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Mens Gold Bracelets On Sale

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70 gram 14K Gold Men’s Bracelet for Sale

Browse our wide selection of gold bracelets for men to find the perfect links for your look. Find options from modern curb chains to classic Figaro bracelets. Few pieces of men’s gold jewelry can boast the versatility of gold bracelets for men. You can wear a fine, 14K gold bracelet as easily on the beach as you can under the cuff of a tuxedo, but which style of bracelet you’re going to want will depend on your personal taste. Fortunately, we have a great selection for you to choose from. Curb chains are among the most popular style of men’s bracelets on today’s market. Their links are tightly woven, giving them a solid appearance that’s still breathable enough to feel very comfortable. This makes them a great choice for sharing wrist space with a watch, as they’ve got enough presence to stand out next to even the finest timepieces.

A Trusted Source Of Gold Jewelry

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Choosing The Right Mens Gold Bracelet For You

A 9ct gold bracelet is the perfect finishing touch for a stylish outfit when youre dressing to impress. This timeless look can be traced back to the days of ancient kings, who would wear their finest jewellery to show off their status and wealth.

Shake up your style with a solid gold heavy curb bracelet or slip on a subtle yet unmissable gold franco bracelet its just a case of finding the perfect look to suit you. Popular with everyone from Hollywood actors to hip-hop superstars, a versatile gold bracelet is a stunning accessory youll enjoy showing off for years to come.

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When Shopping For Real Gold Bracelets Our Experts Suggest

Styling for men’s bracelets could be tricky, especially if you wear full-sleeve button down shirts and suits to work every day. The trick, in such a scenario, is to go for a not very wide bracelet such as our 8 mm Yellow Gold Bracelet made with 10K gold to give you the desired upscale professional look.

If you are a lounge in T-shirts and hipster jeans kind of person, our style experts suggest that you go all out and try the Half Kilo Miami Cuban Link Gold Bracelet Solid made with 10K yellow gold. This will make you feel like the next 50 Cent.

Whichever style of bracelet floats your boat, it is crucial that you get it sized right because a big, clunky metal bracelet sliding back and forth will become cumbersome to manage in the long run, especially when you are investing a hefty amount on the purchase. We want you to get the maximum use out of your precious fashion accessories.

Since ancient times, men have worn gold bracelets not only as eye-catching statement pieces, but to provide a message to spectators. The Ancient Vikings wore ornately crafted gold bracelets to give them a unique and powerful look, to symbolize manhood and loyalty to their fellow warriors, and to provide portable currency. Men in ancient African civilizations wore such jewelry accessories for courtship, protection, and status symbols.

Finding The Right Bracelets For You

Eternity Gold Men

Today, antique and vintage bracelets are versatile and universally loved accessories that can add polish and pizzazz to any ensemble.

Bracelets were among the jewels discovered to have been buried with Pharaoh Tutankhamun when his tomb was unearthed in 1922, and wrist and arm bracelets were allegedly worn by Queen Puabi in Sumer, southern Mesopotamia. But preceding the adornments of Ancient Egypt and elsewhere, the people of prehistoric times likely wore the decorative accessory, fashioning it from shells and fish bones. When the Bronze Age allowed for more durable materials and semiprecious stones to be incorporated into jewelry, bracelets became a treasured symbol of wealth.

In the thousands of years following the debut of the worlds first bracelets, the artistry behind this common accessory has only broadened, with designers at popular jewelry houses growing more venturesome over time. David Webb looked to nature for his Animal Kingdom bracelets, and for her best-selling bracelets and more at Tiffany & Co., Elsa Peretti would frequently do the same. From bangles to tennis bracelets, the modern age offers plenty of options.

Find a diverse collection of bracelets that you can sort by style, stone cut and more on 1stDibs.

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Why To Buy Your New Gold Bracelet With Hatton Jewellers

There are many reasons to buy with confidence from Hatton Jewellers, where youll always find an amazing price for your chosen gold bracelet. Our team of experts manufacture many of our exceptional pieces in-house, meaning there are no middle-man fees to pass on.

Because we can provide a high turnover of quality jewellery and worry less about profit margins than high-street stores, we can focus on what we love: making jewellery and finding it the perfect home. Add to that our first-class customer service team and were confident youll enjoy a stress-free buying experience you can trust and rely on.


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