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Which Golden Girls Character Are You

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You Are Dorothy Zbornak

The Golden Girls – Character Tryouts

Dorothy, who is portrayed by Beatrice Arthur, is a slightly masculine, sarcastic, and determined person. If you are usually the one who speaks his/her mind with no remorse, you are Dorothy! She might sound rude or cruel due to her spontaneous frankness. But deep inside, she has a heart of goldwhich why we love her, no matter what.

Which Golden Girl Are You

  • step

In the spring you like to…

  • get your garden ready
  • go shopping for a new outfit
  • take walks and listen to the baby birds chirping
  • watch the thunderstorms

You hate your best friends new boyfriend. You…

  • give him evil looks and refuse to talk to him
  • put up with him for her sake. At least he’s not too bad to look at!
  • tell your friend to open her eyes and see him for the dog he is!
  • are happy for her and realize there must be something good about him

You met your current love….

  • at a party

When something gets you angry you…

  • cry until you feel better
  • write in your journal
  • get even – so watch out!
  • go to the gym and box it out
  • turn up the music and dance away your frustration

Your parents are visiting and they are starting to get on your nerves. You…

  • talk to them & laugh when they tell you that you’re annoying as well!
  • do nothing- they’re your parents!
  • tell them it might be best if they stay at a hotel for the rest of their trip
  • become irritable and snappy with them
  • go out with your friends & feel much better when you get back

What is your favorite dessert?

  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream
  • oatmeal cookie

The thing that turns you on most about a guy is…

  • his eyes
  • his smile

You have to get a present for your friend’s birthday. This means a trip to the mall. You…

When you go to a club, you…

On your birthdays you like to…

Twenty years from now you hope you….

Did You Know That Sophia Was First Written As A Minor Character

Everyone loves Sophia Petrillo, the Golden Girl played by Estelle Getty. Originally, Sophia was going to be a minor character in the show who would appear on episodes from time to time. However, when audiences watched the pilot episode, they overwhelmingly responded to Sophia. They loved her feisty personality and wise but sarcastic quips. So, the show’s writers decided to transform her character into a mainstay and make her one of the four Golden Girls. Sophia is Dorothy’s mother. In the pilot episode, it’s Sophia who places an ad for roommates on a grocery store bulletin board after her nursing home burns down. Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy join her, and the rest is show-biz history.

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The Property Brothers Want To Renovate The Golden Girls Property

Drew and Jonathan Scott dropped the idea-bomb on The Kelly Clarkson Show in October 2019 after discussing the Property Brothers renovation of The Brady Bunch house.

So, were thinking next, the Golden Girls house, Drew quipped. He also volunteered to play Blanche if a reboot was ever on the table!

Dorothy Zbornak Ne Petrillo Note Also Played By Lynnie Greene In Flashbacks

Watch TODAY Highlight: Remembering The Golden Girls: Cast members and ...
  • Bookworm: A frequenter at the local library who always turns her books in on time… who are you to judge her? She’s committed a great deal of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett to memory…leading Sophia to quip, “you do this on first dates, don’t you?”
  • Butt-Monkey: Tends to have the worst luck when it comes to her personal life. Dorothy is actually a deconstruction of this trope, as the poor treatment she gets at the hands of her roommates is a large factor of why she keeps getting back together with Stan despite how badly it always goes.

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Why Rose Nylund Is The Best Character In Golden Girls

Golden Girlsis a classic. Whether youre young or old, you can find one character to relate to but one stands above the rest and thats Rose Nylund.

When looking at the Golden Girls as a whole, no one really seems to gravitate towards Rose when it comes to picking a favorite or as someone you relate to most. Some might pick Blanche due to her affinity for bedding men and being a Southern Belle. If youre a little sassier and have no problems saying how you feel, then youre all about Sophia.

If youre a bit prickly and have no problem dealing with a challenge, you might be a Dorothy but then theres Rose. No one ever seems to have a nice thing to say about Rose aside from her being played by Betty White. Of course, thats nothing to bat your eyelashes at because Betty White was and still is an icon.

However, when it comes to Golden Girls as a whole, Rose Nylund is easily the best character on the show and there are plenty of reasons why you should be rooting for Rose.

Betty White Bea Arthur And Rue Mcclanahan All Knew Each Other Before Being Cast As The Golden Girls

Before Rose, Dorothy and Blanche, the core Golden Girls cast had worked together in various series.

The first table read was an experience. I had worked with Bea, I had done a couple of guest shots on Maude. I had worked with Rue on Mamas Family, White said. Estelle was a new one to all of us. She came from New York after her hit. We all sat down for the first table read and somebody read a line and then somebody else read a line. She added, It was the most excitingWe all began to look at each other because there wasnt any first reading feeling about it. It was like we had been working together forever. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

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Bea Arthur Didnt Like The Jabs About Dorothys Appearance

Bea was offended. When the writers called Rose dumb or Blanche a slut or Sophia old, it could roll off those womens backs because they were not like their characters, Colucci said. Unfortunately, the things that were said about Dorothy were that she was big and ugly. And that wears on an actress after a while. The Dorothy bashing was one of the reasons Arthur would ultimately exit the series.

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15 Golden Girls Characters We Love To Hate

Long before Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, there was Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose. With all these wonderful women, any outcome is an A+ in our book and as long as you dont end up as Stan, everyone wins.

Thank you for being a friend who takes this quiz!Once you answShow More

Long before Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, there was Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose. With all these wonderful women, any outcome is an A+ in our book and as long as you dont end up as Stan, everyone wins.

Thank you for being a friend who takes this quiz!Once you answer all the questions, you will get your results from this quiz. Submit your answers by selecting an option below each question. All answer options will load for you once you reach them. For best results, answer the questions in a row. Once you know your results, dont forget to check the rest of the fun quizzes weve prepared for you. Good luck!

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Estelle Getty Struggled With Crippling Anxiety

Stage fright was an understatement when it came to Getty. McClanahan once said of her costar, She had an awful time remembering her lines because she would freeze and panic. The day before tape day, you could see a big difference in her. Shed be walking around like Pig-Pen under a black cloud. By tape day, she was unreachable.

White concurred and marveled of Gettys skill despite her anxiety battle. You thought, Shes never going to be able to take a step on that stage. Shes one of the reasons for the success of the show with young people. They get such a kick out of little Estelle telling big Bea off!

How Old Was Blanche Devereaux On Golden Girls

Saving the most difficult to track down for last, Blanche Devereaux’s age had been a mystery, and recurring joke, throughout most of The Golden Girls. Rose went so far as to search through official records to find out, only to learn it was “deleted by authority of the governor.” In Season 2, Episode 1, “End of the Curse,” Blanche believes she is pregnant, and states she’ll be 65 by the time the child graduates high school. Assuming her child would graduate at 17, that would make Blanche 48 in 1986 and 47 at the start of the series.

However, Season 3, Episode 25, “Mother’s Day,” confirms Blanche was 17 in 1949, when she and her mother reminisce about one of Blanche’s dates. Going by the math, that makes Blanche 53 at the start of the series. Considering how easily Blanche lied to her housemates about her age , it’s safe to assume that 53 is her actual age going into The Golden Girls.

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Golden Girls: The Main Characters Ranked By Social Status

The Golden Girls’ main characters are a curious lot from diverse backgrounds. So, how do they stack up when it comes to ranking them by social status?

On The Golden Girls, camaraderie, joy, and the lasting bonds of friendship were prized above anything, but occasionally clout held sway too in a series that focused on four women enjoying their remaining decades on their own terms. The series was a breath of fresh air in comparison to others that depicted “the golden years” as being devoid of excitement, glamour, and sex appeal.

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Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia attended events in Miami society, wore fashionable clothing, and had vibrant personal lives. They commanded respect, had varying degrees of popularity, and showed that “women of a certain age” could be status symbols. Knowing that, they also weren’t fully retired yet, worried about their pensions, and interacted with other characters who had their own financial woes. Deducing the main characters’ social standing is both tricky and enlightening.

Take This Quiz To See Which Of The Golden Girls Cast Your Personality Matches Best With See Who You Would Have Been In The ’80s

The Golden Girls

Only True Southerners Can Name All 20 Of These Dishes. Can YOU?WOMEN.COM | Quiz Facts

Sophia. Dorothy. Blanche. Rose. These women are the DEFINITION of friendship goals. We’d do anything to hang out with these 80’s ladies! Can you blame us? The Golden Girls are legendary! Do you know which Golden Girl shares your personality? Take this quiz and find out which iconic character matches your personality!

Wondering which Golden Girls character you’ll get on this quiz? The Golden Girls was a hit show starring four older women living together in Miami. The Golden Girls became an iconic, one-of-a-kind show with unrivaled chemistry and banter between the cast. And if you’re as obsessed as we are, you’re probably trying to figure out which Golden Girl matches your personality! Well, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. Take this fun Golden Girls quiz to find out whether you’re more of a Dorothy, a Blanche, a Rose, or a Sophia, really! And trust us, this Golden Girls quiz is super accurate!

Want to know more about The Golden Girls? Well, did you know that is officially Golden Girls Day? Yes! It’s also National Cheesecake Day, which everyone knows was the girls’ favorite dessert.

Bea Arthur almost didn’t play Dorothy! The show’s creator actually wanted actress Lee Grant to play the role, but Grant turned it down. Broadway legend Elaine Stritch was also a contender for the part, but was dropped after saying the “F” word during her audition.

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There Were Rumors Of A Reboot With Betty White

Those rumors, however, were mostly unfounded.

Stan Zimmerman, a writer for Season 1 of The Golden Girls, explained, It is not a rumor. James Berg and I did write a pilot script called Silver Foxes. It is NOT a reboot of The Golden Girls. But it is inspired by the show, a show that we were lucky enough to have written on during the first season of the show. Saturday Night Live alum Cheri Oteri was attached to the project, which was to be about a group of aging gay men living together in Palm Springs, California, inspired by the classic seriesand there was even a one-line role in the works for White. Unfortunately, we cannot get one network executive to read , Zimmerman said, or even a producer to pass it to them. We have found ageism and homophobia alive and well in Hollywood. Hopefully a groundswell of support from the viewing public will get an outlet like Hulu or Amazon to make it.

You Are Sophia Petrillo

Estelle Getty portrayed Sophia, who is the oldest lady in the show. You probably do not want to have her name as the answer to, which Golden Girl are you? That is because she usually puts down others and criticizes them to death. However, she was the real motherly figure in the show who was ready to take any risks to save her familyeven if it included some Italian mafia stuff.

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Mcclanahan Had 13 Closets Of The Shows Clothes

The famous actor had a very strange statement in her deal for the show. She asked to own every custom she had to wear. Her friends say that when NBCs sitcom ended, Rue had 13 closets filled with designer outfits. She also collected lots of souvenirs from the scenes and locations. It is believed that Rue was planning to give them away to the fans at some pointbut that only happened after her passing in 2010.

Only Three Characters Could Sit At The Kitchen Table

Cincinnati Zoo names baby penguin after Betty White’s ‘Golden Girls’ character | Get Uplifted

The set wasnt big enough for all four characters to sit side by side, and producers and directors didnt want any of The Golden Girls to have their backs to the camera, which is why one of them often sat on a stool near the table. Additionally, Arthur was always seated in the center of whoever was at the table because she was tall and had priceless facial expressions.

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Rose Nylund Ne Lindstrum

  • Sophia:She was fighting an oil rig fire in the Gulf of Mexico. She was 88!Rose: Well, at least she was able to work right up until the end.
  • Spirited Competitor: Any kind of competition is Serious Business to her and serves as her Berserk Button. She mentions that at one point in her youth it was so bad she had to change schools because of a “Field hockey incident.”
  • Womanchild: She plays shadow puppets in her room, still likes to play hide-and-seek, and some episodes show her having a strong attachment to teddy bears. In one episode, she and the girl scout troop she leads write letters to then-Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev, and her writing is so childish that they assume that Rose is one of the scouts! Of course, the line about the threat of nuclear war “scaring the other girls in her cadet troupe” didn’t help…
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Rose appears to be one of the smarter people to hail from St. Olaf. In fact, Sophia herself has admitted that Rose is genuinely smarter than most people think.Sophia: Rose, just remember, you’re smarter than people say you are. You’ve got good sense and you know what you’re doing.
  • How Old Was Sophia Petrillo On Golden Girls

    Sophia was never afraid to admit how old she was, often using it to her advantage over the other women in the house. Ironically, the actress who played Sophia, Estelle Getty, was a year younger than Bea Arthur, who played her daughter, Dorothy. The clever use of makeup and a wig aged Getty to match her character’s age. Season 2, Episode 25, “A Piece of Cake,” reveals Sophia celebrated her 50th birthday in 1956, putting her at 79 at The Golden Girls‘ beginning.

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    What Your Favorite Golden Girl Says About You

    With the death of Rue McClanahan and the recent rise to superstardom of Betty White, Ive had a whole lot of Golden Girls on the brain. I cant believe Betty is the last friend standing. In honor of the ladies of 6151 Richmond Street, I plan to curl up with Rues memoir and eat some cheesecake this weekend. We learned so much from the girlsabout friendship, love, and even about ourselves. After the jump, what your favorite Golden Girl says about you.

    What Your Favorite Golden Girl Says About You

    Estelle Getty Was Sensitive About What She Would And Wouldnt Joke About Onscreen

    Golden Girls Quiz: Which Character Are You?

    White wrote in her book If You Ask Me that Getty would never use death for a laugh, explaining, Estelle Getty was so afraid of dying that the writers on The Golden Girls couldnt put a dead joke in the script. Getty herself once explained that death wasnt her only no-go, noting, I have a thing about gratuitous pain. Why would you make fun of somebody whos fat or whos cross-eyed or whos bald? And I wont do gay-bashing jokes.

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