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What Is The Best Metal Detector For Gold

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Nokta Makro Au Gold Finder Metal Detector

Best Metal Detectors in 2020 – For Metal, Gold, Coins & More!

Nokta | Makro AU Gold Finder Metal Detector with 10×5.5″ and 5″ Waterproof DD Search Coils, Headphones, Coil Covers and a Hip Mount Belt.

Going for the gold has never been easier than with the Nokta / Makro AU Gold Finder Metal Detector! This deep seeking gold machine was built to find large and small nuggets in any terrain. The AU Gold Finder utilizes automatic, tracking and manual ground balancing for maximum cancelization of highly mineralized soil. Operating at a 56kHz frequency, this device provides the ultimate in sensitivity and depth when hunting for gold.

What Are The Best Metal Detectors For Gold

Here are links to the most popular gold nugget prospecting models that we offer. If you are a first time prospector, be sure to consider how often you plan to use the equipment and your budget. In addition to the metal detector, you will want to select a quality set of metal detecting headphones, a pick or trowel and a carry bag.

Where Should You Search For Jewelry

There are plenty of places where lost jewelry could be hiding. One of the best places to look is at the beach, where rings, necklaces, and bracelets are often hiding just beneath the surface of the sand.

A lot of times beach goers dont realize theyve lost a ring in the surf or that an earring fell off while they were bending down to collect shells. Those little trinkets are left behind for you to discover when you take out your metal detector for a day of treasure hunting.

Another good place to look is in old abandoned houses or storage areas. If there is an old ramshackle house on the edge of town, get permission to go check it out and use your metal detector to look for hidden jewelry. In some cases, you could find antique jewelry that dates back centuries. Historic and antique pieces are some of the most valuable.

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Xp Orx Wireless Metal Detector With High Frequency Coil

One of the important aspects of a gold metal detector is its weight. You may be searching for a number of hours therefore, you will want a light device that makes hunting easy. The ORX is under two pounds and takes the strain off of your arms, shoulders, and back.

The ORX is the worlds only completely wireless gold metal detector. It comes with 21 frequencies enabling searches over multiple terrains. Another reason this is one of the best metal detector products on the market.

The Best Overall: Minelab Equinox 800

5 Best Metal Detectors For Gold  Metal Detector List

The Minelab Equinox has everything one will need to start searching for buried treasure. The machine has five different operating frequencies ranging from a low 5kHZ for deep coins to a high 40kHz gold detecting frequency. It can also be used in multi-frequency mode to make sure that you dont miss anything beneath the surface. Your search can then be even more customized with options for depth and sensitivity.

The machine has a wide double-D shaped coil, giving it a lot of range. It also includes a protective coil cover. The whole machine is water-proof you can wade into the water to use this at a depth of up to ten feet. So, it works rain or shine, on and off land.

The detector includes its own set of headphones and a wireless module for a low latency Bluetooth connection. Theres also an aux cable for wired audio and a charger for the headphones. The metal detector itself has a magnetic charging cord, which is just a small quality of life feature that prevents damage to your machine from accidentally yanking on the cord.

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What To Look For In A Gold Metal Detector

Just to be clear, all metal detectors will detect gold nuggets if theyre big enough. The question on accuracy and effectiveness is if the detector can penetrate mineralized ground to pick up even the smallest of nuggets and flakes. So, what features should you look for to determine if its good enough for your prospective hunting site? Glad you asked!

Best Metal Detector For Deep Treasures

“See” Treasures underground with our best deep seeking metal detectors. Are you looking for treasure that is buried many feet or meters deep? Treasure caches, deeply buried gold and other treasures, voids and tunnels are now within reach. Deep-seeking and two-box metal detectors will give you the best results for deeply buried treasures from the surface to many meters deep.

Our top pro tips for searching for deep treasures with a metal detector:

  • Do your research before searching for deep treasures. When you hear stories, separate fact from fiction. There are many treasures to be found. You may find a deep treasure hoard with the best deep seeking metal detector and some good research. Under the buying guide articles category in the Learn section you can find articles about well document treasures from around the world. Here you will see a detailed history of these famous treasures including Yamashita’s Gold, Sutton Hoo, Confederate Gold, Staffordshire Treasure, Montezuma’s Gold, Oak Island Treasure, Blackbeard’s Treasure and more.
  • With the right equipment you can locate treasures buried deeply below you. Section off the area in a grid like pattern to plan your hunt. Cover each area from several angles. Make sure to overlap each area and use multiple devices to get a complete picture of what is buried. Using a deep-seeking pulse detector or a model with deep penetration technology will give you the most accurate picture of what lies beneath you.

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Best Gold Metal Detector For Beginners

Tilswall metal detector is the best budget metal detector for gold hunting. It has a 10waterproof search coil, so you can safely use it on the beach and land and even detect it underwater. The DISC modes help you distinguish different metals, and well give you a pair of headphones and a small foldable shovel. Connect the headphones to the audio jack on Tilswall metal detector. When the detector identifies each metal will emit different sound and display on the LCD screen to accurately and conveniently detect objects you want.

The Tilswall metal detector is more comfortable to hold than many others, which is with ergonomic design handle, allow you adjustable stem extending from 35 to 45, and it weighs 2.35 pounds only. It’s the best suit for beginners.

Xp Deus With High Frequency Coil

The 10 Best Metal Detectors for Gold âï¸? What Is The Best Metal Detector for Gold Nugget Prospecting?

While the XP ORX with the High Frequency Elliptical coil is more of a middle of the line model, the XP Deus is for more experienced detectorists. The 9.5″ Elliptical High Frequency coil is available as an option for this top of the line model. With this coil you can locate the tiniest nuggets. The XP Deus is a wireless metal detector keeping you from being caught up in the device itself. Like the XP ORX, the XP Deus is lightweight at just 1lb 15 ounces.

The XP Deus has proven so popular with gold detectorists that the products manufacturer XP Metal Detectors has been working to produce enough for the demand. You will find a number of exciting features on the XP Deus as it combines four types of detecting into one. Gold, relic, coin and jewelry, and beach detecting are all possible with the XP Deus. There is also the chance to combine the MI-6 pinpointer with the XP Deus for more exact gold searches.

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The Verdict: Best Gold Detector Australia

The jury is out, and it is time for our verdict over the best gold detectors money can buy in Australia. Below are the rewards for the best gold detector Australia we researched. Whether you are buying for yourself, or planning a gift for someone else, you will surely find what you need on this list.

If money could buy happiness, then purchasing the metal detector from Minelab would absolutely make you a happy individual. Its larger price tag is matched by its superior quality for serious gold hunters who like to turn a profit. This machine comes in the complete package plus you can buy all kinds of extra gear, like a control box, armrest, two different sized coils, headphones, collapsible shafts, charging cables, rechargeable battery, replaceable AA battery carrier, a universal shaft adapter, digging tool and guides, and more.

Where Will You Use It

Another question to ask yourself as you read this buyer guide is where will you be using the metal detector you get? If you plan to use it in the ocean or a lake, youll need an underwater metal detector thats waterproof. More specifically, think about whether youll be using it in freshwater or saltwater, as some products are better than others for each type of water. Choosing the right one will not only be more effective at finding treasures, but will also help your metal detector last as long as possible. On the other hand, if you simply plan to use it in a local park or in historic buildings, you dont necessarily need a waterproof product.

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Defenders Of History & The Hobby

In many cases, it wasnt a big, expensive metal detector that made the find. It was a basic model happening upon an object laid just right. Its also surprising to see that many finds are uncovered by rookies new to the hobby.

Being willing to get out and spend some time in the right place can make all the difference. Together, were making history by unearthing relics and treasure that give us a more accurate look at the bigger picture.

Thanks to the law-abiding detectorists with permits and having gained landowners permission, these finds have made it into the right hands while contributing to our shared reputation of metal detecting.

Further Reading

What Is The Difference Between A Metal Detector And A Gold Detector

The Latest Best Gold Metal Detector Has Finally Been Revealed!

Gold detectors are metal detectors, but the differences lie in the specs tailored towards its purpose or target type. Most metal detectors are multi-purpose detectors and are designed to provide all-round performance for iron, coins, jewelry, relics, gold, silver, copper, all metals, etc. Gold detectors will typically have additional features to improve performance in detecting gold and canceling out mineral signals where gold is found. High frequencies, multiple ground balancing methods, and a higher price tag are common aspects of a gold detector.

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The Best Metal Detectors For Beginners And Beyond

Discover a new hobby or just clean up a jobsite with these expert-approved devices.

Metal detectors can be great funhunting for treasure is, after all, an exciting hobby with the lure of finding potential riches . But they can also be practical, allowing you to gather up discarded nails, screws, and other supplies or even helping you locate an important relic or memento that might have gotten accidentally buried on a job site.

Check out quick reviews below of the top five metal detectors, then keep scrolling for helpful buying info and full reviews of these and other great models.

Sensitive and accurate, this detector is worth the extra weight.

Fisher F22 Metal Detector

The Fisher F22 was almost the best metal detector on this list for beginners. Fisher makes the best turn on and go detector suited for entry-level users and is recommended for kids who should not be bogged down trying to understand technical settings.

It is a strong and reasonably well-rounded machine for gold, coin, jewelry, and relic hunting.

There are 10 different sensitivity levels available to control this metal detector.

I love this unit because of its lightweight, simple design, and energy efficiency. It can be powered with only 2 AA batteries. The high-quality VDI readout helps you easily determine what you have found.

The pinpointer works well on this metal detector, however, it only works when the pointer button is held down. Though not a big complaint, you will notice these details when compared to more full-featured products on this list.

The Fisher F22s smaller and more slender submersible coil is great for isolating targets close to trash and is fine for use in shallow water. Do bear in mind that, although this product is weatherproof, the control box is not submersible.

Fisher uses different tones to signal what type of target you may have found and provides more information with Target Category ID Numbers that you can read with a quick look at the LCD screen. The Fisher F22 iron audio feature permits you to exaggerate signals so you will be able to save your time by not digging up unwanted targets.

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Types Of Gold Detectors

There are two types of gold detectors. There are higher frequency detectors and lower frequency Pulse Induction Detectors.

The higher frequency from VLF detectors makes them much more sensitive to gold. Unfortunately, they are also sensitive to other minerals in the soil that can give false signals. However, as we will discuss below, most detectors will have a sensitivity control in order to filter out mineral interference. VLF detectors broadcast at frequencies measured in kilohertz ranging from 3 kHz to 70 kHz.

Pulse induction detectors can sometimes be more expensive, but on the other hand, they are excellent at filtering out the toughest mineral conditions. PI detectors broadcast pulses and are measured by pulses per second. This makes them great for detecting large gold nuggets at deeper depths. There are some drawbacks though. Pulse induction detectors cannot discriminate junk metals and can be less effective at finding smaller nuggets.

The Bronze Statue Of Hadrian

Best Metal Detectors for Gold

Going on vacation? It pays to bring your metal detector along, at least, thats what tourist Morton Leventhal did when on vacation in Israel. With goals of coin shooting near the Jordan River, he came across something of significant value, the amazing bronze statue of the military commander Hadrian. Because its made from bronze, its preserved state speaks to the quality of its execution as most surviving statues are made from marble.

With this discovery in the books, three bronze sculptures of the Roman emperor were united in 2015 after 1800 years and are on display in Israels Museum. The two others were found in France and England.

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Are There Any Other Good Models

The Garrett ACE 300 does a good job too. It can be used in creeks since its search coil is waterproof. It is submersible up to the control housing.

It is one of my favorite metal detectors. I find it easy to use and good for beginners.

But the control box isnt weatherproof like the Fisher F 22.

And in environments like creeks and lakes, the detector could easily get wet. So you need to make sure the detector is protected.

You do not want to lose a metal detector for few gold grains.

Best Metal Detector For Gold Coins And Jewelry

A metal detector with a depth range of up to 8 inches is the best to choose if youre hunting for coins and gold at depth soil. A good detector for gold and jewelry should have DISC mode and have an automatic ground balance, so you can quickly and accurately detect objects you want. Choose a waterproof metal detector, which is important when searching for gold at the beach, to reduce the lost investment risks when you search for gold at the beach.

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What Metal Detector Is Best For Gold Hunting

Pretty much that all metal detectors can detect gold. The difference is the accuracy, the more accurate, the easier to find the small gold nuggets and flakes. Even if at the place where the mineralized ground, also can quickly find out the gold. But, what factors should you consider if you want to buy the best metal detector for your prospective hunting place?


One of the most important factors that you should consider is the ground conditions of the area where you will hunt gold with a metal detector. In short, heavily mineralized soil means here has higher metals than other soil. It will lead to the wrong signal, and finally, affect the accuracy and reduce detecting depth. And will come in big perplex for beginners.

So youd better choose one option with automatic ground balancing, which will minimize the effects of soil mineralization. A metal detector with ground balancing enables you to adjust the ground balance according to the soil conditions where you are hunting. Then you can detect the gold nuggets or flakes anywhere, even in places with lots of iron-rich soil conditions.

Search coils

The search coil’s size and type will affect the accuracy of the metal detector. Different search coil sizes offer different performance and ground coverage. It would be better to choose the search coil that is perfect for your needs. Next, well detail explain two often used types on the market.

Metal detector frequency

Disc model

Metal detector price


What Criteria Should You Use To Choose The Gold Metal Detectors

Best gold detectors

We must first get a sufficient understanding of Gold metal detectors to be able to purchase Gold metal detectors of good quality. In addition, we must consider several factors and study them thoroughly. Although this task appears simple, each commodity will have its own set of challenges to address. As a result, we’re confident that our comprehensive offers and help will solve your concerns.

In our buying guide, we’ll recommend a few of the most popular products on the market right now and provide answers to often asked questions about new developments.

  • What is the benefit of this product to the customer?
  • What are the most critical aspects of the development to consider first?
  • What advantages do consumers find in having access to online reference information?
  • What are the conditions that a reasonable market effect must meet for users?
  • Is it worthwhile to purchase this item?

The items we’ve listed above aren’t all-inclusive they’re simply a few of the most frequent. It is best to actively investigate information from various trustworthy sources to get as many resources as feasible. Our buying guides are created with AI and big data and a fine-tuned algorithm for product listing, ensuring objectivity and authenticity.

It would be helpful to study some of these traits because people and technology have come together and evaluated them to make them. The following are some things to remember:

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ICTined Toolkit


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