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What Is The Price Of Scrap Gold

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Sell Gold And Silver Bars

Scrap Gold Prices

Silver bars usually have a high resale value, especially if they are bars that have been stored in professional vaults. Produced in the most respected refineries and mints, silver bars have the highest resale value.

These bars are usually marked with a mint seal and sometimes a serial number for easy identification and certification. Because of this, there is a low risk associated with buying or selling such bars.

Gold Value Calculations Example

Let’s assume you have done some tidying in your parents’ old house and have found a box of old gold jewelry. After careful inspection, you divided it into two batches the first is 18-karat gold , and the second is 9-karat gold . You want to know how much it’s worth, should you try to sell it.

  • Begin with weighing the scrap gold. Let’s assume that the 18-karat scrap gold weighs 120 g, while the 9-karat gold batch weighs 350 g.
  • Recalculate the gold purity of each batch into percents. 18-karat gold has 18/24 = 75% pure gold, while the 9-karat gold has only 9/24 = 37.5% pure gold. If you have problems with this step, just use the fraction to percent calculator.
  • Multiply the weight of each batch by the percentage of pure gold. In the first batch, you have exactly 120 * 0.75 = 90 g pure gold, and in the second one – 350 * 0.375 = 131.25 g pure gold.
  • Add these weights. In total, you have 90 + 131.25 = 221.25 g pure gold.
  • Check what the current price of gold on the market is. Let’s assume it is equal to $39 per gram.
  • Finally, multiply the weight of pure gold by the unit price to obtain the gold value: 221.25 * 39 = 8628.75. Your box of gold jewelry is worth $8628.75!
  • Of course, instead of performing all of these tedious calculations, it is easier to use our gold scrap calculator
  • How The Pawnshop Calculates The Price Of Gold

    The value of gold and its exchange rate keeps changing. Even so, most pawn shops are ready to purchase your gold if youre selling.

    A pawnbroker will not buy your gold instantly, though. It doesnt matter if it is a piece of jewelry or in any other form. Theyll always determine its value first.

    Below are several factors that pawnshops consider when calculating the price of gold.

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    Scrap Gold What Is It

    Scrap Gold is the term used in the process of recycling broken jewellery,coins and other items that are old, unfashionable or unwanted. Recycling gold has become a large industry, driven by the surge in the price of gold and the current global economic climate. Selling gold jewellery has enabled people to liquidate their assets into cash, a more usable currency in modern life.

    Why Sell Scrap Gold

    How to Determine the Value of Your Gold Jewelry

    If at the moment money is more important to you than your jewellery, or if your jewellery is out of date, out of fashion and is in the jewellery box, you can sell scrap gold at the London Gold Centre.

    Just post your items to the specified address on the companys website or bring gold jewellery to us in person. An expert from the London Gold Centre will quickly check and evaluate your gold products and provide a quote. At London Gold Centre you can sell scrap gold at the highest prices in London.

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    What Is Scrap Gold Worth Per Gram

    Mar 2, 2020 Scrap Gold Prices

    . Also know, how much is scrap gold worth per gram?

    Let’s assume again that the current market price is still $1,200 per troy ounce , or $38.58 per gram. So at a purchase price of $25.37 per gram of scrap gold , the gold buyer actually offers you about 65% of the market price.

    Additionally, how much is a gram of 9ct gold worth? Scrap Gold Prices


    Beside above, how much do Jewelers pay for scrap gold?

    Pure gold is currently paying about $1250 per ounce. By going through the math, this means that 10 karat gold will scrap at about $16.35 per gram. And 14 karat gold will scrap at $23.50 per gram.

    How much is a gram of 14k gold worth?

    The current 14k gold price per gram is $29.68.

    Know The Weight Of Your Gold

    The pawn shop will need your golds weight to calculate its total value. Most of them use pennyweights or grams.

    Once you know the weight of your gold, take it to multiple pawnbrokers. Their offers might not be similar, based on the points they consider to calculate the final price. Sell your metal or jewelry piece to the pawnshop offering you the most money.

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    History Of The Gold You Are Selling

    Heritage gold is known to be very valuable. An occurrence, though often, where people selling heritage gold require supporting documents for them to sell them at pawn shops.

    In instances where one has the proof or certificate of origin, you are likely to sell at a much higher price. For example, a heritage gold of 18 karats is expected to sell at the same as 24 karats of gold price.

    Convenient Online Scrap Gold Price Calculator

    How to Calculate Scrap Gold Prices

    Welcome to the London Gold Centre online scrap gold price calculator. Thanks to this handy tool, you can easily and quickly calculate the gold price in grams before you sell gold. Our calculator is based on spot gold prices and you can view all rates in London local time. On the London Gold Centre website, you can calculate the price of your scrap gold of any carat:

    • 9K Gold Price
    • 22K Gold Price
    • 24K Gold Price

    You will receive the actual value of your gold for the current date and time in pounds sterling. To do this, you do not even need to call and communicate with a specialist from London Gold Centre. The whole procedure is performed automatically to save you time.

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    Ct / K Uk Gold Price Per Gram :

    18K gold contains 75% gold and 25% other materials like silver and copper. It is less hard than 9 kt gold and also more durable. Due to a higher percentage of pure gold, it is worth more than 9-k gold. Since it more durable, you can wear jewellery made of 18 kt gold regularly like a wedding ring or a necklace.

    Why Do We Recycle Scrap

    It is clear that there are so many different reasons for why we recycle scrap metal currently, for the majority this is a monetary focus. In fact, most people who are visiting this website are solely here because they are aware of the amount of money you can make from scrap in Canada. However, it’s important to recognize that this isn’t the only reason that people recycle metal. Some people are recycling simply because they have accumulated so much scrap metal in their houses that they are sick of having it around. In many areas of Canada, scrap metal pollution is a real risk to health, this is where the metal elements begin to leak out into the local environment and it causes damage to the ecosystem. Some of the most dangerous scrap metals include copper, lead, magnesium and zinc. Removing the scrap from these regions not only prevents this, but it also makes the area look considerably nicer too, allowing nature to flourish.

    If you live in a particularly polluted area of Canada, such as Toronto or Calgary, you might be more interested in reducing this pollution. This could be your way of contributing towards a healthier city. Metal extraction, or mining, contribute massively towards air pollution levels. In some areas this is more of a problem than in others, however it seems to impact mines located close to major cities in Canada.

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    Selling Scrap Gold To Us

    It doesnt matter what purity or mix of purity your gold is. We will always offer the right price for your gold. We can also melt and assay large quantities of mixed scrap gold to gauge the best possible price.

    Unlike some, we will buy any quantity of gold, whether its a 1 gram or several kilos. Our team is geared to buy any quantity of scrap gold. And we treat you all the same, with fairness, politeness and respect.

    We are one of the most competitive gold buyers in the UK. This is why even traders bring their scrap to us to sell.

    Lois Bullion is one of UKs largest buyers of scrap gold. Based on the heart of Birminghams Jewellery Quarter, our specialist gold buying team aim to pay you the best possible prices for your gold, whether its in person or if you choose to post it to us. We even buy Gold Sovereigns.

    What Makes Us The Best Scrap Gold Buyer

    How to Calculate the Value of Scrap Gold

    As a company serving in this business for many years, we completely understand how much you value your investments of Gold jewellery, coins, and bars. We also appreciate you for entrusting us with your precious items.

    We work hard to give you excellent service and the best prices based on the gold price today. In every customer we receive, our friendly professionals do their best to provide an accurate value for your scrap gold jewellery. We guarantee an efficient and smooth process when selling your scrap gold. We will transfer funds directly into your account on the same day or pay instant cash.

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    Choose The Best Pawnshop

    Gold is a valuable metal. You dont want to sell yours to the wrong pawnshop since you may receive an unfair offer or a bad experience.

    How can you select the best pawn shop for you? Here are four strategies that could enable you to do that.

    • Comprehend how pawnbrokers work to know what to expect. This also helps to avoid pitfalls that may ruin a good deal for you. These include demanding unreasonably high offers or failing to negotiate.
    • Confirm that the pawnshop you sell your gold to is licensed. This prevents you from making shady deals that may cause legal complications later.
    • Read customer reviews. If multiple people have complained about a particular pawn shop, look for another one.
    • Only sell your gold to a pawnbroker youre comfortable with. Should you enter a pawnshop and feel as if somethings off, leave. You should only do business with pawnshops you can trust.

    What Is A Gold Price Calculator

    The gold price calculator available on is a very handy and useful tool for estimating the value of gold per gram in real-time. You can use it if you are going to sell gold scrap or even if you just want to track the daily change in the price of scrap gold.

    If you have gold jewellery that you are not wearing , and you want to sell it for scrap gold at the maximum price, this gold price calculator will help you. Just visit the site every day and see the price of your gold. And when the price reaches an acceptable value for you, you can sell scrap gold by posting it to the London Gold Centre or by coming personally to our company.

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    Sell Gold Coins To London Gold Centre:

    Gold coins are a significant way to invest even from many decades ago. Since our inception in this industry, we are consistent in offering the most attractive price for these investments. Our daily goal is to deliver simple, secure and convenient transactions to our clients while they enjoy top rates for their gold items.

    Each day, we process a considerable quantity of gold and silver coins. Before the sell gold coins, we advise researching, comparing and checking prices before selling your Coins. We always advise our customers because we want you to be comfortable and satisfied with each sale you make.

    We have the most skilled industry experts who have been well-trained to verify and tests your gold coins. Please note that coin price rates change daily.

    Reasons to Sell Golds Coins to us:

    Over the years, we continue to innovate our price ranges for gold and silver coins. Some of the most renowned coins worldwide are 1oz Krugerrand, Gold Sovereign, Australian Nugget, Gold Britannia and Maple. We pay high prices for these items. There are no hidden charges in our transactions. We also provider Same-day payment for all gold items.

  • Visit us on site to sell your gold coins in person. However, you may also check our website for real-time prices of your gold coins.
  • Use our online calculator to determine the amount you will get. Just enter the detailed asked for on our online form. We will pay you directly to your bank or pay instant cash.
  • Why Sell Your Scrap Gold To Us

    How to Know What Your Gold Is Worth Calculate melt value scrap gold price

    We’re one of the original Scrap Gold dealers, here are just a few reasons why you should sell your scrap gold to us…

    • Family Run Business
    • The Original Online Gold Dealer
    • Honest Pricing & Return Policy
    • Member of the Gold Standard Scheme
    • 100% Guarantee or Your Gold Back

    How To Pack Your Precious Metals

    People often ask what actually happens to their old gold jewellery, so we made a video…

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    How To Calculate The Scrap Gold Price

    First, its important to know that scrap gold comes in different alloys. 10K gold is worth less than 14K gold, and 14K gold is worth less than 18K gold. Besides 14K gold, 18K gold is most common for jewelry and scrap gold in the US and is therefore one of the most important gold alloys. 14K gold is a gold alloy containing 58.3% pure gold. Therefore, 14K gold is worth 58.3% of the price of 100% pure gold, and 18K is worth 75% of the price of 100% pure gold. Check our current scrap gold prices in the table above if your items are marked as 10K gold, 14K gold, or 18K gold. If you know the weight of your pieces, you can easily calculate your total payout amount by using this formula:


    Scrap Silver And Other Precious Metals

    Below we have listed today’s prices for the other precious scrap metals.

    $0.74 $23.05

    Precious metal prices are usually set in troy ounces. One troy ounce is equal to around 31.1 grams.

    Silver is the most common precious scrap material that people have in their possession, but unfortunately also the one that fetches the lowest price. You’ll mostly find that in jewelry such as bracelets, earrings and necklaces and it’s not really worth to scrap it for the scrap price in those cases. You may want to try to sell it for the jewelry value instead.

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    Different Types Of Scrap Metal

    There are so many different types of scrap metal, and I’m not only talking about unique metal elements here, I’m talking about grades of scrap metal. People who are new to searching for scrap metal prices per pound or per kilo in Canada are usually not even aware what a metal grade is. Without knowing what grade your scrap metal is, you are severely hindered in being able to identify how much money you should get for your metal.

    Fortunately, it is not too difficult to begin with, you should first probably do some reading about ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A ferrous metal is one that contains iron and a non-ferrous metal is the opposite. In knowing this, it is easily to then determine that ferrous metals are materials like steel or obviously, iron. Non-ferrous metals are often much more expensive than ferrous metals, however it’s definitely worth taking both of them over to a scrap yard as you can get a great price if your metal is of high quality.

    Non-ferrous metals, the most valuable variant, are also found throughout your home. There are many different types of these metals, but the most commonly sold are copper and aluminum. Some other examples include gold, silver, magnesium, zinc, nickel, tin, lead and brass. As I mentioned previously, non-ferrous metals are worth the most and should definitely be sold as you will always get a good price for these materials.

    Find Out Scrap Gold Prices With Canada Golds Calculator

    Scrap gold prices today are very low from best African sellers

    Use our easy online scrap gold calculator to find out how much your gold is worth today. Its fast, easy, reliable, and backed by our 120% best price guarantee.

    Simply select your purity level and input the weight of your item to calculate your scrap gold prices at the current live market rates.

    If you are unsure about the weight or purity of your item, come to one of our locations and let our highly experienced staff help you find out. We offer free purity tests and complete, 100% transparency, so you always know exactly what you have, and what its worth.

    Once you know your purity and weight, simply put your information into the scrap gold calculator above and get an instant quote for how much your gold is worth based on live, up to the minute market rates. Find out your scrap gold prices in seconds!

    Canada Gold is one of the nations most trusted and best reviewed gold buyers, and we are here to help you calculate and receive the best possible price for your gold.

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