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American Standard Gold Series Furnace

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American Standard State Availability

American Standard Platinum Series Furnace & Air Conditioner Review

American Standard systems are sold through dealers and distributors. However, while the company is available nationwide, there arent dealers in every city, limiting its reach. The company focuses on dealer programs that prioritize customer care and technical assistance. Customers can find a dealer online or call to find a dealer near them.

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Whats The Difference Between American Standard And Trane

For most models, theres no difference between American Standard and Trane, theyre the same product. In 1984, American Standard Companies acquired the Trane Company. The only exception is the condensing unit that comes on high-efficiency models. Under the Trane name, these models are equipped with an All Weather top.

American Standard About The Company

American Standard is a competitor in a wide range of markets for commercial and residential heating, cooling and fixtures. Theyve been around for 140 years providing North America with solutions for anything around your home. Creating innovations, their air conditioning units are accessible and perform well for Canadians during hot summers.

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American Standard Platinum 20 Review

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American Standard Gold S9v2 Gas Furnace

The Gold S9V2 hit the market in 2016, and is the first new furnace creation from American Standard in 25 years. The new furnace was created with the idea of making a smaller system, with the capabilities of a large space consuming system. Along with size, energy efficiency was also a major factor. It has a 96 energy efficiency rating.

Incorporated in the Gold S9V2 is also a two-stage gas valve. The two-stage gas valve allows the furnace to run the perfect amount of gas needed to heat the home, instead of wasting gas. This is why American Standard products save homeowners on average 33% on their energy bill per year.

This furnace has also been equipped with an industry-first integrated furnace control board. This control board allows more diagnostics to be produced, and more intuitive diagnostics.

American Standard At A Glance

Gold 80 Furnace

American Standard has been a reputable company for over 130 years, building high-standard heating and air conditioning products. Over the years, the companys focus on design and innovation made it stand out. The durable products provide exceptional efficiency and significant energy savings.

The company offers three series:

  • Silver Series: This is the lowest tier of American Standards line. These models have a rust-resistant coating and use ozone-safe refrigerants to reduce greenhouse emissions. Systems from the Silver Series range between $5,800 to $8,000 installed.
  • Gold Series: This series is the halfway point for most units. These models use a two-stage compressor to guarantee efficient cooling. They also have ozone-safe refrigerants and operate with minimal noise. Systems from the Gold Series range between $8,000 to $12,800 installed.
  • Platinum Series: This is the top line for American Standard units. The models offer variable-speed air conditioning to maximize efficiency. They also use smart controls to run your unit and ensure energy efficiency. Systems from the Platinum Series start around $8,000, with installation costs included.

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American Standard Furnace Review

American Standard furnaces are considered to be one of the high tier HVAC brands at the top of the list for quality and price point. They are similar to other top furnace brands such Carrier or Trane. American Standard offers all home heating and cooling needs across the board. They are manufactured under the same furnace manufacturer as Trane, which is known for having superior quality HVAC heating units.

American Standard Furnace Reviews And Price Analysis

When you decide to buy a furnace for your home, factors like dependability efficiency, reasonable price, customer services, etc., drive your decision. It is a good thing to be mindful about where you are investing your money.

Hence, we bring you one of the most trusted names in the ventilation heating and air conditioning industry. The American standard furnace seller brand has consistently offered its customers a wide variety of premium furnace products.

And In this article, Ill do a complete American Standard Furnace Review and Price Analysis. So that you can finally decide if its worth buying or not.

$1,260 $2,530

The average price range for American standard furnace products is estimated from $3,500 $6,750. The price range includes installation process charges as well.

However, the final price might not be the same as mentioned. This is because the final cost of a furnace depends on many aspects. The good thing is that you can get a top-tier model at a slightly lower price than mentioned.

Let us look into the aspects that influence the pricing of the furnace:

  • Dimensions of your house.
  • The location where you live.
  • Type of installation and labor.
  • Which unit you are choosing.

Furthermore, the price will also fluctuate on the basis of discount deals and promotions by local contractors. Another factor that influences price is the tire of the models. As mentioned earlier, the American standard comes with three-tier categories: basic, better, and best.

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American Standard Furnace Warranties

As long as you follow the directions and register for your American Standard furnace warranty within 60 days of the installation you will get a competitive warranty for your HVAC unit that will cover most issues depending on the warranty that is associated with your particular American Standard AC unit. Here are some common things that are covered under your warranty:

  • Air conditioners compressor, outdoor coil, internal functional parts
  • Heat pumps compressor, outdoor coil, internal functional parts
  • Furnaces heat exchanger, internal functional parts

Is American Standard Worth The Money

Does American Standard Make Good Furnaces? | Canada Furnace | 604-460-9969

While there are cheaper brands, American Standard offers excellent efficiency, an impressive array of features, and a unit lifespan of up to 25 years, which makes it worth the investment for many homeowners.

Get expert advice on your home, design tips, how much to pay for pros and hiring experts, delivered to you daily.

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American Standard Product Lines

American Standards focuses on three main product categories: air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces. Depending on the line series, some products come with offerings like AccuComfort, allowing the systems to make self-adjustments to run more efficiently.

Air Conditioners

American Standard makes seven air conditioner models, featuring:

  • SEER ratings of up to 22
  • Single, two and variable speed options
  • AccuComfort technology on Platinum Series models
  • All-weather cover for protection from the elements

Heat Pumps

American Standard makes eight heat pumps models, featuring:

  • SEER ratings of up to 20
  • Single, two and variable speed options
  • AccuComfort technology on Platinum Series models
  • All-weather cover for protection from the elements


American Standard makes twelve gas furnaces, featuring:

  • SEER ratings of up to 97.3 percent
  • Single-stage or two-stage heating
  • Capability to connect to a heat pump on some models

The company also has a line of indoor air quality solutions, including a whole-home air filtration system, ventilators and humidifiers. American Standard offers packaged and split system units for commercial customers.

Exclusive Features Offered By American Standard

  • You get to experience innovative features by AccuLink Communicating System. It is a new-age system that abroad integrates into its furnaces. With this system HVAC systems different components can interact with one another. Hence, it ensures minimum energy use also, you can screen the systems performance and remotely adjust the settings.
  • If you want to remove excessive humidity from your house, then the feature of Comfort-R by American Standard can help you with it. It allows you to reduce the moisture content from the air and have a higher thermostat setting without compromising comfort.
  • One of the unique things about this technology is that it runs in the summer season to decrease humidity levels and maintain ideal low temperatures throughout your house.
  • Next, we have Vortica II Blower, which is a premium composite material that can effectively resist cracking, rust and corrosion. It features excellent efficiency, boosts airflow, and reduces operational noise in both winter and summer seasons.
  • The next feature involves AccuClean Whole-Home Air Cleaner it can remove 99.98% of pollutants, contaminants, and allergens in the air inside your house.
  • Further, the filter it uses can eliminate small particles even up to 0.1 microns. Hence it provides you with more standard services than any other furnace filters available in the market.

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Who Should You Call

There are plenty of HVAC technicians out there, so it can be difficult to choose the right one when you need help with repairs or maintenance for your American Standard furnace. To help you make the right decision, we have an independent HVAC contractor certification program you can use to find qualified and trustworthy technicians for all your heating and air conditioning needs.

American Standard Furnace Error Codes

American standard gold service furnace for Sale in Chicago Ridge, IL ...

Many furnace brands use error codes to indicate different problems with the systems, but American Standard uses furnace flash codes instead. The red LED light on the furnace will always be blinking steadily, and that indicates the unit is operating normally. But if the flashing is happening in a certain pattern, the number of flashes will give you an idea of what might be wrong:

American Standard Error Code
  • Building up soot

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American Standard Gold S9x2 Gas Furnace

The S9X2 Gas Furnace is a new addition to the American Standard family of furnaces. Similar to all of the furnaces currently being sold by American standard, the S9X2 passes government efficiency standards by a long shot. This product is extremely eco-friendly with a 95% AFUE fuel efficient design.

American standard is so confident in the Silver 95H Gas Furnace that they offer a 10-year warranty on this system with a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.

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  • Vortica II blower that offers efficient and quiet operation
  • Increase your overall cooling efficiency rating by up to an additional 2 SEER points when installed as part of a complete system
  • 34″ height which makes this furnace easy to fit into tight places
  • Stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers providing durable and reliable functionality
  • High efficiency multi-speed ECM blower motor

Warranty On American Standard

You need to register your furnace model within 60 days of installation to benefit from full warranty coverage. However, if you missed registering your model within the given period, then your product will be eligible for only bass limited warranty terms.

American Standard furnaces usually have similar warranty covers, including a 10-year limited warranty for parts and a lifetime warranty on heat exchangers. Also, unlike other brands, it does not offer any additional coverage by taking any extra charges in the majority of its models.

However, users can apply for extended warranty coverage or have the option to transfer entry on the following series:

  • Platinum Series

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Same Company Different Brand Names

While American Standard and Trane Systems trade as different brands, the two are in fact the same company. American Standard has a reputation as one of Americas oldest manufacturer of household products. Trane, on the other hand, is one of the most recognizable brands in the HVAC industry.

The idea was to produce similar HVAC products but leverage different established logistics chains, marketing channels and customer bases. The mother company, Ingersoll Ran, didnt want the disruption that comes with mergers or acquisitions and the strategy has worked tremendously, as many consumers still regard these as competing brands.

The two brands have maintained a reputation as premium HVAC manufacturers competing among high end brands. They both have a reputation for reliability in heating and cooling sy

Silver S9x1 Gas Furnace Specs

American Standard Gold Series 3 Ton, 17 Seer, 2 Stage A/C Unit

Every American Standard Air furnace is packed with high-quality components. Each helps ensure that time after time, your unit will provide total comfort your family can rely on. The S9X1 includes:

  • 34 cabinet height saves space and increases installation options
  • Constant torque ECM blower motor
  • Heavy gauge, fully insulated cabinet
  • Stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers
  • Exclusive Vortica II blower design

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American Standard Gas Furnace Prices

The price for a replacement American Standard gas furnace can range from $2,494 to $4,375 in total installation costs. If you wanted to install a mid tier unit such as the American Standard Silver 80H model gas furnace with an 80% AFUE rating you could expect to pay $2,524 in installation costs. Your exact furnace replacement costs will largely depend on the size furnace system needed for your home and the AFUE percentage of the replacement gas furnace. Connect with one of our natural gas furnace installers today to get a local cost estimate. See other top furnace brands and installation costs here.

American Standard Gas Furnace Costs by Model

American Standard Gas Furnaces

American Standard Furnace Installers Near You

American Standard is a sister company to Trane and therefore they offer a comparable level of quality in their furnace heating units. A new home furnace is only a good investment if it is installed properly and functions well with the rest of your home. Local AC contractors can become qualified technicians under the Trane brand name through a certification test that Trane offers. If they are a Trane certified HVAC technician, they will be very familiar with any American Standard furnace installations as well.

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Gold S9v2 Gas Furnace Highlights

  • Industry-changing cabinet is designed to accommodate virtually any home
  • New design is certified to be airtight to less than 1%
  • The Gold S9V2 furnace is rated at 96% gas efficiency
  • The Vortica II blower is one of the most efficient in the industry, providing savings in both winter and summer
  • Stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers, and new Vortica II blower combine to provide a consistent flow of warm and comfortable air with quiet operation
  • Combine with the American Standard AccuClean Air Cleaner for a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable home
  • Match your gas furnace with a heat pump to enjoy the energy-saving benefits of a hybrid system. In milder temperatures, your heat pump acts as the primary source of heat for your home. When the weather gets too cold, your system activates your furnace to deliver the heat you need.
Energy Guide PDF

American Standard Vs Trane

Gold S8X2 Furnace

While theres a lot of similarity between American Standard and Trane systems, there are some slight differences. Take a look:

  • Pricing: American Standard and Trane estimates are close, but American Standard AC is slightly priced higher.
  • Range of models: Both brands make 7 HVAC models that are similar, but Trane has two more unique systems, the Trane XL16i and Trane XR17.

  • Line of products: American Standard air conditioners come in 3 product lines: the Silver Series, Gold Series, and Platinum Series. Trane, on the other hand, uses model numbers.

  • Warranty: American Standard has a limited warranty which you have to register for 60-days of AC purchase. Tranes air conditioners come with a 5-year limited warranty if you dont register your HVAC product or a 10-year limited warranty for registered products. The warranty covers all components both interior and exterior.

  • Branding: While the Trane and American Standard HVAC products go through the same assembly line, they come out with different coloring and logos to distinguish the brands.

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American Standard Furnace Reviews

Overall, customers find the American Standard furnace highly efficient and an excellent performance brand for keeping their home comfortable. They appreciate that several models feature ENERGY STAR qualifications as well as noise-reduction capabilities. Consumers must ensure they follow warranty directions.

American Standards Warranty Coverage

Every American Standard furnace comes with a base limited warranty that includes a five-year limited parts warranty and a 20-year limited warranty for the heat exchanger. If you register your furnace within 60 days of installation, the parts warranty extends to 10 years, and some models extend the limited warranty for the heat exchanger to a lifetime one.

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Pick The Right Furnace

It can be difficult knowing which residential furnace model is right for you. Do you go with the best of the best and go Platinum or do you go with the solid and durable Silver series? Let American Standard help you make that choice. Get in touch with a local dealer and learn the benefits of oil and natural gas furnaces.

Silver S9x1 Gas Furnace Highlights

American Standard Silver 95 Gas Furnace & Silver 13 AC Unit Combo Installation
  • Up to 96% AFUE for efficient operation
  • Matches with single- and two-stage AC and HP models
  • High-efficiency constant torque ECM blower motor
  • Exclusive Vortica II blower design that increases airflow efficiency
  • Stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers resist corrosion for long-lasting performance
  • Self-diagnosing integrated furnace control
  • Certified 1% airtight, meeting stringent building codes and saving energy
  • ENERGY STAR certification validates performance and efficiency
  • Fully insulated cabinet reduces operating noise
  • Match your gas furnace with a heat pump to enjoy the energy-saving benefits of a hybrid system. In milder temperatures, your heat pump acts as the primary source of heat for your home. When the weather gets too cold, your system activates your furnace to deliver the heat you need.

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