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Can You Buy Golden Goose Laces

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Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth It

BuyingFromBri | My Golden Goose Collection

My love for sneakers has grown tenfold over the last year or so. I can barely keep track of how many cute designer sneakers Ive purchased over the last year, and Im always looking for a new pair! Golden Goose introduced me to the idea of fancy sneakers. I bought my first pair back in 2018 in Telluride and fell in love instantly.

Because Golden Goose sneakers are an investment , I wanted to break down everything I know about the Italian leather shoe brand and give you a general Golden Goose sneaker review. Besides being handmade in Italy, no two pairs being alike, and the iconic built-in wedge heel, theres a lot to learn about the GG brand. Plus, theyre the type of shoe that is never going out of style, so lets dive in!

How To Make Sure You Are Buying The Best Fake Sneakers

If you are considering buying the best fake Golden Goose shoes on AliExpress or DHGate, you need to consider the following

The seller you are buying from must be a reputed one. You must check out for the feedback left by other customers and see the rating that the seller has.

The seller you have chosen should have a good positive rating, which speaks for the sellers authenticity. When you check out all these things, you can easily find good quality Golden Goose replica sneakers at a very low price.

Do Golden Goose Sneakers Run Small Or Large

Golden Goose sneakers come in whole sizes .

If you are in between sizes or have narrow feet, we recommend going down a size: they tend to fit wider than other sneakers, and the difference in heel height slightly shrinks the length of the foot overall.

If you have wider feet, and have trouble finding sneakers that fit just right, you will love Golden Goose! Go for your normal size, and enjoy the comfort .

An extra word on comfort: Golden Goose sneakers come pre-distressed and weathered, so you wont have to break them in. Simply wear them straight out of the box, and forget about sore feet and blisters!

If you have a job that requires you to stand all day, enjoy long walks or travel a lot, Golden Goose are the sneakers for you.

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Fake Golden Goose Sneakers Review 2021


Golden Goose Sneakers are known for their vintage and worn out look. They may look worn out, but a pair would surely break your bank! The iconic star-branded sneakers are made from Italy. Each pair of shoes that Golden Goose produces are hand-made, which is why they cost a lot.

A lot of people are either confused or amazed by the line of sneakers that this brand manufactures, but they genuinely are famous across the world. If you are one of the people who would not want to spend around $500 for worn-out looking sneakers, we got you!

You will be guided through a Fake Golden Goose Sneakers Review now! From the quality to overall appearance and price comparisons, everything that you need to know about knockoffs is here. These shoes that we would be reviewing are all purchased from DHGate. So, if you are planning to buy one from the same website, lets get you going!

What Are Sneaker Dupes

Golden Goose Superstar Sneaker in Glitter/Aquamarine/Pink ...

Replicas are imitation sneakers they are designed in a way that they look and feel extremely similar to the original product. The manufacturers of replicas do not add logos the same way as in the original in most cases they usually modify it a bit.

You can usually differentiate between an original and a fake with your naked eyes. Some of the details are hard to miss. You can give it a glance and realize that the quality does not look premium. The stitching, logo, and the tongue of the sneakers are some of the sure-shot ways to know that you have a fake.

However, not everyone can tell the fake from an original. Also, manufacturers, these days make sure that the replica replicates the original to a vast extent. You do not have to worry about somebody finding out you are wearing fakes.

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The Best Stores To Order Golden Goose Sneakers

I know NORDSTROM is a favorite for most everyone, but I dont think they are a great place to buy GGDB. They have a very small selection and sizes go fast. If you can find a pair you love, obviously order from NORDSTROM.

SHOPBOP: just like Revolve, great options, but even faster FREE shipping when you use your Amazon Prime login.

FARFETCH: I find when a pair of GGDB goes on sale, I can usually find the best sizes on Farfetch.

MATCHESFASHION: Based in Europe, but only takes 2-3 days to get to my house.

INTERMIX: I always find the size Im looking for here.

NET-A-PORTER: Best selection for all the classic color combos.

LUISAVIAROMA: They sell quick but the available sizes are listed before you click on each shoe. Makes it easy to shop.

What Is A Golden Goose What Does Golden Goose Mean

A golden goose is a steady source of wealth and success. In the fable The Golden Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs, Greek storyteller Aesop writes of a goose that laid one golden egg a day. The magic goose was killed by its greedy owner, who hoped to get all the gold at once. The moral of the story: those who have plenty want more, and so lose all they have.

Like golden goose eggs, we fully support a regular schedule of new drops of Golden Goose sneakers into your closet. But first, read on to understand why Golden Goose are so expensive.

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Are There Any Great Dupes Out There

  • First and foremost, Im in NO WAY saying you need these shoes. Do I love them? Yes. Does that mean that you need to splurge? Nope! Im all for everyone spending their money on what they want to spend their money onno judgement here. And Im always about people getting a great deal too. So, with that being said, if you still want to have the look, but you dont want to spend the money, there are some great dupe options out there! Ive linked up a bunch of options below, but keep in mind, I havent tried all of these! My number one suggestion for the best GG dupes that Ive tried are the Steve Madden Rezza Sneaker. They feel pretty much exactly like my real GG sneakers when I wear them, they are insanely comfortable and they look pretty much identical. .
  • The other more affordable option that are super comfy are the PP48 sneakers. These are still around $250-$300 but are the same Italian leather and are also so so comfy!

Whether you want to wear them with a dress, denim, shorts, overalls, or really anything..they look DANG cute! I hope that Ive helped answer your questions in this post and if anything, if the real deal arent for you, I hope you can find a fun dupe from this.

Whatever you love, can we get an applause that casual and comfy sneakers are on trend?! Im NOT a heels girl, so this is basically a dream for me!

If I didnt answer one of your questions, leave it in the comments below and Ill make sure to get to it!

Where Can I Get My Golden Goose Sneakers Authenticated The Golden Goose Authentication Service

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth It? An honest review. Should you buy them?

If you need help with the authentication of your Golden Goose sneakers, weve got you covered. All you have to do is send us good-quality pictures of your Golden Gooses and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your sneakers are fake or authentic.

With all of this being said, weve reached the end of our guide on how to spot fake Golden Goose sneakers by just looking at the 7 main spots. We hope this guide is helpful in your Golden Goose sneakers legit checking.

Need our opinion over your items authenticity? Its a service we provide.

Make sure you follow , our YouTube Channel, or our other socials .

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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Is Golden Goose Worth The Money

From my own shopping experience, I have bought a real Golden Goose. A few years ago, I put a pair of Golden Goose sneakers on my wish list. But I feel I can never prove that these sneakers with a price between $400 and $500 are reasonable However, I like their appearance and how to match so many different clothes. So, after nearly a year of trying to suppress them, I decided to pull the trigger. I ordered a pair from the official website And decided that if I didnt like them completely, then I would come back. Obviously, I am in love! Therefore, I want to share my honest Golden Goose sneaker reviews-why I fell in love with them and think they are worth the money, size, and more!

Where Can I Buy Golden Goose Dupes & Replica

Later, I wanted more looks, but the retail price of $400 makes it difficult to collect. So thats why I have to collect some of the best Golden Goose dupes look sneakers and tell you where to buy it! I hope I can afford this pair here because I think it is beautiful, but I cant squander it. Although they are already attractive enough, if I can buy 4 pairs at the price of one pair, it will be more attractive!

So instead, in the past few months, I ended up buying a lot of pairs of shoes and wanted to review the brands/places where they can be purchased!


They have many styles of Golden Goose sneakers, and the price is very cheap, most of them are under $50. I do know that some products take some time to ship, but this may be worth it. All the Amazon products I received did not have much cushioning, but they did not hurt my feet.


Probably the cheapest dupes are here but they sold out quickly, restocked one day, and then sold out again! For some people, their price point is under $20, they have Memory Foam cushions, and they are actually super comfortable! They are often only the entire size, so if you are half the size, I suggest you reduce the size!

At last, attach some styles I like!

Which pair of Golden Goose Dupe do you like best?

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How Do I Authenticate Golden Goose Sneakers

Be as thorough as you can if/when you ever come across an alleged pair of Golden Goose sneakers that claim to be the real deal. Youll want to first study the iconic Golden Goose star to ensure nothing is off there, then you can move onto the sides, the overall quality, and even the insoles and soles. This is a super helpful article you can use to learn more about spotting the real thing!

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth The Price

Golden Goose Superstar Sneaker (Women)

About a year ago or so, I was casually perusing Pinterest with my morning coffee and I happened upon a pair of Golden Goose sneakers. Now, these were not just any pair of sneakers. They were beyond: refined yet modernall with a vintage style. Whoa.

I immediately clicked the link to purchase these sneaker unicorns andoh. Little did I know that they came with a big, HUGE price tag. So therefore my infatuation ended abruptly.


I started to see Golden Goose popping up EVERYWHERE Instagram, blogs, Facebook. As much as I tried to bury my feelings for these sneakers, deep down in the depths of my fashion blogger soulI wanted them. BAD.

I just couldnt get past the price. $200? Maybe. Considering cost-per-wear, plus the fact that theyre perfect. But more than $300? hmm. Thats a lot. I didnt get why so many people were willing to shell out such big bucks for them.

So. S, being well aware of our mutual obsession over these shoes, finally decided: it was time to test them out. One of us HAD TO DO IT. It just made sense, considering how popular they are and that we are a style blog. Being the self-sacrificing, generous person that I am, I agreed to take on the task. A pair of Golden Goose were ordered, shipped and delivered to my casaand I may have squealed a little when opening up the box.

It is now official. The Mom Edit is in possession of THE IT SHOE. It was time to give these babies a real try and possibly give them the TME stamp of approval .

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Are They Cheaper In Europe

  • Yes! Because they are made in Italy, they are a little bit more affordable in Europe. With the VAT refund and conversion rate, they end up being about $100 $200 cheaper over in Paris, Italy and all of Europe. I have some info on getting your VAT refund when you are traveling abroad in this post here if you dont know what Im referring too.

Check The Rear Golden Goose / De Text

Just because we left off on the rear heel side, lets go a bit higher on the heel and analyze the GOLDEN GOOSE text. As always, lets see the real vs fake Golden Goose sneakers comparison pictures:

Looking at the images, you can easily notice how the fake Golden Goose sneakers have the whole GOLDEN GOOSE / DE text too small in dimensions, and at the same time, too wide.

This flaw is the most visible on the fake Golden Goose sneakers on the D in the word GOLDEN, and on the OO in the word GOOSE.

In fact, you can see how these highlighted letters are too thick too and less fit deep into the sneakers.

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Mid Star High Top Sneakers

This is one of the most comfortable pairs of fake Golden Goose sneakers that you can find. The sneakers are designed in a way that you can run around the whole day without feeling the strain on your feet.

The soles of the shoes are made using high-quality rubber, which is soft and durable. The rubber soles make the sneakers last for a long time. The vamp is made of breathable material. Thanks to this, you can wear sneakers even during the sweltering hot months.

The distressing work on the sneakers looks natural and adds to the beauty of the sneakers.

You can get the sneakers here.

Why Is Golden Goose Popular

Golden Goose Sneakers Unboxing and Full Review- Are They Worth The Price?

Golden Goose Sneaker was founded in 2000. In the ten years since Golden Goose has grown to become one of the most popular high-end brands on the market.

Theyre known for their innovative techniques and contemporary design, as well as a dedication to luxury that is unparalleled by others.

The sneaker industry has shifted dramatically over the past decade, with many companies either going bankrupt or being acquired by larger competitors. But Golden Goose is a brand that has successfully made its place in the hearts of the people of the elite class or celebrities.

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Do They Run True To Size

  • All Golden Goose sneakers are in European sizing so it can be confusing. In all the Superstar style GG sneakers, Im my true size 37 and in the high top GG sneakers, I size down one and get a size 36. If you wear thick socks with the high tops, then get your true size. If you get your sneakers and they seem to slip, tighten the laces up. My first pair of Superstar slides I ordered in my true size 37 and they slipped so I thought they were too big. I returned them for a size down and my toe was touching the top of the shoe. So once I got my size 37 back and tightened the laces, they fit great.

How To Break In Your Golden Goose Sneakers

So on the off-chance you experience a heartbreak over Golden Goose sneakers- I wanted to share some tips to break them in.

  • Run your blow dry inside them for a few seconds. Warm them up.
  • Put on thicker socks and walk around a bit while they are still warm.
  • Then switch to either bare feet or cutoff socks, and walk around some more. By this time the shoe actually softens and begins to mold to you foot! I didnt think it was going to happen but then it DID!
  • Cry happy tears!
  • Everyone is right when they say these sneakers go with everything. Now I WILL be watching for insane sales to grab a second pair SOMEDAY. Until then Ive rounded up some favorites, but Ive also found some AMAZING dupes if these will never be in the budget!

    SIZING INFO: I am a size 6 in shoes so I get a size 36 in Golden Goose and wear a small ped sock. I have a narrow foot and they fit perfectly. Golden Goose sneakers run wide so keep that in mind if you are in between sizes! I always tie mine!

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    Is It Okay To Spend On Luxurious Accessories

    Its absolutely okay to spend on luxury items.

    There are many benefits of buying luxury items.

    Luxury items have a high return on investment, meaning that they can be sold for more than what they were bought for.

    Luxury items are also often in demand and can be sold easily if the need arises. But that doesnt mean that you need to spend on the top brands all the time. For a balanced life and financially stronger aspect, you need to find the most money-saving ways to tackle your needs.

    It is okay to buy dupes, but it is not okay to spend more money on a product that is of less quality. And in this post, we bring the best dupes only.

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