?

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