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Black And Gold Vanity Lights

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Illuminate Your Space With Bathroom Vanity Lights

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Our vanity lights come in many styles that will complement any bathroom design. We offer a variety of different vanity lights that are sure to illuminate your space in a stylish way. Whether youre looking for modern vanity lights, traditional vanity lights, a vanity mirror with lights, or something in between, you can be sure to find them online or when you visit one of our ROBINSON Lighting & Bath showrooms.

Designed For Easy Installation

Quick Connect wires detach at a connection point so there is no need to hold the light fixture while wiring to the wall.

Modern Bathrooms: Fixture Inspiration for the Perfect Modern Bath Retreat
Black in the Bath
5 Touches to Make Your Bathroom Feel Lux
Modern Bathrooms: Fixture Inspiration for the Perfect Modern Bath Retreat
Black in the Bath
5 Touches to Make Your Bathroom Feel Lux

Create The Perfect Bathroom Setting With Stylish Vanity Lights

Lighting is key when it comes to your bathroom renovation project. Make your bathroom bright and stylish with a set of vanity lights. The bathroom is a high traffic area, and is used by everyone in your home. Vanity lights help you add the right amount of brightness for putting on makeup, grooming, shaving and more. Vanity lights can also be used in your bedroom. Create the perfect makeup table with vanity lights and mirrors or add them to your closet to showcase your favourite clothes.

There are a variety of bathroom vanity light collections so you can choose what’s right for you. If you’re looking to make your space more elegant, try a set of luxurious bronze vanity lights. A rustic chic bathroom is complete with a faux wood-backed vanity light fixture. For a more modern and industrial style, try sleek chrome vanity lights. Choose between overhanging vanity lights or sturdy upright lights. No matter what look you’re going for, there is something that will work for you. From circular lights to square shapes, you’ll find the perfect vanity lights for your bathroom.

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Black And Gold Vanity Light

Black And Gold Vanity Lights

Bathroom Vanity 2 Light Fixtures With Matte Black and Antique Gold ...

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Bathroom Lights Size & Installation Tips

One of the biggest mistakes consumers make in the masterbath vanity is not installing adequate lighting around wall mirrors and vanity areas. Not only will a good powder room light make your space more pleasant and comfortable looking, it’s also essential for applying make-up and grooming. With larger mirrors or wall spaces, look to use 19″-24″ wall light fixtures, or larger, to light the area from above. Halogen bath lights, which are brighter, are also worth considering. When using a single bathroom sconce on either side of a mirror, the recommended hang height is somewhere around 60″ off the floor and 30″ apart. Lighting over a bathroom vanity or bath bar lights need to be mounted somewhat higher above the floor, around 70″-75″ high. If extra lighting is needed in other parts of the room, LED recessed lighting offers an energy-efficient, focused option. For questions or personal assistance developing your bathroom lighting plan, please call us to speak with one of our friendly, trained lighting associates. Or read our How to Buy Bathroom Lighting guide. We’re here to help!

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